Bloody Cross

Recent everywhere homicide occurred in succession, four people were brutally murdered.  And by-case analysis, high Interpol team captain Caroline conclude the case is the same person or the same group of committed, because this four cases strikingly similar: surgeon killed all the city hospitals, and the like are the scalpel class of weapon killed and postmortem field.  For a time the doctor of the city on edge, do not know the day the nightmare will come to his head.  One thing the tall hill is very puzzling, is the scene in the wilderness inaccessible.The doctor who killed Why would obediently went to the field with the murderer?Crime scene no signs of struggle, why not against doctors?It is enchanted?  Speaking of doctors, high hill there is little goodwill.A year ago, his wife pain in the lower abdomen suddenly felt a cold night, but this time high hill was away pursuit of criminals, his wife had their teeth alone to the hospital.  Who would have thought that the doctor on duty was busy in an online chat with the opposite sex, give her a shot analgesics hastily after busy on the Internet, the result of his wife and the pain very tough battle.  When the doctor found something wrong, it was too late, and the final autopsy results are: the wife is only perforated appendix.  At noon home, he pushed his son Gao’s room and saw his son not at home, Recently, difficult to see the shadow of his son.There is a photo on the desk, Gao tall and handsome in the photo, athletic, and his face was exceptionally gloomy, whereas previously son is how bright and sunny.  A closer look at his photos, the son lips with hairy mustache, and even have the Adam’s apple, a strong sense of strangeness suddenly hit, and when his son grow up?Large even I do not recognize it.  Alas, months and years busy with the case, investigators or overnight travel has become commonplace in the office, he said it is not a father and son how long the?Even this year’s festival with no time to accompany his son to his mother’s grave, remember son was cast a glance over the implied meaning high hill resentment heavy heart, but also readily son looking through the books on the shelves, they discovered that there are a lot homicide detective like, my heart suddenly surprised to see him do these books?  While inadvertently drawn a map from the shelves, high hill suddenly wide like a pair of eyes as big as eggs.  It was a city map, you can see his son carefully painted red pen several laps, Hill instantly recognizable to those high circles it is worked out of the hospital, and then his son and red pen to circle those all together, red as a result became cross blood crooked!  High Hill heart suddenly tightening up, like a hand yank down a handful.  Are these cases is the son of a dry?Son has long been planned well, to all doctors on the cross on track to start?  High Hill suddenly thought of something, leaned closer look, finally found the end of the most bloody cross within a circle there is no murder had occurred, and this hospital is the wife of the tragic death of his son that the hospital is far sure of a serial killer, he wanted his mother caused the tragic death of the doctor left to the last kill!  Mom makes son’s tragic death is heart pain, but also because they can not communicate often and father, can not resolve the pain inside, and finally cardiac drastic change, this had the doctor’s idea of revenge!  High Hill mind a time set off a storm, the entire people have almost collapsed, suddenly found a map on one side there is a line of small print, were written: 1,2l, 42,64.  What does it mean?High Hill frowned, pondering for a long time, suddenly open minded, busy to write down the date that the murder occurred everywhere on paper, if the first time since the murder as the first day, then three cases is just behind 21 days, 42 days, 64 days, and this in turn four numbers separated by 20 days, 21 days, 22 days!  The fourth day of the murder from happening today just 23 days, that is the fifth murder happened today!  You must immediately stop the son of a continuing offense!High Hill to call his son’s mobile phone with trembling hands, pass, but after only a cry rang off, call back, but could not.Why did he shut down?Is busy start it?  High Hill shortness of breath, immediately called the hospital, the command: a matter of life and death, immediately check if there is a doctor just out of the hospital!  Soon the outcome: 10 minutes ago, the doctor said there was something out, has yet to come back, not on the phone.  Hearing the doctor’s name, high-Hill understand everything, is the reason that Internet chat doctors misdiagnosed his wife!  The doctor must have been taken away by his son, how can he be willing to go with his son?Did not you hear the doctor murder case series?  High Hill a time cold hands and feet, which doctors hateful, crime can not die, and now time is life, you must find his son immediately to stop this cruel revenge killings!Where can it son?  Just then, his cell phone rang, and was actually the son of a text message: you want to know the final result?Speed to the west of the dugout, date is not waiting!  