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Yang Shiyun smiled bitterly and said nothing,Because she doesn’t know how to pick up Liu Xiaoyun’s words,But Shen Ruoxi doesn’t know what’s next“play”,How should I continue acting?。

Liu Xiaoyun is Liu Xiaoyun,A few words turned things around in an instant,Turned passive into active,This skill is really her unique skill,No one can emulate easily。
After Liu Xiaoyun’s words are finished,,No one speaks anymore!
Qin Liang and others will take a look at Shen Ruoxi,Look at the plum again later,It’s all a face that can’t help but laugh。
What an unimaginable scene this is!Two people who are going to be beaten and those who are forced to be beaten,Big eyes staring at small eyes looking at each other,But I don’t know what I should say or do next。
After a stalemate,Qin Liang let out a dry laugh twice,But he laughed so fake。
“okay,Since the game can’t go on,That’s it then。”
Or Chen Hao stand up again“Turning wars into jade silk”Thing,This is no way,Things have to be over,Since it’s not Liu Xiaoyun’s opponent,Then why bother to bite the bullet and compete with her。
Chapter three thousand four hundred and twenty seven So nonsense
“No no no,Sister Ruoxi won and I lost,Because if Sister Ruoxi doesn’t say anything,,Just grab me and beat me,Then I can’t do anything。”

In this world,Most people learn,All for material rewards。Only a few really love learning,Love research。If Ai Youyou is the latter,Ai Xiaojin is self-sustaining。And the conditions at home,It is also destined that Ai Youyou will not become the former。She was born with a good material foundation,No need to learn。

This makes Baby Ou very speechless。After all, she was worried about Ai Youyou’s school choice.。But this is fine。
Although Ai Youyou is the same as her,But it’s barely rich in three generations。Ou Baobao is a rich second generation,When Ou Zhaozhao had some achievements in the imperial capital,,Was mocked as a widow upstart。and so,At that time, Ou Baobao didn’t like to do homework so much, so she worked hard,Also work hard to get high scores,So that Ou Zhaozhao can be a mother,As a parent,When facing other parents,Not to lose face,Won’t let others have a chance to pass her daughter,To mock Ou Zhaozhao。
Later, with Ou Zhaozhao’s physique of the European Emperor,Daou became a top chaebol group,No one talks about widow upstarts anymore。But Bao Bao Ou is also used to protecting Ou Zhaozhao’s face as a parent,Otherwise, I won’t take the college entrance examination。Ou Zhaozhao is essentially,Sometimes just a very ordinary woman,I also like to show off my child’s academic performance to others。
And these,Go to Aiyoyo,No need at all。Because Ou’s family has become the backer of the behemoth,Ai Youyou is studying well,It’s okay。
Baby Ou just remembered,There is a saying that rich but not three generations,Probably because of death。But even intellectually,I should let Ai Yuyou study hard,Emotionally,Still reluctant。If she doesn’t have the consciousness of learning,No one at home can force her to study。
therefore,The reluctantly sane Ou family,So I found several private teachers for Ai Youyou。From study to art to body and so on,all-round,Raising Ai Yoyo since childhood。In this case,At least she won’t become a scam。The family don’t care if she is pitted,Grassy,But they will all walk in front of Ai Yoyo,Children will always live independently in the future,Face the ups and downs of life independently,For the safety and happiness of children,Let’s train it。
Anyway,From Aiyoyo,Ou Baobao understands the difficulty of raising children。Anytime, anywhere,All worried。Can’t wait to put one eye on the child,There are always all kinds of anxiety。
I patted Ai Youyou’s somewhat stiff back,Introduction to Ou Baobao Bizhu Yuzhi,“This is Yuzhi,Zhizhi,I want to settle in our house temporarily,Waiting to find her mom and dad,She left。”
Yuzhi looks bigger than Ai Youyou,Tilt your head and bit your fingers, looking at Ai Youyou,I didn’t admit it,But her interest is actually in the Ou Family Mansion。I kept looking around without entering the door,After entering the door,The little head keeps moving,Look around。
Yuze pushed Yuzhi,“Yoyo will take care of Miss Sister, right?”
Ai Youyou hasn’t spoken yet,Baby Ou said。
“Yoyo herself still needs to be taken care of。There are so many nanny aunts,Where do you need to take care of others?。”Baby Ou looks at Yuze,“Don’t talk to children like this。”
Ai Youyou hugged Baby Ou directly,Staring eyes,Watching second brother silently。

