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Jiang Fan really felt this。

His conversation with his father-in-law did not create miracles,Although he digs out his heart,But father-in-law was not impressed。When the father-in-law asked with a black face:“Look on my old face,Tell me the truth,Is it possible for you and Xiaoyan?”
Jiang Fan knows what he said very hard,But there is no way,Facing the final choice,He looked at father-in-law,Honestly:“The reason why I have told you so much,Just hope you can understand me。”
Father-in-law still doesn’t give up,Seems to be giving him one last chance,Said:“so,It’s really impossible for you two,And even I don’t care?”
Father-in-law’s face is green,He looked directly at Jiang Fan,There seems to be a lot of anger in my heart。
At this time, Jiang Fan also gave up,He is not going to compromise,Just said firmly:“father,We really have no possibility,You give us both freedom。”
Father-in-law’s hands are shaking,My lips started to tremble,In order to hide my disappointment and anger,He stood up,Pacing back and forth in the house,Finally stop,Staring at Jiang Fan and said:“What if i beg you?”
Jiang Fan is embarrassed,How can he not know the impact of his final decision?But he doesn’t want to drag on this issue anymore,If you give in,The secretary is steady,If I refuse,It is possible that the position of the secretary will miss him,but,Only he knows what kind of life he has been in the past few years,He said again:“dad,Not asking for nothing,It’s that we have no such possibility,We have gone too far……”
What else does he want to say,Was blocked by father-in-law’s gesture,Father-in-law raised his head,Said:“I understand,You go back。”
Jiang Fan stood up,He wants to say something to his father-in-law,But father-in-law turned his face away,Only gave him a back,He picked up the cup,Bowed deeply at the back of his father-in-law,Went out,Just about to go out,Just listen to the inside study“Snapped”The sound of,Subsequently,Is the sound of glass breaking。
His heart shakes,Then he walked out of Yuan’s house without hesitation。
in fact,Jiang Fan has spent the past few days in a very nervous mood.,Although he had a foreboding of his end,But he was not completely desperate,He pinned his hopes on Zhai Bingde,He also wants to have a frank conversation with Zhai Bingde,Tell him about his problems and family difficulties,He felt in Zhai Bingde’s impression,I always behave well,Zhai Bingde also appreciates himself,How much he hopes that Zhai Bingde can be objective、Treat yourself fairly!But he didn’t,He felt like this once、Honesty and honesty is enough,Let the rest take its course。
He was glad he didn’t go to Zhai Bingde later,otherwise,He would be ruined in front of the Yuan family。

Hu Fei on the side sees it,Put away the long knife in your hand,Single pole side stand,Looking at Su Zihang with a little dissatisfaction,

“Brother Chao,Don’t you just say it before you come??Whatever happens today,Don’t interfere,This is my grievance with the merchant。”
Su Zihang chuckled,“Brother Hu,Even if you want to settle the hatred,You have to get the truth of the matter?”
Hu Fei puzzled:“What’s the answer?”
“I knew at a glance that these girls are not good things!”
Su Zihang explained,“I also heard the name of Liaodong Hu Yidao from the master,That’s a man who speaks loudly,The golden-faced Buddha Miao Renfeng’s name is similar to Hu Daxia,The two can fight against this Shang Jian,Is it hard to guess who’s the reason??
Moreover,Even if you don’t mention the grievances,Today you come to resolve this old grievance,The old lady in Shang secretly attacked with a golden needle,This is something normal people can do?”
Hu Fei stunned,Suddenly don’t know what to say,Turning his head to look at Shang Baozhen, who was breathing heavily beside him。
Shang Baozhen noticed the eyes of the two,Turned away,Said coldly:
“Winner is king,Loser,If you are a man,Just give me a happy way to die!”
Hu Fei’s slightly tangled opening:“Shang brothers,Do you know what happened back then?”
He actually didn’t know anything about that year,Hu Yidao died when he was very young,It is Ping Asi who has been taking him to and fro,Teach him martial arts,So he didn’t know what happened in the past,I only learned from Ping A four that there had been these hatreds。
Shang Bao shook his body,Gritted his teeth and said:“My father had to challenge the Golden Face Buddha and Miao Renfeng,Just after the war,The two never fought,My father was slapped!”
“laugh。”Su Zihang sneered while listening,“Brother Hu,Just this kind of nonsense,You also believe?”
Hu Fei has suffered from childhood,Maturity of mind far exceeds that of peers,Like Shang Baozhen, he never mentions who is right and who is wrong.,Just emphasize the result,Knowing the loopholes at the first listen!
“Shang Baozhen,Do you think I’m a three-year-old, Hu Fei?So fooled me!”
Hu Fei’s voice gradually became more impatient,A cold mouth。
Shang Bao shook his head down,Lonely opening:“That’s what my mother told me,You didn’t know what happened at that time,How did I know?”
“Ugh。”Shang Bao sighed deeply,“I have naturally heard the names of Hu Yidao and Miao Renfeng,If it is said that both of them killed my father indiscriminately,I naturally don’t believe it。

