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Le Zhenxi,Open the car door,Get a wheelchair first,Only took her from the pick-up seat.,Wheelchair,Push her in。

Blue Xin heard the doorbell,Two big men in the kitchen also came out of dishes。
“Hexi,Soft and soft,You are coming。”Blue Xin opens the door,Laughing, watching them,When I looked at Le Zhenxi,Another look。
Le Zhenxi is seen by her,The ear is not hot from the autonomous。
He handed her with maltose in his hand.:“Your favorite maltose。”
“Wow!”Blue Xin excited。 “where did you buy,I haven’t encountered someone who sells sugar for a long time.。”Blue Xin took a piece in the mouth.。
Sweet taste is in the mouth,She is comfortable to squint,“good to eat,Still a child’s taste。”
Le Zhenxi is toned to listen to a little lazy but:“It is soft to see,You have given it to me before.,But I don’t know that this thing is those who sell themselves.。”
“I didn’t expect blue sister, I also like to eat.。”Dreamy,Bright。
“I am looking forward to eating jingle when I am a child.,Because it is a childhood memory,So I always like it.,You come in.。”
Blue Xin’s side, let Le Zhenxi push the dream soft。
Le Zhenxi seeing his sister is also,Stunned:“sister,Why are you here??”
Le Yu smiles the opening,Watching the dream soft looking at the wheelchair:“How can I not be here??Can you come to me??”
Le Zhenxi:“……”
“brother in law,Didn’t you see me??”Mu Zizi’s excitement,He feels that his existence is getting lower and lower.。
NS1966chapter I have a little true love.
I can see him clearly.,But it is not seen,It’s too gas.。
“Yo!Sister, you are also?”Looking at Muzi, holding a skirt,He can’t help but laugh again.:“Do you have a meal today??”
Mu Zizi is very unhappy to see him:“Didn’t you see me??”
Dream is also surprised to open your eyes,I have listened to the president before.。
Lu Hao Cheng,Muzi,Su Sei Ming,Ou Jingqing will cook for people,She didn’t believe it before,If you have money, you will ask the maid.。
Where can I cook myself?,Now I see her, I really believe it.。
Muzi fought a dream soft:“Your girlfriend,Don’t introduce it。”
Dream soft, I was red, I was blushing.,I don’t dare to see anyone with low head.,This is really awkward this moment.。
She is a girlfriend who wants to be Le Zhenxi.,Unfortunately, not。
Le Xi Jiqi also has a bit unnatural and nervous,The tone is brought a few more:“Brother-in-law,What are you talking about??This is my assistant,Fierce。”
“Oh!”Muzi has a unique tail,I don’t consciously look at the dream soft,“Assistant!”Just assistant two words,He bite special weight。
Le Zhenxi:“……”Face is hot!
Fierce:“……”Be too embarrassing!
Le Zhenxi looked at my sister to introduce the road:“sister,This is my assistant,Fierce。”
“Fierce,This is my sister, happy and her son.,Then there was my brother-in-law Mu Zi.。”

His strength,Is now the real No. 1 in the Three Realms。

Li Ming estimated,Even if this clone has a magic weapon,Cast spells alone,Can defeat the ancestor of the wind demon。
of course,There is no verification。
After all, it is impossible for him to take the initiative to deal with the Lord of Wind Demon,Master of Wind Demon is good at close combat,Escape is amazing。
He restrained each other,Either he uses a magic weapon to defeat the Lord of the Wind Demon,Either the Lord of the Wind Demon escapes by escape,Beat him to death。
“That little monk,And that little monkey came to visit me together。”
“Could something beg me?”
First30chapter Visits and requests
First30chapter Visits and requests
Li Ming,In the life of Zhulong,There is still some connection with Tang Sanzang and his party。
In the wild universe,The Five Westbound,All from an extraordinary background。
Tang Sanzang,Jin Chanzi reincarnated,Jin Chanzi?Tathagata second disciple,It’s even a congenital god。Once born, it is a return to the gods and demons,And become a god。
Reincarnated as Tang Sanzang,Go west under the guidance of Guanyin Bodhisattva,Li Ming is interesting,It also gave him a method that directly points to the complete destruction of heaven and merit,Not long after Tang Sanzang arrived at Lingshan,Step into the Buddha level。
Monkey King,It’s turned from a colorful stone after Nuwa Empress fills the sky。
Looks like a monkey,In fact, it can also be regarded as a god,Very noble from birth。
Nuwa Empress nurtured him,Bodhi Patriarch taught him,When the Heavenly Palace,Sanqing shot him down,But to help him practice《Nine Turns Xuan Gong》。

