Siege corner (2014,01,03)

Siege corner (2014,01,03) New Year’s Day two days, CCTV eyeing Lake Charles, interesting news, I do not know let me see the old rolling broadcast, or have a new day, that ice network, as well as ice fish, looked feel very excited.I am most surprised that this landlubbers, the length of that netted as much as one kilometer, each network can catch about ten kg weight of fish, fish Dan Geer has reached three pounds of weight.Lake Charles also said the size of five hundred square kilometers, seventy kinds of fish live in the lake.After I read the news in Lake Charles, fishing on the how, how to grab the fish, how how good New Year will sign, really want in-depth local life, then write stories pinned insatiable curiosity and want flaw.There can not let go of my heart the most is that lake, and the lake was fished from fish, meat and I think it is not money, love, love, nature’s gift to mankind, for humans to return the love.    Internet search, I found no Chagan Lake total annual fish catch is how much private thought, then the ice large areas of the Great Lakes, gotta catch it net thirty two dozen Internet cafes, the annual output of more than two kilograms must have it anyway, delicious children on to the people on the table should be impressive.    Can not remember where you heard that phrase: what to eat anything all have provisions, but as long as the points on the line.The fish in the lake to fish, or change money or eat all life, fish life is human life.To grow into fish, putting to free up enough water so that the fish did not grow up healthy life, although there are cruel side, the side also about love, in general, to love more than cruel, because growing up fish brought to the table you do not, it will die of its own, and not through the cycle of human abdominal, will have a lot of potential risk is not conducive to the healthy growth of other fish.After the human digestive system will shorten the cycle way, they say the will be utilized directly.For populations of different species, as long as not excessive fishing labor, use patterns have to take care of, is of mutual benefit between the science of natural ecosystems.    The most critical problem is that such behavior can contribute to the ecological cycle, such as a large number of fish they eat, water to eat grass, algae, fish and insects, plankton and other fresh bait, fresh bait by doubling the population and prosperity after the stimulation, and a variety of nutrients needed fresh bait material prosperity, and finally byproduct of human activities linked up on clear water and blue sky livable environment linked up, and socio-economic development in limiting the production line link up, and the mood in people’s daily lives and health link up.Of course, that big, it has the potential relationship to national revival and beautiful Chinese dream.    Chagan Lake winter fishing every year, some say, such a large fish production, takes years or even decades reply period, but Chagan Lake year after year, year after year there are so many so much fish, the fish are are from where.Not to mention that we are not all the fish in the lake Charles grew up, now that catch every year every year, as explained in Lake Charles ecological cycle of a platform is real, not the fish themselves He sent his own ruin, but Chagan Lake winter with winter conditions the fish are.Nature is so magical, and to promote the completion of the normal ecological cycle through different living habits.    Chagan Lake is a natural gift of the cornucopia, seventy kinds of fish every year to take the finish, you can eat can be turned into money, it is deeper in our sculpture habitat, this is really where it’s Treasure.With more scientific words, Chagan Lake is a truly five hundred square kilometers of wetlands, fish production is only a small fraction of its benefits.If nothing else, a big fish production, how much photosynthetic products grass, algae need to consume, of course, these photosynthetic products from the soil, water, air a variety of human life do not even harmful material composition, through biochemical regroup after, it becomes beneficial and harmless animals and even human necessities of life activities.Biochemical processes and filled to produce a large amount of oxygen ions in the air, is the basis for the existence of all life.If we say that we in the 9.6 million square kilometers of land, there are enough such as wetlands in Lake Charles this function, our drinking water would not be so nervous, haze would not like now so rampant , so let us helpless.    CCTV reported so frequently Chagan Lake winter fishing, maybe it is ulterior motives.Many experts say that is not good, how can safely discomfort environmental conditions change myself, how can the same as haze harmful environmental factors, to get a place where we can let go of worry.A few years ago, to change the problem of sewage pollution, almost every city built a sewage treatment plant, the effect is heard is good, but there are a lot of negative rumors.I have not seen that out of contaminants from dirty water, where it can get, is not sent to the farmer’s crops to friends.Or reach the vegetation is so superb level of technology, put them into a protein, fiber and organic matter are hard to classify.I do not know now there is no one thought to build an air treatment plant, each city to build a scale depending on the variety of the sum of the pollution index may be, people can not get this under control virtual haze.We are seeking to repair the road has gone through, because the haze is not only inappropriate for our taste, but also let us see far, recent weather forecasts, severe haze when visibility is less than one hundred meters, this thing’s not like we have experienced through dust storms, individual cases, are reluctant to change a few days.    Haze, can you turn into fish such as Tsagaan lake, it seems irrelevant, but in reality not, the ecological cycle in nature, anything can happen unknown, but we can not just witnessed.If one day, academicians no longer fraud, the real strength of science to make a limited range of people eyes shining, word hit the haze away into the sea of people, I think, is the idea of Chagan lake We can learn from.