“Don’t cry……Have something to say……There is true love in this world,It’s just less,But I don’t agree to commit suicide at every turn,you need to know;dead,Can’t change anything……”

Qin Liang started to coax Xiaodie,Because he saw that Xiaodie already wanted“Shed tears”Looks like。
“If you die,I am also suicidal!”
Fluttershy brain is hot,Blurt out。
“Nonsense!Hurry up and pull you down!Can you hope me something better?This is watching TV well,What a life……Why do you think so much?”
Qin Hao said that。
“I mean it!I won’t live without you……”
Fluttershy is still holding on。
“No way……Even if i die,You have to live well,Otherwise I will leave now,Never see you again!”
Qin Liang was secretly surprised,If Xiaodie is serious,,After that, the trouble will be big!I will leave her side someday sooner or later,Then she really can’t think of what she did.,Then I have to bear the condemnation of my conscience in my life!
In fact, Fluttershy is just because I just watched the sentimental news on TV,Sentimental,Girl,Soft heart,It’s easy to be affected by these things,Then there will be some impromptu reactions,Normal。
But so interrupted,Fluttershy has forgotten what was worrying about……
Qin Liang coaxed Xiaodie,One side decisively started to switch channels,Finally I found a channel that was broadcasting a collection of animal funny moments。

“We can all prove this;It’s true!We were as surprised as you are now,If I didn’t see it with my own eyes,Can’t believe it;When did Shen Ruoxi have such a great skill?!”Murong Shan pretended to say,Actually others don’t know,She knows the inside story……That set of kung fu,It was specially taught to her and Shen Ruoxi to practice body and footwork.,In fact, she is as proficient as Shen Ruoxi,If it was changed yesterday, she was the one who performed the skill

words,Will have the same effect as Shen Ruoxi,Shocking everyone。
But when I can brag for my girlfriend,Murong Shan must be doing her part,I will never miss the opportunity!Shame,All the best。
“Ruoxi defeated you with real skill?How is that possible!How capable you are,Others don’t know, don’t I know??”
Xiao Huahan shook his head in disbelief and said,In his surprise,I forgot to pretend to be a mother……
“Brother-in-law,You really know how capable I am,But the problem is;You don’t know how capable Shen Ruoxi is now!If you don’t agree,You have the ability to fight her?”
Qin Liangming knows that Xiao Huahan respects himself,It’s absolutely impossible to challenge my younger siblings,That’s why he said that deliberately。
“Cousin,Ruoxi defeated Qin Liang in only 15 minutes,So you have to think about the consequences。”
Murong Shan said happily。
“I rely on!So drag!I’ll forget……”
Xiao Huahan hesitated for a moment,Decisively choose, or don’t humiliate yourself。
“But Sister Ruoxi didn’t know any effort before!She couldn’t even beat an ant before……”
As Shen Ruoxi’s long-time friend and bestie,Song Min also knows Shen Ruoxi quite well,That’s why she asked。
“Silly girl,You don’t know that?Xiao Niu Shen is a master now,His master is a worldly expert,A great female leader,Her master only used one trick to beat me,I hung up……”

“I never thought that one day I would leave my hometown,Although my life has always been bad,But when I really want to leave here,I still feel sad and reluctant。”

