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  Pei Naochun sent a message: [Son, this is part of my grandfather and your booty afternoon, Li specially please return sent to you in advance, and you share our happiness with?Dad know you must be very happy to receive, needless to say thank you, and clear the world these days to eat it!]
  ”His uncle.Is a bit of a curiosity.”Ningshi Qing involuntarily thumbs up, a small token of admiration.
  Pei Shaoyang smile, grabbed Ningshi Qing want to sneak: “Do you want to go, to stay with the audience fish.”Heating the house is too full, I am afraid that these fish into tomorrow must stink, do not pick up and put into the refrigerator does not.
  Ningshi Qing escaped defeat, had obediently sat down, 南宁桑拿rolled up his arm, two figures add up to billions of net worth, in great Christmas Eve, no date, only in front of a pile of fresh fish, who let him acquainted with undesirable of it?
  Then a fish one, two pipeline after being processed into the refrigerator, until after the clean up is over, the time just after midnight, fi杭州桑拿reworks put a city square that did not stop, it very exciting, but they see that foam box, what a romantic mood, it was all gone up.
  ”Merry Christmas.”Pei Shaoyang smiled to see friends, it is probably in his life worked on the mouth of a Christmas special.
  Ningshi Qing laugh tonight I do not know how many times: “Merry Christmas.”He often envious friends warm atmosphere at home, but today this feast of things to clean up, he can not be envious, or let your friends enjoy it yourself.
  In the small city far away, the older travel trio has been caught in heavy sleep, I did not want to make their own gifts to send warm and Ningshi Qing Pei Shaoyang coming to the middle of the night – a gift to send out, and give gifts to people does not matter, that’s it.
  Later, Pei Naochun was named netizens as the most enviable person, h杭州桑拿is entertainment accomplishments must be called one, business career high profits, he is in this life be pampered son, my father te