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Grand view of traditional Chinese medicine tonic qi

Grand view of traditional Chinese medicine tonic “qi”

The “qi” of traditional Chinese medicine is the motive force of life activities, and it plays a role in promoting, defending, warming, and taking pictures of various organs of the human body.
It is often said that “qi deficiency” is more likely to occur in winter. The most obvious are colds, cold and cold.
In addition, a series of problems such as shortness of breath, chest tightness, indigestion, cough, stomach ptosis and even irregular menstruation are related to Qi deficiency.
  常用的补气中药材有:  人参  大补元气,有补益强身作用,可抗衰老,适用于久病体虚、心悸心慌、肢冷、气短、虚脱、心衰、神经衰弱等症,提高免疫功能,Promote the recovery of disease.
  Astragalus membranaceus replenishes qi and boosts yang, strengthens the spleen, strengthens the skin, and relieves swelling. It is suitable for spontaneous sweating, night sweats, edema, internal injuries, fatigue, spleen deficiency, diarrhea, prolapse of the anus and all the symptoms of Qi deficiency and blood deficiency.
However, those with high fever, thirst, constipation and other actual fever should not use it.
  American Ginseng supplements qi, nourishes yin, clears fire, and produces fluids, and is suitable for lung deficiency, cough, chronic cough, wheezing, hemoptysis, and aphonia.
Those who have fatigue, fatigue, and sweating after intense activity take it well.
  党参  能补中益气、生津养血,常用于气虚不足的乏力、气短、心悸、食少、便溏、气津两伤的口渴;气血两虚的面色萎黄、头晕等症,以及病Physical weakness and malnutrition.
  Prince Edward ginseng supplements the lungs, strengthens the spleen, and improves qi and vitality, and can be used for spleen deficiency, lack of food, burnout, and children’s thinness; lung deficiency, cough, spontaneous sweating, palpitations, insufficient fluid, thirst, and qi and yin deficiency.
  白术  补气健脾、、燥湿利水、止汗安胎,可用于脾气虚弱的食少、便溏、倦怠少气、自汗;水湿停滞的痰饮、水肿;妊娠脾虚气弱、胎气Uneasiness, foot swelling and other symptoms.

4 health traps behind nail art

4 health traps behind nail art

Women’s pursuit of beauty is endless, and they are not ignored from head to toe.

In particular, a pair of slim and delicate hands, with the decoration of pattern nails, also reveals the carefulness of beauty between square inches.

Nail art is far more than just applying a layer of nail polish. Nail art has now developed into French, leopard print, nail polish, water painting, 4D relief.

However, Aimei reminds you that nail polish, blue light exposure, nail polish, etc. may cause harm to your nails. It is recommended that ladies who love Aimee replace sex nails, especially to avoid using inferior products.

Doing nail art for a long time will damage the nails. Nail art has become an industry. Nail technicians have put their innovative ability to the limit on small nails, painting flowers, setting diamonds, phototherapy resin painting and so on.

And the change is inseparable from its ancestors, and nail polishes are inseparable from nail polish. Today’s nail polishes are also diverse: matte crystal sand nail polish, colored nail polish, glazed nail polish, and so on.

There are usually several steps in nail manicure: grinding the nail surface → applying the binding agent → applying the first layer of nail polish → applying the second layer of nail polish (adorning the creative sketch) → shining the blue light (ultraviolet light).

During these procedures, it is possible to cause harm to the human body.

The most harmful to human body in nail art is the use of inferior nail polish, which will definitely damage the deck.

4 major damages for nail art1: Polishing and waxing damage nails In order to be beautiful, the manicurist will use special fine sand leather and artificial leather sticks to polish your nails. After such “processing”, you will find that the nails becomeIt’s smoother, so every time you do nail art, the eyebrows are willing to polish your nails.

But slowly, the nails become thinner and softer.

It turns out that the nail surface is often polished to increase nail enamel damage.

It should be known that once the nail loses the protection of the enamel, the protective function of the nail will be destroyed, and it is easy to cause germs and other infections.

Too many scissors, tweezers and other nail tools used in nail shops are not thoroughly disinfected, which can easily spread diseases such as ringworm, athlete’s foot, onychomycosis, and sometimes cause cross infection.

Damage 2: Nail polish contains various chemical substances. Ordinary nail polish contains a large amount of organic solvents, mainly acetic acid, acetic acid, phthalates, etc.

Inferior nail polish has a pungent smell and contains formaldehyde and benzene.

