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“Old Li,I heard that something happened to you in Heyang this time?Need my help?”Jodd asked,Quite proud,His name is now in Heyang,Some weight。

“Ugh。”Uncle Li sighed,Said:“If you can help,I just found the director of Heyang Health Bureau before I came here,Doesn’t work。”
“Oh?Health Bureau?Did you come to see the doctor??”Jodd Surprised。
“It’s me,Fell the year before last,Later, the root of the disease fell,Started fever after midday,I feel the fire in my stomach,Implicated in this back,Thigh,It hurts badly。”Aunt Qian took the initiative,Her state now,Compared to morning,Really lost some energy。
“That happens,Let Yiyi show。”Dongqing quickly called Qiao Yiyi out。
“Doesn’t work,This disease has to be treated slowly with Chinese medicine。”Uncle Li sighed。
“We came to Heyang this time for this,I want to see the genius doctor Liang from Jishantang。”Uncle Li sighed,“I ran to Ling’an earlier,As a result, they told us that the genius doctor Liang was in Heyang,We rushed over。”
“You really found the right person,Liang Lao’s superb medical skills,It will definitely cure the old money,What are you sighing。”Holly wondered。
“Ugh,Genius doctor,It’s so easy to see him,How about a genius doctor?,I heard that he only sees two guests a day on weekdays,Those who are queuing to make an appointment will go to the next year,We came yesterday,Find relationship trustee,Doesn’t work,They didn’t see us。”Uncle Li shook his head and sighed。
“If you are looking for Old Doctor Liang,,I might be able to help。”
Mo Xiaosheng cut in suddenly,Actually this disease can be cured by itself,But the attitude of this family makes him very dislike,If it wasn’t for Qiao Yiyi secretly wanting him to help,He can’t even open this mouth。
“you?”Li Dutian listened to Mo Xiaosheng’s words,Can’t help but sneer,Looking at Mo Xiaosheng and said:“Could you be better than the director of the Health Bureau?”
“In this respect,I seem to be better than the director of the Health Bureau。”Mo Xiaosheng nodded and said,Smiled relaxedly。He knows Li Dutian’s thoughts,But I don’t think it has much to do with him,So don’t care。
“is it,Then this is the biggest joke I have heard this year!”Li Dutian suddenly laughed haha,I think this Mo Xiaosheng has been at home for a long time,My mind is not normal。
“It’s not good for young people to talk big,You said you are so capable,Why are you still at home?,Are you a vagrant??”Uncle Li glanced at Mo Xiaosheng,Somewhat dissatisfied。
“Yes,young people,It’s better to be down to earth。”Aunt Qian couldn’t help saying。
“Dong dong dong!”
Everyone’s voice just fell,Suddenly there was a knock on the door outside,Holly got up quickly to open the door。
I saw a middle-aged man in his forties standing outside the door,An Armani suit is very particular,Carrying a brocade box in his hand,Respectfully said after seeing Holly:“Hello,Are you Auntie Dong?,My name is Jinxiang,Talk to Uncle Qiao in the morning,Said to come and visit in the afternoon。”

I saw that the whole hall was filled with drinks on both sides、Tea break and cold meal,And a group of rich and luxurious people are standing below and gathering together,What are they communicating with each other while holding wine,Talking and laughing,It’s like a party for the rich。

On the other side of the hall,Has a dedicated rest area、High-end billiard area、Golf simulation area,And a gambling area full of gaming tables。
“how about it?Second brother,Okay?”
Mo Jinqi looked surprised when he saw Mo Xiaosheng,Smiled at him,“This is the underground paradise that I have been searching for,I used to come and play often,But my second master found out,After a few lessons,I will never come over again!”
He said he smiled,Said:“But this time is different,Isn’t this to help you!”
“Why didn’t your second master let you come?”
Mo Xiaosheng frowned slightly,There seems nothing wrong with this place,Isn’t it a secret gathering place for high-end people?,The only thing not so good,It might be the gambling area。
Mo Jinqi didn’t answer him at all,Yelled excitedly downstairs,“Xiaoye is back!”
When he said that, he dragged Mo Xiaosheng down,Excited,Obviously back here again,He looks a little impatient。
“Whoops,Isn’t this Master Mo??Didn’t you swear never to come to this place again?,Why are you here again today?”
Mo Xiaosheng and Mo Jinqi just arrived downstairs,I heard a slightly sarcasm voice suddenly behind me,And it sounds very familiar。
Mo Xiaosheng and Mo Jinqi turned around and took a look,I found out that Zhang Yitang was speaking!
At this time, Zhang Yitang is still wearing a pink skirt,Around a goose feather shawl,A gorgeous woman with a very beautiful appearance,His chest was squeezed on Zhang Yitang’s arm without any scruples,Seem so intimate。
Mo Jinqi was not surprised when he saw Zhang Yitang,But when I saw this woman,But I felt extremely shocked,Then a trace of anger suddenly appeared on his face,The woman in pink clothes scolded angrily:“Bitch!”
“Mo Jinqi,You fucking be kind to my girlfriend!”
Zhang Yitang looked cold,Chong Mo Jinqi scolded angrily,“Qianqian dumped you,Explain that you are useless!”

