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Jiang Fan said:“Drinking in the province is restricted,Come back to Langzhu another day, man,Let’s have a good drink。”

When Jiang Fan invited Shen Guangrui,Are all used“come back”This word,This makes Shen Guangrui feel that he is different from the others in Lang Zhu。
in the afternoon,Shen Guangrui accompanied Jiang Fan to the wellness center,To let Jiang Fan take a break at noon。
Two thirty in the afternoon,Jiang Fan called the secretary of Vice Chairman Sha again,Accidentally learned that Vice Chairman Sha had arrived at the unit。Jiang Fan said he will be there soon。
Jiang Fan to the Provincial CPPCC,It took less than ten minutes,When Sha Zhou’s secretary led him to the reception room,Jiang Fan looked at his watch,Less than three o’clock,Then that means,Sha Zhou should be back in the morning。
Jiang Fan sat in the reception room and waited,Half an hour passed,Jiang Fan will read all the newspapers in the guest room,Vice Chairman Sha didn’t come in either。
He stood up,Looking at the big picture on the wall of Secretary Liao discussing with all members of the CPPCC,Force yourself,Calm down,Today is to wait till get off work,He has to wait,And keep a calm mind and wait。
At this moment,Door opened,Jiang Fan felt happy,Wait for him to turn around,But saw Guan Hao coming in。
Jiang Fan knows Guan Hao,He was about to say hello to Guan Hao,Vice Chairman Sha’s secretary came in,Said to Guan Hao:“Secretary Guan,Vice Chairman Sha invites you over。”
Guan Hao didn’t go out immediately,But nodded at the secretary,Said calmly:“it is good,Just come。”Then he did not forget to say hello to Jiang Fan,Turned around,Came over to shake hands with Jiang Fan。
“Mayor Jiang。”
Jiang Fan also hurriedly stretched out his hand,Said:“Secretary Guan,Hello there。”
Guan Hao said:“Came early?”
Jiang Fan somehow answered his question,Just smile and nod,Said:“Yes,Waiting to ask Chairman Sha to work。”
Guan Hao said with a smile:“Leader is busy,Sorry,I am stuffed。”
Jiang Fan looked at Guan Hao,Can’t help but admire Guan Hao’s humility,Said:“Secretary Guan is humble。”
Jiang Fan’s words are not wrong,Everyone knows this kind of apology,Guan Hao shouldn’t express。
Guan Hao smiled apologetically at him,Said:“I’ll go there first,Mayor Jiang wait a few more minutes。”

“Ha ha,You are not at home,I won’t tell you,Of course you don’t know。”

Peng Changyi helped father fasten the buttons of the cotton jacket,Said:“dad,The money I gave you is for you to buy snacks,Spend less to others,Son is busy at work,No time to go home,Call your son frequently,Feel the body**Not comfortable**Up,Hurry to the hospital,Can’t delay。”
“Ok。”Dad agreed,Eye circles are red,He bowed his head,Raised the old hand and wiped his eyes,Said:“Don’t miss me,Work hard,I heard Xiaofang say that you mentioned the assistant mayor,Really promising,It’s a pity that your mother didn’t see this day。”
Peng Changyi is not feeling well,He said:“Assistant mayor is not an official,Is temporary,**Finish work,I have to go back to my original unit。”
“That’s not easy,So many people,Why do leaders let you be an assistant,Don’t let others be,Explain that my son has a seed。”
Peng Changyi Le,Heard countless words of praise,Only praise from dad,Let him listen the most real and most comfortable**。
“But son,**Work hard,Less offend,I heard you got hurt,Scared your elder brother,Yesterday I called and asked if I saw your wound?I said I didn’t even see others,Where can I see him?。”
Peng Changyi shook his right arm,Said:“Well soon,Hacking**Many places,The bones are okay。”
“correct,son,What do you think of Li Chunxue?”
Peng Changyi was taken aback,Said:“What about?”
Dad said:“Where did she fuck Komatsu?,You really don’t know?”
Peng Changyi really doesn’t know,Say:“Who told you?”

The new house in Jincheng Garden,I don’t want to go back anymore。

There are too many memories and objects that make me uncomfortable,Even the air there,I feel sick after thinking about it now!
How deep was the love back then,Now I hate how much。
Besides, it has been sold there,Actually no longer belongs to me,That’s not my home!
I now have more than 3 million cash flow,There are no debts that are particularly anxious to pay。
Those who are anxious to pay me back,I really don’t want to pay it back!
Because of the benefits I gave them before,Even more than the money I borrowed from them this time!
There is cause and effect,They treat me unkind,I will be unrighteous to them。
Repay the kind of things with virtue,I will never do it again。
Repay grievances,How to repay virtue?
Smoking a cigarette to clarify your thinking,I suddenly remembered that the doctor told me not to smoke,Otherwise it will affect the healing speed of the wound,And it can easily cause venous thrombosis。
Look at the two and a half green pandas that Chen Xin gave me in the car,This thing has a price but no market,He didn’t say how much he bought it,I estimate at least ten thousand。
Although I don’t like green now,But this inventory is really reluctant to give away!
Just open this box and give it away,It will change after a long time,A pity。

“Old sister……”