Applying these chemicals to the surface of the nail will increase the pigmentation on the nail surface, dry, yellow, brittle, and dull.

Although there are some natural nail polishes on the market (without phthalates, formaldehyde, and toluene), they are not as effective as hair dyes.

Damage 3: Phototherapy lamp is easy to cause skin aging. The beauty of nail polish is known. After you apply nail polish, you should illuminate the blue light. This blue light is actually ultraviolet light.The next 30 seconds range from 40 seconds.

This way of lighting can allow nail polish to cure quickly and dry.

But who knows that the main peak wavelength of this ultraviolet light is 370nm, which is called “long-wave black spot effect ultraviolet light”. It has a strong penetrating power, can directly reach the skin’s dermis, destroy elastic fibers and collagen fibers, and evenCauses skin aging and wrinkles.

Do you always find that your hands or feet have become darker or that wrinkles have increased?

Damage 4: Discoloration of nails The darker the color of the nail polish, the harm to the nails.

For example, crimson, black nail polish may deposit on the nails, making them yellow.

Although the pigment does not affect the keratin structure of the nails, nor does it affect the skin through the nails, it will definitely affect the appearance, because the nails will look yellow and yellow, and they will feel dirty without nail polish.The eyebrows have to be coated with nail polish again to cover up the yellow, so a vicious cycle is formed: cleaning — seeing the nails turn yellow — then cover with nail polish.

How to use nail polish correctly?

1. Don’t use cheap ground spread.

Benzene, a highly toxic substance, is often used by unscrupulous manufacturers as a solvent for nail polish due to its low price.

2. Before applying nail polish and after removing nail polish, it is best to apply a layer of maintenance oil that prevents pigmentation.

3. When applying nail polish, it is best to apply only the upper half of the nail, and not the semi-moon-shaped white part at the lower end, for the nails to breathe; or you must rest your nails for at least one day within a week and wash off the nail polish.

4. After applying nail polish, it is best not to take food with your hands, especially oily food such as fritters, cakes, etc., because the compounds contained in nail polish are fat-soluble and easily dissolve in the fat of food.

Eating such foods is harmful to health.

5. From the beginning of pregnancy to the end of lactation, the use of nail polish should be stopped completely. The toxicity of organic solvents cannot be ignored.


Don’t let your aging cells betray you


Don’t let your aging cells betray you

Before the age of 25, you were still the envy of everyone: praise your perfect skin with better words such as “skinning”, “peeling eggs” and so on.

  After 25 years of age, you hear less and less praise. When you get up early in the morning and look in the mirror, you are horrified to find that the thick pores have quietly occupied your original delicate cheeks, and the original delicate skin, somehowFrom time to time, a few rough maggots.

  You are still the same as you were. You go to the shopping mall on time as usual, and go to the spa regularly and very religiously. So, what is it that angers this annoying pore and makes the skin so rough?


  Fake: People say that the pore problem is formed at this time. At this time, you start to look through the fashion and beauty magazines more frequently than before, paying special attention to the columns related to the pore problem; the gap between work, you will secretly browse the web page explaining the pore problem;The personality of Amoy with intimate sisters has also inserted more “pores”, a topic you never cared about before; but, usually, you will see or hear the following explanations: l Are the pores enlarged and the skin rough?

It is likely that the cleaning is not done properly and the pores are blocked.

Just use more clean skincare products!

  Have you become oily?

People with oily skin tend to have enlarged pores. Use oil control products!

  l The skin is dehydrated, drink more water and make a moisturizing mask!

  l You must have been exfoliating for a long time. Hurry and go to the beauty salon to exfoliate!

  When everyone says that, you are confused.

I read a lot and listened a lot, but do you really have the answer you want?

  The culprit: Your younger cells have betrayed you. According to your own actual situation, you can completely eliminate these suspicious factors one by one.

But you still haven’t found the real cause of the pore problem, and if you find the real cause, how can you prescribe the right medicine?

  Actually, a lot of women ignore it.

In the natural aging process of human beings, it is normal that pores become gradually enlarged.

  The latest research results from authoritative skin care centers show that the root of younger and thicker skin lies in the formation of new cells, and over time, the skin gradually deteriorates, and the formation of new cells in the skin will naturally slow down, resulting in irregular arrangement of the cells on the surface of the skinThe visible performance will be more obvious pores, uneven skin texture and fine lines.
It turns out that cell aging is the real culprit.

  Truth: Cracking the aging of cells leads to enlarged pores and rough skin. It may look like a hammer, and gently tap the small drum hidden in a corner deep in your heart.

