Bloom again cuckoo sings

I heard my breathing / increasingly weak / lights finally went out / I went into the darkroom / no longer dependent on the beam around / leaving only sound / voice echoed spread pure / I hear my voice / Kanai Indus lock / Meng Xiaodong, a gust of wind to sigh with empty dying emperor legendary winter of 1939 a thin cold spring evening.Beijing turned out, a pear dispute so that the foot of the ten-mile Chang’an Avenue Imperial hot air.Chang’an Grand Theater, Qi Cheng Theravada.This hotel in West Chang’an Avenue, the stage is being staged at this time, “Mulberry foster parents” end of days is called the Tan Yu Shuyan of pies; table is Northern and Southern hurried retreat, human well-being.Home broken dead brother Deng Bo Road eyeful desolate: Taiwan sad eyes looking at the solitary graves unbearable desolation loud, whispering under fancier field: Tan boss this time it can be hard.But the lights anti-war, unveiled in four major Republican XuSheng Tan Fuying immediate, but it is rare for many years for art he dilemma: only seventy percent of seats.The New Theater, with another in the West Chang’an Avenue and nearby theater seat without open space.Opening drums, big axis “Hung sheep hole”.Yang Yanzhao will love the death of vomiting blood, the stars fall, two old army newspaper in Hong sheep killed hole, I lost my left arm is difficult to sand fly Ruqirusu throat just right, a female without sound, thundering applause at field , no one even throw a towel, the Yanzhao, Peter Deng pressure off road go!The worthies let Yang Yanzhao actor, is Meng Xiaodong.But to say that Tan Fuying is pressed, nor appropriate.In fact, when newly hatched Meng Xiaodong teacher Yu Shuyan, momentum is flourishing.Old fans evaluation: the biggest names in opera, long-short mutual.Today, Tan Fuying Taiwan Meng Xiaodong, while a large double axis “will pick Ying” finale “Mulberry foster parents” is a big reunion drama, while “Hung sheep hole”, the pendulum is bleak and magnificent Kingdoms.A Sipi, two yellow one, the play is more than pie, this fight should be flowers Jing Fang, benefit listeners.In general, fans are really old first-Chang, listen Tan Fuying of “Mulberry foster parents”, to listen to new new Meng Xiaodong “Hung sheep hole”.But you know Meng Xiaodong infirm, not easy to play, but also the personal teaching of the Queen Yu Shuyan, therefore, today’s first-curtain so the audience new new, sold-out cards until hang out, buy tickets, only a few people stroll to Chang’an.Meng Xiaodong, there are no seats it had to listen to Tan Fuying!Even these temporary visitors, including accident, Qi Cheng Chang sell seat.The late theater critic spawned Sui Ping recalled the case.However, the victory of Taiwan fruit stage a chance, let Meng Xiaodong established the identity of the man in the opera world, also won its rightful place on the opera stage for women older students.Earlier men and women accept not pro, women can not join, although after the Xinhai actress to sing opera has become popular, but has not get into the theater big.Meng Xiaodong rise, so actresses who gradually and proud, therefore, all the newspapers praised the Beijing-Tianjin deep, sandy winds over the “Tianjin winds newspaper” Wong praise it for the winter.Yi Ling legendary mid-193 810 21, follow the older students master Meng Xiaodong Yu Shuyan studies.On this day, her life became a rare warm day, but decided after the fate of her art and life.Opera circles, a generation famous actor Yu Shuyan is legendary in the legend.I only remaining world record of eighteen and a half, it is like a treasure for the Peking Opera, which is equivalent to the status of “Orchid Pavilion” of calligraphy.Wangpei Yu said: Yu Shuyan in the history of Chinese opera is a master of the past and, although he was 10 years to 12 years in a brief stage career, has never compiled a new play, but he wants to know Tanpai for the development of the performing arts has no substitution effect.He is the tone early years alone high door, very loud singing it for the United States wants to know, developed into a fine art delicate lyric.Of course, Yu Shuyan strange temper, the same as its artistic reputation he rarely Shoutu.Later recalled, said Yu Shuyan giving the play, just like Sun worship Buddha ancestors, like monkeys, to wait for his good mood and high spirits, even late at night at midnight, smoke opium foot, only to be pointing.Meanwhile, Yu Shuyan teach drama and delicate, not completely learned, he will not continue to teach down.Not determined Tiechu grinding, and did not become law.But the apprentice process, but the twists and turns.Meng Xiaodong because the relationship with Mei Lanfang, once the Yu Shuyan took her as only some concerns.However, Yu Shuyan to do very much appreciate Meng Xiaodong.In 1935, he was introduced to a powerful Shanghai Yu Shuyan fancier worship as a teacher, I flatly refused: Some people teach religion is white, only costs effort.So I asked a friend: So today’s world, who better arrangement?Yu Shuyan A: Currently close to my road show, created and worthy of only one person Meng Xiaodong!After the hand-eye agility when Yu Shuyan