Look at Ka Na completely drinks more,Night, I have a heart to send her home.,But I find that I don’t know my home.。

So I can only pick up it.,Send to the vacant room upstairs,When I bought the night,Two-story architecture,So there are many rooms.。
And when I got Ka Na, I was good.,Helpless,Then get out of the room,The bed in the bed suddenly opened his eyes.。
Overhead,Night, baked, back pain,Do not misunderstand,He will back pain because he did what to Dana,But the residual caused by the Naz them last night。
Take a thousandJPlease come to clean your health,The result is what you do.,And after Lucy came back,The house is more chaotic before。
Ready to have breakfast,Night walks upstairs,I knocked the door of Ca.,Get the response in the room,Night is finally pushed。
The morning sun is on the skin of the lace,Because Kana is coming yesterday.,So when I drunk,I still wear or yesterday’s swimsuit。
Kana stretched a lazy waist,Show a perfect curve,Then look at the breakfast prepared on the night hand,Suddenly revealing a smile:I made a decision,I will live here later.!”
Night:!What ghost?Why do you suddenly make this decision?。
And this is my home,Are you inquiring about this opinion as a master??
Be right,After yesterday,Na likes it here.,And after the test last night,Kana also believes that the night is not a person who will work.,So she decided to stay.。
Because I like to drink the reason,The place where Kana live is actually very bad.,As a girl,Even if it is a girl in Na, a woman who is a woman.,Nature also likes a comfortable living environment。
And the night is very suitable here.,And the night is like still cares,Kana took the breakfast in the middle of the night.。
Um,Fighting is not bad
Fairy tail guild,Night is a bit tired to come to the guild,Everyone is congratulations, I bought a new house.,And the night is completely absent-minded.。
After a series of protests are invalid,Kana officially stayed in the night of the night,Although the latter promises will pay the night rent,But the night feels that in Ka’s consumption level,More than rent hopes,He may have to be responsible for three meals a day.。
But these are not important,The focus is with Kana living together,It’s not a lot of inconveniences.。
For example, if you want to take a little sister, go home.,It’s not known that the whole guild is all about the next day.?
In the guild,Kana is with Ai Lusa sitting on a table,And say that if you want to find her later,I have to go to the night.,Because she has already rented a house in the night.。
“Rent a house with night?correct,Remember that night is a person living,But the house he bought seems to be small.。”
Listening to Kana,Ai Laha’s mind is also active.,Obvious,She also felt that the house in the night was good yesterday.。
Mira is living with your brother Alvman,So there is no idea。
Lucy has rented a house yourself.,Although the eye swimming pool,But she is more distracted to the remaining rent。
Naz ruled that it was still comfortable,And the focus is that he has no money to pay the night.。
Chapter 547 Night squad teammate
“Where is the room in the night?,How much is it takes a month?j?If the right thing,Then I have moved well.。”
Ai Laha has some heart,She really remembers,Yesterday, I went to the night.,There have only many empty rooms there.。
As for men and women,It is not entirely within the scope of Ai Laha.,Because of her character,I don’t care at this place.……
“Rent is naturally very nature……”Kana has not said something,Just grabbed the mouth behind the night,And it’s aloud。
“Kana,We have no hatred.,You can’t hurt me like this.,One you are already awkward,Now I have to pull an Ai Lusa now.?”
Kana is also calculated.,If Ai Laha has lived,So night, it’s really never.,Because every time Naz they open a combat meeting,I will definitely go to him.。
I want to think that there are more sad reminders.,He doesn’t want to become Lucy Second。
“how?Ai Lusha is the god of fairy,The beauty of our guild,Let her live with you,Are you still not happy??”
Gana smiled at night,A pair, I am a look like a welfare.。
“Unfortunately, it belongs to the type that can be seen.,And if you do this?,My family is going to be the second guild.。”
Finally, the night and Kana signed a variety of non-equal treaties.,Kana promised night,Don’t say everything in the night, there is a matter of room.。