The cruel thing of time has finally begun to expose imprints on your body.

But found the culprit, but what is the truth?

I believe that you who are curious will not lose this secret time.

  ”Skin cell aging” is like planting four seeds that directly cause pore problems in the bladder: l Skin aging is relaxed: because with age, the new cell strength weakens, and necessary substances such as collagen and elastin fibers are generatedReduced, the skin slowly lacks firmness, so that the pores will naturally no longer be firm, and linear “raindrop-shaped” pores will appear.

  l Dehydration and dryness: Cells age and the rate of natural water loss is restored.

The dryness and dehydration make the epidermal skin lack of moisture, no longer full, and the pores are naturally more obvious.

No wonder the effect of the moisturizing sprayer is becoming less and less significant.

  Slow keratin metabolism: Cells gradually cause keratin metabolism to slow down, and old keratin will summon your pores, and the pores will be gradually enlarged, causing uneven skin and uneven skin.

At the same time, the skin becomes dull and dry because it cannot absorb moisture and skin care products smoothly, which accelerates the stimulation of oil secretion and pores become enlarged again.

  l Oil abnormality: This seems far from you, because you are not oily skin.

But experts say that stress and environmental factors can stimulate abnormal oil production, so many women between the ages of 25 and 30 do not have oily skin, but instead become “greasy.”

In order to release more oil, the pores will become larger and larger.

  Myths are finally cracked, but you are still thoughtful.

The above sighed secretly that youth was passing away, and hoped again to find an effective anti-oxidation and aging product, which could smooth the first fine lines on the forehead and the increasingly clear pores on the cheeks.

Let youth stay longer . What is the next answer?

Is there a skin care product that “does not show pores but only young”?

Ill in spring can be contagious?

“Ill” in spring can be contagious?

In spring, the temperature has risen, and many people have developed little red bumps under the corners of their mouths and noses. They have a burning sensation and pain.
A few days later, the relatives and friends around them also showed the same symptoms, and some foods that cleared heat and detoxified did not improve.
Ignition is caused by the imbalance of yin and yang in the human body. How can it be transmitted?
  In fact, the “fire” here is caused by herpes simplex.
Herpes simplex is a viral skin disease caused by the herpes simplex virus. The virus exists in the blister fluid, saliva, and feces of patients or carriers. It is transmitted through direct or indirect contact and enters the ganglia of the human body through a ruptured skin wound.
  The affected area is often around the face lips, nose, and also found in the genitals and other parts.
The affected skin is red, with pain, burning, or slight itching. Afterwards, there are clusters of small blisters with thin blisters and clear blisters, which can rupture and crust on their own in the short term.
  Once the human immune system is low, the herpes simplex virus has the opportunity to make the disease recur.
The location of each recurrence is basically the same. Except for the first time, the recurrence will be lighter and lighter, and it will usually heal in 7-10 days.
  At present, herpes simplex and genital herpes can be controlled, but cannot be completely cured.
Primary herpes simplex sometimes has serious consequences and requires active treatment. Topical dermatitis ointment can be taken in combination with vitamin B2 and vitamin C.
  In order to prevent herpes simplex infection and recurrence, in the dry season should eat less spicy, irritating food, eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins.
  At the same time to avoid fever, cold, local injuries, emotional excitement, indigestion, irregular life, mental stress, etc., should actively exercise to enhance physical resistance.

Controlling heart failure

Controlling heart failure

(1) Ginseng, Panax notoginseng, sandalwood a few grams.

Divide 3 medicines at the end, 2-3 grams each time, and take them with warm water, 2-3 times a day.

This prescription applies to heart failure caused by Qi deficiency and blood stagnation.

  (2) 30-60 grams of yellow wisteria, previously 100 grams of rice, a small amount of brown sugar, 1 gram of dried peel.

First fry the astragalus root and take the juice, then add the previous rice, and cook the brown sugar together. When the porridge is ready, transfer it into the tangerine peel for a while, then boil it slightly.

  (3) 10 grams of Dangshen (or ginseng), 9 grams of licorice, 10 grams each of Ophiopogon japonicus, Yuzhu, 9 grams of Schisandra chinensis, 10 grams of Salvia miltiorrhiza, and red scallion.

Decoction, 1 dose per day, divided into 2 doses.

How playing a mobile phone before bed reduces harm

How playing a mobile phone before bed reduces harm

Playing mobile phones before bedtime has become the habit of most people. Look at the news, chat with friends, and watch movies . Since you can’t put down your mobile phone.

