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“Ok,Like you said,Why didn’t Liao Fan show up afterwards,As far as i know,When he and my mother meet again,When he received the assassination mission,Seven years passed between,What happened in it,I haven’t figured it out yet。”

Shi Mu Luo became more helpless,Although she doesn’t like to ask questions,But it doesn’t mean she has no curiosity,She is just more willing to investigate on her own,After all, such a possibility of getting the truth,Much bigger than asked。
“Since Shi Wei was already under the protection of Qi’s family that year,Maybe he is also hindered by the power of the Qi family,So I didn’t dare to make trouble?”Yu Zhe guessed,It seems that only such a way can make sense。
“Unlikely。”Shi Mu Luo shook his head and retorted,“He is a crazy person many times,It is absolutely impossible to succumb to power which is worthless in his eyes,Besides, the Cheng family was more powerful at that time,If he is really afraid,Why did you defy the order to let me live?……”
“It’s hard to guess。”Yu Zhe shook his head like admitting defeat,That he can’t think of other possibilities。
“I have two guesses。”Shi Muluo took over and continued to explain,“Liao Fan should have met Maureen back then,Different from him now,Back then, he kept the rules silently,Knowing that Liao Fan’s plan will inevitably be discouraged,Maybe he stopped Liao Fan。”
“Maureen, can he really stop it?。”Yu Zhe smiled,Although I don’t know much,But in terms of strength,How could Maureen suck Liao Fan?。
“Yes,So I have another guess……”Shimu paused,This is the most probable,But the one possibility she least wants to admit。
“What is it?”
“Maybe it really is……Because of love。”Shi Mu Luo smiled bitterly,This word is said to describe Liao Fan is really a bit hot,“But after all, it’s a deformed love,No matter how deep and righteous he describes him in front of me,Can’t change my opinion of him,He is a complete bastard。”
Shi Muluo gritted his teeth,She can look at one thing from anyone’s perspective,But what she thinks is wrong,She would never forgive。
“that……Then?”That’s the end of Liao Fan’s topic,Yu Zhe doesn’t want to go on anymore,Anyway, it will inevitably make time uncomfortable。
“I was born after that,But what disappoints them is,They didn’t expect me to be a girl……”
“What’s so disappointing?!”Compared to the weird things Shi Muluo just said,Yu Zhe found this sentence the most difficult to understand。
“Cheng’s children are a boy and a girl,Everyone thinks that the boy Cheng Yunxiong inherits the family business is a certainty,If Qi’s family and my mother want to use me,I must be a boy too,Only then will there be capital for competition in the future”
“Unreasonable。”Yu Zhe is a bit angry with this theory,“What age is this?Why do these people still think so!”
“I am also disgusted……But no way,Prejudice is always difficult to eliminate。”
Words of Yu Zhe,Let Shi Muluo feel relieved,But she also has a deep sense of powerlessness,After all there are many things,Not that she can change if she wants to change,
“Prejudice,In the past,Now so,So in the future,Some people even talk about equality between men and women,But when it really hits his own interests,It’s not such a rhetoric at all,I believe this situation will change in the future,But really wipe it out……I think it’s easier to destroy the earth。”
“If it’s not the fate,You will probably fight for feminism too。”Yu Zhe smiled and said something,In his eyes, women struggle to break the inherent prejudice,Is also something worth admiring。

“it is good,I will find a way to inform these people.。”

