Bank of Beijing (601169): Increase risk resolution

Bank of Beijing (601169): Increase risk resolution

The 2Q19 results were in line with our expectations. Bank of Beijing disclosed 1H19 results, with revenue of 32.7 billion US dollars, an increase of 19.

The profit before provision was 26.4 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 25.

2%, net profit attributable to mother is 1.29 million yuan, an increase of 8 year-on-year.

6%, of which, 2Q single quarter revenue exceeded growth rate of 15.

5%, the ten-year growth rate of net profit attributable to mothers.


The increase in banks’ non-performing disposals and provisions resulted in a difference between the growth rate of PPOP and net profit.

The overall performance was in line with expectations.

The higher 南宁桑拿 PPOP growth rate with higher development trend comes from higher revenue growth rate and cash-to-income ratio: 1) The average balance net interest margin at the beginning and end of 2Q191.

87%, an increase of 5 / 8bp per year / mo.

We expect the sequential increase to be mainly due to the increase in loans to high-yield customers.

Net interest income in the second quarter of 19 increased by 12 per year.


2) The scale expansion is stable.

In 1H19, total assets / loans / deposits increased by 1 quarter-on-quarter.

twenty one.

8% / 1.


3) 1H19 net budget fee income increased by 5.

The 5% drag was mainly due to the guarantee and commitment business.

4) Cost-to-income ratio is higher than expected in the industry.

1H19 business and management fees increased by only 1% every six months; cost income in the first half of the year18.

3%, a decline of 3 per year.


Increasing the speed of risk resolution, the number of bad write-offs and provisions has increased significantly over the past few years.

The defective rate increased by 5bp to 1 from the previous quarter.

45%, after adding back write-offs, the net bad generation rate in 2Q19 increased by more than 44bp to 1.


Compared with the benchmark at the end of 2018, the proportion of overdue loans rose by 4bp to 2.

01%, the ratio of non-performing / overdue loans over 90 days rose 19ppt to 127% month-on-month.

The proportion of attention-oriented loans rose 13bp to 1 from the previous quarter.


Provision coverage decreased by 1 from the previous month.

6ppt to 212.


Signed a joint venture bank contract with ING.

In March 2019, Bank of Beijing announced that the board of directors agreed to jointly invest 3 billion yuan with ING Bank to initiate the establishment of a Sino-foreign joint venture bank.

Strengthen capital management.In the case of no external financing, the core tier 1 capital adequacy ratio increased by 0 from the previous month.

05ppt to 9.


Annualized ROAE (disclosed value) decreases by 0 every year.

12ppt to 13.


Earnings forecasts and estimates Bank of Beijing is currently trading at zero.

58x 2019e P / B.

Keep the profit forecast unchanged, corresponding to the growth rate of net profit in 20194.


Taking into account the pressure on bank asset quality, the target price is lowered9.

4% to 6.

08 yuan, corresponding to 0.

68x 2019e P / B and 16.

4% growth space.

Maintain Neutral rating.

The quality of risk assets was lower than expected.

Hang Seng Electronics (600570): Steady growth and strong financial innovation

Hang Seng Electronics (600570): Steady growth and strong financial innovation

Investment Highlights Event: Net profit attributable to mothers is expected in the first half of 20196.


800 million, an annual increase of 124% -127%.

Realize deduction of non-net profit 2.


600,000 yuan, an increase of 14% -16% in ten years.

The net profit attributable to mothers increased rapidly, and the non-net profit deducted increased steadily.

In the first half of the year, the company’s net profit attributable to its mother increased rapidly. The core reason was the change in accounting standards and the increase in the fair value of financial assets held by the company.

Judging from the single quarter of the second quarter, the company’s Q2 single-quarter non-profit growth rate was 15% -18%, indicating that the first quarter results showed an accelerated increase.

The landing of the science and technology board is expected to have a positive impact on the company’s performance.

As a leading financial IT company, the company benefits from the supplementary demand brought by financial innovation.

With the official opening of the science and technology board, the company has transformed more than 20 systems to serve customers in securities, funds, insurance, banking and other industries.

The landing of the science and technology board will have a positive impact on the company’s performance.

Financial innovation policies set good expectations for the company’s performance growth.

Since 2018, financial innovation measures have been continuously introduced, new regulations on asset management, the establishment of a science and technology board, the opening of securities brokerage interfaces, and the appointment of MOM products are expected to be implemented one after another, which can contribute to the company’s stable growth in performance.

The company’s industry level is stable, endogenous competition continues to increase, and long-term development is expected.

Earnings forecast and investment advice: We expect the company’s net profit attributable to its mothers to be 9 in 2019-2021.

5.2 billion, 11.

8.3 billion and 15.

One million yuan, maintaining 杭州龙凤桑拿网 the level of “prudent increase”.

Risk reminders: policy environmental risks; operational risks; financial risks.