Then try to minimize the damage!

In order to be healthy, friends playing with mobile phones before bedtime must pay attention to the following 5 points to minimize their injuries.

  1. When looking at a mobile phone in a supine position while playing a mobile phone, sideways or prone injuries to the eyes and cervical spine are very serious, and should be avoided.

When playing mobile phones, you can use a pillow or a small quilt to lie on your back to play mobile phones. This posture will not make people feel tired, and it will reduce the damage to your health.

  2. When the brightness of the mobile phone is adjusted to the minimum, the light of the mobile phone suddenly appears dazzling after going out at night, and it is easy to hurt the eyes if it goes on.

Therefore, it is recommended that you best adjust the brightness of your phone to the minimum at night.

In addition, when you open the app, you need to set your phone to night mode, choose cool colors, avoid opening warm colors, and reduce visual fatigue.

  3. Keep a distance of 30cm. Some people are accustomed to holding their phones in front of their eyes.

And the correct way is to keep the eyes and phone 30 when using the phone?
At a distance of 50cm, continuous use of the mobile phone needs to be controlled within half an hour. When the eyes are tired, close your eyes or do simple eye exercises, look at the distance for a few seconds, and then look at the tip of your nose for a few seconds.Tired, and then use the phone.

  4. Leave a small lamp to accompany you at night. Most people like to use their mobile phones to hypnotize, so you usually turn off the lights to play mobile phones. I don’t know that it is easy to adjust the tilt. The main symptom is temporary blurred vision and a bright screen.The intensity with the dark environment is too great, which can make eyes tired.

Therefore, when playing with a mobile phone at night, it is better to turn on a lamp at the bedside.

  5. Control the time of playing mobile phone. When you play mobile phone, you should master the time, and the rest time is the most important.

So if you can’t control it, set yourself a time.

Of course, it’s best if you don’t play with your phone at night.

  Although the mobile phone has become a part of our lives, let us become more and more dependent on it, but for the sake of your own health, sometimes you should let go and do n’t wait until you have caused the body to understand your mobile phone.Dependence can also be reduced, but by then it will be really late.

Therefore, it is recommended that friends who look at mobile phones more importantly than their lives should turn off the lights at night. It is enough to play for a day during the day, and leave yourself a good rest at night!

Depression at work has become a common problem in the workplace

Depression at work has become a common problem in the workplace

It stands to reason that it is understandable to find a job, have great psychological pressure and feel depressed.

However, the reality is that people who are unhappy when they cannot find a job and who are already working in the workplace are also not happy.

At present, there are various psychological problems in the workplace, which have seriously affected the mental health of office workers.

  Office workers generally have a poor mental state. According to a survey on the mental health of workers in the workplace, about 90% of workers in the mainland say they are not happy, and those who “feel good at work” cannot even reach Chengdu.

The survey showed that the initial unhappy white-collar workers turned into “confusion and no future direction”, “expenses are too low and raises are hopeless” and “cannot reflect their ability and value.”

At the same time, office workers who think “the job is painful and want to change it” account for almost half of the total number of surveys.

  In the workplace, work pressure, competition pressure, interpersonal pressure, and other pressures are all forced to work in the office, in this mentally struggling situation, if you do not relax in time, it is difficult to get mental health without problems.

  Several methods help office workers to imitate Ah Q.

The spiritual victory method proposed by Mr. Lu Xun is very effective in dealing with many disputes and pressures in the workplace. When encountering frustrations, you may wish to relax and let the depressed mood disappear.

  Embrace nature.

Let the physiology return to the embrace of Mother Nature, the fresh air, and the beautiful scenery can refresh you, completely abandon your troubles, and restore mental health.

  Yoga meditation.

With gentle and slow movements to enhance the strength of muscles, while improving physical fitness, comprehensively adjust the psychological state to achieve a peaceful and calm mental state.

  Diet conditioning.

Vitamin C supplementation can balance mental stress and maintain mental health. There are many foods that supplement vitamin C, including tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, sesame, and various fruits.

  Worry can hurt you. In a market economy with so much competitive pressure, it is difficult to choose a job that is completely satisfactory to you.

Since you can’t choose what you love, it’s better to love what you choose.

When you calm down your mind and keep your mental health at all times, you usually won’t worry much anymore.

  Our online experts have rich experience in psychological adjustment and counseling. If you have some psychological problems and distresses and do n’t know how to be good, do n’t hinder telling us to listen, we will help you analyze and give you opinions, maybe it may be your future life andWork inspired.

