It is good for me?”

  ”In fact, I am very grateful aunt.”
  Yang Wei softly: “She put my early training as it is today, has given me the ability to choose life.I’m glad to help you do, do not feel their hard work.If one day I can not do anything, only anxious to tears when you crash, I will feel particularly sad.”
  Song Zhe, sighed: “You have to value your life.”
  She paid so much, she was all the way to learn, struggle, effort, only to never marry a man.
  She was for myself, not for an individual.Who she does not need her hold up one day, she is one day.
  When love to her and complement each other, love can leave her windward independent.
  ”But I always thought, everything I can do the best for you.”Song Zhe smiled,” not because I think you can not, you are the possessor, but I hope you all your life can smoothly, there is no need to worry about where the worries.”
  Collins drove in front of some did not go, interrupted them and said: “Sir, you do not want to sleep, then, on the home.”
  Gao Lin also realized, Yang Wei little embarrassed, but it is not half Song Zhe