Look at Ka Na completely drinks more,Night, I have a heart to send her home.,But I find that I don’t know my home.。

So I can only pick up it.,Send to the vacant room upstairs,When I bought the night,Two-story architecture,So there are many rooms.。
And when I got Ka Na, I was good.,Helpless,Then get out of the room,The bed in the bed suddenly opened his eyes.。
Overhead,Night, baked, back pain,Do not misunderstand,He will back pain because he did what to Dana,But the residual caused by the Naz them last night。
Take a thousandJPlease come to clean your health,The result is what you do.,And after Lucy came back,The house is more chaotic before。
Ready to have breakfast,Night walks upstairs,I knocked the door of Ca.,Get the response in the room,Night is finally pushed。
The morning sun is on the skin of the lace,Because Kana is coming yesterday.,So when I drunk,I still wear or yesterday’s swimsuit。
Kana stretched a lazy waist,Show a perfect curve,Then look at the breakfast prepared on the night hand,Suddenly revealing a smile:I made a decision,I will live here later.!”
Night:!What ghost?Why do you suddenly make this decision?。
And this is my home,Are you inquiring about this opinion as a master??
Be right,After yesterday,Na likes it here.,And after the test last night,Kana also believes that the night is not a person who will work.,So she decided to stay.。
Because I like to drink the reason,The place where Kana live is actually very bad.,As a girl,Even if it is a girl in Na, a woman who is a woman.,Nature also likes a comfortable living environment。
And the night is very suitable here.,And the night is like still cares,Kana took the breakfast in the middle of the night.。
Um,Fighting is not bad
Fairy tail guild,Night is a bit tired to come to the http://www.emkir.cn guild,Everyone is congratulations, I bought a new house.,And the night is completely absent-minded.。
After a series of protests are invalid,Kana officially stayed in the night of the night,Although the latter promises will pay the night rent,But the night feels that in Ka’s consumption level,More than rent hopes,He may have to be responsible for three meals a day.。
But these are not important,The focus is with Kana living together,It’s not a lot of inconveniences.。
For example, if you want to take a little sister, go home.,It’s not known that the whole guild is all about the next day.?
In the guild,Kana is with Ai Lusa sitting on a table,And say that if you want to find her later,I have to go to the night.,Because she has already rented a house in the night.。
“Rent a house with night?correct,Remember that night is http://www.generalsocial.cn a person living,But the house he bought seems to be small.。”
Listening to Kana,Ai Laha’s mind is also active.,Obvious,She also felt that the house in the night was good yesterday.。
Mira is living with your brother Alvman,So there is no idea。
Lucy has rented a house yourself.,Although the eye swimming pool,But she is more distracted to the remaining rent。
Naz ruled that it was still comfortable,And the focus is that he has no money to pay the night.。
Chapter 547 Night squad teammate
“Where is the room in the night?,How much is it takes a month?j?If the right thing,Then I have moved well.。”
Ai Laha has some heart,She really remembers,Yesterday, I went to the night.,There have only many empty rooms there.。
As for men and women,It is not entirely within the scope of Ai Laha.,Because of her character,I don’t care at this place.……
“Rent is naturally very nature……”Kana has not said something,Just grabbed the mouth behind the night,And it’s aloud。
“Kana,We have no hatred.,You can’t hurt me like this.,One you are already awkward,Now I have to pull an Ai Lusa now.?”
Kana is also calculated.,If Ai Laha has lived,So night, it’s really never.,Because every time Naz they open a combat meeting,I will definitely go to him.。
I want to think that there are more sad reminders.,He doesn’t want to become Lucy Second。
“how?Ai Lusha is the god of fairy,The beauty of our guild,Let her live with you,Are you still not happy??”
Gana smiled at night,A pair, I am a look like a welfare.。
“Unfortunately, it belongs to the type that can be seen.,And if you do this?,My family is going to be the second guild.。”
Finally, the night and Kana signed a variety of non-equal treaties.,Kana promised night,Don’t say everything in the night, there is a matter of room.。

