And soon afterwards,It is said that it is also associated with the summer.。

Here,The whole Western underground world has become boiling,It’s like earthquakes that generally triggered tsunami.。
Everyone is talking about this matter。
Those who have not left Vienna,It is also sent people to the scene.,More people are spreading some seemingly rather messages。
I heard the virgous family challenge to kill the god,But be killed on the spot。
Eugene one of the henity,Cave weathered heart,Picked your head。
Rumor,Killing today’s strength,Advisible extent,Western masters are no longer able to balance。
Someone is shocked,Someone does not believe,Some people worship,Some people are ready to move……It is very exaggerated in the past.。
Almost everyone knows the killing of people now today.,Killed the faint stunches,As for his strength, how powerful,I even said that I have reached the legendary entry.。
Also at this moment,The dibble http://www.googlewatch.cn family is angry,Speak out,Want to kill or die,Will retaliate。
But in some smart people,It is not intentionally。
The power of the Western world is not a piece of iron plate,Nowadays, a family of virks,I don’t know how much forces the tiger。
More about them, there is a bloody natural enemy。
“Just put the words and find the steps yourself.,Don’t believe,They don’t dare to retaliate at all。”
“That is yes,They are not stupid,Maybe retaliate,But it is never now,Still pay attention to the movement of killing god。”
“This person can’t stay,Must find a chance to kill,Otherwise,Let him continue to grow up,Our Western world can no longer contain。”
What you say。
But no one knows,At this moment, the protagonist is disclosed at this moment.,Also not good。
I want to talk to more like-minded people《President http://www.aqmprs.cn of the king》,WeChat attention“Reading literature ”,Chatter,Look for oneself~
First1420Chapter My name is summer day.
朦 朦。
Youth suddenly has a sporadic consciousness。
It seems that the ears are simultaneous to speak very far away.。
He has a deep breath,I want to open your eyes。
But he has helpless discovery,Even if you blink this action,It also become incapacitated……He is like a legendary ghost bed。
A long time,Finally screwed into a force,Hand fleet a few times,And then suddenly open his eyes,Sit in。
Almost at the same time,Successful excitement sounds around。
“Ah——He woke up?”
“Wake up awake……”
“Come to call a doctor。”
Surprise voice is accompanied by a rush of footsteps,Opening of the door,Angle,Figure。
Youth is a bit awkward,It seems still not reacted,Almost you can go to http://www.newstart123.cn the surrounding environment。

at the same time,The large-scale screen hanging above the six-storey building,It is also shown in the first time to show the information and odds of six entries.。

“I go,This called Lui sustaration is just as low as Qin Shao.,Who knows who this Lucy is?。”
See the odds on the big screen,At the scene, I suddenly turned out.。
But very quickly,Silent silence around。I saw a six-storey building walked out of a blonde.,Then in a light,Take the driving of the British car king……That Konisell。
NS978chapter I am a car god.
See this scene,Many people have suddenly。
“It turned out to be the British car king。”
“I must be a master,if not,Will not be like Qin Shao,All20Odds。”
“I have seen http://www.ltmingwu.cn it.,This competition is entirely the battle between Lamborghini and Konicisel.,Others are cannon gray。”
“I am very sure of that,But I plan to bet Nonisell winning,After all, the British car king is the world’s first,His people around him,How is it a master?。”
“roll,Your traitor,I bought Lamborghini。”
“Kao,How is Laozi traitor?,Give me clear。”
On-site noisy,Hustle and bustle,Most people will bet in Lamborghini and Konicheser.。
For the car family,Most of the reality is ordinary people,The bet amount is not high。
But those ongoing people are different,It’s a thousand gold。
Confused members of the super-run club,The same horror,Most people inside are standard rich second generation。
And they do not hesitate to bet Qin Yueyue。
However,The most horrible is the amount of the inland car king and http://www.woniuchao.cn the British car king。
They must be optimistic about themselves,Each of Qin Haoyue and Lucy respectively have 50 million points.。
As for two drivers in Chu Feng and Hong Kong and Macao……I have been ignored.。
“Be too hateful,Secondo!”
Inside the car,Chu Feng looks at the big screen,Own1accompany20Odds,Face iron green angry,“Do you look at Laozi so?!”
Summer smiles on the side,“You can bet yourself.。”
Chu Feng Zhang Zhang,Suddenly,“I bet words,Grunge is given to the big breast muscles,And I am only 10 million,This is the gambling capital of Qin Moon。”
“Gambling can also,Go down。”Summer,“You won’t be confident to yourself.。”
“Why didn’t I?!”
Chu Feng neck,“Now。”
After the end,He immediately touched the phone,Dial a number。
Soon connected,The inside is a big hurting,And the lack http://www.zolcorp.cn of soft tract,“Chu Feng Xiaoyi,Is there anything to find my sister??”
Obvious,Chu Feng is a frequent visitor here,And is quite familiar with the other party,if not,It is impossible to use a phone bet.。
“Oriental aunt,I want to bet myself tens of millions.。”

Volume Lightballs sent by Wandel,When hitting the body of the 18th,There is no huge explosion in imagination.,But it is like it is not going to the water.,All was absorbed by the body of the 18th.!

