Deep in the forest of clouds, a hangover of soul

Attend the bamboo pavilion regulations Wang Wei leaning alone in the close bamboos, I am playing my lute and humming a song.     too softly for anyone to hear, except my comrade, the bright moon.     Wen / light ink world of mortals is still at night and the wind is clear. A wisp of moonlight came, a note of vegetarian warmth was held, a cup of inky incense was poured, and a Qinghuan was found.. I like the cool and refreshing place in my heart most, laying quietly elegant poetry. Low brow, suddenly heard the sound of a great zither, from between the lines, reaching deep into the soul, trying to find out through the fog, only to fall into the wonderful realm of Tao Ran’s ethereal spirit without knowing the way home..     On the bank of the water mae, I saw a bright and long man with a happy face in the depths of the cloud forest, waving five strings, singing and singing, his eyes slightly closed and his heart wandering in taixuan. The gentle moonlight, like gauze, gently sprinkled on him and looked far away, giving people a sacred and inviolable purity.. I, who strayed into the water bank, listened quietly and looked silently as if even breathing was unnecessary..     This is a leisurely meeting with the moon and bamboo forest, a romantic love with nature and music, a dance with soul, and a unique joy in life..     A Mohist once said that happiness alone is the Buddha nature of life, like the wind blowing from the bottom of the lotus.. It is not a hysterical carnival, nor is it a solitary solitude, but an indulgence beyond life, a dialogue with one’s own heart on the way of pilgrimage..     Indeed, all living beings are in uproar, only the flowers are still. Poet leaning alone in the close bamboos, the world forgets its opportunities, and there is no obstacle from common dust, nor is there any other person’s asking for help. He is full of forgiveness from heaven and earth and forgets everything from me to me.. The most beautiful flowers in the world are in the unknown. The clearest water flows in the mountains and forests. The ideal Taoyuan is in everyone’s heart.     The flashy world will only dye a heart in color and lose its former pure posture.. However, a quiet plain heart can shed all the magnificent colors in the world and enjoy simple happiness in a tune.. Because it is simple, it is clean. Because of light, so compassion; Because Ann tien, so precious. Deep in the forest of clouds, many fame and fortune have been played as white paper, and many past events have been divided into autumn red and autumn red.. As if one flower, one wood, one mountain and one water have Zen meaning, and all this is only for those who look at the scenery.     Suddenly, only the sound of the piano on the other side is getting further and further away from me, and all the wonderful interests in front of me are gradually becoming hazy.. Quiet corner of me, sudden feeling inner panic, unprepared, so beautiful and beautiful, it is sentimentally attached, let a person not give up leaving.     Lift your eyes, it is already late at night, the scene in front of you has already changed into a poem volume in your hand. However, is the wet handwriting my clear tears? It turned out that it was only a dream encounter, so the world forgot the machine is always too far away from me, across the shore of the distance. In this world, after all, I have too many worries, too many responsibilities, and the fetters of fate do not allow me to run away decisively.     The author of this poem is Wang Wei, who is called Shi Fo. Buddhism has a bill to participate in the Vimalakirt Sutra, which implies cleanness and freedom from pollution. Wang Wei, knowing that the Buddha is deeply related to him, took the word Vimalakirt.. He spent his life seeking sustenance in Buddhism and landscape, calling himself’ one enlightenment and silence is joy, and this life has nothing to spare’.     Whenever he is bound by the floating world, he will think of a poem by Wang Wei’ I will walk till the water checks my path, then sit and watch the rising clouds’. There were numerous poets and monks in the Tang Dynasty, but only Wang Mojie was in Shi Fo. His poetry is cold and deep, far away from the world, free from earthly fireworks and full of Zen. The landscape in his works has surpassed the natural interest and immersed itself in a Zen realm, which is the difference between Wang and other poets.. Many people’s love for him is due to his poetic environment, which can take you away from the distracting worldly life in an instant and give the poor and needy a chance to change their fortunes..     It is often said that all encounters in the world are reunion after a long separation. Perhaps, oneself and Wang Shi have some kind of inseparable predestination. Under the same time, everyone lives a life of his own. Some people, thousands of years apart, can confide in themselves. Some people, close at hand, are strangers. The same Tang poem, different people, was moved by different words. Emotion is the fatal weakness of human nature. The person you like may be ordinary, but you can’t forget it. The sentence you like may be unusual, but it makes you fondle admiringly..     Every time I read Wang Wei’s poems, I feel that although the journey under my feet is like the wind, there is a beautiful and picturesque rhyme that will never float away with time.. His poem, like a pot of tea cooked in the moonlight, lets you melt in without knowing it. If you grind in inkstone, your soul is dyed on rice paper by painter bo, and you think it is in the world.     In his poems, there is a kind of silent beauty in the emptiness, which enables readers to withstand the numerous temptations and endure the boundless loneliness. Indifferent feelings, flowing leisurely Zen. At the moment, you are still worrying about common things. All you need is a wisp of music, a cut of rhyme and a little ink and wash to resolve all the suffering there..     In the regulations on a dream of red mansions, Dai Yu taught Xiangling to write poetry, which was the first of Wang Mochai’s poems, again from Du Gongbu and Li Qinglian.. She lent Xiangling her regulations on participating in the complete works of Wang Mojie to read, which shows how much the talented woman of Zhong Ling Yuxiu likes Mojie’s poetry scene..    The bustling city with neon flashing and materialistic desire is indeed a temptation, but it seems to be less natural and simple than the clean mountain forest.. The reason why Wang Wei’s poems can be as light as floating dust is that his heart realizes that only nature is real and eternal.     Although everyone can touch the cool breeze with his hand, white clouds can be seen with his eyes lifted, and water can be heard while sitting still, if you do not have a quiet heart, you cannot have a profound conversation with all things in nature.. We should believe that everyone lives with his or her heart resting on him or her, or life will be dull..     leaning alone in the close bamboos, I am playing my lute and humming a song, too softly for anyone to hear, except my comrade, the bright moon. Some people, some things, are destined to meet only in dreams. But I know that the strings of life will play brighter and brighter and shine clean in the cold moonlight..     QQ : 786835068