Don’t let one another become forever

In the morning, I was still in my sleep, but I was awakened by the sound of the other end of the phone. Like an electric shock, I stumbled over everything outside the window, without warm sunshine or flowing clouds passing through the lonely sky. Only the drizzle dripped like silk thread on people’s hair, and it seemed like a sad girl secretly crying in a corner..     Some people’s indifference not only makes people cold, but also makes an arc of heart spring thick with ice, which cannot be melted for a long time.! Even if you don’t practice for yourself, practice for your children! Life in the world is just a fleeting moment in the long river of time. No matter how elegant or down and out you are, you must live up to the fact that you have come to this world for a walk. To live, you must learn to love, love yourself, love relatives, love friends, and love everything you decree by destiny. That way, you can have a clear conscience and regret when you leave.! To be calm and safe!     I arranged everything with a heavy heart and set foot on the familiar and unfamiliar road with my family. Along the river, a bungalow with walls came into view. The familiar but unfamiliar feeling oppressed everyone in the car.. Finally arrived, the two cousins heard the firecrackers and hurried out to meet them. The two high-spirited appearance in their schooldays seemed to have been washed away by the years and decadent stood in front of me, calling each of us and leading us to the hall. I first led everyone to knock three heads to the uncle. The cousin said that we were coming at the right time and were preparing to get down the ice coffin. I looked at the hall where the uncle was parked, and four or five middle-aged men were talking and laughing. No one was crying, all without heart and lungs..     My cousin slipped past me with a basket of vegetables. I immediately realized what I was going to do and jumped into the kitchen, commanding my sisters and sisters and immediately becoming the core. I practiced bowls and spoons on the earthen hearth familiar with the music of banging and banging so calmly that my cousin used her less skilled technique to make the fire in the pot hole bigger for a while, bigger for a while, smaller for a while, scolded by me for adding firewood, and for a while I jumped up and down again by the iron pot. Maybe I was born..     My sister suddenly said behind my back that she had seen her sister-in-law and was lying in the side room. Well, I said I was busy and went to see her. Before I could finish, the two young men lifted a paralyzed but very dry woman out of the side room, with chaotic eyes and hoarse voice, struggling to drag her legs, which were extremely inconsistent with the upper body, closer to the ice coffin step by step. I opened my eyes like everyone else, couldn’t believe the facts in front of me, and shouted desperately: ” This is not my aunt.”. The woman wept alone there in her already hoarse voice, and immediately put the desolation to full play. The people in the yard couldn’t help sobbing and wiping tears. My voice seemed to be stuck by something. I hurriedly turned and went into the kitchen again, busy with the work I don’t know how to do, while the woman was dragged into the side room by two young men, and after a while, the atmosphere in the yard gradually eased. What should I do?.     I finished what I thought should be done, washed my oily hands, dragged heavy steps, and stepped into the side room step by step. My sister and cousin surrounded the woman side by side and said something about my uncle. I chose the corner of the head of a bed and sat down quietly, facing the yard, with their hearts aching if there is no pain, and closed my eyes to meditate.. All of a sudden, a pair of hands held me forcefully from behind and kept shouting my nickname in a hoarse voice. I couldn’t remember what she said in her mouth. Suddenly I cried tears like rain and cried out to my aunt. At the same time, I turned around and hugged her. Teary – eyed, I couldn’t see her eyes. I only knew that the bones on her cheeks were prominent, her eyes were extremely large, and the folds on her face seemed to be more than 20 years older than the real age. One pair of hands was swollen and black and blue. If it weren’t for hugging my warmth, I would try my best to break free, but at the moment, I just wanted to hold her warm hands tightly.. The crying in the room was not only for me and aunt, but also for the two sisters. aunt’s crying went on and on, and I was out of breath. I held her hands with my left hand and patted her chest with my right hand. my mouth highlighted the usual coaxing words: ” aunt strange, aunt obedient, have a good sleep.”. I repeat this time and again. In a short time, Sister – in – law stopped crying and slowly closed her eyes to rest. This is probably really crying tired..     The fragments of memory are like flying flowers all over the sky, unconsciously scattered in the corner of my mind and messy. I gently cover the quilt for aunt and walk outside the courtyard alone. the garden is still lush. the trees by the riverside are blossoming, purple and pink, and the honeysuckle flowers are yellow and white. the two flowers depend on each other. from a distance, they look like a group of dragonflies flying on the arbor flowers, a pair of natural painters.! Everything is still what I used to be familiar with. The wind blows my face and my thoughts are sorted out..     The second sister-in-law in my memory has always been a middle-aged peasant woman in her 40s. The outline on her face is that our family all have round, short hair with ears, and her eyes narrowed into a crack with laughter. She has never seen the second sister-in-law lose her temper to anyone or talk big to anyone. The memory she left me is the laughter of the young and bright.. I don’t know why, the family has rarely visited the aunt’s house, and the aunt always comes alone every time she returns to her family. Until the age of 11, I was taken by several uncles to pay New Year’s greetings to the aunt. For the first time, I stepped into the aunt’s house, wet my pantyhose with the water of the river, and was forced to stay at the aunt’s house, clamoring to go home at night. The aunt moved out all the snacks in the house to coax me and slept in my arms at night.. The next day, because I didn’t have any food to eat, I also fried eggs. I hated the smell of eggs and refused to eat them. My little cousin gave me a hard white look and told me that it was goose eggs. I didn’t know until I understood that I was not eating eggs, but goose eggs used by my sister-in-law to hatch geese. Those years were very hard, and raising geese could bring income to my family. I ate a few geese in a meal and it was not clear to me…     During the days she spent in her aunt’s house, she was busy working in the fields during the day, doing housework at night, and selling vegetables in the town more than a dozen miles away with a basket of vegetables. She did not forget to bring me snacks when she came back, which was the happiest and warmest memory of my childhood.. The second sister-in-law was illiterate, but she sent her two sons to college with painstaking efforts. She thought the children would graduate and her sufferings would end. Who knows that neither cousin has been assigned a suitable job, and all of a sudden her family’s confidence will fall to the bottom.. Since then, the two cousins have also recovered. If they are not high or low, what will they do or what will they not do?. That year has more than half a hundred aunt, the cocoon on her hand is thicker than silkworm chrysalis, mottled hair lines come and go against the curtain in the wind and rain..     Memories are like the torrent of summer, which opens the valve and can no longer control the trend. Those who have come to my life and given me warmth, I always carry a grateful heart, grateful for life, grateful for every kind person who passes by my life, are you who let me grow up, are you who have added wonderful things to my life, and are you who let me learn how to love.. Today on Mother’s Day, Sister – in – law does not have a daughter. Please allow me to pray to heaven tonight as a daughter: The dead are gone. May the dead rest in peace, the living be safe, and bless the good people in the world with less suffering and more warmth. Don’t let this be forever.!