The previous 18th is not always flying,Everything else is doing http://www.qinghaijiaoyu.cn anything else,Through her observation,The strength of the Wandel is strong,But there is basically not much means。
And those light balls,Through the 18th analysis,It also found that it is a pure energy similar to Qigong waves.,Within her absorbable。
Capacity,The means is to transmit a lot of light ball with destructive power.,And the 18th is capable of absorbing the power of these light balls,How can the dramatic land??
A large number of light balls are all absorbed by the 18th,And the breath on her is rising with the speed visible to the naked eye.。
Absorb the 18th No. 18, full of light balls,There is still a long time to look back and watch the Wave Emperor.,Say“thanks for treatment”Several words。
“This is impossible,How can there be such a free guy in the world?,Absorption of opponents,Turn into your own http://www.shuatuliao.cn strength!
Have this kind of power,Isn’t it invincible??This is impossible.!”
Wandering, which has been maintaining a cold posture,At this time, the mentality is a bit,But this is not surprising,Because of his strongest attack,Now even become the other nutrition package,This is a fart.。
“Nothing is impossible,It is necessary to blame you to blame your own luck.,Not all energy, I can absorb,And it seems that you seem to be only this set.。
If it is my previous,Maybe it will not be your opponent,But who makes me have an excellent husband?。”
The Wandering Emperor has not reacted from a cruel blow.,But the 18th has been caught in the opportunity of the opponent’s mentality.,The body suddenly appeared after the wandering emperor。
“High-speed movement!”
At the beginning of the 18th,The strong crisis is still awake the Lang Di.,And use another ability to get new。
Looking at the wandering emperor suddenly disappearing in front of himself,The 18th is also stunned.,But then she found the position of the Wave Didna in the far away.。
And when the Wave Emperor saw that the 18th is actually seeing the high-speed movement,And the breakdown of a bad speed is chasing,It’s even busy overload driving ability.,Let you run faster。
Be right,The current wandering is already returned.,Facing this opponent,He basically only has passive beats。
Light ball attack will only make each other more stronger,High speed moves in front of the other side,It seems to be very effective。
“When did the hero association have such a horrible woman?,I know that I will listen to the guy of the black and dead sperm.,Isn’t it very good to play with a wretched stream?。”
I have already used it in line with it.“High-speed movement”NS,But looking at the No. 18th, which is constantly shortement,The Wave Emperor is really panicked。
“High-speed movement?So, is I not speeding now??If it is not a blessing of your light ball before,Let my strength become stronger,It’s really not able to catch you now.。
So you don’t have to move the stone to your own feet.?”
不得不说,十八号展现的实力,瞬间就挽回了自己人类这边丧失的自信心,Have a strong hero sitting in the town,There is no doubt that everyone in the scene has played a strong intention.。