will Xiaodong received as a close disciple, individualized, to dig pit of the stomach of stuff, “Hung sheep hole”, “search alone save Gu” in both unreservedly out the.Peking Opera has recalled veteran, Meng Xiaodong school play slower, not special aura, people often learn a twice to become the show, she wanted to learn a five times to ten times before.Because of this, she learned to play is more solid than others.Meng Xiaodong Long quasi students have bright eyes, Jian Mei Star project, dignified and refined, courtly typhoon, Toshihaya chic, people have to pay with a gentleman, as Yi Yi also feel more a fan of the Lord of the WAGs.And Meng Xiaodong, a unique place, she has a good voice.Pentameter taste, tones are prepared, bore sound generous, the most unusual is that no female voice, which is rare.After worship while they practice out of sand tones, and are better improve.Meng Yao Meng Xiaodong commented in “Chinese Opera History” in: self-worship t rock, the day will be to more than hard, cold and heat Departed.Over five years, dozens of school play, are the only people I send get really Biography mantle of.Meng Xiaodong, followed by performances in Peking, played ten games a year at most.Someone asked: Since popular, why not sing, more money is not good?But the old fancier know: is not really sing.The first is not good Meng Xiaodong constitution, the most critical is that she was on the stage, faithful to the art, a word, a bit careful, like a lion risk Botu, all with full.For example rocker panels opera [], [] dispersion plate, no rhythm, are generally actors often glosses over a table and.Do you not know, is the most difficult [rocker panel], [rubato], which is set for the role and lyrical, insensitive, too unpleasant nature.Therefore, the audience heart steelyard: listen to the actors sing, if rubato [], [] rocker panels, Ken remarked, very carefully, elegant and delicate, often off-color, it must be the corner child actor in the future; on the contrary, life can not be red Mei Tan high horse, nothing so.Meng Xiaodong here in the effort, compared to the senior expert, not much.She sang an opera, to use three others sing opera energy, over and over game, you can not be tired branch.This show exactly the same style and Yu Shuyan.Because the pursuit of art, so she is very optimistic about the Yu Shuyan, purse.Wangpei Yu is known as Huang Xiaodong, then skip it from Pingtan rookie to opera, because after listening to the voice of Meng Xiaodong, she recalls: I was twelve years old Meng Xiaodong heard in mid-1947 “search alone save Gu” live version , was instantly attracted, it is old-fashioned tape recorder cadence of voice, she (Xiaodong) each bright throat, is Shan Hu tsunami of applause, this grand theater warm gas field shocking, memory is still fresh.Yu Shuyan’s disciples, such as Li Shaochun eventually become a party princes, each tree banner; it should be said, Xiaodong is the most intact of them more than all the performing arts school.Meng Xiaodong carefully study his life than singing school, the value and find themselves singing from the soul destination.I think the reason why today, people do not think Xiaodong face of the old, legacy forever, because of her own voice.”Meng Xiaodong,” commented writer Wang Meng Xiaodong pray.Life experience legendary soul Review May 26 each year, there are always different people Jia Shan Buddhist cemetery next to the net to Taipei Temple to pay homage enemies law.Here stands a tombstone calm, but turns comic picture of the owner’s last 10 years of his life trajectory.Tombstone reads: Du mother Ms. Meng Tai Tomb.People are awe-inspiring inscription: Queen dry.This place is always quiet, but through the shade, wide vision, good scenery.It was not until Meng Xiaodong passed away two days ago, she nodded approved design Cemetery.This is a Dong Meng Xiaodong Hankou daughter’s family, the name of the orchid, a total of five sisters.Parents to pack food to the then actress Hankou full spring tea of living.In the first year, the opera star Meng seven performances with his family in Hankou, just contracted out catering accommodation Dong.Meng Meng Hong, fourth son of seven groups were not married, they show it with Dong Ruolan around to play, the way to teach her to sing a few mouthfuls, who knows the child, although only 7 years old, but in good condition voice.Later, when Meng left the class, parents will simply let the orchid recognize the group as a godfather Hong Meng, a mountebank Suiban.Meng used to call her Dong, Dong Dong with similar pronunciation, and finally he simply changed his name to the Xiaodong.9-year-old to study drama, 12-year-old debut in the Wuxi New World Theater, 14-year-old universe at the Shanghai Grand Theater.But these rings can not compensate for a girl lonely heart.In time than school play, so Meng Xiaodong appreciate the long-lost family.Yuhui Qing Yu Shuyan daughter recalled: Meng Xiaodong man is smart, he knows respect for teachers dedication of the road, and it will treat people in terms of life skills.I study drama into the door to five, came on time, on time away, school play very hard, and very hard.In addition to study