8 big girl compulsory “in love scheming” Explode Your charm!

8 big girl compulsory in love scheming to detonate your charm!Smart woman knows, in order to enhance their charm, scheming woman will Dances.So as not to make their own trends in fashion, you can not find a personality of their own charm; and can make its own charm in the shortest possible time to get the biggest upgrade.Eight compulsory woman in love scheming to help you enhance the charm, to be a smart girl!1 person must find their own true love, not to find people who love their man to remember before and after marriage are two different worlds, he loves you now does not mean a lifetime love you.Many people hold an argument, clever woman find love themselves, not to find their loved ones.Reflect carefully, you find someone, he loves you, but you do not love him, you can really happy it?With a man who did not love live life, you can really happy it?Furthermore, said a man, he loves you now, we still love you so in the future it?In a general sense, man before and after marriage is a big difference, especially in some men chasing you, love eachother, so after the catch, 180-degree turn immediately attitude.So, before you accept a person who loves you, you make it clear.Of course, if you can find someone who wants to love each other, that is the most perfect, if not, recommend, to find their own true love, at least this way, you pay for him you do not regret.2 Do not expect reliable man, we must first find a reliable person who can not find their own true love, then at least to find a reliable person.What is a reliable person, in short, it is that you can rely on people.First, the character was decent, some girls do not care about this, special like playboy type, bad boy type.These people need to entrust his life, you have to be careful.These people simply do not fly, how you rely on?Reliable man easy to find, at least to find a fly.3 character is a necessary but not sufficient condition is critical, how to see how a person can not simply look at what he has done for you, it is important to see the essence of a person.Because, he is likely to do something in acting, putting on a show.But just because good people, this does not constitute make you reconsider the conditions of good character is a necessary, but not all,.4 Guizhongmiyou if not the whole letter simple little girls used to come across anything close friend seeking to find ideas, but the life of a major event to others, always wrong.Such a thing, however, is also the own mind.No matter how good your relationship with close friend, also can not represent you, because you always are two separate individuals, you aesthetically, it is customary, the inclination, the pursuit of.There will always be nuances such as.No matter how people say that he must have an idea.Even worse is that now a lot of boys chasing women well versed in the road, one of which is to get a close friend by your side, both hardware and software, plus confuse isolated, let you into submission in the confusion.5 ethereal romantic love will make the same ethereal little girls like romance, you’re right.Is a romantic mood, but also a feeling hard to come by, but not completely just love romantic, romantic love is only a small part.Emphasizes two people love each other, not just the sky gardens, a mirage, these ethereal romance is certainly beautiful, but still did not go far.If you as a little bit of romance to be touched, not to see the essence of the problem, will one day come to regret.6 to give up everything for love is not worth the girls love cherish very sacred vision.Yes, love is sacred, but it is sacred because it is sacred in love but your life more exciting, not because of love, to make your life more bleak.Because girls have a lot of love to give up the home, give up family, whether right or wrong, but you have to think about it, are you in the end worthwhile.And some girls for her boyfriend’s preferences, go to plastic surgery, after failing to disfigurement, abandoned by her boyfriend also abound.7 Do not take youth when the chips are a gift of God’s grace, it is to cherish, to taste, not for gambling chips.Many simple tasks themselves invincible youth girls, unruly behavior and therefore, arbitrary.But the era of youth, after all, immature, do not know how to cherish this period of time, to be youth is past and repentant.Youth is an accumulation of age, rather than the root causes of bold.8 do not think they suddenly realized the truth very mature one or two people, and suddenly from books or lectures to understand one or two seemingly very profound truth, they think they have matured.You know, you that in itself is very immature, real mature person, first of all have their own thinking people, they can calmly analyze other people’s words, analyze problems, social analysis.For others and not easily moved by one or two sentences on.Even many celebrities have said, when border migration, but also the careful analysis of the.A person without their own ideas, can not always be mature.A sign of maturity is that first of all do not be fooled people.Note 🙁 Benpian by finishing small series network, belongs to original author, if infringement, please contact me, I will take the first deletion process!)