Chronic chronic inflammation diet

Chronic chronic inflammation diet

Click to buy chronic pharyngitis is a throat disease that bleeds too many people. The incidence of chronic pharyngitis is related to daily life and diet.

In addition to taking medication for chronic pharyngitis, it can also relieve the condition through diet conditioning.

Let’s take a look at these food treatments that help dialysis of chronic pharyngitis.

  If you have chronic pharyngitis, try these diet recipes1.

Duck egg shallot soup: 2 duck eggs, shallots (even white), boiled in the right amount of water, mixed with sugar, moderated, eat egg soup.

Once daily for several days.


Fig rock sugar water: 30 grams of figs (dry), moderate amount of rock sugar, take in boiling sugar water.

Once daily for several days.

Ophiopogon white lotus soup: Ophiopogon and white lotus 12 grams each, the right amount of rock sugar, stewed with water, replace tea.


Juice Honey Dew: Wash the right amount of lotus root, squeeze 100 grams of juice, add 20 grams of honey, and mix well.

Once daily for several days.

Lily banana juice: 15 grams of lily, 2 bananas (peeled), moderate amount of rock sugar, stew with water, eat bananas with juice.


Ginseng mulberry juice: 12 grams of ginseng, 15 grams of mulberry fruit, moderate amount of rock sugar, cook with water, eat mulberry juice.


Lily and mung bean soup: 20 grams of mung beans, 15 grams of lily, moderate amount of rock sugar, cook with water, drink soup and eat lily mung beans.

Once daily for several days.

Olive reed tea: 4 olives (green fruit), 30 grams of reed root, fry two and a half bowls of water to a bowl, remove the slag tea.


Xuanmai Gantang Soup: 12 grams of black ginseng, 12 grams of Ophiopogon, 3 grams of licorice, 6 grams of bellflower, brewed tea with boiling water.

Depression at work has become a common problem in the workplace

Depression at work has become a common problem in the workplace

It stands to reason that it is understandable to find a job, have great psychological pressure and feel depressed.

However, the reality is that people who are unhappy when they cannot find a job and who are already working in the workplace are also not happy.

At present, there are various psychological problems in the workplace, which have seriously affected the mental health of office workers.

  Office workers generally have a poor mental state. According to a survey on the mental health of workers in the workplace, about 90% of workers in the mainland say they are not happy, and those who “feel good at work” cannot even reach Chengdu.

The survey showed that the initial unhappy white-collar workers turned into “confusion and no future direction”, “expenses are too low and raises are hopeless” and “cannot reflect their ability and value.”

At the same time, office workers who think “the job is painful and want to change it” account for almost half of the total number of surveys.

  In the workplace, work pressure, competition pressure, interpersonal pressure, and other pressures are all forced to work in the office, in this mentally struggling situation, if you do not relax in time, it is difficult to get mental health without problems.

  Several methods help office workers to imitate Ah Q.

The spiritual victory method proposed by Mr. Lu Xun is very effective in dealing with many disputes and pressures in the workplace. When encountering frustrations, you may wish to relax and let the depressed mood disappear.

  Embrace nature.

Let the physiology return to the embrace of Mother Nature, the fresh air, and the beautiful scenery can refresh you, completely abandon your troubles, and restore mental health.

  Yoga meditation.

With gentle and slow movements to enhance the strength of muscles, while improving physical fitness, comprehensively adjust the psychological state to achieve a peaceful and calm mental state.

  Diet conditioning.

Vitamin C supplementation can balance mental stress and maintain mental health. There are many foods that supplement vitamin C, including tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, sesame, and various fruits.

  Worry can hurt you. In a market economy with so much competitive pressure, it is difficult to choose a job that is completely satisfactory to you.

Since you can’t choose what you love, it’s better to love what you choose.

When you calm down your mind and keep your mental health at all times, you usually won’t worry much anymore.

  Our online experts have rich experience in psychological adjustment and counseling. If you have some psychological problems and distresses and do n’t know how to be good, do n’t hinder telling us to listen, we will help you analyze and give you opinions, maybe it may be your future life andWork inspired.

Antiemetic medicine prescription for cancer patients

Antiemetic medicine prescription for cancer patients

The dietetic experts aimed at the symptoms of cancer patients with vomiting during treatment, formulated the following antiemetic medicated diet, and successfully corrected the clinical practice, and obtained good results: Xiaomi Jiao Guo Ba San[composition]Xiaomi Jiao Guo Ba 500 grams, brown sugar 30 grams.