For Fan Wenliang,He may think that he has made it clear,In the eyes of outsiders,In fact, the more you listen, the more confused。But with years of experience working with Fan Wenliang,Wang Jiadong can’t ask anymore,One is disrespectful to Fan Wenliang,The second is too utilitarian,So he hurriedly said:“Jiadong has no doubts,As long as it is your idea,I’m relieved。Tell you,I really didn’t understand at first,After what you said,Masai suddenly,All right,Don’t delay your rest,When passing by the door of the house free,Sit down,My current cooking skills are greatly improved,Will make your favorite steamed lion head,The taste is pure than the restaurant,Refreshing。”

Fan Wenliang said:“Jiadong,nice,it is good,I’ll make this dish for you another day,I also want to go to your house。”
Put down the phone,Wang Jiadong carefully recalled every word of Fan Wenliang。About the cooperation between Peng Changyi and Zhu Guoqing,Fan Wenliang asked Wang Jiadong once,Ask how they work together?Wang Jiadong thought that Zhu Guoqing was after all the cadre that Fan Wenliang had brought up.,Although the late performance was not satisfactory,That’s under the premise of Fan Wenliang’s transfer,No matter how Zhu Guoqing is not something,He has never been exposed in front of Fan Wenliang,Therefore, Wang Jiadong is very cautious when talking about Zhu Guoqing.,Although Zhu Guoqing did not play a good role in Wang Jiadong’s issue,But Wang Jiadong still said:“It is said that the two people cooperate well,I worked in Beicheng before,Later, I worked with the city government,Always happy,The enthusiasm of these two officers is very high,And have the old feelings of previous feelings,So they work well together。”
This is the sophistication of Wang Jiadong,Although he knew there was too much unhappiness between Peng Changyi and Zhu Guoqing,But nothing can be revealed from his mouth,To know,Whatever he said,It might be what Peng Changyi meant,So he must never say a word wrong。Fan Wenliang didn’t know if he believed what he said,Anyway, he said something“Oh,That’s not bad。”Just hung up。
at this time,Wang Jiadong pondered over Fan Wenliang’s words,Especially the words Fan Wenliang said:“Based on my understanding of Yue Xiao,He probably saw Changyi come to me,Just have‘Focus on using’This said。”If Yue Xiao is actively thinking“Key use”Peng Changyi,Fan Wenliang will not be in this tone,also,The Environmental Protection Agency is not“Key use”Range of,There is also a suffix for important words:“You have done organization work all your life,Should understand the mystery?”This sentence,Wang Jiadong also did not hear the positive elements in Fan Wenliang’s tone,Then,can only say,Transfer Peng Changyi to the Environmental Protection Bureau,For Peng Changyi,Not a well-meaning、Positive decision。
The wise Wang Jiadong figured it out,But now Peng Changyi can’t figure it out,He saw Wang Jiadong eating dumplings,Just said:“Don’t eat anymore,I’m so anxious,What’s going on?”
Wang Jiadong put down his chopsticks,Said:“Minister Fan didn’t say what’s going on,Through my research analysis,I think it was Yue Xiao who saw you coming out of Minister Fan’s house in the Provincial Standing Committee Building,He is jealous。”
Peng Changyi said:“Definitely,I could see it from his eyes,I deliberately pissed him off,I emphasized that I came from the old leader。”
First152chapter Registration is more important than ceremony
Wang Jiadong says:“The key is here。Think about it,In less than three years from the Environmental Protection Agency,Changed two directors,All because of poor governance,This shows what,Explain that there is a hardest hit area,You go there are nothing more than two results,One is the same as your predecessor,Finished quickly,Needless to say when it’s over,May be stinking for thousands of years,Possibly abilities issues stand aside;The second is to reverse the situation and everyone is happy,But please note,If this result,Then you don’t have four or five years or even longer,Don’t you want to leave that place。The reason for leaving you is very high-sounding,No one else can do it without you。Please note,This result is the result of reuse for you,one stone two bird。Remove you from Kangzhou,Tiju National Day,this is one,Second, the Environmental Protection Bureau is directly under the leadership of the municipal government,Can you take a head?Can you make a national advanced model?You will be strangled to death,So I say you have a high chance of death。”
Wang Jiadong paused,Give him a digestion process。
Peng Changyi frowned and thought about it:“Please continue。”
Wang Jiadong said again:“If not over,It is very easy to suppress your four or five years,Kid,Four to five years for your current age,Although still competitive,But think about it,If he becomes the leader of Jinan again,Can you still have a bright day?”

