Minute of the passage of time, the owl from very early from their rooms to sit out on the sofa, he was waiting outside sounds and transaction.

  Perhaps never before from nosy owl, especially with this he had nothing to do people, life and death meant nothing to him.
  But this is not the same.
  He needs a healthy Chen diving can also stand up when Zhao Wei Tong in need of help.
  So from now do everything owl investment, and this investment would be for him to get a very big return, security Zhao Wei Tong is not describe anything in return.
  Time finally over twelve, the outside can still be calm, except for occasional voice shaking branches, what the rest of the sounds are not.
  But the owl was still able to maintain the spirit of one hundred percent, Dousou eyes staring at the ceiling, all the focus was on alert.
  After all, Zhao Wei Tong also in the house to rest, he will not permit any person to disturb her.
  O’clock in the morning, when outside the room finally got the long-awaited transaction from the owl, the first time he stood up, flash figure disappeared in the living room sofa.
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