BYD (002594) Commentary on Major Issues-Electric Sales Flat on Month, Trying to Rise in September

BYD (002594) Commentary on Major Issues-Electric Sales Flat on Month, Trying to Rise in September

The company’s new energy vehicles sales in August 1.

670,000, at least -23.

4%, +0.

9%, still under pressure in the short term, but with the new model climbing the market, the peak season is approaching, after September to pursue stabilization; the company is the industry leader in the medium and long term, with the ability to “explode new energy vehicles” and help 杭州桑拿网 enjoy the industryGrowth dividend; and the opening up of the supply chain has reached a new level, and the value is expected to appear. We continue to recommend and maintain the “Buy” rating.

Event: On September 6th, the company released the August auto sales report, car sales3.

60,000, at least -13.

9%, +16.

2%, of which new energy vehicles 1.

670,000, at least -23.

4%, +0.

9% for a fuel car.

930,000, at least -3.

6%, +33.


We commented as follows: New Energy Vehicles Monthly Sales 1.

670,000, at least -23.

4%, basically unchanged from the previous month, slightly lower than expected.

Company car sales in August 3.

60,000, at least -13.

9%, +16.

2%, of which new energy vehicles 1.

670,000, at least -23.

4%, +0.

9%, short-term sales are still under pressure, and new energy vehicles are gradually sold from January to August 17.

90,000 vehicles a year + 55%.

Gasoline vehicle sales rebounded, with sales in August 1.

930,000 vehicles, only -3 a year.

6%, +33.

8%, a significant improvement from the previous month, mainly because the sales of the Song Pro fuel version increased significantly after the listing, cumulative sales in the first half of 11.

60,000, at least -38%.

Electric passenger cars continue to be under pressure and are expected to stabilize in the future.

In terms of types, the company’s new energy passenger cars in August 1.

610,000 vehicles, at least -22.

8%, an increase of +0 from the previous quarter.

6%, of which pure electricity 1.

100,000 vehicles, +12 per year.

4%, mixed with 0.
510,000 vehicles, at least -53.

New energy commercial vehicle sales were 619 in August, with cumulative sales of 6,068 in the first half of the year, +16 per year.


In terms of power batteries, the company installed 0 batteries in August.

758GWh, -6 ring.

7%, 9 to install gradually from January to August.

8GWh, still ranked second in China.

As a whole, the company’s electric vehicle business continued to be under pressure in July and August, mainly due to the continued overdraft impact of new energy vehicles in June before the subsidy policy entered the implementation period, and the short-term replacement and withdrawal weakened the advantages of electric vehicles in the short term.

With the industry entering the “Golden Nine Silver Ten”, the company’s electric business is expected to stabilize, and further improvement is expected in the fourth quarter.

Song pro models started to climb, e-net brought new growth.

The company launched the Dynasty series of new energy models in the second half of 2018. The market responded enthusiastically. After a year of layout, it has formed Tang, Song, Yuan, Qin and other full-spectrum electric models (including plug-in and pure electric).

In July and August, Song switched to the new Song pro, and Qin switched to the new Qin, leading to a significant decline in the monthly sales of the main models in the early period.

In August, the new model Song Pro was launched, and the sales of the Song family increased significantly from about 7,600 cars in July to about 17,200. The new model’s product strength was verified.

In addition, the company launched the e-series electric vehicles this year. At present, there are more than 100 dealers across the e-network. In addition to e1 and S2 already listed and contributing to the increase, new e2 and e3 new models have been delivered in the second half of the year to drive sales to stabilize and rebound.

Opening up the supply chain to expand new space, showing the potential of global competitiveness.

The company continues to advance its neutralization strategy. The power battery business has signed a cooperation agreement with Changan Automobile. In June this year, it entered the supply chain of overseas giant Toyota to directly replace batteries, including joint development of electric vehicles. In terms of intelligence, BYD recently partnered with HuaweiPreliminary strategic cooperation agreement, strong and strong jointly promote the automotive innovation and development and digital transformation.

The company’s business structure has shifted from vertical integration to strategic opening, and the value of the supply chain has gradually realized.

Risk factors: The company’s new energy vehicle production and sales are less than expected; changes in new energy vehicle policies; cloud rail advancement is less than expected.

Autumn convergence, sadness, early winter, late sleep

Autumn convergence, sadness, early winter, late sleep

Recently, the National Healthcare Product Management Committee of the China Pharmaceutical Quality Management Association held the first high-end forum on medical plaster and chronic diseases in China in Guangzhou.

At the meeting, the experts introduced the pharmacological effects of glycerin and the autumn and winter regimen of the elderly.

  Pleurotus ostreatus and Cordyceps are both edible and medicinal fungi. Professor Dai Ruqin, Institute of Chinese Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, introduced that according to ancient Chinese medicine records, according to ancient Chinese records, the ancients had learned how to use edible fungi to cure disease and nourish and strengthen the body.Summary of experience in treating diseases-that is, among various “herbs”.