And soon afterwards,It is said that it is also associated with the summer.。

Here,The whole Western underground world has become boiling,It’s like earthquakes that generally triggered tsunami.。
Everyone is talking about this matter。
Those who have not left Vienna,It is also sent people to the scene.,More people are spreading some seemingly rather messages。
I heard the virgous family challenge to kill the god,But be killed on the spot。
Eugene one of the henity,Cave weathered heart,Picked your head。
Rumor,Killing today’s strength,Advisible extent,Western masters are no longer able to balance。
Someone is shocked,Someone does not believe,Some people worship,Some people are ready to move……It is very exaggerated in the past.。
Almost everyone knows the killing of people now today.,Killed the faint stunches,As for his strength, how powerful,I even said that I have reached the legendary entry.。
Also at this moment,The dibble family is angry,Speak out,Want to kill or die,Will retaliate。
But in some smart people,It is not intentionally。
The power of the Western world is not a piece of iron plate,Nowadays, a family of virks,I don’t know how much forces the tiger。
More about them, there is a bloody natural enemy。
“Just put the words and find the steps yourself.,Don’t believe,They don’t dare to retaliate at all。”
“That is yes,They are not stupid,Maybe retaliate,But it is never now,Still pay attention to the movement of killing god。”
“This person can’t stay,Must find a chance to kill,Otherwise,Let him continue to grow up,Our Western world can no longer contain。”
What you say。
But no one knows,At this moment, the protagonist is disclosed at this moment.,Also not good。
I want to talk to more like-minded people《President of the king》,WeChat attention“Reading literature ”,Chatter,Look for oneself~
First1420Chapter My name is summer day.
朦 朦。
Youth suddenly has a sporadic consciousness。
It seems that the ears are simultaneous to speak very far away.。
He has a deep breath,I want to open your eyes。
But he has helpless discovery,Even if you blink this action,It also become incapacitated……He is like a legendary ghost bed。
A long time,Finally screwed into a force,Hand fleet a few times,And then suddenly open his eyes,Sit in。
Almost at the same time,Successful excitement sounds around。
“Ah——He woke up?”
“Wake up awake……”
“Come to call a doctor。”
Surprise voice is accompanied by a rush of footsteps,Opening of the door,Angle,Figure。
Youth is a bit awkward,It seems still not reacted,Almost you can go to the surrounding environment。

Another thing that makes Chen Xiu puzzled is where the Hongwu blue-and-white pine, bamboo and plum-breasted pot in Dragon King’s hand came from.,He remembers clearly,Liu Guijiang fired that batch of Ming blue and white flowers,He and Zhang Haishan broke them all by themselves,Even the fragments are crushed into powder with a crusher。