“Tomorrow we meet here。”
There are only seven people who have to follow Xia Jingsheng.,It also includes the family of three,Other four people are also comrades,Qi Rui knows is very important。
Rurg returned to the small building to live, did some pass,He uses radish into a special seal,In fact, the most important thing on this pass is the signature of the ferry.,Just learned that notes imitate exquisite to art。
Looking at the special pass of the special pass, there is a lot of false pass, and there is a lot of heart.,I want to go to the small snow.,But unconsciously came to Shenghui Tour,Because there is still a heart disease here.,That is Zhou Dakiang’s behavior,If handling improperly, unnecessary troubles。
Rui Rui arrived at the office office,Zhou Dawei is all in,Lu Zhengnian put the door,Rui Rui thought they had to confess:“What do you want to do??Don’t see you five people,But not enough to see it in front of me.!”
“Thud!”Zhou Dawiang took the lead in the ground,Shout:“Big brother!I’m wrong!” Rui Rui, I’m going back to Lu Zhengnian.,But I don’t want this.,The other three are also the same。
“Trough!You are what it means,Don’t want to go!Don’t use this way.!”I really didn’t understand anything about it.,
“Big brother,What are you talking about?,Let us eat, we will never wrinkled!”Zhou Da Liang said,
“what does it mean,Is this what you did not clean??”Qi Rui asked,
“Big brother,I don’t say anything.,You will be our big brother.,We will never doubt you.!”Li Nancheng also said,
Qi Rui suddenly thought of injured small snow is going back in the yellow chassis.,I am shocked in my heart.:“All get up.,How is a situation??Talk!”
NS127chapter You follow me as a traitor.!
Rui Rui is really scared,Snow injured wants the only way to take the pharmacy is to take a yellow charter.,She is so heavy injury,It is too possible with blood to stay on the seat.,so,These five people already know that Xiao Snow is identified.。
“Big brother,We all know what happened yesterday.,The female hero who saved the patriotic businessman is hurt.,It is our brother to send her to the pharmacy.!So we all know。”
Sure enough, let them find,Hey!Let the people in the car collect information,This is easy to use in small snow.。
“Big brother!do not worry,We have warned the old Wu and Xiaotang, pulling the car,They will never say this,The car is also rinsed.,Even if you come to the heart of the king, I can’t ask.。”Zhou Dak is worried that he will say that,
Rui Rui said:“That woman is just going to the pharmacy to buy medicine.,There is no relationship with the pharmacy.!And our carffart is just for making money.,It’s strange to pull a woman’s seat.,Women are not all coming?,Do you say??”
“Correct!Correct!Correct!We all think so!”Five people all said strongly,
“okay,The people on the list should have a lot of disappearances after yesterday.,But there should be,We will continue to find!”
“Find!Must find!”Five people all understand that it is a fake,It’s true to find it.。
Looking at them, I can’t help but hold.,They should just guess that they are not a traitor.,It seems that the original intention of the ghosts and traitors have never changed.,But you must let them learn to disguise,Zhou Dawiang like the cannon tubes can not work。
“correct,Since you say this,It is likely to follow me as a traitor.!You can think about it.!”
“If you like a traitor like a big brother, we are willing!”Zhou Dawiang is happy to say,
“If you see someone on the road,Shouting anti-Japanese slogan,How do you know how to do??”Qi Rui,
“If the boy is going to play,Torn the flyer!Warning them later,Otherwise I interrupt their legs!If the girl is frightening,I dare to do these things next time, I will give them to Japanese.!”
“This is a bit like a traitor.。”Ritual,
“Big brother,Don’t tease us.,What tasks have there, let’s go.!Our big master is free at home.,Let a woman shot!Be injured!Our heart is really embarrassing.!”Zhou Da Liang said,
“You all see the scene.?”
“We didn’t see it.,But old Wu saw it.,He describes the situation at the time.,This woman is too powerful.,One person killed six devils,Another man is also very powerful,He killed two drivers as the trick.,I killed two devils.,Then drive to pick up the family and the injured female hero!If we are in the scene, it is good.,These little devils don’t want to leave the concession one.!”Lu Zhengnian said,
“Big brother,I have an anecdote to tell us later.!Let us do,What we want to do most is to kill devils!”Zhou Dadiang said,
“If you say it today, I didn’t hear it.,But in the car, you will be the hand of my hand.,I let you fight who you are,Let you kill who kills?,Can you do it??”Qi Rui,
“now it’s right,Sometimes we need to do some traitors.,Even if it is being embarrassed, it doesn’t matter.,We know what you are doing.,do you understand?”
“You go to the woods.?”Rui Rui, Zhou Dawei, is it asked.,

