The constellations that don’t play cards according to routine most

I’ve been on the road for a long time, either you or someone else. If you want to be excluded from the routine, you must not play according to the routine.. Look at these constellations that don’t play cards according to routine at ordinary times ~ Gemini’s routine is the longest way to walk, but Gemini won’t fall into someone else’s trap.. Gemini’s brain, inside, has all sorts of strange ideas to come up with. He doesn’t know how to play cards.. Whether it’s love or friends, Gemini often likes to play tricks on others, make some practical jokes, make oneself happy, let a person in distress situation. This naughty Gemini, did you want to hit his Sagittarius? Sagittarius likes not to walk the usual way. What’s the point of taking the way that everyone else has walked and playing the routine that everyone else has played?? Sagittarius does not like to be the same as others, so what do you think the shooter will do, the shooter will not do much, and sometimes he will even oppose others. as long as the shooter is happy, there is nothing impossible.. Sagittarius’s ideas are always unconstrained and unconstrained, and it is not Sagittarius’s nature to play according to the rules.!   Aquarius Funny Fellows Aquarius gourd inside sell what medicine, who also can’t guess. Aquarius always likes to nest in his small world of inside, working on things he is interested in and having few common topics with others.. Aquarius does not like to follow the crowd, nor does it follow others. No matter what you do, you will have your own ideas.. This is the kind of person who does not play according to the rules. You never know what he will do next time.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.