Questions about space,Xia Chenglong naturally took Han Xue into his arms,Deliberately make very intimate movements。

“Hehe,baby,Tell us the stewardess,How i conquered you?”
Han Xue who was in a panic,Suddenly taken by a man,And also said such embarrassing words,The thief with big eyes is big。
“what……I,I,That one……”
joke,How can she say such words??
Xia Chenglong smiled barely,The other hand squeezed hard on the woman’s ass,Gritted his teeth and looked at each other:“baby,You mean,Wasn’t it very positive just now?,Why don’t you dare to speak now?!”
Chapter Two Hundred and Fourteen fight
Very embarrassing scene,If they are not fools, they should be able to see their problems。
The flight attendants didn’t put down their pistols because of their performance:“stop,Don’t move,Turn around slowly and walk over,I’ll kill you if I dare to play!”
Within seven steps, Xia Chenglong is not afraid of pistols,But there is no guarantee that the other party will not attack the woman behind him,Otherwise he would have done it already。
The two winked,Slowly turning back,At this moment,Han Xue suddenly squatted down,Xia Chenglong stepped forward quickly,Hold the pistol in one hand,When the other party has not reacted**。
Space wants to fight back,The other hand is about to come,Xia Chenglong turned and fell directly into the other’s arms,Two hands holding arms,Back to woman,Twist your hands gently on your chin and top of your head。
Xia Chenglong gently put the woman who had already lost her breath on the ground,Just breathe a sigh of relief。
Han Xue is a little confused,Is this the guy with the hippie smile just now?,Instinctive reaction when I just started,The kind of eyes staring into the abyss in the night,Terrible indifference,With the majesty of a king。

Qin Liang said thoughtfully。

“I tried my best to tell them both about this。”
Yang Zhi nodded seriously and agreed。
“Pay attention to protect your own personal safety!Don’t let those two girls turn your head around and clean you up,Haha……”
Qin Liang is gloating again。
“I will figure out how to talk to them first,Don’t fight unprepared battles,To those two girls,I really can’t take it lightly。”
Yang Zhi agreed again。
“How about you and them both?Give them a bit of trouble?”
Qin Liang tentatively suggested。
“You can pull it down!Then how dare i!I don’t want to live anymore?”
Yang Zhi immediately persuaded。
“Anyway, prepare yourself mentally,Knowing that there are tigers in the mountains,Lean towards Tiger Mountain!I wish you all leave in advance,Won’t catch fire。”
Qin Liang half-joking and half-seriously reminded Yang Zhi,He can do it here too,He won’t have any other tricks。
Chapter three thousand nine hundred and eighteen I’ll call you over now
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Chapter three thousand nine hundred and eighteen Call now
“This job is really bad。”
Yang Zhi turned his face and looked at Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun, who were still sitting side by side with Yanzi and chatting in the distance,Said sadly。

Almost the end of the corridor。

A person suddenly appeared in a place not far ahead which should be a staircase or elevator,That person is also holding a gun,I’m wearing black clothes。
This is the time for Qin Liang to judge the identity of this person。
A soft sound。
A fire flashed from Qin Liang’s muzzle。
That man fell to the ground,Headshot。
Almost at the same time he fell to the ground,Qin Liang has rushed to his side,It really is the elevator door。
Qin Liang, Yang Zhi and the others immediately separated their guns and pointed their guns at the directions of possible robbers in the elevator.,The two teams in charge of the cover immediately went forward and started the search separately.。
The search results are reported。
“A cover team enters the elevator,On the elevator roof,Another fire support team takes the stairs,Go to the lobby to solve the robbers there。The other two groups followed me upstairs。”
After Qin Liang’s brief order,Everyone started to act separately。
First occupy the upper and lower ends,The robbers were stuck in the bank building and were unable to fly.。
But when Qin Liang and the others went up two more stairs,Immediately met several robbers who were on guard in the stairs。
Qin Liang took the lead,Killed one,And other robbers immediately opened fire on them。
Although there are only a few robbers,But their weapons are very powerful,Qin Liang and the others were suppressed in the stairs and could no longer move forward。

Happy to see Shen Ruoxi,Qin Liang was naturally happy!It hurts when I step on my hand,Compared with Shen Ruoxi’s happiness,That’s a fart!