This is also what surprised and puzzled him。
“you……Do you know the secret recipe of Ming Qinghua!”
The Dragon King looked at Chen Xiu in disbelief,And Chen Xiu looked at him in confusion,Judging from the tone of the dragon king,Obviously he also knows the secret recipe。
Chen Xiu nodded and said:“Dragon King,I have a problem,Who did you get this blue and white from?,Please also inform。The man who made this blue and white,May be a very important teacher of my father!”
Chen Xiu doesn’t hide it now,I directly told me all the things I got from Ming Qinghua。
662 Gambler bastard
The Dragon King couldn’t help but admire the Ming Qinghua’s secret recipe:“Mr. Chen is really a wonderful person,If most people have this secret recipe,Fire ten high-quality goods every year and put them on the market,It can be said that you will never worry about eating and drinking。”
“You actually choose to keep secret,And turned in this secret recipe,Really admirable!”
When Zhang Haishan handed in the secret recipe,Chen Xiu has no current wealth,It’s not that he didn’t think about fraud and profit,But the opening just won’t stop the car,The greedy desire of human nature can’t be controlled at first。
If it’s normal fraud technology,No matter how smart the fakes are, there are flaws,And this ancient secret recipe is exactly the same,No matter how smart an expert doesn’t know, it’s the same,Will inevitably impact the existing Ming blue and white market,It also made Xia’s ceramic reputation plummet in the world。

“Not so serious。”Lin Feng Road:“Do not have a prison for the people of his dragon,Then escape from one person。”

“That is also to see who fled.,The ninth floor is a heavy commitment。”Night cold explanation:“And that28Respecting the strong people also escape,But unfortunately28Respecting people are all slaughtered。”
“All slaughtered?impossible!”Lin Feng shook his head:“That old guy rushed to the ground,But this28Does it not escape from all directions??”
“There are not a few,However, the leaders of the six forces will arrive.,Then all chased it.。”Night cold explanation。
“so horrible。”Lin Feng wanted to help。
“in24Respecting the Strong Strong is killed by this person on the spot,When the Nirvana strongly rushed out of the ground,This28Respecting strong people have already spread it。”Night cold explanation。
“His sword is so horrible?”Lin Feng micro-moving capacity。
“You can’t feel this sword at the ground.,But this sword is too horrible in the void.,Can be killed within a thousand meters。”Night cold explanation。
“Too,I remember underground under more than 100 meters.,This old guy waves,The horrible sword is directly penetrating,How much is it?。”Lin Feng heard the words:“If the talent of the yellow dragon,We are afraid in the trouble。”
“This is a person who is a dragon.,So this time the responsibility is the dragon’s family.,Dragon home due to this dereliction of duty,Losing the seat of the Secretary of the National Security Bureau,The people of the dragon have to withdraw from the National Security Bureau.,30Don’t intervene in the Guoan Bureau within the year。”Night Cooky。
“so serious。”Lin Feng heard the words:“It is a dragon’s words.,I am relieved.,I don’t know which force wheel?”
“Tang Jia’s Criminal Law, Lao Tang Shen Machine。”Night Cooky:“Tang Jia Master then proposed to let the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce begin to initially take over the national security bureau affairs,Ying Yao is directly reused again,become7The prison of prison,She can have the right to adjust from the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce.10People enter the Guoan Bureau。”
“it is good,it is good,it is good!”Lin Feng heard the words and smiled:“Great,Our people finally entered the Guoan Bureau.,Our area is also the region of Jiuji Jiuji,This is unintentional to us is a chance.,However, what should I do if there is a huge vulnerability in the seven prison??”
“I don’t know this.,However, I think the state will take the prison.,Furthermore, we can change the prison.。”Night Cooky:“And it will not be held in a short time.,This is more convenient to manage。”
“makes sense,Ying Yao?”Lin Feng asked。
“In the palace。”Night Cooky:“Let it go,Also give you a meal?。”
Lin Feng heard a little bit,Now and night cold walk into the palace,Tang Yao, Tang Yao, is lying on the sofa.,Seeing Lin Feng came in,Tao Yao stood up and smiled:“Congratulations,Congratulations。”
“Tongxi。”Lin Feng smiled and went up and holds the waist of Tao Yin Yao.:“Leadership also succeeded。”
“Not much more than you。”Tao Yinyao smiles:“But I don’t want to go,I want to stay in Zhongzhou.,Directly send people in the past。”
“Yes。”Lin Feng heard the words:“Do you need to add prisoners over there??Nine floors now,Eight-story,No one in seven layers。”
“In the last month,It should not be。”Tang Yin Yao Road:“Because the country is repaired7Prison,After all, a loophole is added below.,And it can only be put into access in the future7Prison。”
“makes sense。”Lin Feng heard the words:“When is it??”
“I have to go to tomorrow.,I temporarily took over the things over there.,This time is no one.,The last time is to resolve your business,This time I have to do real things.。”Tang Yin Yao Road。
“Would you like me?。”Night cold, smiling, sitting on the sofa。
“You?,Still go to your Huangquan Lord。”Tang Yin Yao Road:“We have all our duties。”
“Yes,Also waiting for the owner of Huangquan to do business?。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“How good this is,In the future, I will talk directly to the nest.。”
Night Qing Wen Wen said:“court death!”
“Ha ha。”Lin Feng heard the words of the night cold:“Kidding,All right,I will eat first.,starving。”
“I will help you with a meal.。”Tang Yao walks into the kitchen between talking。
“I don’t disturb your two people.。”Night cold standing:“correct,I gave Flying Fairy Pavilion in the morning.7Wanjinshi。”
“7Wanjinshi!”Lin Feng heard the words,Then sigh:“Don’t you let you have this money??”
“Also change,This is in Robu2Wanjinshi,I gave yourself some spending money.。”Night cleansing:“The rest is slowly。”
“Um!”Lin Feng went up and holding the night cold.:“thanks,All right,I am looking for 姨,You can push color quenching to the market.,I should make a lot of money every year.。”
“姨 also considered,But still worry about the strength of our Chamber of Commerce.,In the end, you have to pass you.。”Night Qing cold:“You are now,Then explain the timing maturation.。”
“good,Time is mature,Take the current forces of our Qinglong Chamber of Commerce,Skumble,Who wants to pinch us,Also give your own forces。”Lin Fengboxao:“However, a person who cares for these business is too hard.,She has a lot of hair recently.。”
“I know,Lin Feng,I hope you don’t leave the snow。”Night cold and quiet。