Ganoderma lucidum is listed as the top grade in a similar medicine book “Shen Nong’s Materia Medica”, which considers it to be “the main ear’s hearing, sharp joints, protects the soul, strengthens the bones and bones, has good color, and is light and long-lasting.”

  Dai Ruqin explained that “long-term food is light and not old” means that ganoderma can be taken for a long time and can achieve health care.

And Li Shizhen’s “Compendium of Materia Medica” also recorded the health effects of more than twenty edible fungi.

  In addition to ganoderma, Cordyceps, Agaricus blazei, and Grifola frondosa are also medicinal pulverized products. However, these Chinese medicinal materials are relatively expensive.

In fact, people with ordinary economic conditions have other choices.

  Dai Ruqin said that there are two kinds of medicinal powders, one can only be used as medicine, and the other has both medicinal value and edible value, such as common mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, black fungus and so on.

Professor Tu Yaosheng, Dean of Guangdong Second Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, introduced that there are 6 types of beverages with health functions recognized in the world. Among them, green tea, red wine, soy milk, yogurt, and bone soup have long been known to the Chinese, but rarelyIt is known that mushroom soup is as famous as these five drinks and has the effect of improving immunity.

  Flour polysaccharides can “rightify the solid foundation” So, why does edible flour and medicinal powder have health effects as mentioned in “Shen Nong’s Herbal Medicine”?

Dai Ruqin said that modern scientific research found that this is mainly one of the substances called “active polysaccharides” at work.

She introduced that edible phosphoric acid and medicinal starch polysaccharides are known internationally as biological response modifiers, and most of them act directly on the internal transformation of the immune system, which can stimulate the body’s various immune-active cells to mature, differentiate and reproduce, making the bodyThe immune system restores balance or strengthens, thereby achieving the role of immune regulation.

  ”The micron-level effect is first of all its anti-tumor effect, not that it has a direct killing effect on polysaccharides.

Its effect is mainly achieved by stimulating the formation of antibodies, thereby improving and adjusting the active defense system inside the human body, which is similar to the role of “reinforcing and strengthening the body” in Chinese medicine.

Dai Ruqin said.

  For the elderly with frequent hypertension and hyperlipidemia, micron particles also have a regulating effect.

Dai Ruqin said: “Plasma glycerol can increase coronary blood flow to the heart, increase myocardial oxygen supply, reduce blood lipids, and prevent the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.

For example, studies have found that Agaricus blazei polysaccharide can lower blood lipids and improve the body’s ability to resist hypoxia.

In addition, research has confirmed that calcium phosphate has antiviral, hypoglycemic, and antiulcer effects.

“The president of Guangdong Preventive Medicine Association and the former deputy director of Guangdong Provincial Health Department Liu Zoulu reminded at the meeting:” Health supplements have efficacy, and medicines have curative effects. Health supplements cannot replace medicines. Those who need medicines still need to take medicines.
“In autumn, we must pay attention to convergence and sadness. At the meeting, Tu Yaosheng also introduced the way of health in autumn and winter.

He said that from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, autumn is gold in the five elements, and it is a transition stage from heat to cold, that is, “yang disappears and yin grows.”

Because autumn dryness hurts the lungs, in the autumn, care should be taken to prevent the onset of respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, hypertension, and sinusitis. According to experience, ulcerative colitis begins to occur in the fall, and rheumatoid arthritis also loves to be “old accounts” at this time.

“In autumn, we should pay special attention to convergence and sadness, go to bed early, get up early, and live a regular life. When the autumn is hot, strengthen outdoor aerobic exercise and exercise cardiopulmonary function.

“In winter, due to the rise in temperature, myocardial infarction, stroke, ulcer, rheumatism, glaucoma and other diseases, the frail people should pay special attention to keeping warm and preventing disease.

“According to the theory of Chinese medicine, winter belongs to the season of ‘yang qi killing’. You can go to bed early and get up later to get yang yang and solidify yin.

“After getting up in the morning, you can eat some hot porridge such as mutton porridge, glutinous rice, red date and lily porridge to keep your stomach up; continuous cold and cold weather can easily make people feel depressed. You can adjust your mood by jogging, dancing, skating, and playing ball.

5 things that make men psychologically scared

5 things that make men psychologically scared

Men have been associated with the words “fortitude” and “brave” since ancient times. In fact, men also have many psychological fears and worries.

To sum up, there are five main types of male life fears. First, because men’s share of the family’s economic sources and the traditional concept of “making money to support the family” affect each other, the biggest fear of men is in terms of occupation and economy.
  Second, many men often worry about being abandoned.

Men are particularly afraid of the contempt or abandonment of their wives or children after middle age. Therefore, they will be very sensitive to family members when they are disrespectful to them.

  Third, the fear of losing physical health.

Another thing men fear most is the loss of independence and the need to rely on the care of others.

Usually, this kind of situation is easy to happen when the body is sick.

  Fourth, worries about the failure of their children.