How to choose toothpaste

How to choose toothpaste

Toothpaste that is used every day, but there may be hidden dangers?

According to a report by People’s Daily on May 2, the articles reprinted on the official website of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection, and Quarantine suggested that six brands of whitening toothpaste, China, Colgate, Black Girl, Crest, Black, and Libai, were coated with bleach sulfite andAnalogs, long-term use has hidden health hazards.

This news is enough to make whitening toothpaste begin to be questioned, and the safety of other functional toothpastes has also attracted much attention.

What kind of toothpaste is better, how to use it is safer and more effective?

“Life Times” reporter consulted relevant experts.

  It is understood that sulfite and its analogs are generally used in the papermaking and other industrial fields, and it is a substance that is explicitly forbidden in the mandatory national standard GB22115-2008 “Specifications for Raw Materials for Toothpaste”.

However, in the routine testing of toothpaste, there is no requirement for sulfite, so it is “difficult to say” whether toothpaste on the market contains sulfite.

The China Oral Cleansing Products Industry Association issued a statement saying, “According to the experimental details described in the relevant report, the method for testing the whitening ingredients in whitening toothpaste is scientifically uncertain.”

  And what is the result of this incident, in the opinion of Professor Bi Liangjia, a member of the Periodontology Group of the Chinese Stomatological Association, any whitening toothpaste has little effect.

There are only two methods for whitening teeth, namely removing the stains on the teeth and improving the brightness of the teeth.

The former needs to go to the hospital for treatment, and usually requires the use of whitening agents to oxidize and dissolve tooth stains.

Although the bleach in whitening toothpaste can remove some stains on the tooth surface, it has basically no effect on the deep internal stains of the teeth. This is some consumers “even after brushing for three or four months, the tooth color has not changed”White.”

Moreover, because the whiteness of teeth is related to enamel and dentin, the structure of Chinese teeth has determined that our teeth are white and yellow, which cannot be changed by expensive whitening toothpaste.

  Experts said that in addition to over-whitening toothpaste, there are still many misunderstandings in the process of using toothpaste.

To clean your teeth more effectively, it’s best to follow these points when choosing toothpaste.

  Most people choose fluoride toothpaste.

Ouyang Yong, deputy director of the department of oral prevention at Guanghua Stomatological Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, said that currently the fluoride toothpastes currently used generally account for about 70% of the entire toothpaste market.

Consumers in high-fluoride areas do not need to use fluoride toothpaste, but the water fluorine concentration has decreased in many cities. It is still necessary to promote the use of fluoride toothpaste in these areas.

American dental health experts also agree that the general population is best to choose fluoride toothpaste.

Tests show that brushing your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste reduces the risk of dental caries by 40%.

However, Wang Weijian, director of the Prevention Department of Peking University Stomatological Hospital, reminded that adolescents and the elderly can be used more. Preschool children should be used with caution and parents need help to avoid accidentally swallowing toothpaste. In the long run, it may cause excessive fluoride intake and the potential for fluoride poisoning.Threat.
  Use toothpaste with caution.

The Beijing Consumers Association issued a consumer warning. Consumers without oral diseases and dental caries should not blindly choose functional toothpaste.

Once selected incorrectly, anonymity may occur.

Chinese herbal toothpaste can reduce inflammation and reduce fire, and it has certain effects on periodontal health. However, long-term bleeding of gums must go to the hospital for treatment. Do not expect toothpaste to correct the healing effect. Anti-allergic toothpaste can relieve sensitive teeth, but the cleaning effect is not as good as ordinary toothpaste.Moreover, American studies have found that triclosan contained in some toothpastes may interfere with the human immune system and be used continuously for a long period of time; the long-term use of the pharmaceutical ingredients in drug toothpastes may cause imbalance in the oral flora, and some drugs mayEnter plasma; long-term use of calcium-containing toothpaste may increase the concentration of calcium ions in the oral cavity, and promote the formation of calculus; salty toothpaste should be used with caution in patients with hypertension and so on.

  Prevent damage, pick small particles.

Ding Xiaoyi, deputy secretary-general of the Chinese Stomatological Association, said that when buying toothpaste, the quality of the friction agent depends on the quality of the friction agent.

Aluminium hydroxide and calcium hydrogen phosphate are better, followed by silicon dioxide, and calcium carbonate is the lowest.

In addition, the particles of various friction agents are all different in size, and the finer the particles, the less damage to the tooth surface.

  Buy two, use them sooner or later.