Hou Bolt pillars flowed in tears,Grief,Like a hurtful beast whose。

People on the four weeks,And Sun Youde and other doctors,Also one is moving,The complex is complex to the extreme。
Poor parents in the world。
Summer and Thunders have walked to the past,One person supports him,One person took the sulfuric acid jar in his hand。
“Hou Shu,When I was in the army, it was a battlefield doctor.,I guarantee that you can cure。”
Hou put a column with hands tightly grab the summer arm,I am praying and expectation。
Can be seen,At this moment, his heart is extremely nervous.。
“I promise。”Summer supports him to go forward。
And Lin Wei’s entire man is also soft on the ground.,Standing in standing,Still a few security guards run over to help him。
Sun Youde did not see Lin Wei,Take a few steps to chase。
His look is full of surprises,Some can’t believe,“Yes……Brother?”
Until now,He only recognized the summer。
This is the young man in front of you.,The conspiracy of the master was unveiled on the spot,And to show the legendary fire cloud needle method。
“Grandchildren,meet again。”Summer smile,“I am not surnamed,My name is summer。”
Toned,The face has become ancient wells,“Grandchildren,Can this matter not fade,Don’t pursue both parties,do you think it’s okay?”
Deputy Chief of Sun is very happy。
Even if the summer does not mention,He will also try our best to cover up to the minimum range。
after all,Zhongshan Hospital is a hospital, the third third of the country.,Any medical accident will have adverse effects on the hospital。
And Sun Youde also has his own ideas.。
“Xia Xiaogong,Since you have known Mr. Hou,And you are proficient in medical skills,Then study the condition of Mr. Hou Son。”
“it is good。”Summer nodded,I will sink.,“Can you transfer patients into the ward。”
Say,He looked at the appearance of the appearance,Comfort,“Hou Shu,You listen to me.,You don’t have to worry about it.。”
Hou Beling Zhang Zhang Zhang,The eyes become turbid again,“Xiao Ming……Can have these comrades,real,It’s his blessing,I have been so many years.,Also sent money to your home。”
“Do not,Knowing him is my honor。”
Several people enter the elevator,Some people have relevant procedures herein,And the speed is very fast。
It is worth mentioning that,Lin Wei and the doctor nurse,When I was gathered again,The atmosphere is weird and dull。
Just a sudden situation,Many people’s performance is very embarrassed。
At that time, everyone only took care of their safety.,Never thought about helping people,Even a stamping event。
And after the matter,No one dares to stop,There is no more who will think about the courage.。
on the contrary,Two people who are collectively laming and contemptuous are shot.。
Be guarding Lin Wei,The face is also a red array.,Hot hot rush。
For him,The biggest irony in the world is too。