[Manufacturing method]Roasted the ground noodles with millet coke, and use brown sugar water to make it.

[Usage]Take with meal.

[Efficacy]digestion and stagnation.

It is suitable for stasis caused by overeating cereals, anorexia and nausea.

  Vinegar Soaked Ginger Drink[Composition]20g ginger, 200ml vinegar, 20g brown sugar.

[Preparation method]Wash and slice ginger first, and soak it in vinegar for 24 hours.

Take 3 slices when eating, add brown sugar, brew with boiling water, and soak for 10 minutes.

[Usage]Drink frequently on behalf of tea.

[Efficacy]It can dissolve the stomach and relieve phlegm and detoxify.

Dietary recipes for both constipation and weight loss


Dietary recipes for both constipation and weight loss

Constipation is now common, especially among Japanese women.

Although there are drug advertisements for women with constipation posted everywhere outside pharmacies or restaurants.

But everyone knows that “it’s a three-drug poison,” which will inevitably make people doubtful.

The following is a set of recipes for constipation for women dedicated to this phenomenon, which is said to be summarized based on personal experience, so it has been welcomed by many people.

At the same time, it can cure constipation, and it is said that it has wonderful effects on weight loss.

  This set of recipes mainly includes the following foods: 1. Laver sesame rice, cut 100 grams of roasted laver into filaments, and then roll 120 grams of black sesame and 120 grams of white sesame with a rolling pin.

Stir these 3 ingredients together and store in a bottle. Stir one or two scoops with rice for each meal.

Mr. Fukuzawa explained that seaweed is rich in carotene, calcium, potassium, iron and other nutrients, which can promote gastrointestinal movement; sesame is rich in amino acids, dietary fiber and minerals, which can promote bowel movements.

  Tips: 460 mg of magnesium per 100 grams of laver can be said to be “a treasure house of magnesium”.

Studies show that eating laver every day prevents cardiovascular disease.

  2. The method of mixing vinegar with cabbage is to add 500 grams of cabbage to some salt and simmer it in boiling water.

Let the cooked vegetables cool, squeeze out the water, cut into pieces, and mix a cup of vinegar, 1/2 cup of broth, two spoons of wine, 1/2 spoon of salt, and boil to make a soup.

After the soup becomes cold, pour it into a sealed bottle with cabbage and store it for one day.

Cabbage is rich in multi-vitamins and fiber supplements to enhance gastrointestinal motility.

  3. Pickle lotus root with vinegar, add lotus root, add appropriate amount of sugar, salt, vinegar and sesame oil according to personal taste and mix well.

Store the mixed lotus root in a sealed bottle, and take out some side dishes every day.

Mr. Fukuzawa said that lotus root can clear off the internal organs, prevent the stool from compacting, stimulate the intestinal wall, and prevent constipation.

  4. Cut the 300g kelp into shredded oil, and cook it with boiling water. After 100g of soy beans are cooked with water, let the kelp and soy beans cool, control the moisture, and then add salt, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, and shallots.Just fine.

Kelp is rich in dietary fiber, which can promote resonance peristalsis and increase defecation. Unsaturated fatty acids in soybeans can promote defecation, while rich dietary fiber can absorb intestinal moisture and increase defecation.

  Japanese women are prone to constipation: 1. Patience means that Japanese women pay too much attention to their elegance and have high requirements for hygiene. Few people urinate in toilets outside the home, which leads to constipation.

  2. Partial eclipse Japanese women lose weight and absorb less food, so that there are too few food residues in the body, which makes it difficult to have a will.

  3, female hormone female hormone progesterone inhibits large bowel activity caused by constipation.

Chinese medicine recommends 5 types of diet porridge

Chinese medicine recommends 5 types of diet porridge

Office workers face the computer for more than 5 hours every day at work and go home to continue to sit in front of the computer for entertainment. After a long time, they are prone to dry and uncomfortable eyes, even dryness, photophobia, and blurred vision.

Here, Xiaobian recommends 5 eye-friendly diet porridges suitable for summer, so that everyone can eat and maintain their eyes in food.

  The computer screen is composed of small fluorescent dots. These fluorescent dots are flickering. To see clearly, we need to constantly adjust our eyes.