Even when watching,Shen Xuan’s face,It is even more laughing.。

“Although it is said,But I look at me,In fact, this look,It’s not enough.。”
When Shen Xuan is in front of his eyes,Shen Xuan shook his head。
And as Shen Xuan said,Those people around them will completely surround Shen Xuan.。
“Humph,Deadline,You still dare to http://www.headcq.cn bother。”
“That’s right,In fact,Let’s everyone,There is nothing to say to him.。”
“Since it starts now,Everyone thinks so.,So what are you waiting for?,It is better to take it directly.!”
This,With these people,I didn’t forget to talk to my eyes.。
obviously,What should this matter?,Still first,Is the most important thing。
Before you,As these people have been close to this side。
For Shen Xuan,In fact, such a thing,How should I solve it?。
Light is currently these,In fact, it is,Instead, it is already coming.。
And Shen Xuan,It’s not worried about these。
So,Even,Shen Xuan felt more funny。
“what happened,Is this possible??”
“fine,I am coming.,today,Let’s everyone,Just make a break together!”
When Shen Xuan said,Shen Xuan directly,I am holding a blade in one of them.。
Subsequent,Shen Xuan http://www.dealex.cn directly one hand knife,Going to the neck of this person.。
This,As in front of you。
quickly,This person fell this。
And Shen Xuan,It is to look around。
those people,Still a look that I will not let go of Shen Xuan。
“See,That is very hurting.。”
“But that’s okay,When you warm up。”
Shen Xuan is in a dark here,Re-look。
Such a thing,Now look at it now,How should I solve it?。
Other things,Don’t say anything forever。
Next, I only do it.。
So here,When Shen Xuan is in front of him,Shenxuan’s face,Those people around them are very excited。
“That’s right,In short, no matter how,We will never let him go.!”
“Is this still used?,If you don’t say anything now?,This matter is also our current,Be sure to do!”
“Look,Everyone is watching this.,So what are we tangled?,Kill him again!”

“you sure,You really want to try?”

To know,These are not just casual talks。
Here after all,In fact, there is still a lot of danger。
After all, from a fundamental point of view,these questions,How to deal with it。
Actually just these,It’s definitely not as http://www.yangyangsao.cn simple as imagined。
And the more so,Actually from now on,These things,On the contrary, it makes people feel,It’s quite tricky。
I just looked in front of my eyes subconsciously,The more so,Actually from now on,Such a problem,Wei Yuyan is even more eager to try。
“Of course,I heard what you said before。”
“so now,If it’s not good, try,That would suffer?”
When Wei Yuyan was talking here,Wang Teng took a look。
Ok,If so,Actually what Wei Yuyan said,Still very reasonable。
Since this is the case,Then next,Just keep going exactly as Wei Yuyan said。
After all, under the current situation,Let’s not talk about other issues。
But at least here,Actually these problems,How to solve it,Actually such a problem,It looks like a headache。
While looking at,Wang Teng is a little depressed:“Say,Drive the car like this,Really the first one。”
despite this,But soon,Wei Yuyan http://www.jlzhjbj.cn found the feeling。
But now,Wang Teng was a little surprised。
“It looks like,Have found the feeling,Since this is the case,Then next,I don’t need to worry so much。”

Yes,Li Ming played a similar plan when he devoured the starry universe。

simply put,Adopt causality、Chance and other means,To recruit some talented、Potential practitioners—Or even the practitioners are not ordinary。
Let them plunge into a http://www.cilve.cn different world,Give them tasks、Crisis and opportunity!
Task with goal,Crisis Momentum,Opportunity to grow!
This is not just his evil taste。
Build such a huge system,Itself is a big project。
For some practitioners,fighting、Fight,It is the most suitable means to check and sort itself。
But practice,More than just fighting!
It’s http://www.renchenghualang.cn like a blacksmith builds a weapon,When he tried his best to create a magic weapon,Concentrate,When he builds success,Your forging level will naturally improve。
Like a master alchemy,Refining a furnace of elixir,Staying in front of the furnace without sleep for hundreds of years,Manipulate the flame time and space,Naturally, I will also have an understanding of Dan Dao。
This in itself is practice。
And for good at formation、Mixer、For the practitioner of alchemy,Use your own mystery to build a huge and incomparable,Involves chaos、world、Time http://www.ncets.cn and space、cause and effect、Deduced system。
Is the highest level of practice!