Nangong Xilian and Nangong Yunxi beside him are also very excited,I can’t wait to rush up and hug this tripod back。

Mo Xiaosheng couldn’t help but smiled and shook his head,In his opinion,This tripod is ordinary,Nothing special at all。
And the so-called God King Ding is just a legend,Does it really exist?。
Say again,There is no green light all over this god Wangding,Mostly fake。
“Everyone be quiet,Actually, the legend about this god king ding,No one knows whether it is true or not,But this god king ding does have its extraordinary,Even the magic!”
The fat butler said with a smile,“Next,I will show you!”
First0473Zhang deliberately taunted
The voice fell off,He beckoned to a man in black,The man in black is ready,Walking up with a new golden compass in his hand,Handed it to the fat steward。
“Next,Please take a look!”
The fat housekeeper smiled,Then immediately put the compass in his hand in front of the god Wangding,I saw that the pointer in the compass seemed to sense some external force,Suddenly spins quickly。
There was an uproar under the table,Everyone can’t help but be shocked,Talking again。
Fat butler with a smile,Seems very satisfied with everyone’s reaction。
Mo Xiaosheng also glanced at the god King Ding curiously,Then he couldn’t help but startled,I saw in his eyes,The whole body of the god Wangding, which originally seemed nothing strange, exudes a golden light.!
“It seems that this god king cauldron is really no better than ordinary things!”
Mo Ziqin on the side was very excited to see this scene,Judging from the fact that it can activate the compass with a strange force,This god king ding is definitely a god!
Mr. Mo is also full of energy,Looking at the god Wangding with burning eyes。
And the old man from Nangong’s family and his descendants,Seems more urgent,I even can’t wait to start bidding。
Yan Binghe, who sits next to Mr. Nangong, is even more excited,The fat body stood up,Arched his body and straightened his neck, looking at the god Wangding on the table,His eyes are shining like a hungry wolf that has seen meat,At the same time murmured:“It turns out that this is the God King Ding,Shino Artifact,It’s really an artifact!”

In the central plains,Dare to have half thoughts about your own woman。

This is Lin Yu,See you for the first time。
Bad lesson,Everyone else thinks,Lin Family,Can be bullied casually!“You wait for me,This time,I won’t let you go。”
Heard what Lin Yu said,Zhang Shan,Curse silently。
But this,Only dare to be inside。
On the surface,Still shut up。
See this person not speaking,Lin Yu turned to look at Yulongfei,Open road:“Are you the young master of the Yu family??
Talk to your father later,Look at him,Are you interested in putting Zhang Jia,Merge to become your Yujia。”
“If you have an idea,By the time,Come to my family to find me。”
Lin Yu,Look towards Yulongfei,Cold road。
“Yes Yes Yes!!!Lin Shao,I’ll talk to my father。”
Haha!!This time,God helps me too!did not think of,Step forward to say hello to Lin Shao,Can meet such a good opportunity。
“Haha!!Killing me,Merged my chapter family。”

They were looking at, which invested in Zheng Qian’s face.,I never thought that after so many years, is developing very rapidly,Valuation has been reached400Billion dollars,Far more than they had invested several times。

400Billion dollar valuation,Or because it is not listed。
If you go to the U.S. to go public,At least this market value can be doubled。
From this, Zheng Rongrong’s position in is in full swing,Unshakable at all。
The whole mountain and sea network,What she says is what,No one can stop her。
Including the last time she smashed2Billion yuan to promote《love letter》,Did the shareholders even ask?。
Cooperate with such a strong person who has the big picture,Zhu Mei feels at ease。
She doesn’t have to worry about half of the movie,The investee is embarrassed for various reasons,Or what is wrong with the investor,Forcing the movie to continue。
She doesn’t have to worry about whether the movie can’t be shown on the theater、Is the publicity method too stingy?。
The president’s office is on the top floor,The entire floor serves Zheng Rongrong。
When Zhu Mei entered the president’s office,I still waited ten minutes at the secretariat,After several supervisors come out,She just went in。
“sit down!”
Zheng Rongrong got up and welcomed Zhu Mei to a set of sofas near the window and sat down,“Director Zhu,How does it feel to be a hermit lately?”
“not bad,I walk around the mountains in my free time,Or sit in a room and stare at the green mountains and rivers in a daze。”Zhu Meidao,“Wait till the night is quiet,When the insects and birds sing together,Can write something again,Summarize your own gains and losses。If it weren’t for a lot of lofty ambitions, I can’t give up,I think it would be nice to live there for a year or two。”
“Such a day,I would like to try it。”Zheng Rongrong shrugged,“Wait till we are all empty,Let’s go on this vacation together!”
Zhu Mei nodded and replied。
In fact, both of them knew it was impossible,Zheng Rongrong manages such a big company,How could she leave the company for a few months off?