The mentality of wishing to become a child is that men are often more eager than women. Middle-aged men are often afraid that their children will not meet their expectations, forming a regular mental burden.

  Fifth, men’s physical strength declines, and their sexual abilities weaken more severely than women’s.

Regarding the various psychological phenomena of appeal, psychologists call it gray mental illness.

Gray mental illness usually occurs in men who are middle-aged. The main manifestations are: mental weakness, depression, and anxiety, but he denies any psychological variation.

  The occurrence of gray mental illness is related to many factors.

In terms of physical function, middle-aged people’s agility has started to decline from the peak state, and they often feel that they can’t do what they want.

In terms of psychological functions, most middle-aged people’s learning and memory abilities have begun to decline, and the changing living environment has made them prone to dullness.

From the perspective of family burden, middle-aged people often have parents and children, and the entertainment and expense of various chores cost time and income, so they often make them feel too stressed to cope.

  So how to overcome the above psychological fear and become a gray mental illness?

First of all, men should pay special attention to their physical health and keep their lives normal and regular.

Essentially, don’t take unnecessary risks, and keep your spirit relatively stable.

In addition, you must learn to cope with stress, face tremendous pressure from your family and society, learn to resolve stress, and cope with stress. This can reduce your psychological burden.

Give you six reasons for morning love

Give you six reasons for “morning love”

In the morning, he is more passionate than usual. The testosterone level in men is higher in the morning. This is a scientific fact. Because he wakes up in the morning to prepare for activities, “Morning Love” may be the most primitive and instinctive need.
At this moment, he will be more fanatical than usual, and it will be easier to reach the state you need.
  ”He always gets up to me very well in the morning. Usually, after enjoying this good time, I can still lie on the bed, waiting for the freshly squeezed juice and bread he prepared for me.
“Miss Wang, 28-year-old accountant In the morning, you can easily reach the climax. The pressure of daily work often reduces the sexual desire, while in the morning, full sleep overnight, you will be refreshed, energetic and carefree.
When you don’t have to think about the work you want to do and the phone you want to reply to, the orgasm usually comes.
  ”When I wake up, it is the most relaxing moment, because I have no pressure and I don’t want anything. For me, morning love is a kind of enjoyment, and my experience of orgasm is mostly experienced in the morning.
”——莫小姐32岁护士  “为了尝试一下晨爱的经历,我和我的男友把闹钟设置比平时提前30分钟,我真不敢相信这半个小时竟有天壤之别,现在我们每周At least twice in the morning sex life.
”——章小姐29岁教师  早上,你可以让你的梦想成真  女性和男性一样,会做很多关于性的梦,如果你曾经心跳加速醒来,引起性欲的梦还记忆犹新,为什么不Let your husband help your dreams come true?
  ”At the time, I woke up from my dreams, and my husband was still asleep, so I slipped under the blanket and awakened him in the hottest way. When he finally woke up, he found that I was expecting him, he was crazy. Needless to say, this is a wonderful experience that we have never experienced before.
” ——陈小姐30岁服装设计师  刚醒来的你,要比平时性感得多  “我最喜欢看到我妻子清晨醒来时的样子,头发凌乱,面无粉饰,脸色特别好,穿着格子The shirt is very real, very natural and very charming.
——Mr. Xu, 35-year-old mechanical engineer “If you are not confident enough, you can also apply makeup, or prepare some perfume, peppermint oil, chewing gum, so that you can be more sexy and more confident.
“Miss Gao, 34-year-old makeup artist. Short-term morning love can also guarantee high quality. Because the morning of the working day is always very busy, the morning love is always very short, but that is not necessarily a bad thing.
  ”A short-term morning love will have a sneaky pleasure that will make you excited and easy to reach a climax.
”——张小姐29岁会计  “开始时我很怀疑晨爱,但我总是工作到很晚,所以我最终决定在早上来一次,我震惊的发现我是多么满足,后来次数多了,每The time is also faster, until the early morning sex becomes an effortless thing.
”——唐小姐33岁编辑  晨爱,一道可口的开胃甜点  你不必担心晨爱会妨碍你晚上的性生活,实际上,晨爱就像一道“开胃甜点”,当你点了它之后,浅尝Will a few mouths leave?
Of course not, appetizing desserts can make you more eager for the arrival of the “main dish.”
  ”When we made love in the morning, I found that it made me look forward to the evening, I will send him a sensational E-mail, prepare a sexy underwear, and our night is always very romantic.
”——Miss Dai, 28-year-old foreign company employee

Autumn health, remember to drink health soup

Autumn health, remember to drink health soup

Autumn is also the most suitable season for health. It is suitable for bowls of soups to adjust the body and strengthen the physique. Various different soups will have different benefits. Let ‘s take a look with the editors below.

The following editors also recommend several health food supplements, which are most suitable for cool autumn consumption.


Ingredients of Yam Pork Ribs Soup: rib ribs, yam, salt, cooking wine, ginger.

  Practice: 1.

Pork ribs dehydrate excess oil and wash with cold water.