We don’t feel it ourselves, but it really exists, and our eyes are prone to fatigue if we adapt to it.

When typing, the eyes are constantly showing, the screen and keyboard are changing, and the focus and distance of the eyes are constantly adjusted, which will also make the eyes feel tired.

In order to improve the interference effects of computers on eyes and health, in addition to work and rest, food therapy is also important.

  Radish porridge 60 grams of carrots, 20 grams of chrysanthemums, 30 grams of previous rice, green onions, salt, monosodium glutamate, and sesame oil; wash and slice the carrots and put them in a dish for later use.

Add the right amount of chrysanthemums, fry them twice, boil for 20 minutes, combine the two repetitions (about 500 ml), and cook porridge with carrots and rice. When the porridge is hot, add onions, salt, and sesame oil seasoning, and you can eatclothes.
  15 grams of cassia cassia porridge, 10 grams of chrysanthemum, 10 grams of wolfberry, 100 grams of rice, porridge with rock sugar, once a day.

The porridge can also be added with some honey when taking it, which can increase its intestinal moisturizing effect, and wolfberry also has eye-catching effects.

  Pork liver and mung bean porridge 100 grams of fresh pork liver, 60 grams of mung beans, 100 grams of rice, salt, MSG each amount.

Wash the mung beans and rice, boil in the same pot on a high heat and slowly boil over low heat. When it is cooked to eight, put the sliced or stripped pork liver in the pot and cook it together, then seasonServe.

This kind of porridge nourishes the liver and nourishes blood, clears the heat and brightens the eyes, is beautiful and moisturizing, and can be radiant.

  30 grams of mulberry porridge, 60 grams of glutinous rice, moderate sugar.

Wash the mulberries and cook them with glutinous rice. After cooking, add rock sugar.

The porridge can nourish the liver and nourish blood, improve eyesight, and be used for dizziness caused by liver deficiency and kidney deficiency, insomnia and more dreams, tinnitus, backache, and early whiteness.

  Dry yam porridge can be 30 grams, 50 grams of glutinous rice.

Yam, glutinous rice plus moderate sugar and porridge.

Make it warm for breakfast and dinner.

The porridge nourishes the spleen and stomach, nourishes the lungs and nourishes the kidney and solidifies the essence.

Suitable for spleen deficiency diarrhea, kidney deficiency nocturnal emission, chronic chronic diarrhea, exhaustion cough, insufficient blood and qi, lack of appetite, dry mouth and happy drinking, and constipation.

  In addition, attention should be paid to correct posture, and the sitting posture should be correct and comfortable during operation.

The center of the computer screen should be installed on the same horizontal line as the operator, and the distance between the eyes and the screen should be 40-50 cm. It is best to use a chair that can adjust the height.

During the operation, you should often blink or rest your eyes for a while to adjust and improve vision and prevent vision loss.

  In order to protect your eyesight, in addition to taking regular breaks and paying attention to supplementing foods rich in vitamin A, it is best to pay attention to the distance, often do eye exercises to ensure adequate sleep time.

A light should be sufficient: the light should be sufficient and comfortable, the light is too weak and the font will not be clear and will be seen closer and closer.

Summer infants pay attention to scorpion scorpion skillfully use melons and vegetables to cure scorpions


Summer infants pay attention to scorpion scorpion skillfully use melons and vegetables to cure scorpions

The use of melons and fruits to treat watermelons and watermelons has the effect of clearing away heat and relieving heat, cooling blood and quenching thirst, and can prevent the occurrence of lice.

Watermelon skin is a traditional Chinese medicine called “Watermelon Cuiyi”.

Wash the watermelon slices and slice the soup, or make a range, and eat it for a long time. It also has a good effect on preventing lice.

Wipe the affected area with watermelon rind, rub it every time to rub red, rub 2 every day?
3 times, the second day will be effective.

Cucumber and cucumber have the effect of clearing away heat and digesting water, detoxifying and reducing inflammation.

Paste on the affected area with raw cucumber juice or cucumber slices, 2?
3 times can penetrate the pain relief, itching effect, this method is especially suitable for children.

Bitter gourd bitter gourd can increase appetite, clear heat and relieve heat, and eating bitter gourd can prevent the occurrence of lice.

Fresh bitter gourd leaves, wash, smash, wring, apply to the affected area.