“Xuan Ge is really getting bigger and bigger.,completely Not afraid of dangerous。”

Be talking about,Welling a few rhinoceros,I have a look at Shen Xuan.,Go straight,Just like I haven’t seen it.。
This also?
Nothing, there is no waiting to say a sentence,Next to it is a six-headed lion coming over,Let the people in the live broadcast don’t dare to breathe,I am afraid that because they said more, they have led the lion.。
However,Next second,The lion is also directly ignored Shen Xuan.,Go away from the eyes。
This is also walking?
Good guy!
Before the rhinoceros, I can’t see Xuan Ge.,Now how to even ignore the lion?
What is this doing??
“Do Xuan Ge has a stealth skill??”
“I am sure that,These animals are the same as the eyes.!”
“Xuan Ge,Express me stealth skills,I want to learn!”
“Good guy,I also want to learn,This way, I can love my beloved beauty.……嘿嘿 嘿……”
“upstairs,You are a metamorphosis?”
“This,Who doesn’t want this skill?,Stealth,This is only the skills in the novel!”
After the people in the live broadcast is driven,Every suddenly all in the madness, Xuan Ge has a stealth skill.。
Shen Xuan himself is,This help people really imagine,Did you treat yourself??
“Be right,I am a stealth skill,Want to learn??”
Shen Xuano smiled at the camera,road:“Start now,50,000 yuan a person,May the hook!”
NS182Zhang Da Mountain King
50,000 yuan a person? real or fake?
Shen Xuan dialect,People in live broadcasts are also interested。
“Really,I will brush one hundred rockets now.!”
“This is true,I will give you 100,000,Know that I am joke!”
“Xuan Ge is not like a joke.,Do you want to brush a rocket??”
I just finished,Rapida starts brushing the rocket,one by one,A few minutes,Rapida has more than a dozen rockets。
“Good guy,You really trust it.!”
Shen Xuan helpless,I am busy:“I can say it well.,You brushed the rocket,I have no stealth skills to teach!”
joke,If there is this skill,He is impossible to teach.!
“I rely on,Sure enough, it is lie。”
“Hurry and pay money,I brushed five rockets.。”
“upstairs,Are you really stupid or a fake,This kind of words can also believe?

The second end represents fear,Its shape is a never gone。

Three tails represent lazy,It can be seen from its habits.。
Four tails represent stubborn,It is Sun Wukong,Character,Adhere to your own ideas。
The five tails represent freedom,Its shape is also like a horse。
The sixth tail represents greed,Spring doesn’t know why,May be because it corroded,It’s just that it is corroded.,And greed is the soul。
Seven tails represent a camouflage,It itself has camouflage capabilities,Can also see the camouflage of the soul of others。
Eight came from the tail,It itself is more arrogant。
And the nine tail is good and evil,So I can feel the maliciousness of others.,It is also the most powerful。
Of course, this is also the heartbeat of the test.,Even if you qualify,The tail beast may not choose you.。
A few tail beasts have turned around Kakasi.,Then I ran to one side.,Quietly discuss。
When I still see Kakasi。
Let Kakasi are quite embarrassing。
But he still stands straight,Try to show your best side。
The end of the declaration of the beast,Then I walked into their respective characters.,Looking at Kaki。
“All right,We decided,Kakasi adopted our agreement”Nine tails comment。
“Disadvantage,But some quality is still nice”Octada。
This is the horror of the beast,They can look at the heart of the person,Almost impossible to hide。
“Thank you”Carti is excited。
“Don’t be happy, please,We haven’t decided to choose you.,No one is not good.”Jiujiu continued。
“Forehead。。。。”Kaki body is stiff。
“I give up,He is not suitable for me”I burned the second tail of Blue Yan.。
“I also give up”
“give up”
“give up”
There is a tail beast to express your opinion.。
Kakasi is also more and more desperate。
The last one of all the beasts look at the three-tail careless,Only it has not expressed your opinion。
Kakasi also looks at it,The eyes are expected,A chance of resurrection,He doesn’t want to give up。
This can save a lot of things。
“I agree,His personality should not be so loved,Compare me”Justuo opens two eyes,Say a reason to be speechless。
“Congratulations on your predecessors in Kakasi,I hope you will do it later.”Spring smiles。
Kakasi can be selected, he is still very happy.。
“But still have to work hard.,Members are not good”