Liu Xiaoyun probably thinks that Qin Liang might not be“put”Passed myself,So he immediately sent a distress signal to Yang Shiyun。
“Haha……Hahahaha……Xiaoyun, you are……Haha……”
Yang Shiyun remembered what Liu Xiaoyun said,I can’t help laughing,She’s so cute。
But she laughed endlessly,Qin Liang really couldn’t get off stage,So he reached out and grabbed Liu Xiaoyun’s hand。
“go,Talk to me in the grove outside the cave。”
Qin Liang was so happy“Vicious”Said。
“I do not want!I dont go!Help me sister!Help plum!”
Liu Xiaoyun immediately hugged Yang Shiyun’s waist!Started calling for help。
“It’s no use calling anyone!Today I’m going to spank you 20 times,This is endless!”
Qin Liang pretended to say,Pull Liu Xiaoyun out。
Of course he didn’t pull really hard,He just pretended to scare Liu Xiaoyun,If he pulls hard,,Don’t say Liu Xiaoyun is holding Yang Shiyun’s waist,Even if she is holding an iron pole, it won’t work。
With Qin Liang’s strength,Can bring Liu Xiaoyun out with Yang Shiyun……
“Don’t!Don’t pull me!I won’t go out!I won’t go out if you kill me!”
Liu Xiaoyun struggled hard,If this is really taken by Qin Liang to the grove,Spanking is probably impossible,But Qin Liang’s clothes will be stripped off!Even if Qin Liang doesn’t get naked,,I will definitely have to suffer from his various frivolous fate!
“Forgive Xiaoyun……”
Meizi saw Xiaoyun being dragged away by Qin Liang,I can’t take care of a lot in a hurry,Bian’er was talking to Qin Liang,One side stretched out both hands to hold Liu Xiaoyun,Started to drag Liu Xiaoyun back。
“Sister help!I’m going to be taken away by my brother-in-law!”
Liu Xiaoyun is a girl after all,The strength is too far behind the strong Qin Liang,So when Qin Liang used some strength,,She can’t hold Yang Shiyun anymore……
“What do you wanna do!Hurry up and let go,Don’t bully Xiaoyun!”

“Deceive!Obviously a bad metaphor,Sister Chen, you broke up。”

Shen Ruoxue is not big or young,She often talks to a few older sisters, both young and old,Everyone is used to it,No one finds it strange。
“Oh?I’m bad?really?Then I ask you,Who did I learn badly from??”
Chen Hao deliberately asked seriously。
“Of course not me!”
Shen Ruoxue’s guilty answer,Although your mouth is hard,But there is already an element of avoidance in the eyes。
She is the most naughty and most mischievous of the Shen’s sisters,This is a fact that even she herself cannot deny,That’s why she has a guilty conscience,The little fairy at the time has turned into a typical little witch,She knew this very well in her heart,No need for anyone to say。
“Not you?Then who do you say?”
Chapter three hundred and ninety eight On the battlefield
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Chapter three hundred and ninety eight On the battlefield
Chen Hao endured a smile and deliberately continued to question seriously。
“do not know。”
Shen Ruoxue can only play stupid,It’s not suitable for anyone,You can’t frame others with your cheeks and your eyes open.?That’s not too particular,And no matter who she framed,That person is here at the moment!Unless she buckles this black pot on the heads of the other four princesses in the Shen family who are not on the scene at the moment。
“Forget it if you don’t know,Don’t call me if you don’t know。”
Chen Hao finally laughed,It’s rare to be able to fight Shen Ruoxue without losing,Of course she is happy,How slippery is Shen Ruoxue’s small mouth?。

Talking and talking,Yanzi suddenly thought of an important thing。

“Let me see。”
Qin Liang immediately demanded,As the number one master in Shen’s cooking,Of course he is most qualified to read this recipe。
This recipe is not complicated,It’s nothing more than light foods that nourish the body’s blood,Qin Liang is a great expert,So after seeing it once, he knew it in his heart,Next is Shen Ruoxi and Du Xiaoyan tilting their heads to study this recipe。
“Buy these things outside temporarily,When we bring Jinger back to Haishang,Let’s cook it ourselves and eat it for her,After all, it’s not convenient to cook for her here。”
Chapter three thousand four hundred and ninety seven Dare to say you don’t understand
“you have not?”Chu Qingwan frowned。
“Yes!”No longer avoid、No longer avoid!
This time,Shen Siyin looked up without showing weakness,Look at Chu Qingwan,This time,She is frank,Say one word to Chu Qingwan:“In the past ten years,Xiao Zonghan hates me、scold me、Blame me,but,I never calculated him、never,I’ve done even half of the things I’m sorry for!”
“Whether you believe it or not,”Her mouth bends,The tearful eyes are full of stubbornness:“I haven’t done it!”
“I just love him,Even if he hates me、Blame me、Wish i die,Never wavered。”
Chu Qingwan was shocked。
Shen Siyin, the marshal lady,She had some pity and sympathy for her because of her illness,but,But never liked。
She doesn’t like her,Not because of her viciousness、Calculate。
But because of her cringe,In front of Xiao Shaoshuai,She always seems to wince、Craven。
But now,The cringe in her eyes、Cowardly Pensive Yin,But with a smile,Back straight:“Xiao Zonghan hates me,Blame me,I can’t explain,Even if i explained,He won’t believe it。”
“I’m waiting,I thought as long as I kept waiting,He will take the initiative to believe me one day 。” wavv
Her smile is more brilliant,The bitterness of the mouth is deep:“but,I’m afraid I can’t wait……”