Xia Jian couldn’t help but crawled on the waterbed,Ruan Lingna’s fingers lightly flicked on his body like playing http://www.lanjunboxian.cn a piano。

First1144chapter Hot springs
indoor,The heat is like green smoke。
Xia Jian crawled on the water bed,Meditation,He dare not have the slightest distraction,Because of this situation, this situation is most likely to happen。He must calm down,Otherwise, once the outbreak occurs, the consequences will be difficult to deal with。
“President Xia!Your muscles are so powerful!”Ruan Lingna pressed Xia Jian’s back,Softly admired。
Xia Jian:“Ah”Went on to say:“I exercise often,So the flesh is a bit firm。Didn’t you say you want to talk to me about work??Tell me what your training organization is all about?”Xia Jian quickly changed the subject。
Ruan Lingna smiled and said:“President Xia is really a workaholic,Even soaking in the hot spring, I didn’t forget to work。Is such that,Don’t our resort now have a swimming pool??And http://www.onlinelawhelp.cn our swimming pool is given to us by nature,Can be used all year round,This is a single family in the surrounding counties”
“Correct!You’re here,We have to make the most of it,Any good ideas can be said”Xia Jian whispered。Ruan Lingna’s technique is really good,Where her finger pressed,Very comfortable。Xia Jian at this time,Really don’t want to talk,He just wants to close his eyes and enjoy it。
Ruan Lingna suddenly stood up,Brought a clean towel by the pool,Gently covered Xia Jian’s waist,Then asked softly:“Can i sit on it?President Xia!”
Xia Jian was taken aback,Then hurriedly said:“sure!What’s wrong with this”
Xia Jian followed Xiongji to press,Know that there is such a link。Just when he was thinking about this problem,Ruan Lingna has stepped up,When her smooth-skinned husband touched Xia Jian’s body,Xia Jian was shocked all over,http://www.bhutanairlines.cnThis feeling is really cool。
Ruan Lingna, who was riding on Xia Jian’s waist, shook slightly,Started to press。As her technique increases,Xia Jian hummed comfortably。At this time, he actually forgot,Riding on the back is a big beauty。
In this comfort,Xia Jian let himself relax infinitely,Relax again。Slowly, he even snored slightly,Ruan Lingna slowly stepped down from his back with a little disappointment,She didn’t know that she was not attractive enough,Xia Jian is really tired。I had promised to talk about work,Looks like it’s a hot water again。
Xi Zhen, who had already soaked, walked outV7Private room,Her wet hair was beautifully tied into a ponytail, and she left it behind her head casually。Just came acrossV8Ruan Lingna。She asked with a smile:“President Xia hasn’t come out yet, right!”
“He is too tired,Climbing onto the waterbed,Seems to be asleep。This is the key,You can go in and see if you can’t come out later”Ruan Lingna said,Gave Xi Zhen the key to the private room。Xi Zhen smiled slightly,Took it。
Two people entered Ruan Lingna’s office one after another。Ruan Lingna poured Xi Ling a cup of tea very politely,Then asked softly:“Secretary Xi often runs with Mr. Xia,He must be very clear about his life habits!”
“Ah!Nothing,Others are straightforward,Right and wrong,Also very upright”Xi Zhen took a sip of tea,Speak lightly。
Ruan Lingna smiled and said:“You often follow him,Your relationship must be very close?”When Ruan Lingna asked this sentence,Regret。

“Old Li,I heard that something happened to you in Heyang this time?Need my help?”Jodd asked,Quite proud,His name is now in Heyang,Some weight。

