Month: November 2018


After that year’s examination and research, I did not go home, but arrived in the city directly by train in Harbin. I had the first interview in my life, the first rental and the first employment in this city…. .. This old city in south China has given me the overall feeling that it has […]

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forty years old

The day before yesterday, I stayed up all night. As a result, I haven’t recovered from the two days.. When I went to cheer volleyball in the morning, I was breathless, dizzy, palpitations and panic in less than half an hour. Everyone said I was extremely pale.. Point of view, is really old, forty years […]

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Flower fall

The feeling of emptiness.   I used to like wandering, thinking it was a free life, thinking that I could start a new world in a strange place and how good I am.. Later, after so many times of tossing and turning, I discovered that I was so helpless.   After getting tired, I want to have […]

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