The son of a strange tone, terribly cold, chill run up a high hill from the back, which is the son of the police is to openly challenge him!  He was back in the past, but the phone off.  He called the bureau phone, quickly jumped in the car after a brief report on the case, to the west of the dugout like maneuvering away.  The air-raid shelter had abandoned, desolate terrible, it is a great place to kill a charnel.  In the dugout mouth, high-Hill jumped into it without hesitation drill.  I do not know how far away, in front suddenly sounded intense sound of fighting, turned the corner, he saw his son and a skinny but full strength as people fight to the death.Blink of an eye, tall and robust son prevailed, shining coldness of the hands of a knife stab Zuoshi Yu, it is a two-edged knife sharp scalpel!  Bang of a gunshot, and a high hill in the hands of gun smoke, huge deafening gunfire in the dugout, his eyes like a sharp sword, no one knows his heart in the blood.  Son is his father’s arm to hold a knife to open shooting the positive, you know high hill is the city’s public security system one of the best sharpshooter.  Great pain makes him yell crashing to the ground, that had almost become a ghost of the sword of the doctor stunned, and then react immediately, picked up the knife fall to the ground.  High Hill pains, go step by step in the past, has come next to his son, at this moment, he saw there a man.  Because the view is obstructed, just did not see the man wearing a white lab coat, she is terrified lying on the cold ground, bound hand and foot mouth blocked, who was full of blood, how is this going?  Son fell to the ground in pain clutching his bleeding arm, cried: Dad, you have the wrong, he is the serial killer!  High Hill surprised a moment, just to react, too late, that does not squeak loudly doctor suddenly a knife stab, a flash, the doctor’s grim countenance nearby!  Is a gunshot, doctors look of disbelief was knocked to the ground, turned off the high hill, is his comrades arrived, a sniper opened fire moments hairbreadth.  In the hospital, his son put all that out: So, I heard that after the murder of a doctor this series, already have a strong interest in Holmes he decided to be a supernumerary Interpol.  He has been silent attention, analysis, and finally one day the inspiration came, opened a two mystery killer committed the crime: First regular time, were separated by 20 days, 21 days, 22 days; the second is to bring the perpetrators of the crime in hospital after marked on the map, just form a cross shape.As a result, he concluded that the next target and time murderer to commit crimes.  Son want this result tell Dad, can also feel speechless with their father.  The tragic death of their loved ones so that the two men restrained estrangement of the community, has always been proud of my father certainly say that he was a child, so he was determined to do it yourself Xingaoqiao catch criminals, to show off in front of a good father to prove himself, this With today’s desperate struggle.  As for the scalpel, the Son of grab from the hands of the murderer came, as to why not take his father’s phone, because when he was tracking the killer, I am afraid to be aware of the killer.  High Hill confirmed the arrest of the killer mouth from injuries all this, this guy’s son was ill surgery, but he did not know the rules give red envelopes, intentionally or unintentionally, the result of disgruntled doctors sided blade, causing severe disability of his son, but this of serious malpractice and finally nothing, because the records have been tampered with.  He unassisted being blocked over time and eventually became a psycho killer.He is a belief in God, and once inadvertently, he found that some hospitals in the city actually constitute a crooked cross when connected into line, I believe this is God’s will for him that God wanted him to evil slayer!  High Hill murderer last question: Why do doctors who will obediently follow him?  A murderer, eyes full of angry contempt of light, said: This is too simple, I make a phone call to them, I say family members of patients, ask them to look out, my car waiting for them at the door, to give red envelopes the meaning of meaning, and they invariably come out.Drove to a secluded spot, I was drugged with a handkerchief sprinkled their uniforms, to the wild way he has applied Bishen solve them with a scalpel!  The trial was also informed that the last murder murderer reason that the doctor caused the tragic death of his wife high hill, just because that hospital in the last position it high Bloody Cross Hill and son chatted with, so they are not a long time, high-Hill said: Son, Dad extended leave, and these days I’m not going anywhere, just to do two things: first of all, with your mother’s grave, I want her to worry, you grow up, she raised a good son, is indeed the son of the police no, my father is also worse than his police.Secondly, we find a father and son scenic look good fun, good?Son, gunshot wounds still hurt you?Blame my father, but who told you look like on the picture too much like the murderer, and is called a cold.  Perfectionist son grinned, a flash ward was full of the smell of sun, he said: it is not called apathy, and what is cool!