drama, treat her as Yu Shuyan serve parents as a couple, and two junior sister apprentice (Yu Shuyan have two daughters) also like sisters.She proficient sophisticated, sophistication favor, when there are gifts to the maid, servant, so excellent Miss Meng Tai in more than popularity.Because of these exceptionally cherish the hard-won feelings, Meng Xiaodong easier to use straightforward way to fight back all kinds of sharp insincere flattery.In mid-1938 December 24, Meng Xiaodong, “Hung sheep hole” beginning to sing.Before the performance, a powerful holding intends to Mr. Huang Dong, the better the seat in front of the whole package down to dinner, to show to show off, and the promise of many benefits to the steward of the people.But that way, long-term fixed to the seat of the old fans, there is no.Some old fans had no choice but to tell Meng Xiaodong.Miss Meng Da flew into a passion, the steward of the people got: My show is for those who understand the drama of the old appreciate the audience.It was going to take my ticket to keep up appearances do treat the face, do not intend to!You are making ticket back to the garden, spit back the money.Otherwise, you today not for a speech class!This makes it really embarrassing intend to join Mr..Because bird of passage, although the Kun Ling Meng Xiaodong, but not good at communication, media lone man.Ding Bing carp once recalled: a sold-out theater, I am afraid there is not necessarily more than 1,000 people in 10 units beneath know her.It is said that in the last 10 years in life, his back to the visitors, the face of the musician, Qianyindichang, becoming her only life attitude, the same as the Buddhist spiritual practice singing: I sing my play, the pursuit of pure sound.She Communication Arts insistence, almost callous, not allowed to record, refused to Guan Changpian, not people listen even Diaosang Zi.That time, no air conditioning, even on a hot day, she should close all doors and windows.Once, the family put the recorder under the bed steal record, after she was found, directly to the recorder fell downstairs.Meng Xiaodong disciple very strict selection, only talented, strong-minded and obsessed with the art of personnel qualified to do her student.It is famous fancier, had a guest in Hong Kong thanks to Meng Xiaodong SEF chairman Koo Chen-fu before the sects memories, Meng Xiaodong door very few professional artists, are fancier, before agreeing pointing or two.She teaches drama is a one to teach, sing a sing every word, delicate, serious.She teaches his disciples is very strict, and even that without her permission and can not Diaosang Zi on the outside, but are not allowed to sing yet skillful play.Had a prospective disciple, I glimpse garde art avenue, do all to sing up to a certain level, consider themselves skilled, please repeat performances.But Meng Xiaodong thought he was doing on the table with an air of infection, is not perfect, do not always agree.Therefore, the National Master Min Zhang Xiaodong dry Poetry gifts, money, said everyone, not because Xiaodong also good at painting, nor Meng Xiaodong older students are the brightest and best actress, but respect for Meng Xiaodong.Women’s revered ancient times for everyone (ie Aunt), Yu Xiaodong Yu Shuyan was the Queen, to compare writing “Han” Ban Zhao.In mid-1967, Xijinqianhua Meng Xiaodong finally went to Taipei.Most disease in Taipei decades, Meng Xiaodong is self-ridicule of the language, but not without the truth.Such celebrities came to Taipei, naturally aroused enthusiastic attention.But Meng Xiaodong, reclusive, almost no dealings with the outside world.Her biggest hobby is watching TV, the family put two TVs, ready for her turn to see the festival.Accompanying left and right dog is 9.It is said that, when there is hot dignitaries to visit Meng Xiaodong, she did not even eyelid lift down, just looked out the window, silent.She did not want to say anything to the world.Meng Xiaodong life is doomed, but things have nothing to do with the hustle and bustle bustling everything with her peers.Winter is not the title of emperor Meng Xiaodong rejoicing, even somewhat offensive.Taiwan famous essayist Qiu Yan Xi (Qiunan Sheng) comes Liyuan Meng Xiaodong era: the stage is cold, the audience is merciless.Today you sing well, the stage is paradise, the audience is a friend; you sing well tomorrow, the stage is Oliver, the audience is the enemy.The inconstancy of human relationships, can not be such a high emotional intelligence and sensitive woman brings exquisite bird of passage feelings for Meng Xiaodong.Year after year by the end of 1976, Meng Xiaodong virtual age 70, his disciples friends for her birthday party, which lasted for two days.After this rare feast, Meng Xiaodong unfortunately had a bad cold.At this time, Xiaodong, refuse treatment.A friend recommended prescription, she said: I am by your rule did not effect another way, I was emphysema, can not rule.She was clearly.May 26, 1977, Meng Xiaodong gone through 70 years of bustling vicissitudes, life stage curtain finally dropped slowly, leaving future generations, her 20-year cappella Diaosang Zi set of tapes “Ninghui left sound”.