The show has a whole tired, and, after the end of another busy until now, phone one after another not finish.

Sitting beside Mu, he had many inquiries and determine if you want to be at the moment can not control slowly lie down, closes his eyes wearily want.

Warm palm slowly fell hair on his forehead, like a gentle kiss and inclusive.

“I know.”Flower Mu softly:” Sorry, did not protect you.”

“This can not blame you.”The more nights also hand holding his hand, a long sigh and said:” Thanks to the wall I thought.They actually went down so hard on the child’s hand.”

But in the interests of the face, never ages of the points.

Mu spend some apparently no effort, he had just finished surgery, and now you can not even sit up.

“I told you a bunch of numbers, you find him.”His voice slightly hoarse, but there is also strange to appease forces:” He is my old friend, can help to you.”

“These days you do not worry too much,” also later with the palm against his cheek and said: “I have things ectopic palace and elders to help look Guzhe, you had a good rest and recuperation.”

Flower Mu took out his cell phone to see, shook his head slightly and said: “Do not mind in the phone,