Wang Tshangba’s faceful,“This place is fast to gather 100,000 people,How much can he kill again?,If it is changed,These people and force may be returned to escape,but now……Hehehe。”

He did not continue to say,Send a brighter。
……Deep Jian Mountain。 Sacrifice。
That is a black big,Mysterious people with thick waist,At this moment, there is a round platform at the center of the altar.。
He,Floating a group。
There are hundreds of magic cores that are obtained from summer supreme rings.。
“call out”Standland,He succumb,A magical nuclear shot,Set on a stone column。
“咻咻 咻咻。”
Next,He makes it again,Continuous with the magic core being popped up。
Some inlaid on stone columns,Some followed it directly to open,Explosing a pure special energy,Slim absorption of stone columns and ground inlaid。
Not in a moment,Hundreds of magic cores have all been used。
finally,The mysterious people grabbed the blue spark of the fist size。
“Hundreds of magic cores,Both are low-level magic nuclear nucleus,Star far……”He is like a general whisper,“But also played a role,No need to be like the same year,Need for hundreds of thousands of people to activate the transfer array……”Speech,He went to a few people who couldn’t huddle.,Put the blue lactary heart into a groove。
Subsequent,He left a circle around。
“Also bloody offer,Almost able to start the array。”
This altar,Not only the transfer array。
It is the core of this big array of Xianji Tianchi.!……Outside。
Sword light,Shining sky,Unclear light is constantly passing。
Knife、Sword,There are also various powers,All are concentrated in a place。
At the end,Get more and more bright,Like a volcanic eruption,A thick sword miles up on the sky。
There are more than 20 masters in the vicinity of nearby.,A scream。
Xia Jiujing is like a war,Appears in people’s field of view,I can’t say overbearing and domineering。
“This has not hurt her.?”
Everyone feels the powerful and terribleity of Xia Jiujing。
but,Below this situation,It is impossible to retreat and escape。
Just like Wang Temple,No one is willing to give up the ultimate constipation here。
Short silence,Immediately shouting,More than fifty masters are rushed forward。
Xia Jiuyi is still not afraid,Open a big way,Invincible。
Every time you accurately,Will bring a bloody,Take away a life。
finally,Sword,A thick and blazing sword is reversed,Another instant split,Creating a dense magnes。
“what……”This is a frightened picture,It’s like a god sword.,Heaven and earth。
Screaming,Along with countless blood splashes。
Just one hit,Summer 90 meters,A blank zone,Replace,Is a corpse on the ground。
Surrounding!Even all the eight sides are all people,No one dares to go forward at this moment.。
“Want to kill me?”