——Zhan Li did not leave,She is in the bathroom。

Chapter Three and Eight Accompany
Fang Hao heard those two screams from the bathroom,No drowsiness,I only have a headache。
——What is this called?
I feel my business is not good,As a flow,I didn’t manage my time well,I am ashamed of the predecessors。
And the realm of time management masters,There is still a big distance,I’m not convinced at all。
He dare not go to the scene,Instinctively want to escape。
But nothing happened there。
After two screams,Tong Keke’s cautious voice came over:“you……You are Zhan Li……Sister Li?”
Zhan Li’s dull voice came over:“Ok。”
Tong Keke:“Ha ha……Sister Li……I actually borrowed Mr. Yixia’s bathroom……”


The moment the ball is scored,Hornets coach Clifford shook his head and gave up the game,Points difference8Minute,No need to fight。
The audience is boiling!
Knicks won!
But Xu Xuan didn’t care about anything,He quickly ran to a camera,Open the jersey,There is a sentence written on the white vest inside。
【May god descend on earth!May you overcome the disease!May you conquer yourself!】
First114chapter Stotts feels wrong
Inside the inpatient department of New York University Medical Center。
Today we welcomed a group of special guests。
Xu Xuan starts,The Knicks’ players followed,Even the melons are following。
After listening to this little girl’s story,Everyone decided to come to the hospital to see this little girl,Encourage her。
Mills originally wanted to use this to make some news,I was waved away by Melon。
When the girl is convalescent,Didn’t you delay things by making these messy news??

The mouse summoned Suzuono in time to protect everyone,Even so,Was eventually overturned。

Wait till the wind is calm,Shu Yucai got up from the ground with a gray head,Look around the ruined and miserable illusion。
“Everyone okay。”
“I’m fine。”
Xinxi and Tiandou,Zolena also gradually got up from the ground。
With the voice of Zolena,Everyone look together,I saw Sasuke kneeling on the ground with one hand holding the Kusanaru sword, panting。
“As expected of Susanoh,It’s all right。”
Yamato said in a childish voice while walking towards Sasuke。
Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty Edit no bird me,Let’s do this for now
Sasuke kept calculating the distance between the opponent and himself,While secretly doing well, use the pupil power of the last reincarnation eye,Preparations for the Explosive Star。
“Uchiha Sasuke of Konoha Village,Your life,Will end here!”
Yamato came to Sasuke,While saying,His right hand turned into a wood thorn。
“Wait,Small gray gray!”
When Yamato’s wooden thorn was about to pierce Sasuke’s chest,When Sasuke was about to use the Earth-Booming Star,A female voice came over。
Xiao Huihui reveals his original appearance,Pounced into the arms of the red wolf who suddenly appeared。
“Small gray gray,Let’s go back。”

The defender in front of Kobe is Jordan,Jordan locked Kobe tightly in the first half,Kobe didn’t get a vacancy for the phone meeting,Pippen often doubles up to help defend。

Kobe has taken on historic defensive pressure,Under this pressure, even the magician led by a single core was crushed.。
But the greater the pressure,Kobe’s motivation is greater。
Rebirth,The greatest pleasure is not to cross20Countless superstars in the year?
Star of stars——Michael Jordan,Is the object Kobe wants to defeat most!
Right hand ball,Slightly sideways,Stop Jordan’s attack。
Jordan’s defense does not allow Kobe to make any extra moves to adjust the rhythm!Too much tedious dribbling will only lead to mistakes!
Kobe’s movements are refined to the extreme!
Grab the ball with the right hand,Push the ground hard with your left foot,The whole person accelerates to the right。
Extreme explosive power!Kobe’s step has already reached its peak9Success rate!
Jordan slide!Exaggerated stride length and wingspan,In the absence of an opportunity,Forcibly stuck Kobe!
Two people walked inside at the same time!

Xuanzi took a bite of a chicken leg,“As long as it is for the development of the college,Isn’t it normal to hide something??”

By the way, that kid Qianyu is about to do it,I’m so old,I was a little excited for the first time!
Fan Yu regrets“I don’t know what happened after Qianyu left customs,Haven’t come till now,It’s a pity”
Xian Lin’er sighed“Yes,Otherwise, relying on the child’s talent,I can definitely find a suitable partner,This is not a bad thing for his martial soul!”
Zhang Lexuan looked at the situation below,Whisper“Now we have nearly ten female fairies who have been lifted off the veil,The male students keep working hard!”
now,The male students stepping on the water lily said“Sister Le Xuan should be surprised now,The well-designed situation was broken by us!”
“Ok!Thanks to Brother Bei and the others……”
“I believe that after us,The difficulty must be much smaller!”
And now,An old inner courtyard student next to Qianyu looked at the female fairies ahead and said“Ladies fairies,My name is Ye Liu,Seventy-two Soul Saint,27 this year,No one can understand me yet,I hope all the fairies can give me half of their hearts!”
Ye Liu is quite handsome,Full of soft breath,Seems to be highly infectious……
Stop talking,A pair of white and pure huge wings spread out quietly behind him,Like a male angel……
immediately,The fifth spirit ring under my feet lit up……
Fifth Spirit Ability,Angel Light Feather!
Stop talking,The wings behind him exudes a golden ray of feathers floating forward……