It is better to apply the green bitter melon sheet.

Slice the bitter gourd and rub the bitter melon with the juice to the scorpion, one at a time, one at a time.

Winter melon winter melon has the effect of clearing away heat and relieving thirst.

The amount of melon is peeled, the melon is peeled, washed, sliced, and the affected area is rubbed outside to cure the scorpion.

For those who have itchy pain, slice the melon with borneol and gently rub the affected area with talcum powder several times a day to prevent inflammation and itching.

Loofah and loofah have the effect of cooling blood and detoxifying, clearing away heat and removing troubles. Summer food can prevent lice.

Wash the fresh loofah leaves, smash the juice, and take the juice from the absorbent cotton ball to rub the affected area, 3 times a day?
6 times, 2 days for a course of treatment, can cure lice.

Ginger ginger has the effects of detoxification, anti-inflammatory, dampness, and blood circulation. At the same time, it has certain antibacterial and anti-protozoal effects. Therefore, rubbing the skin with a ginger sheet can cure the lice.

Three bean soup will add mung bean, red bean, black bean 10 grams each to add 600 ml of water, simmer into 300 ml of small fire, eat bean soup.

This soup has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying, spleen and dampness, and is a health care product for summer flood control.

If you take it from the summer, it is expected to be beneficial to implant tweezers.

The purslane purslane is appropriate, boiled water, scrubbed the scorpion, once in the morning and evening, after rubbing the second time, the scorpion begins to subside, wiped three times, the scorpion disappeared.

Purslane, leaves are oblate, purple stems, roadside.

Found on the grass.

Fig leaf 5 fresh fig leaves, add about 750 ml of water, boiling water for 20 minutes, and when the temperature is cooled to 37 掳 C -40 掳 C, use the towel to fry the potion to warm the affected area, usually only 2-3 days can be effective.

The way of health in winter Thin clothes to protect the cold

The way of health in winter “Thin clothes to protect the cold”