“here we go。”

Middle-aged people raise sounds,Spiral,“come in。”
Talk,Now,Push the door。
Everyone has followed。
This is a room that is not very small. ,At least 100 people will not be crowded。
Space in the room,In addition to the center of a large table,No decoration。
Zhou Shan before coming in,I got some traces。
Summer blinking,Immediately attracted two things。
Just two directions in the north of the room,Establish two-sided similar stone objects。
Two-sided stone monument looks the same from the surface,About three meters wide,Ten meter。
And on the stone monument,Not only engaged in the ripple of complicated Xuanao,Also inlaid。
Unlike,These sparsons are not lit。
If a look,A bit similar to a quadrant table。
“Be quiet。”
Iron’s voice came,Everyone is looking for。
I saw that his look is dignified and,Refers to the wall front of the room,“This is the shadow wall,Captain Zhou Shan,And the big figures in Xiaoying City are looking at it.,I hope that you can do our best to play all the strength.。”
Everyone immediately stood straight,The eyes are not stealing the wall,A good face。
Excitement and nervous。
Tiebear,Look at the middle-aged person,“Row,let’s start。”
Luo deacon is not,Straightforward,“There are two tests today.,Item One,Test。”
He pointed to the huge stone monument in front of the wall.,“That is the power table of Yuanshi manufacturing,Enter a voyage,Ability to detect your true realm。”
Toned,Refers to the huge stone monument to the north wall,“That is the crystal meter of test power,Three opportunities for each person,Full-effort attack crystal meter,You can test your strongest attack power。”
He patted his hand,Turned to the big table before sitting down。
Subsequently pick a wolf mill prepared in advance,“Power test now,Who is my http://www.nygwwl.cnname?,Who is going forward,Iron bear captain,Trouble you。”
NS3096chapter test
There is no embarrassing speech,There is no danger of a long story.。
Middle-aged people explain the rules,Immediately announce the test start。
He is responsible for recording and checking,Iron bears are responsible for numbers。
“First,Bai Yong Zhi,List out,Test。”
With the sound of the sound,A young woman wearing a leather armored。
Saying is a teenager,but in fact,Each of these people is strong,The surface looks prematurely maturing,Like a group of 20 years old。
They are very strong,Only the face is still in the face of the tenderness of the teenager.。

“Ha ha,Didn’t that disappoint the old Beidi?”

“you……Don’t blame me Master。”
“strange?Naturally it is not strange。”God of War suddenly laughed,“But if I can get out,Must demolish his Beidi Tiangong。”
The guest does not speak,Sighed after a long time,“If I can help you out,Look on my face,Can you stop hating him?”
“Impossible,A big man pays attention to grievances。”God of War flatly refused,Suddenly said softly,“Jun Yan,Between you and me,Why should I be coerced by this?”
The visitor is silent again,Two lines of tears are too late to roll down,It turns into a mist and dissipates,She’s too close,Under the real fire,Has the power to swallow everything,God of War can’t bear it,But can’t find the right words,He appreciates and understands each other,But it’s not the reason to let Beidi。
“The devil world collapsed,But Panmang’s head and seven of his men are all missing。”
“what?!Where’s that head?How can Panmang be alive?”
“do not know,Reportedly stolen,Some people don’t want the devil world to collapse”
“Nonsense,I just want to cover it up,They just want to introduce the disaster into other worlds,How wonderful is the dream of unifying the world?The ambition of the gods is already written on the face,They have forgotten‘Sumi’s League’。”
“But this is not an opportunity?The God Emperor is angry now,All true gods go to the heavens to find Panmang,If you can find……”
“Stop talking,They longed for the Temple of War to collapse,This matter has absolutely nothing to do with me。”
“Or,The emperor has no choice but to?”
“Seize me,It’s been a long time ago。”God of War shook his head。
“Not necessarily,The Temple of War has no owner,I’m afraid that the emperor has another profound meaning。”
“As long as the divinity is still,Can reshape the godhead,Don’t lose this great opportunity。”
Reshaping the Godhead,Easy talk?God of War is still silent。
“You are the only true god who understands Panmang Epistar,Such a big deal,Why didn’t people from the gods to the true gods think of you?”