Xiao Wu walked aside happily,Fiddle with the rose ring。
She should be in Xiao,The only person with two rings。
In these six years,Tang Chen discovered the new function of the rose ring。
Information can be transmitted between wearers,Somewhat similar to mobile phone text messaging。
Every ring is numbered,One-way contact can be made through this password。
Tang Yuehua is Xiao Wu’s etiquette teacher,And also wore this ring。
Of course Tang Chen doesn’t want German orthopedics,The function of the ring is to increase favorability。
A woman’s favor is not only love,Still have to look at their actual senses。
Like friends,maternal love,Feelings etc.,Are considered favorability。
Tang Yuehua is not young,But didn’t get married and had children,The goodwill for my nephew is naturally family affection。
The rose ring cannot control the heart,Just like Hu Liena。
Because of aesthetic issues,After finding out that I couldn’t hold the ring,It can be described as deeply disgusting to Tang Chen。
“boss,Open three rooms.”
“No no no,Two is enough.”
Tang San takes care of business first,The two flirted all day long,He doesn’t like dog food。
“Sorry,Only the last one left,Superior deluxe room,Red ocean!”
“Ten gold soul coins a day,Do you want!”
Waiter watching a group of beauties,There was envy in the eyes。

Mo Xiaosheng nodded suddenly,Agreed without hesitation。

Everyone in the entire hall was stunned,This is a little quieter。
“it is good,Bold!”Jin Sangyu smiled triumphantly,As excited as seeing a fish hooked。
“But Mr. Jin,What if you lose?”Mo Xiaosheng looked at him with a smile。
“Just say!”Kim Sangyu held his chest and said,In his opinion,Mo Xiaosheng’s current physical state,It’s impossible to beat him。
in contrast,He has cultivated enough energy in the past few days,Adjusted the physical condition to a peak state。
“it is good,You made two requests,I also make two requests,the first,I want you to return to the Heavenly Saint Bronze Man who originally belonged to our country,second,I want you to admit it in front of the world media,Your masterpiece of Korean medicine《Dongyibaojian》It is copied from our ancient Chinese medicine book!”Mo Xiaosheng’s face is calm,Said loudly。
He finished,The noise of the entire hall suddenly reached a new height,All Chinese people applauded him one after another。
Hao Ningyuan also glanced at Mo Xiaosheng with scorching eyes,Seems full of confidence in Mo Xiaosheng’s eyes,I couldn’t help but straighten my back proudly。
Jin Shangyu’s face suddenly changed,Obviously he didn’t expect Mo Xiaosheng to make such a request。
To know,That heavenly saint bronze man is his heart,It is precisely because of such a baby,He practices needles day and night,That made the name of the Medical Sage of the Republic of Korea。
And for《Dongyibaojian》Apologizes to Huaxia TCM for plagiarism,He will lose the face of the ancestors of the Republic of Korea and Korean medicine!He just died,I don’t have the face to go to see my ancestors under Jiuquan。
Although he mentioned the conditions to Mo Xiaosheng“vicious”,But Mo Xiaosheng gave him this condition,It’s almost to knock him out!
Seeing that Jin Sangyu’s face was pale and did not speak,Now it’s Mo Xiao’s turn to ask calmly and angry:“how,Mr. Park,Dare not agree?Are you afraid that your Korean medicine will lose to us??If you are afraid,Give up now,I didn’t say this condition!”
“I promise you!”
Jin Shangyu faces Mo Xiaosheng’s provocation,The anger in my heart can no longer be pressed,Agreed。
“Doctor King……”The South Korean Minister of Health behind him called him a little worried.。
“It’s ok,I will win!”Kim Sang Yu looked back at the Minister of Health of South Korea with confidence。
“it is good!The bets on both sides have been agreed,Our competition has become more interesting this time,Next,I declare,Challenge exchanges between Chinese and Korean medicine,Start now!”Hao Ning Yuan said loudly。
There was fierce applause in the whole hall,Everyone’s faces are full of expectations,I want to see who can win today’s victory。

