A little bit of my opinion

Seeing Lin Ying’s article and knowing that Lin Ying is a famous writer and editor in Hunan Province, I would like to talk about some personal views.     Lin Ying suggested that Red Net could set up a paper-based literary journal to publish excellent works on Red Net, which is of course a good suggestion.. Should give affirmation and support. However, it is hard to say whether it can be established in a short period of time..     When it comes to paper-based literature and online literature, these are the two literary styles that actually exist in China today. Although there is no absolute limit – a large number of famous writers, poets, dramatists, playwrights, literary critics, literary theorists, literary research experts and scholars in China have entered the online world and joined the ranks of online special writers. For example: Wang Meng, Yi Zhongtian, etc. China’s influential online writers have joined the Chinese Writers’ Association, entered the National Committee of the Chinese Writers’ Association, and become members of the National Committee, such as Tang Jiasan Shao and the current moon, etc. As for those influential and famous online writers, they are not only able to publish substantive works, but also able to publish works in Chinese paper-based literary journals.. In fact, there are no absolute boundaries between mainstream writers and non-mainstream writers, traditional paper-based literature writers and emerging internet media writers, nor are there any distinctions between high and low. As far as literature itself is concerned, China’s mainstream writers are very different from non-mainstream writers in their works. The works of those mainstream writers are either abnormal relationships between men and women and sexual relations, or they are far from the lives of ordinary people, which makes it difficult for ordinary readers to have interest in reading.. Whether it is a national literary periodical or a provincial or municipal literary periodical, there are many works that have neither much literary value nor much reading interest. However, because literary journals are controlled by those official writers, ordinary people have no right to speak. Most of the Chinese writers won prizes for writing their own books, publishing their own books and winning their own prizes.. The members who preside over the awards are the leaders of the Chinese Writers’ Association, the leaders of publishing companies are the leaders of the Chinese Writers’ Association, and the winners are all members of the Chinese Writers’ Association.. In short, they are all internal members. Literature journals and newspapers are both internal and famous. Even if a series of books are published inside the website, they are also old faces. In fact, some editors do not speak the same thing as they actually do. In a word, or – mastered power, there will be a voice. If you master the media, you will have the right to speak. If you are famous, you have the right to speak. I think it is certainly a good thing that Red Net can set up a literary journal. However, it is also urgent to solve the real life difficulties of network authors if they can provide them with payment income like other websites.