Run away, hide a yellow body after trafficking.

  An Qian small gasped, “I went to!Absenteeism was almost caught, and if you are caught can blame!I have been a staff Miyoshi you led astray, really, the city is so big, how came upon a coincidence. ”
  ”This is it!”Which I would like Suzi Han did not even notice him speak, eyes peering eyes in front of the vending machine.
  An steal Miaole Yan Qian Yao Ji Lin-sheng and ceremony, identified the two already long gone, he was relieved, to stand before the vending machine, “What ah”
  Under Suzi Han Dayton, “What I have heard this called box game console lucky, and always wanted to try, we play with it.”
  An Qian touches first time I saw this game machine, like a giant vending machine, which piled a number of identical yellow box, coin window displays 20 yuan can get a box.
  ”Come on Come on, I heard the opportunity to be able to get Apple phone.”Suzi Han has been eager to start money.
  An do not believe a modest way, “small probability event.”At the same time I feel a little strange, according to Suzi Han character, what are indifference, makes no sense for a gaming machine so interested in fashion.
  While he was still thinking of this, Suzi Han has