Recognize yew

Recognize yew Taxus previously heard, but never seen the true colors, a very famous and very popular poem, probably to her as controls lyric, I believe many people have not been to a meditation ” red beans grow in tropical, spring comes Jizhi, May Jun multiple pick, this material most Acacia.”I do not know yew I have today, it is not long in the southern red beans, heart specious.    There is really no uproar passengers who witnessed the red beans southern mining What can I do to make this not an either red beans red beans themselves convinced many said that it seems to have it for decades, only phase I of course people cloud cloud, I thought, not so how?Face bow to see the rise of living beings and so on, the end can not make their own intelligence and emotional intelligence ignorance exposed too excited harm it.    Anyway, it is all so understandable, no one pushed to the corner and I thought I had really called, I will muddle along for decades.But there is a doubt still remain untied, and why was born in southern red beans, spring Jizhi, on the most Acacia, mining is much more, than the North roses symbolize love it, how not to adopt some Acacia it?Because she is refreshing to mention gas, mining rose oil to do, no time to Acacia?Tell.    There are too many things in the world, I can not tell, this life is the ultimate summary appeared to be winding down, I was very vague on a lot of the ins and outs of thing, but unfortunately, I am looking for a higher level for themselves, as if celebrities Zheng Banqiao said , life woolly-headed.As if such a thought, I feel that life is not so useless, once in a lifetime, and I actually got.Confused in life is not necessarily useless, clearly we can not say that is the true meaning of life.There are many circumstances knowing too much, then peace and happiness.Around children a lot of people in the early contests in peace and quiet, and provoke a lot of living chitchatting say, too bad, and I do like to watch the sunset, the less he earned a CRV2.0.    But it would not be utter yew precious, rare it, most of its code in place we live is the wind capelin angle, I walked a lot of familiar mountain canyon can be said that almost did not see, besides her there are a living fossil, said.Daughter mail this tree is to listen to people say, the family that owns the tree, the elderly can live longer.    No matter what kind of reasoning due to this argument, first, the family a little more green, always do no harm, people just came out from the woods of what is now an endangered species these come in his bedroom, respect for the guest of honor, will not Wrong.Second, if the trees can produce negative oxygen ions clean air, clear your mind repose renewal and will be conducive to health and longevity when.Third, as a cultural heritage for future generations, biodiversity conservation will leave a wider world.Fourth, often the face of endangered species, allows us to obtain convergence in the minds of strength, a deeper understanding of how people can be healthy to survive.The gradual loss of the living environment, and who are likely to endangered.    Taxus taken out of parcels in that moment, first of all gave me the impression that she is a tree, although not one of the cotyledons still tender a seedling.At first glance, very different with cedar, fir do not like the pool, but do not like the hothouse Araucaria, but added a bit of kin and Metasequoia look.Pinnate leaves that are not too full, but very beautiful, can be used to describe a small cage Lin.There are also secrete a distinctive smell child, even if you go natural forests in Asia Wu Mountain Nature Reserve, I could not find this taste.    The daughter said, she can not let the sun, to accept the point where there is no radiation effect of light on the line.Things grow by the sun, which is when I learned of the Enlightenment natural way, is really a sight to behold in this world things?Cool one like, it is, and once saw in a documentary heard, but also a fir seedlings will grow in places almost did not see the sun, until the young adults will go into the air and enjoy the sun.As for how they perform photosynthesis, grow into towering trees, which need careful study.There are many ways to survive, living by the father and mother more than that, the station is the place where parents, do not need much skill they have.    I saw a yew, not multi-pick, is the daughter sent me a small tree.I think, from now on, I’ll miss, not to spring Jizhi, it not for this thing is to seasons of reincarnation, for all can sense the warmth to Acacia.