The rice you eat at noon hurts your stomach in the afternoon and is in a bad mood. Abdominal pain, hot flashes, sweating, and inexplicable pressure made me unable to support myself. My head fell down and softly fell on the table. My body trembled slightly and my brain was in chaos.. I think there is depression. Next year’s son’s college entrance exam, the second half of the year’s exam for teachers’ certificate, and the disharmonious family relationship, triggered by abdominal pain, have been committed intermittently with depression.. There is no place to solve, no place to solve, no book to read, no book to read,,,,,, severe stomach pain, this damn rice . ah, college entrance exam . ah, listen to the heart sutra for a while, seems to be some relief. Suddenly thought of a female colleague, aged 61, who had just detected lymphoma in the first half of the year and was now undergoing chemotherapy for the fourth time in the affiliated hospital of Peking University. The colleague has just retired and has been hired back to continue his class. Her character is gentle and kind. She has been a teacher all her life and she has got the disease all over the world. Her students have come from all directions to donate money to her. In just a few days, she has raised more than 40,000 yuan.. The colleague’s fate was bumpy. When the child was young, he divorced. He raised his son by himself and later married. Now the husband has his own child. She suffers from the disease, regardless of her. His son is in his thirties. He works with his mother in the same unit. His son is not in the spirit and has not had a girlfriend yet. Colleagues all say that she only grew up with the disease because of her son’s sorrow.. My ex-husband was in the same unit, but he refused to lend a helping hand. Think about my colleague, who has had a rough life, why not let people sigh? Compared with the bad luck she encountered, what is this depression in front of her? What other reason do I have for depression? What reason is there not to work hard? I met our teacher this morning. I remember she asked me last winter, what are you busy with? I said prepare papers. I met her today and asked me again. I said I would take an examination of the teacher’s certificate. Let’s start our association here and meet our teacher next year. I’ll say, prepare for class. . Ah, over the years, I have set goals for myself every year, and these goals will be achieved by the end of the year.. I really feel my progress and strength. There is still a long way to go, full of ups and downs, ditches and ridges, and tens of millions of times more efforts are needed.. It’s just that my child’s entrance examination will make me depressed enough. But think about my colleague, what is this? To be alive is to suffer and be affected. It is difficult to survive, but it is also difficult to survive.. Writer Yang Mo said that people suffer because they think too much and read too little. It seems that only in the book can I find a way to redeem myself. After writing these words, I seem to have calmed down a lot, and depression has also passed me by..