Winter health care, “thin clothes to protect the cold” is also a good way to maintain health.
Below, we will introduce you to the specific considerations for winter thin clothes to keep out the cold, and you should not miss the health care.
銆€銆€Excessive warmth will reduce the body’s immunity. Excessive warmth will reduce the body’s immunity, making people stay in the “greenhouse flowers” for a long time, becoming vulnerable and vulnerable.
“Thin clothing to protect the cold” is also a way of health, body heat, children can be properly frozen, but pay attention to cold resistance while not being affected by the cold.
銆€銆€Days pass by, and the eyes have quietly crossed the lunar calendar “big snow” and marched toward the “winter solstice” step by step.
Cold and warm, this is a four-character rumor that Western medicine, especially cardiovascular, emergency department, pediatrics, and respiratory doctors must repeatedly chanting with patients every winter.
However, some experts have suggested that for those who are overheated, or those who have no cardiovascular problems, as well as young children, the appropriate “freezing and freezing” in the winter will help to strengthen immunity.
銆€銆€Cold is not terrible, and adaptation to the environment is human instinct.
鎸ㄥ喕鍜屼繚鏆栧苟闈炲畬鍏ㄧ殑鍖诲姝т箟锛岃€屾槸閽堝涓嶅悓浣撹川銆佸勾榫勩€佽韩浣撴潯浠剁殑浜虹兢锛屾彁鍑虹殑鍏蜂綋涓€у寲瑕佹眰锛屸€樺喕鈥欏苟闈炰汉浜鸿兘鎺ュ彈锛岀浉搴旂殑锛屸€樻殩鈥欎篃涓嶈寰楀姣廔ndividuals are good.
Excessive warmth will reduce the body’s immunity, making people stay in the state of ‘greenhouse flowers’ for a long time, becoming vulnerable and vulnerable.
“Thin clothing to protect the cold” is also a way to maintain health, but how to exercise cold-resistant while not being affected by the cold, is indeed the door technology.
銆€銆€灏忓効灏戠┛涓€浠跺ソ杩囧绌夸竴浠躲€€銆€鍒鍐ぉ锛屽氨鏄槬绉嬪鑺傦紝涔熺粡甯稿彲浠ョ湅鍒板緢澶氱埗姣嶅枩娆㈠皢瀛╁瓙绱х揣鈥樻崅浣忊€欙紝浼间箮姘歌繙閮芥瘮澶т汉澶氱┛涓€浠舵垨澶氱洊涓€灞傦紝I am afraid that my child will accidentally catch a cold.
銆€銆€Japanese children have been trying to spend the autumn and winter in shorts or short skirts since they were very young. Although we do not advocate knee joints in cold climates, this concept can still be used for reference. After the infants leave the mother, they need to gradually adapt to the outside world.Changes in cold and warm, adjust your body temperature, if you start to over-warm from the sputum, do not resist freezing, will be more delicate in the future, the chance of catching a cold is greater.
銆€銆€Adolescents and children are at the peak of growth and development, and the body’s metabolism is much faster than that of adults, so the body surface heat is very volatile, which is why the child is sweating after a little activity.
If the clothes are worn too much, sweating is continuous and not changed in time, the body fluids are excessively consumed, and the cold wind blows down and may become sick.
銆€銆€Therefore, for young children, parents don’t have to be too careful to make their clothes lighter and better. Even if you have a cold, don’t be too nervous. After all, Guangzhou’s winter is not cold, if his body adapts to a certain age.The cold air stimulation is beneficial to its habitual resistance to severe cold in the future.
Moreover, this can gradually improve the cold resistance of the child’s skin and nasal mucosa, and is also beneficial to the future physical fitness.
銆€銆€However, if the child’s head, chest, etc. are more likely to be upset and hot inside, but the child’s abdomen must be kept warm, because many children have a spleen-stomach phenomenon, when cold air directly stimulates the abdomen,May cause abdominal pain, which can damage the function of the spleen and stomach, so that the spleen and stomach can not operate normally.
Therefore, “warm warm” is still an important part of children’s winter health care.
銆€銆€The old man’s morning exercise or winter swimming is not too strong. Although the winter swimming can really keep fit, but the elderly who have not had such experience should not try it easily, so that the body can’t adapt to sudden cold stimulation and get sick.
銆€銆€鈥淐old and warm鈥?is not suitable for all elderly people. For those without cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension and atherosclerosis, cold-resistant exercise can also be tried.
Winter swimming has a certain mass base in both the north and the south of China. It is often seen that the old man who is over seventy years old still swims barefoot.
銆€銆€However, there are not a few winter swimmers who send medical doctors every year. This kind of extreme cold-resistant exercise is common to swimming techniques, or people who are used to washing their faces with hot water and never tried cold water baths.Not easy to try.
Experts say that cold-resistant exercise must be gradual, and should not arbitrarily challenge the ultimate strength that you are not sure.
銆€銆€Winter morning exercises should also pay attention to personal conditions. People who climb mountains every day in summer are not necessarily suitable for winter uphill.
If you have had facial paralysis or cardiovascular disease, and those who have asthma and cough in the body, it is best not to exercise outdoors in the colder morning, and the temperature on the mountain is lower, increasing the risk of illness.
銆€銆€If you want to “tame” the low-temperature climate, healthy people can wash their faces and wash their hands from cold water. In the long run, they can increase their resistance and reduce the number of colds.
In the process of 鈥渢aming鈥?cold, the elderly will naturally increase oxygen consumption and increase the basal metabolic rate. The high level of heat production can last for several months, which is good for longevity.
銆€銆€Those with better physical temperament are more suitable for cold-resistant training than those with qi-deficiency and yang deficiency. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, people with moderate physical temperament are more suitable for cold-resistant training than those with cold constitution and qi deficiency and yang deficiency.
The cold is available to the former, but it is a threat to the latter.
銆€銆€Those who are too hot will not feel uncomfortable when they are stimulated by the same degree of cold. On the contrary, they will feel very comfortable. For those with cold constitution, once they are slightly stimulated by cold, they may have many digestive tract reactions such as diarrhea and abdominal pain.
銆€銆€However, those who are themselves qi-deficiency and yang deficiency should not be afraid of cold-resistant training against their own objective conditions. For those who are physically hot, they can fully wear thin clothes, wash their faces with cold water or wipe their bodies, and exercise in a cold air environment.In the winter, the myocardial function and the body’s self-control ability are further enhanced, and the blood vessel elasticity of the human body is also enhanced, and the blood flow is increased, thereby improving the blood supply to the coronary artery, and at the same time improving the regulation function of the nervous system and the endocrine system.