Wear gloves to cut the yam and cut into pieces.


Pork ribs, yam, and ginger are added to the pressure cooker and poured into cold water. All ingredients are not included within the water level standard. Pour cooking wine, add salt, and air pressure for 20 minutes.

  Recommended reason: eating yam often can lower blood sugar, promote digestion, and have the effect of prolonging life.


Ingredients for fish tofu soup: two catfish, tofu pieces, ginger slices, one onion, one small pepper, appropriate amount of salt, pepper, cooking methods: 1.

First remove the scales and gills and clean the inside.


Cut the tofu into small pieces, cut the green onion and parsley into segments, and cut the ginger and pepper into segments.


Cover the catfish with rice wine and marinate for 10 minutes.


Put oil in a pan, heat up, add anchovies and fry until golden brown on both sides and remove.


Add water to the pan and add the onion ginger.


When the heat is boiling and the soup is milky, add tofu and simmer for ten minutes.


Add salt 5 minutes before leaving the pot. You can also add pepper and sprinkle with coriander and chili to start the pot.

  Recommended reason: drink bonito tofu soup, clear fire and qi, regulate qi and blood, and promote blood circulation.


Ingredients of winter melon ball soup: a small piece of winter melon, the right amount of pork filling, spring onion, coriander, ginger, soy sauce, salt, starch, cooking wine.

  Practice: 1.

Peel winter melon and cut into hobs for spare, chopped onion and ginger, and parsley.


Put the onion ginger into the meat, add two spoons of starch, one spoon of soy sauce, one spoon of cooking wine, and stir in one direction until it becomes sticky.


Boil water in the pot, turn to low heat when the water is boiling, use a spoon to form the meatballs into a round shape, and then lower to the pot. Put all the meatballs into the small balls and put them in the pot.Until the meatballs are ripe.


Put the sliced melon slices in and continue cooking.

  5. After the melon color becomes transparent, add some salt to the pan.

  Recommended reason: Winter melon can lower blood sugar and blood pressure. Winter melon ball soup tastes good, and it can be beauty if you eat it often.

Ingredients for Tremella syrup soup: a small amount of Tremella, 1 pear, rock sugar, medlar.

  Practice: 1.

Wash your hair with tremella.


Peel and core the pears, cut into small pieces, and goji berries ready for use.


Boil water in a casserole and add Tremella after the water is boiling.


After boiling, cover and simmer for 1 hour on medium-low heat.


After the white fungus in the pan begins to stick, the washed wolfberry is poured in.


Add pears, add rock sugar, and continue to simmer over low heat.


Stew on medium heat for half an hour and serve immediately.

  Recommended reason: Everyone knows that Sydney can nourish the lungs and cough, and Tremella is a heat-clearing and stomach-protecting, liver-protecting and detoxifying agent.

Horizontal comparison of four baby soaps

Horizontal comparison of four baby soaps

First, foreword to the comments For the baby, because their skin is softer than adults, the cuticle is thinner, and the secretion of sebaceous glands is poor, so the ability of the skin to resist external invasions is naturally greatly reduced.

Coupled with the strong metabolism of little babies, the sweat-soaked skin can easily cause pore clogging and bacterial infection if the skin penetrated by sweat is not cleaned in time, and children in this cold and hot room are more likely to provoke coldSuffering from a cold.

You can see how important it is to keep your child’s skin clean.

  As one of the most common and widely used personal washing products, soap has its own advantages and disadvantages.

It is a product made from fatty acid sodium and other surfactants as the main raw materials, added with quality improvers and appearance improvers.

  The detergency of soap is determined by the fatty acids contained in the soap. A certain fatty acid makes the skin surface dirt into small particles and replaces water.

After the soap is dissolved, the sodium in the soap is alkaline. The alkaline soap aqueous solution is relatively dry on the skin surface. However, the alkaline alkalinity in the soap can soften the aged cuticle, so the alkalinity in the soap must be retained.However, when washing your face with soap, wash the soap on your skin thoroughly.

  However, we found that it is difficult to grind the good and bad quality of the soap from the appearance. When selecting, the price and actual experience are mainly used to distinguish the grades.

The flakes of high-grade soap are exquisite, tight, rich in foam, rich and pleasant, and make people feel refreshed after use.

Pay attention to the trademark on the package when purchasing, and the manufacturer and factory address marked in Chinese.

  Experts point out that there are many types of soap products on the market, but according to the composition of their raw materials, they can be divided into soap-based (type I), soap containing sodium fatty acid, additives and complex (type 0).

According to the use function of the product, it can be divided into baby-specific soap, emollient soap, medicinal soap, transparent soap and liquid soap.

  Today, our evaluation products are four baby soaps. They are: Baby Care Soft Soap, German NUK Baby Transparent Soap, Pigeon Baby Transparent Soap, Johnson & Johnson Baby Soap.

