Last month, willow, willow shadow among so ethereal, light falls hui gray stone on the road.Stone road before dark street lamp light, dark and light in the middle of the night vertical hui some melodious v..Insect sound and wind noise was very hot, weak voice echoed in the ears, straight into the heart.    Elegant bitterness, suddenly recalling landscapes corner of wooden flutes, should the shallow blowing a flute and blending this scene, do not is a Kiyomi!    He turned back to the house, to find a long absence, wooden flutes.Wooden flutes solitary larvae of reclined in the corner, a layer of dust stuck fast to the flute body, wooden flutes have been gathering dust a dash of cold, now I actually feel dejected.Wipe away those heavy dust, portable flute out.    For whistle blow, even a little rusty, but also failed to stop the drift beep, beep at four rhythmic jumping.    Moonlight quiet, soft starlight.Blowing wooden flutes, late at night looking at the distant Yousui.Qingchan flute hooked fragment past, fragments keep replaying those dull sadness.Sad played repeatedly in the segment, the sad singer just like a sad, sad song in a deep singing.    Recall the past.Memories indifferent eyes of each other; the memories of each other farewell sound chamber; parting memories back to each other; leaving only an uncomfortable pain.    Recall more than.Memories of rain and snow chaos; memories of raging wind SA; tears Yu Xiaoxiao memories; memories of pain is difficult to…    Tear beep, beep fly with tears.Memories so cold, people in pain sadness.Perhaps the pain to the extreme, can there be indifferent qualifications.Even ice tears still flow, it is also a very calm and tears.These tears, no ice, no heat, no temperature.    Hui soft, oblique spilled on me.Dressed in white “clothes”, I was still blowing whistle.    Wind fluttering sound, a burst of melody dancing.Chong Sheng low, silently crack wounded heart.    Beep pause, put down a wooden flute.I do not know how, perhaps because of the situation at this time is strong, actually sang Jay singing “East Wind Breaks”, “a sadness alone standing at the window who I pretend you did not go as revisit old ground behind the door.”The song hovered, accompanied by flute has not yet dissipated with flying until Trinidad.