The blare of the blare whistle broke the quiet night of the coal town. In this bustling night market, several places are enjoying themselves? Several sorrows? Several trips? A few romantic places? The train from the direction of the capital raced into the platform, which will take me down the road to my hometown to bid farewell to this dark land and gray sky and bid farewell to this quiet night in April.. Don’t, all right! Don’t, all right! I don’t want to indulge in your rotten soft arms any more. Three years of rose-like youth here have been abandoned by Iraq.. I can’t forget to weave the dream of overpass again and again. I can’t forget the deep alleys of Chen Jiagang. I can’t forget the dog barking in the middle of the night in the alley. I can’t forget the funny scenes in the cinema. I can’t forget the morning when white shoe polish was used as toothpaste.. That’s the rotten part of my youth. It’s really fallen to its peak! What rich and precious knowledge, know a few professional terms, what gentle and beautiful girlfriend, even few heterosexual friends, take away lest only half a hundred books that have not been read in the luggage with heavy notes. Sitting in front of the beauty salon was a beautifully dressed morden girl with her legs crossed, unforgettable! Seeing her can arouse my strong sexual desire. White tender skin, red and fleshy lips, soft and open breasts, if they are closer, they seem to smell the plumes of fragrance evaporating from her nakedness. If she leans over and you stand on tiptoe again, you can see her heady cleavage, the big tits without bra.. My god! If you can give me such an Yifu as nakedness and flattery, so that her soul and body will be completely owned by me and I will die 18 times. No place to vent youth anguish in the cold and lonely bed so stored one, one, and another spring. Look at the decadent and old appearance in the mirror, what pure love, what burning sensual desires, that’s all! Just now! I love myself, I love myself!     Coming to see me off are L Jun, who has long curly hair and is quite artistic, and H Jun, who is addicted to the Internet all day long. Earlier, several classmates who insisted on giving me a ride were declined by me one by one. I don’t like the solemn and stirring separation, and I don’t want to indulge my clear tears in front of all the gentlemen.. On the bus, I took the luggage that L Jun and H Jun had brought to me in Midian, but it has not been put properly, and the car body has moved forward slowly in unconsciousness.. I ran to the window, but forgot that it was a dark night. Ladies and gentlemen, take good care of yourself! Wishing you all the best in your future life. I stacked my bags by a door that wouldn’t open at the end of the flash and looked inside along the trunk. There weren’t many people.. On the car chair, there were half – squinting people sitting, whole bodies lying down, some with bare fingers and feet, and a few empty places.. Sir, is there anyone here? ‘ I’m like a beggar begging along the street, hoping to get a favor from my master. Looking at the expression of my fellow countrymen dying and dying, listening to a’ yes’ word they squeezed out of their yellow teeth for half a day, I was really desperate like death. Sleeping compatriots, rest assured and sleep well! I will never burst your sweet Eden dream or the gold rush dream, in which you continue to say, ” Oh, yes.”! My baby, how nice! very good! ‘ I dragged my tired and floating body back to the sky of my own. On the other side of the door, there was a barking foreign dog crouching in front of the door. Oh, my God! The damned beast actually turned that into a toilet, and soon shook his tail despondently to find his faithful master.. The stench evaporated from the excrement of foreign dogs mixed with the foul smell flowing out of the toilet is the most effective emetic. I really want to apply for a patent in the Patent Office, maybe I can get a commendable royalty. ” Where is the fresh oxygen? Give me fresh oxygen! Dear compatriots! Compatriot! I owe all my misery to you now. Human civilization is manifested in you. Your noble qualities and sentiments have really reached the peak of the mountain.. Just now! Just now! I don’t think I will die before dawn.    From the half-open window, gusts of night wind blew in. The wind before dawn in April was still full of biting tenderness. Eyes against the wind, through the window, no mountain, no building, only a few stars faint lights outside. Suddenly, I wanted to be a scholar like Xu Zhimo and Yu Dafu and write some sober and gorgeous poems for this night. But what else can I write besides some sentences that have a deep and unwritten style? Just now! Just now! I don’t write to intimate lovers or close friends. I write to myself and myself.! Many years later, in the broken words, I was able to support a long bamboo pole and take a small boat to the Dream Garden to look for the old dream I had left when I was young.. Sitting on the luggage and leaning back on the car body, he fell asleep.     When I woke up, the car had reached the end and the sky was bright. Out of the station, hit the motorcycle, got on the China – Pakistan bus, got off the three rounds, and got home in the evening when it was getting dark.. The village woman who has been standing at the village gate for a long time is my mother who is over half a hundred years old.