“Ugh。”Uncle Li sighed,Said:“If you can help,I just found the director of Heyang Health Bureau before I came here,Doesn’t work。”
“Oh?Health Bureau?Did you come to see the doctor??”Jodd Surprised。
“It’s me,Fell the year before last,Later, the root of the disease fell,Started fever after midday,I feel the fire in my stomach,Implicated in this back,Thigh,It hurts badly。”Aunt Qian took the initiative,Her state now,Compared to morning,Really lost some energy。
“That happens,Let Yiyi show。”Dongqing quickly called Qiao Yiyi out。
“Doesn’t work,This disease has to be treated slowly with Chinese medicine。”Uncle Li sighed。
“We came to Heyang this time for this,I want to see the genius doctor Liang from Jishantang。”Uncle Li sighed,“I ran to Ling’an earlier,As a result, they told us that the genius doctor Liang was in Heyang,We rushed over。”
“You really found the right person,Liang Lao’s superb medical skills,It will definitely cure the old money,What are you sighing。”Holly wondered。
“Ugh,Genius doctor,It’s so easy to see him,How about a genius doctor?,I heard that he only sees two guests a day on weekdays,Those who are queuing to make an appointment will go to the next year,We came yesterday,Find relationship trustee,Doesn’t work,They didn’t see us。”Uncle Li shook his head and sighed。
“If you are looking for Old Doctor Liang,,I might be able to help。”
Mo Xiaosheng cut in suddenly,Actually this disease can be cured by itself,But the attitude of this family makes him very dislike,If it wasn’t for Qiao Yiyi secretly wanting him to help,He can’t even open this mouth。
“you?”Li Dutian listened to Mo Xiaosheng’s words,Can’t help but sneer,Looking at Mo Xiaosheng and said:“Could you be better than the director of the Health Bureau?”
“In this respect,I seem to be better than the director of the Health Bureau。”Mo Xiaosheng nodded and said,Smiled relaxedly。He knows Li Dutian’s thoughts,But I don’t think it has much to do with him,So don’t care。
“is it,Then this is the biggest joke I have heard this year!”Li Dutian suddenly laughed haha,I think this Mo Xiaosheng has been at home for a long time,My mind is not normal。
“It’s not good for young people to talk big,You said you are so capable,Why are you still at home?,Are you a vagrant??”Uncle Li glanced at Mo Xiaosheng,Somewhat dissatisfied。
“Yes,young people,It’s better to be down to earth。”Aunt Qian couldn’t help saying。
“Dong dong dong!”
Everyone’s voice just fell,Suddenly there was a knock on the door outside,Holly got up quickly to open the door。
I saw a middle-aged man in his forties standing outside the door,An Armani suit is very particular,Carrying a brocade box in his hand,Respectfully said after seeing Holly:“Hello,Are you Auntie Dong?,My name is Jinxiang,Talk to Uncle Qiao in the morning,Said to come and visit in the afternoon。”

Songs of this world,He is not very familiar,Don’t like it much。

Besides, for a mental age is almost30Year old man,Watching a group of young men and women dancing and singing,A lot of brain pain。
The eldest brother next to me feels the same way,Sitting uncomfortable。
That’s it,Came to the27Players on the field。
An old man in a shirt and trousers,In the introduction of Brother Jiu,Stood on stage。
Take a look at this rustic dress,And a more rustic look,Shen Huan knew,He is after Han Donger watched the previous video highlights,I think I admire the most singer。
Zhao Changshou shouldn’t be very comfortable with this environment,After Brother Jiu finished,He stammered:“Hello everyone,My name is Zhao Changshou,Today I bring you a folk song——《Yellow River Tracker》,Hope everyone likes!”
Young people in the first few rows,There is a sound of laughter。
Immediately,Vigorous music rang。
Zhao Changshou held the microphone stiffly,With the arrival of music,Sang loudly。
“Hey,Hey,Hey……Dark clouds cover the sky,The waves are as high as a mountain,The cold wind hits your face,The waves hit the ship……”
This song is very high,But Zhao Changshou’s voice managed it well,Not covered at all,Instead, the sound penetrates the music,Entered people’s ears。
Shen Huan’s heart sank slightly。
There is no problem with Zhao Changshou’s singing,With a vigorous tempered,There is not the slightest weakness of the elderly lacking strength,Sounds very good。
But the problem is,Is now in the singing contest,Everyone likes to listen to popular songs。
Even Ling Ruiyun,I also chose folk songs,Close to life。
Zhao Changshou’s singing,It may be okay for a formal performance,But in this kind of competitive game,I’m afraid I will suffer。
Because of what Han Donger said,Shen Huan deliberately got to know him before。
I found that he had been singing folk songs since the audition。
I thought it was the knockout,He should be able to change,For example, rap some cheerful bel canto songs,This will please the audience,At least you can enter32Strong。

Qiao Yiyi nodded in agreement,Smiled:“Mr. Mo, who is doing great things,Can go to pot water,Squeeze our feet?”

