He came over to block the hand will face, “I found out before Xiao Yu territory where there are visions, are you okay?”

  His hand slowly solution with belt, side and said: “Why do not you personally check.”
  Xin micro long look at his face like a joke, mouth twitching under.
  ”How is it your eyes?”
  ”Eyes originally so.”
  He smiled, “I know why I sleep like a long time?”For her eyes filled with doubts, he raised his lips,” blood family originally had two original ancestors, me and another person, he wanted a more powerful force, so he chose for my shot, and later he failed the.”
  ”His blood is good, but a lot of flesh and blood doping impurities, in order to perfect integration of this force, I chose to sleep.When you first Fuxi were to see me, I just wake up, eyes still not recovered.When Yu Chao met in the demon world that he played artifact idea, I had not prepared to sell, just close to the seal artifact waterfall, I feel there is something I’m looking for artifacts in the.Chao Yu always thought that I want to nine artifact shortage is to repair the soul, but in reality it is just illusion, always let him think that I have any particular purpose, he