  Care for baby soft skin soap German parent-child baby transparent soap Johnson Johnson baby soap II. Appearance, smell and price In terms of the appearance of independent packaging, Pigeon and NUK are transparent pastes with unique shapes. Pigeons are round. NUK is especially humanThe shape of the cute little feet is especially in line with the shape of the human hand, suitable for pinch and not easy to slip off; the design of care and Johnson & Johnson is relatively ordinary.

  Below, let’s look at the specifications and prices of the four baby soaps together through the chart: In order to facilitate the comparison of netizens, we have specially produced a unit price analysis comparison chart shown below: From the figure, we can see that the most expensive unit is Pigeon,The cheaper is Johnson & Johnson.

Price, product and product effect are not necessarily related. Moms can choose according to their financial ability.

  The next thing to do is the odor comparison. We invited six enthusiastic volunteers. Their personal experience is as follows: very obvious, the scent is one of the highest pigeons, it has a light scent of candy, and the fragrance is fresh and pleasant.

  Third, easy solubility, foam fineness, cleansing ability comparison 1, easy to use soap, I believe everyone will experience the soap can not be dissolved, good quality soap, after contact with the skin dissolves and distributes on the skin surface, thus cleaning and protectingThe effect of the skin, if the soap is poorly soluble, multiple replacements will cause waste, and more serious is that there is no sufficient amount to clean and protect.

  Evaluation method: 1. Take 2 g of each paste; 2. Put it in a petri dish and add 20 ml of distilled water to completely soak the paste in distilled water.

  3. In an environment with a temperature of 24 degrees Celsius and a humidity of 40%, wait 30 minutes to observe the degree of dissolution of the soap.

  According to the picture above, and the volunteers ‘personal experience, in terms of solubility, once strong to weak it is Pigeon, NUK, Johnson & Johnson, and care.

  2. Fineness of foam Foam is an important medium to absorb metabolic waste, dust and other dirty things in the skin during the cleaning process.

  As the first step in skin care, people often mistakenly think that the more foam, the cleanliness of the skin will come. In fact, otherwise, what really cleanses the skin is the surfactant in the foam.

The foam of high-quality soap should be delicate, that is, the foam is small and dense, and it should be moisturized when applied on the face.

Although a lot of inferior soaps are rich in foam, they are mostly rough and easy to rupture. This shows that the soap-based ingredients in the product are used instead of high-quality surfactants. If the alkaline is too strong, the cleanliness and moisturizing effect will be greatly reduced.

  Below, let’s take a look at the foam amount and foam fineness of these four baby soaps, and perform a horizontal evaluation method: 1. Squeeze the same amount of soap on the moist cleansing cotton.

  2. Rub the cleansing cotton back and forth with medium intensity for 30 seconds.

  3. Observe whether the product is easy to dissolve in water, release the foam components and its fineness.

  We know that the regular use of soap will wash away the natural oils from the skin and make the skin dry.

Your baby’s skin is delicate, so you need to pay special attention to the choice of soap.

Keep both cleaning and moisturizing in mind.

  Cleaning ability evaluation method: Use a blue ballpoint pen to draw a straight line of about two centimeters in length on the skin of the back of the hand with a uniform strength to ensure that the results of 10 scratches are the same. Then use an equal amount of cleansing milk to clean the scratches separately.Knead for 20 seconds, the cleanest scratch is, the stronger the cleaning power is, the score is continuous, and vice versa.

  This round recruited 5 trials and experienced the clear effects of the four baby soaps in a serious and responsible manner. The scores are as follows (out of 10 points): 4. pH and moisturizing performance. Evaluation summary 1. The pH soap must be kept constant.Alkaline ability and the effect of hydrolyzing the skin oil, dirt; the skin itself has a neutralizing effect, the alkaline soap will not cause damage; think the quality of the soap mainly depends on the content of fatty acid sodium salt in the soap, which is effectiveThe content of ingredients.

  ”Statistics from China Laundry Industry Association show that domestic residents consume approximately 18 soaps every year.

It is undeniable that soap has played an important role in our cleansing of the skin, and the increasingly humanized design has also made the soap into more and more detailed functions, such as sterilization, skin care, etc.

Well, recently we also saw such a message in a TV commercial saying, “The pH value of good soap must be neutral to not irritate the skin.”

“But without careful observation of consumers, it will be found that the pH value is not found on the outer packaging of the soap, so why are there many publicity about the pH value of soap?

Is the pH value the criterion for good soap?   Experts from China Washing Products Industry Association pointed out that the pH value is actually used to replace the acidity or alkalinity of a substance. Generally speaking, a pH value less than 7 represents acidity; a pH value greater than 8 represents alkalinityInitially, between 7 and 8 is a kind of neutral.

Since soap is used to wash and clean acidic substances such as grease, dirt and so on the surface of the skin, in order to achieve this purpose, the soap must maintain a certain alkalinity during the production process.