Luo Yilin covered her mouth and sneered,And then follow along:“Yes,Niche,You are not here these few nights,Yiyi and I are tired and painful,Don’t know what to do!”
Mo Xiaosheng stood up suddenly,Glancing at them both with resentment,Then he got up and went to the bathroom to wash his feet。
Then came back and took turns pinching Qiao Yiyi and Luo Yilin’s feet。
Because their feet are really also White also soft,It’s as holy as a work of art,In addition, Mo Xiaosheng has been in the hospital all this time,I haven’t even touched Qiao Yiyi’s hand,So my heart is a little restless for a while Constantly,After giving Luo Yilin,,I squeezed Qiao Yiyi and didn’t have a foot,Suddenly got up and hugged Qiao Yiyi.。
Qiao Yiyi couldn’t help exclaiming,Angrily patted him on the chest,“What are you doing!”
“No more,Yiyi,I’m so sleepy,Let’s go to sleep!”
Mo Xiaosheng said that,But both eyes are as big as a copper bell,Even faintly hungry Thirsty green light,At the same time, she said to Luo Yilin,“Yilin,It is late,Hurry up and go to bed!”
The voice fell off,Mo Xiaosheng couldn’t wait to hold Qiao Yiyi and ran into the bedroom。
Where can Luo Yilin not see the little message of Mo Xiaosheng,I couldn’t help but blush,I can’t help but curse with my head down,“Pooh,Stinking rogue!”
But she heard Qiao Yiyi’s exclamation from inside the house,Can’t help but feel sour in my heart astringent,A trace of loss flashed in his expression。
Because it’s been too long since I saw Qiao Yiyi,Gan Chailie The fire burned almost midnight,Qiao Yiyi lost the last bit of strength,Threatening to kick Mo Xiaosheng out of bed,Mo Xiaosheng gave up,I can’t help being excited,I thought to myself,This is so rigid and pure body is really not covered,I only practiced for so few days,This tossing for most of the night,Still feel full of energy,Full of energy!
It seems that I have to continue to work hard and practice hard in the future!
Qiao Yiyi didn’t get up the next day,Took a leave,Continue to sleep。
Mo Xiaosheng is like a okay person,After getting up, I went to the hospital with Luo Yilin,Then I told Dou Xinyi a few words,Can pack things,Ready to go to Lee Medical Institution to help select volunteers,But at this moment,Anina called suddenly。
“Mr. Mo,Are you busy??”

Inside the group:

“How could Mr. Liu’s age be young??”
“Isn’t Li Jie what you said??”
“Li Jie, you definitely did it on purpose!”
“Oh,I’m also talking about age。I just don’t understand what those sisters are talking about。”
Jiang Li:“Really small,He took it out to show me today!”
Inside the group:
“Sure enough!”
“Lisi, you are too bad,Even said it was age!”
“Could it be possible to see annual rings on it?”
“I just said,How could Mr. Liu’s age be younger??”
“But Lisi,Why did he show it to you?”
“Call the police quickly,Can’t let this gangster get away with it!”
Jiang Li is even more depressed:“All right,All right,Are you all right?I said he took out his ID card!Where did you all think?”
Inside the group:
“Oh,I’m talking about an ID card,I don’t know what these sisters are talking about,Can’t understand。”
“ID card?Lijie, are you serious??”
“How young is he??”

“Do you think i’m joking with you?You are wrong,I was serious,And super serious!The longer you are now the more beautiful,Body is getting hotter,I’m worried that if I don’t hurry up on you,Maybe someday will kill a handsome guy out of thin air,I was caught by you,Then nothing wrong with me!So,I decided to start first!Or take your people to safety first!”

Qin Liang cheered nonsense……
“You simply……simply……”
Liu Xiaoyun couldn’t laugh or cry and couldn’t even say a complete sentence!Qin Liang is talking nonsense!Is he crazy?Or my brain was kicked by a donkey!
“I’m so upset?”
Qin Liang asked deliberately。
“I don’t want to go out with you,I want to get off the car and go home,Why do you love yourself?,You can find some pretty girls on the main road,Then take her to the hotel to open a room,Let her have your baby,I won’t be with you,Goodbye!”
Liu Xiaoyun wanted to drive the door and get off the car,I pulled the door handle twice,The door doesn’t move,She was shocked;Qin Liang hadn’t locked the car door!Until this time,Liu Xiaoyun’s heart started to panic……She suddenly thought;Isn’t Qin Liang really kidding??Is he really going to attack himself??
“See it?I have locked the doors,It’s impossible for you to get out of the car and escape,Do you dare to say that I was joking with you?you are too naive,I have to take you today!Love it。”
Qin Liang is getting more and more nervous!
Liu Xiaoyun was silent again,She was turning all kinds of thoughts quickly in her mind,Then I found the flaw in Qin Liang’s words!
Qin Liang asked Shen Ruoxi to go out with him!Normal analysis and reasoning,Qin Liang wants to take himself to the hotel to open a room,I want to really start with myself if I can’t wait,He will definitely operate this thing quietly,How could she let Shen Ruoxi know that he is going to take herself out??Isn’t that the rhythm of your own death??
“Cheating”How could he steal so openly,Righteous!It is absolutely impossible!