(Original) footprints pass book (cont’d) 18

REVIEW dawn, we struggled to a high-rise building, dragging a heavy body, take the elevator to the ninth floor automatically.We exhausted, install radiator building aisle nice and warm, he sat on the floor in the hallway, who shake off the snow four weeks..  Because it is hotel fees include breakfast the next morning we eat eat eat buffet restaurant is the two of us, empty, carry us away some bread eggs, to prepare against natural disasters, there is one kind of thief’s guilt, and although no one cares.At noon we train, went to the southern city of Freiburg, West Germany.We are going to visit the settlement where Professor Xia.    All Western European cities have rail links, it will become the network, the platform no staff between countries, cities and urban, but not the conductor compartment opening.Out of the station, on and off and even car doors are self.Try to save manpower, in addition to efficiency, but also the European labor expensive sake, but does not affect its effective and efficient.In Western Europe by train is a treat, very comfortable.The people here are so few, pets, bicycles, and no amount of baggage can be more than a car, or population factors.Fold in the train to the south of Stuttgart, Freiburg destination is already 23:00.    When we moved the luggage platform, outside dark sky is falling snow goose feather, already covered with a thick layer of snow on the ground.Waiting hall, empty, such a small city, even though there is public transport late at night must also suspended, and take a taxi, expensive, of course prohibitive Moreover, in the case without first informing the owner, midnight visit too rude.We decided to simply live a night at the station until dawn and then as a theory.Approximately two hundred square waiting room, the lights dim, warm and quiet, and the stormy outdoors compared undoubtedly safe temporary shelter.We moved to the corner of the luggage, sitting on the corner, Dacheng soon came bursts of snoring, although I have elective seats of the disease, but the bumps along the way, will soon fall into dreamland.    I do not know how long sleep, we wake up, the gloom seen standing in front of two West German policeman, and we are talking, but could not understand what.Come to a crossing, work in Alaska, home leave, speaks American English, translation Road, where only a small local station, the last train has passed, close to closing time, so you can not stay.The police asked us to do Freiburg?We answer, intend visiting professor so and so, I am afraid to disturb the night inconvenience.Enthusiastic people who want to address, immediately at the station payphone kiosks, professor of inquiries to help us a phone number, ask for a long time, OFTA hotline to answer can not be found.As a result, the police let us leave their luggage in the automatic luggage lockers, when we did not know coins can be cast immediately help us change a bit from place to taxi drivers.    Out of the station, we shudder, the police did not require the production of a passport, or there will be trouble, we twenty-four hours transit visa expiration date has passed.    We have a hotel for a map at the station side, the night shift of a middle-aged woman, patiently to the top marked where we’re going.Half a foot tall in the snow, one foot high kick continued to drop for an hour, cold and hungry, we got into a roadside bar, each for a cup of cappuccino, coffee cold at night, especially concentrated Yu mellow.Did not last long, not for a while, the waiter said, pubs out of business, we had to back on the journey, this time is the middle of the night two points, we can only like a ghost wandering in Freiburg until dawn.    Sign snow harder and harder, in addition to our footprints on the road, as if there is no other life activities.Freiburg fairy-tale beauty, full of the bride like a sunny house, quiet street full of parked cars of different colors, and continual snow, outline the contours and sharp geometric lines.We have the urge to drill into the car shelters, try this futile soon give up, door lock and key motionless.Pure and noble in this world, only to continue moving forward, otherwise there is a danger of freezing.In order to replenish the energy and strength of consumption, we often hid in a public telephone booth, eating a few mouthfuls of cold hard bread and eggs, which was brought from Munich.But must not stay too long, the phone booth is full field of transparent glass building, bright lights, ride all the way to the police will be able to find two tramps, very eye-catching.So, generally not more than five minutes, even so, is a bumbling call, another wolf hurry to avoid being suspected.On several occasions went to the outskirts of Freiburg is located in the famous scenic Black Forest, close to France and Switzerland, we are afraid strayed border, hurriedly turned back.In this way, a night traveled to every corner of Freiburg.    At dawn, we struggled to a high-rise building, dragging a heavy body, take the elevator to the ninth floor automatically.We exhausted, install radiator building aisle nice and warm, sat on the floor in the hallway, who shake off the snow around the spotless floor deceives wet, and no one wanted to stand up.At eight, we rang the bell, no response.It is also expected, the owner woke up, something always had to dress up before welcoming.Quite a while, the door opened, the emergence of a silver-haired woman in Germany, although the look of wrinkles, it is the spirit.She spoke German, I suddenly remembered Mrs. Professor Xia is of German origin.At this time, the hostess saw were two young Chinese, immediately switch to a very pure Chinese, kindly asked, “Are you just came from China do?”I will open the door, so we went into the living room.When we sat down on the sofa, Professor Xia pajamas, slippers Slop ran out of the bedroom, can not wait to see Chinese students from afar.    That we are “Chimes at Midnight to passenger cars, snow traces Freiburg,” the owner was surprised.They told us, OFTA is registered in the name of Mrs. Professor Xia, is not found in nature.Professor Xia immediately said, “Nothing That aside, is the first to solve the problem of hunger.”Ms. Xia put on his coat to go out to buy food, we both start with a professor in the busy open kitchen, storage room there is actually his sausages, Guangdong, China, West Germany, the family is generally used electric stove, coupled with the pan, use up really a bit awkward.Here’s a round-bottomed pot China is not useful here.[Editor: Can children]