Quiet and frankly replied。
“Wait until your body is fully recovered,The three of us can still come back to this city together,Do not worry。”
Li Qiaoer comforted her little sister。
“Ugh……to be frank,until now,I feel like I’m dreaming,All of a sudden,You two appeared in front of me,And then suddenly,My life completely changed!”
Quiet and sad and exclaimed。
“Jinger,You are not dreaming,Our three sisters are really together again,And will never separate again!”
Li Qiaoer couldn’t help but wet her eyes and replied。
“Sister Qiaoer,Sister Xiner,Thank you for never forgetting me。”
There is already crying in the quiet voice……
“Do not,You shouldn’t thank us,It’s because we both did a bad job,The two of us should come to you earlier,Just save you from the miserable life earlier。”
Li Qiao’er is already crying,Li Yaxin next to me is in the same situation。
“How can you blame you?You don’t know what my life is like,And the sufferings I have experienced,Fate arranged for me,It’s not the responsibility of the two of you。”

“Xiaoyu,You wait here,In a while, our club’s youth training director Shi Gui will come to show you the training base。”Dai Zetao said to Xia Xiaoyu sitting in the lounge。

The young man asked nervously and expectantly:“Tao brother,Can I see Team Hu?”
“Of course,Promised you,I won’t let you dove。”Dai Zetao smiled。
He took another look at a small camera crew that was holding the camera at Xia Xiaoyu.。
this is《Goal》Documentary filming team。
He originally thought that the filming of this documentary was over until the Dongchuan Middle School football team was eliminated in the national competition.,Unexpectedly, they came to the training base of Shining Star from the national competition in one breath.。
In the words of the leader,It is to faithfully record how a student player made a leap from school,Jump to the professional football club。
After all, they also followed the content of Chen Xingyi and Dashun Golden Arrow Club contact.。
I just think about the content of that documentary now,Just make Dai Zetao want to laugh——When Dashun Golden Arrow was soliciting Chen Xingyi,Sincerity is not enough,The general manager of the club and the head coach of the first team were present at the same time,It fully demonstrates the importance the club attaches to Chen Xingyi。
He still remembers what the dubbing in the documentary said:“When the club manager and the first team head coach describe to a teenager his bright future in the team,Chen Xingyi will inevitably be a little impulsive,His heart seems to have flown from the scene of the high school student national contest to the distant Dashun,Flew to the training ground of Dashun Golden Arrow……”
Want to come now,Really ironic。
After Chen Xingyi went to Dashun Golden Arrow,Seldom play games there。Wang Xianke’s so-called beautiful blueprint,It’s just a bad check。
In the end, Chen Xingyi was on loan to our flashing star?

Qian Shouwang nodded。

Peng Changyi frowned,Ding Yi has never been late,Not only not late,Instead, they arrive early every day,Do sanitation and fetch water in advance,Sometimes I even buy them early,She won’t get up until now, right??Is it sick?
Peng Changyi turned the pencil in his hand,Talk to Qian Shouwang:“Old money,Should we go up and see?”
Qian Shouwang said:“Ok,should。”
“Then you have a hard time,Go see her。”Peng Changyi looked at Old Qian and said。
Old money said:“Let Xiao Hao come back later,He is young,Effortless climbing。”
Peng Changyi frowned:“Old money,Is there any difference between Xiao Hao and me??She is a young girl,You are older,It’s easier for you to go than for the two of us?”
Qian Shouwang thought for a moment,Laughed,Said:“that’s true,Row,I go。”He took off his reading glasses as he spoke,Went out。
At this moment,Hao Dongsheng came back from fetching water,He still holds two buns in his hand。Just say:“The master in the cafeteria asked me,Why didn’t you see Xiaoding,Section Chief,Is she sick?”
Peng Changyi said:“Old Qian went upstairs to see her。”
After a while,Qian Shouwang came back out of breath,He entered the door and waved at Peng Changyi,Said for a long time:“not here,I knocked and called again,No one answered。”
Peng Changyi is a little puzzled,Ding always observes discipline,And sensible,She will ask Peng Changyi for leave even if she has something to do,Even Peng Changyi’s absence will leave him a note。
Where did she go?
Peng Changyi has no intention of discussing this topic with Hao Dongsheng,He was thinking about where Ding Yi went?He wants to call Jiang Fan,Ask him if he knows Ding Yi’s whereabouts。