However, the neutral pH value of soap in some advertisements is that good soap is not scientific enough. It is believed that the quality of soap mainly depends on the content of fatty acid sodium salt in the soap, that is, the content of active ingredients in the soap. Therefore, as long as it isQualified soaps sold in the market meet the requirements for safe use by the human body.

  So one side is alkaline soap, and the other side is alkaline and acidic skin. In order to defend the smooth skin, we reasonably hope that the cleaning products can cause the least damage to the skin.Is it worth it?

  Experts point out that human skin is acidic under normal conditions, but in different parts, different ages, and different seasons, different people have different PH values.

Therefore, when we choose soap, it is not necessary, and it is impossible to choose this soap that completely matches the skin pH value.

The soap itself is a detergent, which can be washed away soon after contacting the skin, and the skin itself has some ability to regulate acid and alkali, and it can also neutralize acid and alkali quickly.

The pH of human skin is 5.

5 to 7.

It ranges from 0. After using cleansing products, part of the oil on the skin surface is taken away, and a short-term discomfort will occur. This is a normal phenomenon, especially with people, hands, feet and joints, because the skin in these areas is obvious.The pH is slightly higher, but the skin pH of the head, chest, and back is slightly lower, so the discomfort will not be obvious.

Experts also tell us that whether it is moisturizing skin care or bactericidal and antibacterial, the newly developed function of soap just adds relevant scores to the product, and the PH value has not changed.

  Scoring method: 1) Take 2g of each paste, add distilled water 2) Stir the distilled water and toothpaste thoroughly to make a toothpaste solution.

  3) Use precision test paper (5.


0) Add it to the toothpaste solution and measure its pH.

  2. The soap with good moisturizing ability test is composed of vegetable oils and high moisturizing ingredients that are very similar to the skin composition; the balanced formula does not take away the sebum of infants and infants while cleaning the skin, and can keep the skin moisturized and effectively moisturize the babyYoung children’s delicate skin and maintain good health; has affinity with delicate skin.

  Evaluation method: 1) Measure the initial moisture data on the back of the hand; 2) Wash with baby soap separately; 3) After 10 minutes, measure again with a skin moisture meter, and judge its moisturizing ability by comparing the data.

  The above data is the second moisture data obtained after washing the skin with soap. The initial skin moisture test data is 29.


It can be seen that according to the strength of the moisturizing performance, the order is: Johnson & Johnson, nuk, pigeon, and care.

  4. Evaluation Summary Nowadays, most families have only one baby, which is extremely expensive. In terms of choosing baby supplies, parents are very careful and willing to take it, but in fact, the most important thing is not how much money is spent for the baby.Or even really choose a product that’s right for your baby.

  The horizontal comparison evaluation of the four baby soaps is over. Through comprehensive evaluation from appearance, odor, cost performance, solubility, foam condition, cleaning ability, moisturizing performance, pH value and other aspects, the star soap is finally: Pigeon BabiesTransparent soap.

  Reasons for the award: Among all products, Pigeon Baby Transparent Soap has a warm and cute heart design, and the transparent soap body is deeply loved by mothers. Moreover, this product has a number of tests such as foam, cleaning ability, ph test, moisturizing balance ability, etc.Zhongdu ranks high, is almost deeply cleansed, and maintains and moisturizes the skin, becoming the winner of a comprehensive paradigm.

Insomnia is a disease 6 kinds of medicated diet to treat

Insomnia is a disease 6 kinds of medicated diet to treat

Click to buy to experience the accelerated pace of life, coupled with improper integration of work and rest, people’s spirit is often in a state of tension, causing insomnia problems, which has brought a lot of pain and annoyance.

Although taking sleeping pills can temporarily relieve the trouble of insomnia, the so-called “three poisons of the medicine”, long-term use will bring side effects and will cause drug dependence.

In the past, the effect of regulating sleep can be achieved through dietary conditioning in daily life.

  The raw material of lily porridge and jujube porridge for treating insomnia includes 20 grams of lily, 20 jujubes, 50 grams of green beans, and 50 grams of rice.

The method is to cook mung beans to half-boiled, add lily, red dates and rice, and then cook into porridge to eat.

Morning and evening.

Lily clears and calms the nerves, red dates nourish the stomach and strengthen the spleen, and mung beans clear away heat and annoyance.

People who suffer from insomnia in summer and menopause are accompanied by palpitations, upsets, hot flashes, and spontaneous sweating.

  Polygala jujube porridge 15g, Stir-fried jujube kernel 10g, previous rice 75g, previously rice was washed, put in an appropriate amount of water pot, add washed polygala, jujube kernel, boil over high heat and cook with low heat to make porridge for consumption.

This porridge has the effect of calming the nerves and invigorating the brain, and can prevent the consternation, insomnia and forgetfulness caused by blood deficiency in the elderly.

  Quail wolfberry porridge with 10 quail eggs, 15g wolfberry, and 15g walnut kernels. Steam the quail eggs to remove the shell, soak the wolfberry for several minutes, stir-fry the walnut kernels, and crush them. Add the right amount of rice to slow-cook the porridge.

