Enchanted female face,It has become ugly。 Enchanted female face,It has become ugly。

But she knows how the Dongchao is a person.,Can only take resentment for astore,Extrude a charming smile,“Dear,I feel that I am not bad.,Otherwise, how can you look at you?,But that woman is really good,Explain that your eyes are still very accurate.。”
Toned,She deliberately depresses low voice,“Dear,Do you want to make her?”
Dongcha Exposion,“Of course,Do you have any way??”
The enchanting girl is a gesture and laughing,“What can I do?,But in my opinion,Anywoman,Just know the identity of the East Ancient Shaoye,He will be willing to climb your bed。”
East ancient times does not have a laugh,I caught a few in the enchanting girl.,Follow-up,“Still your demon。”
Say,Look at the restaurant manager,“Which woman is that woman just now??”
Manager,Soon,“She is not in the box,Late over there。”
He points to the direction of summer,Another awareness reminds a sentence,“That is his male companion?”
I heard this,Not waiting for the ancient opening,The enchanting girl is sneer,Preemptively。
“How do you have a male companion?,Can he get to the ancient young master??Dear,What should you do??”
East ancient times,“Of course, you use money to kill him.,let’s go,In the past。”
First2190Chapter Slag male
Looking at the East ancient gardener,Following with a big ticket bodyguard,Time to the summer position。
Whether it’s a guest to eat。
Or waiter in the restaurant。
Even the manager。
Not selfless,Hearts。
Another girl is over。
This is the most real portrayal of Donggu in the city of Brunei.。
mad……He has a mad capital。
He is the only child of the special examination family。
More future heirs。
Special check family,It is the largest giants in the influence of Brunei.。