It’s not that Mei Xingyun wants to give up,But there is no big chance。

“This is……But i don’t want you because of me……”
Fang Yu looked at Mei Xingyun,Feel a little sorry。
Go to a better hospital,Is good for them!
Dongwon City is not bad,But after all, it is not a provincial hospital。
Naturally different。
“and,We are together,Was forced to separate the two places……I do not like this!at least,I have to think about it after a while!”
Mei Xingyun leaned in Fang Yu’s arms。
She is worried about this!
“What do you think of your father?”
Fang Yu asked。
“Dad always respects my decision……He could also have greater achievements。But for mom,He willingly gave up a better life,Stay here。
although,Then my mother died unexpectedly。But dad is really reluctant to be here!”
Mei Xingyun sighed。
That has always been a pity for Dad!
Want her to finish。
but now,She didn’t want this。
“Maybe it can……After I studied,Also went to the provincial hospital,No!”
Fang Yu proposed。

Peng Changyi said:“I just heard,Mayor Jiang after the foundation research meeting,Ren Xiaoliang gave Jia Dongfang another two million loan。”

Wang Jiadong nodded and said:“Sometimes Jiang Fan is too idealistic,What research,The foundation is Beicheng’s own business after all,Since you said that the leadership intervened too much,Then you don’t need to intervene anymore,Research,Will cause a lot of dissatisfaction,First of all, Zhong Mingyi will be dissatisfied,Secondly, it is easy to cause social panic,So many problems were exposed at once,What would ordinary people think?What will depositors think?”
Peng Changyi surprised,Said:“The foundation does have a problem,And a serious problem,He was worried about the foundation,It took so long to approve the establishment,Because of this relationship。right now,All the problems he was worried about at the beginning have appeared,At the very least, something happened to the North City Foundation。”
Wang Jiadong says:“A foundation of more than 20 million,Why bother with so much energy,Something happened,Beicheng can’t hold back there is a city,Sometimes you can’t play politics too seriously,Can’t always consider economic accounts,Jiang Fan is not considering this,But I think Jiang Fan is starting to be more real,Later, Zhong Mingyi basically put the foundation aside as soon as he got in touch with him,Did you blow a fire in his ear later?,In my opinion,It’s you who controlled him,Research foundation,Not a sign of political maturity,and,Can’t play a big role。”
Peng Changyi’s back started to heat up,He is a little nervous,He did not expect this,Wang Jiadong is right,regarding this problem,He did play the role of blowing fire。
Wang Jiadong continued:“In officialdom,Every time you have to say a word,Think about a problem clearly when you do something or even say a sentence,You are,What do you want to achieve,How much political cost will be paid to achieve this goal,Worth it。You and Jiang Fan are the same,young,There is also a strong idealism color,political,No ideal is no good,Ideals are not enough。Think about it,If because of a small foundation,The face was torn between Jiang Fan and Zhong Mingyi,Thereby affecting the entire officialdom ecology,Do you say it is worth it or not。some problems,Must be exposed,Only when exposed, it’s easy to solve。”
Peng Changyi was convinced again,Different positions,The way to look at the problem is different。What Wang Jiadong said,Peng Changyi had to admire his old ways。
Indeed as the minister said,Jiang Fan Research Foundation,Was influenced by Peng Changyi,Peng Changyi is the chief administrative officer of Beicheng,He is more worried about the foundation,One is the loss of the people’s interests,Second, the Beicheng government suffered losses,The foundation is indeed hard to return,No matter how much we rectify, it won’t get better,If the foundation is compared with the political ecology of Kangzhou,Even compared with the mayor’s official position,Of course the latter two are important。
Wang Jiadong said again:“When I heard that Jiang Fan went to the foundation to investigate,I was thinking,Jiang Fan’s investigation,I must have followed your advice,It is also based on your initial concerns about setting up a foundation,It can be said,Mainly Jiang Fan’s concerns,You are under his influence。Then the foundation did have a problem,Zhong Mingyi asked a deputy minister of the Ministry of Agriculture and Industry to concurrently serve as the director of the North City Foundation,From this point, Jiang Fan could not see that there must be a problem,So he almost didn’t ask about the foundation,He suddenly engaged in research,With his mind,I can’t imagine the consequences of doing so,It’s not that I don’t understand that I’m already standing on the opposite side of Zhong Mingyi,But he still did,Largely for you。”
“Do it for me?”Peng Changyi doesn’t understand。
“Correct,Is for you to see。you think,The worries of the foundation are what he first anticipated,And spread this risk awareness to you,And you did find many problems,Unavoidable to report to him,Because you are the chief executive of Beicheng,The collapse of the foundation,You have to clean up the mess,How to clean up,Is for the money,and so,You are more worried about the foundation(Absolute power:Official career growth193chapter)。In this situation,Do you think Jiang Fan can sit back and watch??For you,He must also have an attitude。He knows that the foundation in Beicheng is hard to return,But he has to do it,Then the only purpose is to show Peng Changyi,He can’t let Peng Changyi lose faith in him,and so,To some extent,Jiang Fan also gave up his life。”
Peng Changyi’s back just got hot,This will be completely wet,He suddenly understood like a divine initiation。
He feels too reckless,Too selfish!If Zhong Mingyi regards Jiang Fan as a thorn in his eyes because of the foundation, then I am so sorry to the mayor,That affects the major issues of cooperation between the secretary and the mayor,Ren Xiaoliang is not because he interferes too much,Already see yourself as a threat?Zhong Mingyi and Ren Xiaoliang are the same people,Jiang Fan stirred up like this on his site,Of course it will be his opposite!too frightening,Why didn’t I think of this layer??
Thought of here,He said weakly:“The mayor can totally ignore me,Besides,I didn’t let him do that?”
“I have told you very clearly,He can’t let you lose faith in him,From this point on,Jiang Fan values you very much,Value everything between you,That’s why I said he was‘Give up’。”
Peng Changyi’s heart is hot,After thinking about it:“Even research,I guess it won’t make much difference,Because no one listens to him……”
“It will rot if it doesn’t work!Sometimes don’t be afraid that the pustule will break,It’s a good thing to break and pus,Not a bad thing。”Wang Jiadong said simply。
Peng Changyi nodded,He said,Oh my God,I’m afraid I will learn from Minister for a lifetime,I can’t learn the true meaning of politics!

