Hydrangea bloom butterfly

Hydrangea bloom butterfly to school typing pool, a pot of hydrangeas in full bloom butterfly appealing to the eye.Petals with purple powder, just as a side branch butterflies fly, flapping its beautiful wings, dancing.To the typing pool who praised it would open too complex, brilliant bloom, bloom of spring!    In fact, the envy of his colleagues in its beauty, but also an often bring home some of the transplanted carefully keep up, but hear is: I uploaded a long flowering not only leaves.Leaves grown very numerous, but they do not bloom!    I also went to spring transplanted a home reared, twigs bit monotonous, but it turned bright flowers bloom.    We’re talking about this with my family potted plant growing on common ancestry ancestors when flowers are talking about the question: Blooming plants are placed in a cold place.I know that the lower the temperature of the typing pool all year round, especially in winter, people stay where time is cold could not stay.My family is also growing on the winter, I place it in the shade on stage, Heating leading female table is a glass partition door, I almost gave it not a winter watering, bare of leaves Jiyu I want to provoke too it abandoned.Fortunately, I always see it, does not hinder people’s eyes, due to laziness, not to root it out yet.I did not expect when the warmth of spring, the top branches buds burst on the scene, I poured some water, removed the sticks and dry leaves, it is also the spirit of the day by day fade.Occasionally one day catches the eye of a cluster of butterfly-shaped flowers make me wonder, excitement!    So I move it to the sunny living room, it has plenty of light, the right temperature.A few days later, clusters of butterfly flower bloom, the foliage from time to time there are pregnant bud sporting power, brilliance open about the room, the guests came to our house was full of praise!    Butterflies Hydrangea flower experience has taught me awareness: To life bursting out of its tender and beautiful and brilliant, must undergo some suffering.SNSD no risk of want, extremely poor material life, is bound to make some people in the ordeal inspirational, against all odds, his life is set to push the peak bloom bright!