But in this moment,Wu Di suddenly appeared out of thin air,A flash of sword light。Those who came were shocked,Withdraw,But the old man has no time to dodge。

He looked at Wu Di who appeared suddenly in surprise,Eyes full of anger and shock,But can’t abuse,A silver sword suddenly appeared in his heart,The blood ticked down on the sword。
Wu Di pulls out the silver sword,The old man’s body crashed to the ground。
“kill.Killed?”Lu Li was shocked,He saw such a terrifying picture for the first time。He guessed that Wu Di just hid for an ambush,But I didn’t expect Wu Di to be so decisive,Get rid of each other in an instant!
“She is a person from Nichen!”The boss shouted in panic,“How come the people from Nichen are here!”
“Against the dust?”Secretly Conjecture,Just now Wu Di said that the other party is a fantasy person,And now Wu Di is from Nichen。Against the dust and the fantasy,It seems that the two camps are fighting。
really,These strangers,People from a certain organization!There really is such a strange organization in this world,He never heard of。
but,Now he is caught between the battle between the two organizations,What should I do?If you are not careful,It might be the end of the old man。
Lu Li looked down at the blood flowing,Move the soles of your feet back a few minutes quickly,He tried to suppress the fear and anxiety in his heart,But the body is still shaking。
When he recovered,It has been discovered that the people from the fantasy organization have retreated,I saw Wu Di take out a potion in his left hand,Then pressed a few times,The potion flashed with fluorescence。
She threw this potion towards Luli,Speak quickly,“Protect yourself,Maybe there are other people hiding around。remember,Before being caught by them,Use this potion to clear your memory,So as to save your life!”
Wu Di threw this potion,And quickly chased those people,Lu Li took the medicine,I’m very worried。He held this potion tightly in his right hand,Staring and looking around。
He suddenly recalled that the old man had said this when he caught him,It seems that these imaginary people cannot kill ordinary people,So he can live till now。
but now,He saw“Against the dust”with“Fantasy”Zhengfeng,He has stepped into that mysterious circle with half a foot,That this“Ordinary people”Will the death-free gold medal still work??
He is not sure,He even feels uneasy,It is very likely that he has no such protection。otherwise,Wu Di won’t throw this memory-clearing potion。
This is obviously to make him forget about it,Temporarily restore the status of ordinary people。
Lu Li became more nervous,Could it be that,These two things that are now forced to be involved,Invisibly deprived him of his status“Ordinary people”The identity of?

Fu Wei?