Du Jueming is not angry,Game,The most important thing is to get rewards!

Took out the two items that Qiu Chuji gave him,Du Jueming took a closer look,Nodded with satisfaction,Go straight to the back of Zhongnan Mountain。
Qiu Chuji’s token
Introduction:Qiu Chuji’s personal token,Holders of this token can freely enter and exit any place of Quanzhen Teaching。
Introduction:Taoist Classics《Zhuangzi》Inside《Getaway》Full book。
Come to the back mountain,Taoist priests still guard the intersection,But it’s not the fat white Taoist who made people feel very uncomfortable before,Just an ordinary little Taoist。
“Young heroes stay!”
Du Jueming didn’t bother to talk nonsense with this little Taoist priest,Directly took out Qiu Chuji’s token,Shook in front of the little Taoist。
That little Taoist is very sensible,Seeing Du Jueming holding the teaching token,Naturally no longer blocking Du Jueming’s footsteps。
After passing through Zhongnan Mountain,My eyes suddenly widened,A clearing appeared in front of Du Jueming’s eyes,But it’s not completely open,There is a tall tomb arched,The entrance is stone sculpture,Engraved with three characters——Tomb School!
Du Jueming left an eye on this time,Don’t rush into the tomb pie,Started a pigeon chat with Xu Xuxu directly。
“Xu Xu,I came to the door of the Tomb School,Come out to meet me。——Cassia”
“.You stinky straight guy!——Xu Xuxu”
Soon Xu Xuxu’s pigeon flew out of the ancient tomb,After hovering in the air for a while, it slowly landed on Du Jueming’s shoulders。
Why hover?
The pigeon didn’t know what it was,I just flew in the air for a long time,Put in one in a while‘begging’word,Put in one in a while‘Push’word,Finally, it became a‘recommend’word,Just fell on Du Jueming’s shoulders。