Qin Liang came up from the water soon,And Shen Ruoxi came to the last level of the pass,Fourth level!
Shen Ruoxi’s fourth level is similar to Shen Ruoxue’s fourth level!All uphill,Pull the rope!But,The slope of the fourth pass on Shen Ruoxi’s side,A little steeper,A little higher,So climb up,It’s harder than Shen Ruoxue。
“Wakayu,Pull the rope,Lean back,This will save effort,It’s easier to board!I will protect you from behind,do not be afraid。”
Qin Liang cheers for Shen Ruoxi。
Shen Ruoxi nodded,Follow Qin Liang’s words,Really smooth,But halfway through,A relatively large stream of water rushed down from above!I rushed to Shen Ruoxi all at once,Shen Ruoxi closed her eyes in fright,Grabbing the rope tightly!
But because the current is better than Shen Ruoxue’s,Much larger,So Shen Ruoxi couldn’t hold the rope in the end,Seeing it’s going to fall again!
Qin Liang saw that Shen Ruoxi was about to fall,Hurried two steps forward,Support Shen Ruoxi from behind!He just wanted to ask Shen Ruoxi if there was anything,But my eyes widened……
It turned out that this current washed away the straps of Shen Ruoxi’s swimsuit!Shen Ruoxi wants to reach out to tidy up her shoulder strap,But I’m worried about letting go and then falling,In trouble,Looking back, Qin Liang was staring at him with wide eyes。Seeing Qin Liang’s mouthful of saliva, he couldn’t help swallowing!
It turns out that she didn’t wear a cover like Shen Ruoxue!
Qin Liang suddenly realized that……
“Oh my God!It’s over!It’s a shame!”
Shen Ruoxi saw that her swimsuit strap was washed away by the water,Scared“Soul Fei Tian Wai!”She hugs Qin Liang’s waist with one hand,Hold one’s body steady,Use the other hand to tidy up your swimsuit。
“It’s ok……Wife, take your time,Don’t worry~~Don’t worry~~I don’t see anything……Hehehe~~”
Qin Liang pretended to turn his head,Yelling and didn’t look,But there is a wretched smile on the corner of his mouth,Keep looking at Shen Ruoxi secretly。
Shen Ruoxi tidyed up her swimsuit in a hurry,Little face flushed with shame!
“Wakayu,Hurry up!To the end!You will win Ruoxue!”
Qin Liang saw Shen Ruoxi tidy up her swimsuit,The boundless spring just now disappeared,Chunguang no longer leaks,A little disappointed,But still urging Shen Ruoxi,Let her hurry up。

Li Qiaoer gloated。

“Be content,Fortunately it’s not two firecrackers。”
Meizi answered with a wry smile。
“Xiaoyun is also a firecracker outside,She is only at home,Only gentle in front of us。”
Li Yaxin smiled and cut in。
“Anyway, my own principle is:I don’t take the initiative to bully anyone,but!but:Who wants to bully our sister,I’m not used to it。”
Meizi said these two words seriously,I can see that she is speaking from her heart。
“Is this called Huyouzi??Haha。”
Li Qiaoer immediately asked Meizi with a smile on her face。
“Seems to be,Haha!But I’m protecting this baby。”
Meizi said proudly,It seems that I should feel very proud of myself protecting my calf,very satisfied。
“That is required,I also have to protect this calf,Don’t care if you beat it。”
Li Qiao’er is also in desperation。
“Feel we are a violent gang。”

As soon as Ou Zhaozhao arrived home, he was called by Jin Yao to hold a transnational temporary meeting,Wait until the meeting is over,When looking for baby Ou,I found that the two little ones did not see anyone,Only Wei Zi and Yu Ze are watching the menu,Discuss what to eat at night。Ou Zhaozhao walked over and sat down,Just ask the kids?