It is understood that in advanced countries in Europe and the United States, more than 80% of people will use toothpaste with different functions in the morning and evening to better protect their teeth.

Professor Bi Liangjia said that the saliva secreted by the human oral cavity has a bactericidal function. During the day, the saliva secretion is 3 to 4 times that at night, which is easy to inhibit the production of bacteria. In addition, it eats more during the day, and it is easy to leave food residues in the mouth. Therefore, the cleaning function should be replaced.Good, toothpaste that can eliminate foreign bodies and odors; at night, when people are sleeping, the salivary glands are insufficiently secreted. Tooth decay should be used to prevent dental caries.

  Toothpaste squeezes the size of soybeans.

Many people are affected by advertisements. When squeezing toothpaste, they like to squeeze a whole stick on the toothbrush. If swallowed by mistake, it will accumulate over time and cause fluorine replacement.

Fluoride is one of the essential elements in the human body. The fluoride in the human body will suffer from dental caries, but too much fluoride in the body will also form fluoride plaque and make the teeth brittle.

  Toothpaste does not dip in water for good results.

Most people habitually wet their toothbrushes before squeezing toothpaste.

Experts believe that it is not advisable to moisten the toothbrush before brushing it, because it will easily foam, and people will mistakenly think that the tooth has been cleaned.Toothpaste is not originally used to clean teeth with foam, but by the cleaning ingredients and friction between the toothbrush and the teeth.

The finer the friction and the longer the time, the cleaner it will be.

Characteristics of a healthy family

Characteristics of a healthy family

1: All family members accept that each other is equal in value.

  2: worthy of trust between each other.

Be honest and open.

  3: There is a consistent communication model.

  4: Family members support each other.

  5: Family members share shared responsibilities.

  6: The family got together and talked and laughed.

  7: Provide family traditions and rituals.

  8: Family members indirectly accept each other’s differences, and at the same time thank everyone for their uniqueness.

  9: Family members respect each other’s privacy.

  10: Various feelings are accepted and processed.

  11: Family members are encouraged to take risks.

And growing from mistakes

How to quickly remove acne marks_1

How to quickly remove acne marks

Acne marks are a common problem for many eyebrows. So how to quickly remove acne marks to make women reappear?

Here I have brought you a few ways to eliminate acne marks, I hope to help you.

  How to quickly remove acne marks 1, slice ginger on your face before going to bed every night. If you have acne marks on your face, cut more. Pay attention to the ginger if it has ginger juice, preferably fresh ginger, and then gentlyRubbing the scars of acne marks, ginger can inhibit the growth of granulation tissue after slicing.

Until the place where you feel ginger is hot.

Persistent for one to two weeks, the effect is obvious.

This method is naturally simple and worth trying.

  2. Pearl powder and egg acne removal method Pearl powder and egg white have the effect of calming and whitening the skin. When used together as a mask, not only the skin will become smoother, but the acne marks will also slowlyFade.

And very affordable, just do it twice a week.

  Preliminary: a raw egg protein, mixed with about 10 grams of medicinal pearl powder.

  Second, follow the method of applying a water-washing mask, avoiding the eyes and lips, and evenly apply on the face.

  Step 3: Try thickening it, otherwise it will dry out quickly and wash off after 15 to 20 minutes.

  3. Vitamin E can remove acne marks. Vitamin E can penetrate into the skin and exert its emollient effect. At the same time, vitamin E can also maintain skin elasticity.

But everyone may not be familiar with the effect of vitamin E scar removal.

The vitamin E capsule is punctured with a needle, and the liquid in it is smeared on the scar and gently rubbed for 5-10 minutes, twice a day. Persistence will have a better effect.

However, Vitamin E is more greasy to use, and it should be used with caution on oily skin.

  4, mask This method is really super easy to use and affordable, as long as you go to the cosmetics store to buy a bag of seaweed particle mask, and water to blend it, very convenient.

Just do it every 2 days.

  Step 1: Take 20 grams of seaweed particles and mix with an appropriate amount of purified water.

  Step 2: Synthesize the image of the mask and paste it on the clean end surface for 10 minutes.

  Step 3: Then wash the skin with water and apply cream.

  Cost: Seaweed mask particles / 5 yuan per bag, 8 times.

  5. There is a rare skin care semi-finished product in the wheat gel market. Oat gel is very effective for removing acne marks. Oats have a soothing and repairing effect on the skin.effect.

  Now do you know how to quickly remove acne marks?

Learn the above methods to remove acne marks, and believe that the appearance of acne marks is no longer a problem for you.