He definitely can’t,That’s bullying and bullying ordinary drivers。
The other two clubs have good drivers,But they used to be close to Chai Xu,Now I don’t have the confidence to beat Chai Xu。
It’s because everyone is a little worried,I’m afraid of losing the face of Huajing Racing Circle,That’s why Bai Shengkun found Shen Huan and asked him to help。
It’s just now that Zhou Xilan wants to encourage Shen Huan to participate in the competition.。
But how is it,Shen Huan won’t accept the move。
This makes Zhou Xilan quite distressed。
What should I do?
First1085chapter Second table
After Li Rencheng,The second table banquet was reserved by a coal boss from Jinxi。
This coal boss is very rich,After hearing the news,I didn’t ask anything when I called Long Yuqing,Set it straight down。
This is much simpler than the fussy rich people。
Long Yuqing asked what he specifically asked for,The boss with the last name said,I have no special requirements,But this meal is for my parents、Father-in-law,Please make it suitable for the taste of the elderly。
It’s saturday night,The boss arrived in the private kitchen on time。
There are nine people here。

Ban Lu wanted to throw away the phone。

What kind of treasure girls are these?,I even refused to refuse so simply。
If it’s not for the face of a gold mine opposite,Lu Ban didn’t want to continue to be a licking dog——
He sent another request to add a friend。
After sending,Ban Lu went directly to the bath,After all, you will be very heartbroken when you receive a message that refuses to add.。
Actually these two days,The system also rewarded thousands of dollars。
At least don’t worry about food and clothing,Gu Qiao’s mine only needs to be developed slowly in the future,Can always dig out scraps。
But Lu Ban always feels that the rewards of the system will not be as simple as money。
for him,Although it is not as fast as rebirth to make money,But it’s not difficult,Copy songs,Copy movies,Or relying on your acting skills to stand in the entertainment industry is within the scope of operability。
He just wants to try,Are there any other rewards in the mine。
at this time,Gu Qiaojia。
Gu Qiao is wearing pinkHelloKittyPajamas lean against the head of the bed,Poor Kong Xi sitting on the bed。
Gu Qiao glared at Kong Xi。
There was a burst of grievance in Kong Xi’s eyes。
“Don’t give me this set,I will not eat。”
“sister,I’m wrong,I didn’t expect my mother to think you are in love with Lu Ban!”
Kong Xi crawled over,Tired and crooked on Gu Qiao’s fat-like arm,The sound can pinch water out。
“She just wanted to。”Gu Qiao gave her a white look。
“I will help you prove。”

A beautiful woman,Surprised“what?Is the news reliable??”

Handsome man patted his chest“The news is of course reliable!This is what a disciple of the Clear Sky School once left behind told me!”
A beautiful woman next to her lifted her hair,Surprised“It turns out that Clear Sky School was not leveled by the Spirit Hall!”
Handsome man nodding“Sure,How can Clear Sky School be so easy to solve,It is estimated that the last three cases,Seven Treasures!I am also waiting for this opportunity to deliberately belong to the Martial Soul Palace!”
Even the waitress on the side listened with gusto,There was a strange color on his face!
There will be six Extreme Douluo leading everyone against the Wuhun Palace,She must tell her friends!
Wuhun Hall……
A guard of the Wuhun Temple hissed“Do you know,In a few days, there will be six Extreme Douluo leading countless soul masters to attack the Hall of Souls!”
The other guard next to him nodded hastily,“I also heard,It seems that the entire Wuhun Empire is preaching about this,Then should we do it in the Wuhun Hall??”
The guard next to him overdue a bit grumpy“What are you doing,Do you think Wuhun Temple is the same as before?Now we guards of Wuhun Hall,Not even as good as civilians!Anyway, I support this!”
“I also support,Or take advantage of it for a while,Let’s slip away quickly?”
“Just do that!Who will do things for this fart Wuhun Temple?,Get nothing!”
And at the moment in the papal palace,Depressing and scary!
Bibi Dong stared at the elders of the Spirit Hall below with cold eyes,Cold voice“You come this time,I want to talk about the six Ultimate Douluos in the Spirit Empire that have recently been rumored to attack the Spirit Palace.?”
Just think carefully,The so-called Six Limit Douluo is impossible,Three years ago, there were not many Title Douluos in the entire continent,But three years later,But suddenly six Extreme Douluo appeared!
Ultimate Douluo is the strongest person besides God,Chinese cabbage is not everywhere!
How could it appear so easily!