“You can’t finish waiting for you,Qinbao went to take a bath by himself,Ono follows.”Wei Zi remembered,“Is Xiaojin taking Xiaoye to shoot an ad again tomorrow??Are there so many advertisements for children??”
Ou Zhaozhao pinched a grape to eat,Yuze pours her a glass of water,Ou Zhaozhao thanked him after drinking for a while before speaking。
“It’s not all because of Xiaojin’s face,Holding smelly feet.I know Xiaojin is taking a kid,Just sell it.During the winter of film and television,The only top traffic that survived it,True longevity,Ai Xiaojin,Flowing entertainment circle.A look from Xiaojin,The circle has to be interpreted into thousands,Not to mention the child she is eager to support now,It’s the little prince in the circle.”
It is said that someone has already called that。
“that,Xiaojin is the queen?”Wei Zi thinks that the entertainment industry really loves the queen and queen,Make it look like a dynasty。But think about it,It seems to be,Generations of celebrities come up and down,Constantly updated,“Xiaojin has been sealed for too long,I thought she was going to mess up,I didn’t expect this to become king from behind,Upgraded.”but,This is really a fast update in the entertainment industry,He who doesn’t pay much attention to the entertainment industry,I don’t want to watch TV now,A bunch of unknown。
“.”You’re a real brother。Be careful Xiaojin kicks you。
Wei Zi is also worried that these words will be held in his hand by the cautious Aze,Explain quickly,“I just think,Is Xiaojin starting to think behind the scenes now??Everlasting,It’s really not a good thing,In case something happens,What should I do if I get bitten back?”
“.”Are you a real brother??
Ou Zhaozhao squinted at Wei Zi,“I am here,What can she do back?You treat me as dead?otherwise,Or you are dead?”
“.Sorry.”Wei Zi just thinks,Prosperity will turn against,This is common sense。My own sister,He naturally wants her to be good,But right.
“My uncle’s pessimistic and thoughtful character,It is suitable to be a researcher,Can make endless assumptions and experiments.”Yuze is also very speechless,“Fortunately, none of the three of us have the same personalities as you.”
“.”Wei Zi is sad and angry,“I am prudent!!”Moreover,“I’m not too pessimistic,I use existing conditions to infer the possibility!!This is a scientific and rigorous attitude!!”
“Then your scientific and rigorous attitude is really interesting.”Ou Zhaozhao poked Xia Weizi in the forehead,I went upstairs to find two small ones。
Yuze laughs,“You say,In case you have a crow’s mouth,You really got it,What happened to my aunt?,You see,By the time,Did my mother kick you hard or did my aunt kick you hard??”I really want to see these pictures,It would be nice if they both appeared~~~~
Chapter Forty Seven Malicious
“.”Wei Zi took out his cell phone,Took a look at my salary card balance,Then ask Yuze,“The navy of our company,Is there a price for relatives and friends??”He quickly bought a navy and Xiaojin escorted.Don’t be crow’s mouth.
Yuze laughed and fell on the sofa。
Baby Ou watched Xiao Ye to watch cartoons,Hold Ou Zhaozhao,“mom,I still have things,I didn’t tell you.”Too much for a while,There are many people at home,She didn’t have a chance to talk to mother alone。
Ou Zhaozhao understands,This is to say that only the two of them know。

This wine,Three people drank very happily,Both Chen Le and Chu Xiaoqiang set their own drinking records,And even in the years to come,They will always remember,Recalling the past years,And there is another drink in the wild……

Peng Changyi crookedly walked to Chu Xiaoqiang,Hand him a bottle of water。
Chu Xiaoqiang looked at Peng Changyi with red eyes,Then laughed,Said:“I……I am drunk,Gaffe……”
Peng Changyi patted his shoulder and said:“I didn’t drink too much when I knew I was gaffe,Performed well today,Impressed me。”
They all drink too much,Three bottles of wine,Of course Chen Le and Xiaoqiang will not finish drinking,Peng Changyi drank a big glass for each of them,Ha ha,Haven’t drunk like this for a long time,He is very happy,Also very happy。With Chen Le and Xiaoqiang,There is no interest between them,Only friendship,This friendship is pure,Are in love with each other、appreciated,Even if they lose their spirits after drinking,Even if they fail to speak after drinking,None of them can laugh at anyone,No one will betray anyone,Can stand the test of time and world。
Old Gu helped Peng Changyi into the car,After Xiaoqiang finished vomiting,Was helped into the car by his driver。
Peng Changyi glanced back at the police car following his car,Talk to Old Gu:“Old Gu,I want to do my own thing today,You are willing to follow me just follow me,But one thing,Don’t let you stop me,If you don’t want to follow me,You get off,Go to Xiaoqiang’s car,I drive by myself。”
Old consultant:“Where are you going?”
Peng Changyi said:“Don’t care where i go,I just said,To do one’s own thing,Something that should have been done long ago。”
Old Gu, don’t worry about driving by himself,Just say:“it is good,I won’t stop,I am only responsible for driving。”
“now it’s right,At the intersection ahead,High speed,Go to the provincial capital。”
“Go to the provincial capital……”Old Gu asked in surprise。
Old Gu’s words haven’t finished yet,Peng Changyi said:“You are only responsible for driving。”
Old Gu nodded,He roughly understands what he did in the provincial capital,because,He said to do his own business,Something that should have been done long ago。Only personal matters are your own business,Because of SARS,Meetings in the province have been changed to telephone meetings,Exclude particularly important meetings,Hardly call the people below to gather for a meeting。Reminiscent of the one he asked Fan Wenliang last time《Jingzhou Metropolis Daily》,He went to the provincial capital this time,Only one thing,That is to visit Chen Jing。
Old Gu sighed,He knows some things he can’t control,Since I can’t control,Let him go,Can’t help it,Tired to death,If I met Chen Jing,It’s true but his mind,It’s okay to see。His responsibility and position is to ensure his safety on the road。Thought of here,His eyes are in the rearview mirror,Glancing at Peng Changyi behind。