This porridge has the effect of nourishing yin and nourishing blood, nourishing the heart and soothe the nerves.

Applicable to heart and spleen deficiency insomnia.

  The ingredients of gentian porridge are 10 grams of gentian, 20 grams of bamboo leaves, and 100 grams of previous rice.

The method is to add water to cook the gentian and bamboo leaves, take the juice and replace it with water, add the previous rice to make porridge, and take it for breakfast.

In the porridge, gentian diarrhea relieves liver and reduces fire, and bamboo leaves clear the heart and remove annoyance.

He had insomnia and irritability, red eyes, bitter mouth, yellow urine, and constipation. It belongs to those who have liver depression and fire.

  Raw Rehmannia porridge is made from 30 grams of Rehmannia Dioscorea, 20 grams of fried Sour Jujube Kernel, and 60 grams of previous rice.

The practice is to fry the ground first, pick jujube kernels, remove the juice and remove the residue, and add the previous rice porridge to the breakfast in the morning.

The raw ground yellow clears the heat and nourishes yin, and the jujube kernel is calming and calming.

May suffer from insomnia and upset, palpitations, dizziness, tinnitus, backache dreams, five upsets and fever, belong to Yin deficiency and fire.

  Shuangren Porridge Sour Jujube Kernel 10g, Baiziren 10g, Red Jujube 10, rice amount, boiled porridge with water, take on an empty stomach.

It has the effect of nourishing the spleen and nourishing the heart, strengthening the stomach and nourishing qi.

This porridge is suitable for insomnia of heart and spleen deficiency.

Health is science and art


Health is science and art

From ancient myths and legends to vast literature and classics, you can explore the “learning” and “surgery” of health.

Beyond the scope of human beings, health is the protective instinct that the creatures have formed in the process of evolution. Since the human beings, the practice of health has become a human civilization, and this civilization will surely benefit all living beings.

In the “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic”, the health is called “Taosheng”, because the creature is born with the laws of nature, and is called “Daosheng” according to the Tao.

“Tao” is eternal, so “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” says “so it is possible to live in the world, there is no end time”, and it is also the so-called “death without death”.

The noble realm does not pursue the persistence of the flesh. As the saying goes, the aspirations are not high in the year, and there is no ambition to live a hundred years.

Not for the sake of longevity, only to improve the quality of life, moderately meet the needs of material and spiritual life, in order to “finish the end of the year, to be 100 years old.”

銆€銆€In the “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic”, our ancestors summed up the practical experience and rose to the theory, forming the “Huang Laozhi”, which is the traditional health education represented by the Yellow Emperor and Lao Tzu.

In history, doctors, Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, Wu, and art have their own self-cultivation, and they all belong to the scope of health culture.

In comparison, the contribution rate of doctors and Taoists to health care.

For example, the doctor’s diet medicated diet, guide the vomiting, acupuncture cream; Taoist food, think, room and so on.

The term “health” has been seen in the ancient Shumeng medical books unearthed from Mawangdui. There are a large number of health books such as “Health Prescription”, “Gu Gu Shi Qi”, “Guide Map” and so on.

The famous doctor of the Tang Dynasty, Sun Sizhen, had the “Qian Jin Fang”, fusion medicine, Confucianism, Taoism, interpretation, and miscellaneous families in a furnace, and established a complete system of health education.

In Taoism, health care and health care are also concentrated.

Ge Hong, a doctor-and-doctoral educator, said well in his masterpiece “Bao Puzi”: “Where a health-care person wants to make more senses and desires, and seeing and making good choices, and partial training, it is not enough.”

From a modern point of view, health science should be a comprehensive discipline that draws on multidisciplinary research and is used to preserve human life and health.

Western Lalongde’s health theory holds that human health is determined by biological characteristics, living environment and lifestyle, and social health care system.

The traditional health care viewpoint is also just right, “Nei Jing, Su Wen, Qi Daochang”: “The husband, the astronomy, the geography, the knowledge of human affairs, can last for a long time.”

“For the excessive pursuit and indulgence of modern people, I believe that the key is that people should consciously trigger psychology and behavior. This is the art of self-cultivation.

A psychology professor at the University of Oldenburg in Germany said that the future of medicine is the medicine that humans learn to use their brains to treat themselves.

Our ancestors have long said that “the body has its own long-lived medicine, why bother to break through the demand”, CCTV technology light reports, foreign scientists found that people are a big drugstore.

This is not surprising. “Control Theory” believes that the human body is the most complicated and sensitive automatic adjustment system. Control is the choice. As long as there is no “should be stunned”, it will inevitably choose a healthy and longevity road.

From the macroscopically correct and correct direction, the microscopic human body will be automatically completed again.

Health needs medicine, but it must not rely on medicine. All high technology is inseparable from the soul.

The soul contains infinite potential, and the sublimation of the soul depends on the art of life, and in the light of the light of science and technology, it goes to the kingdom of freedom.