Yu Xian calmly said。

Life may be very bitter,But this is life,If you haven’t encountered it, try to avoid,have met,Conduct it calm,Because how to toss again is useless。
“I hope so.。”
Liu Zheng always feels,Jixian returned,No good fruits will be eaten。
“Zheng Gongzi,this way please,this way please,It is already under the moonlight.,Please be sure to enjoy!”
Huainan,One of Yangzhou,Local large households,Send Zheng Yuande to the door personally,Polarless。Preparing a thin wine is true,But ask Zheng Yuande to eat wine,But it is said that。
If Zheng Yuande has a little more,Will you go to the banquet?。
as predicted,Zheng Yuande is piled up with a smile,Zhou’s long archway:“Under the businessman,But also believe that there is money to earn together.,Gentlemen love fortune, in a proper way。The day to be delivered to the goods,More than a long time,Be good?”
Zheng Yuande’s meaningful。
“Something!Zheng Gong is slow,What if there is in Yangzhou?,Despite the old man。”
Zhou’s long face is also a smile,As if and Zheng Yuande have been friends。In fact,They first met today.。
After Zheng Yuande, after the left,Zhou’s long wrinkled face,Only an http://www.zzafbbs.cn extremely disdainful expression。
“荥阳 郑氏,Really didn’t fall。I actually sent a sin.,I don’t want to go to the family in the family farm.,Hey,He thought that he was smarter.,Others are fools。”
Zheng Yuande today visits the Zhou Hao,Because Zheng Yuande’s father, Zheng Yu and Yeng family is old。The other party explains,The Zhou’s family will soon understand Zheng Yuande, thinking about it.。
to be honest,Isn’t it what I want to surf in Yangzhou’s futures exchange??
He thought it was smart?
Zheng Yuande is a wheat that is not harvested by his family.“borrow”come out,Then put it to the futures exchange。If food is always like this now,really,Zheng Yuande will earn!
But,Is there such a good thing in the world??
But tell the truth,Wongli and Zheng have an old,Pit Zheng Yuande is impossible,Promise the requirements http://www.epkn.cn of each other,Already gave a big face,certainly,The few cotton cloth given by each other“Flying money”,It is really too fragrant.!
Anyway,Food did not take it out,Zheng Yuande did not deliver cotton cloth to himself.。Everything must be cleared after harvesting,These benefits,Can fall to practice。
Empty,Everyone is not lost?,But it is a game.。
Before the actual delivery,Look at the hot scene,In fact, there is a few pieces of paper that will change a few pieces of paper.。
“Send someone to go with the house,Chen Jia,Well,Mao family said a sentence,Now Yangzhou has a fortune of Zheng Gongzi,May be on the door to talk about the business of wheat,Let them have a good life。”
The Zhou’s long-lost voice is told。
A few days later,Prostitute“Zheng Gongzi”,Already in Yangzhou City。Related people,Evaluate it“People stupid,More money,Soft,Tote”。
Almost the death of God!
This Zheng Gongzi,Dating the development of banks“Flying money”,Removal of wheat“Right to use”,It’s too much money.。What do he want to do?,In fact, everyone is almost seen.。
To know,Yangzhou Futures Exchange,Not only there is a businessman in Qi,There is also a businessman of Chen Guo,Even businessmen from the Western region。Zheng Yuande,Not just want to be hot wheat,Is it sold in a high price?!
As for how he added these wheat gap,That is also very simple。As long as Fuyang Zheng’s power,Wheat that transports the field along the canal from Fuyang.。
He is playing a good abacus!
This cute new,I don’t know the danger of the futures exchange,I really want to play this set.!He will soon understand how he does not know the sky!
Zheng Yuande’s action is very smooth,He has signed a family with Yangzhou’s good family.,Get the right to use the wheat。certainly,Just use right,Does not mean that he can get these wheat。

“it is good,I will find a way to inform these people.。”

“Tomorrow we meet here。”
There are only seven people who have to follow Xia Jingsheng.,It also includes the family of three,Other four people are also comrades,Qi Rui knows is very important。
Rurg returned to the small building to live, did some pass,He uses radish into a special seal,In fact, the most important thing on this pass is the signature of the ferry.,Just learned that notes imitate exquisite to art。
Looking at the special pass of the special pass, there is a lot of false pass, and there is a lot of heart.,I want to go to the small snow.,But unconsciously came to Shenghui Tour,Because there is still a heart disease here.,That is Zhou Dakiang’s behavior,If handling improperly, unnecessary troubles。
Rui Rui arrived at the office office,Zhou Dawei is all in,Lu Zhengnian put the door,Rui Rui thought they had to confess:“What do you want to do??Don’t see you five people,But not enough to see it in front of me.!”
“Thud!”Zhou Dawiang took the lead in the ground,Shout:“Big brother!I’m wrong!”
http://www.lyeas.cn Rui Rui, I’m going back to Lu Zhengnian.,But I don’t want this.,The other three are also the same。
“Trough!You are what it means,Don’t want to go!Don’t use this way.!”I really didn’t understand anything about it.,
“Big brother,What are you talking about?,Let us eat, we will never wrinkled!”Zhou Da Liang said,
“what does it mean,Is this what you did not clean??”Qi Rui asked,
“Big brother,I don’t say anything.,You will be our big brother.,We will never doubt you.!”Li Nancheng also said,
Qi Rui suddenly thought of injured small snow is going back in the yellow chassis.,I am shocked in my heart.:“All get up.,How is a situation??Talk!”
NS127chapter You follow me as a traitor.!
Rui Rui is really scared,Snow injured wants the only way to take the pharmacy is to take a yellow charter.,She is so heavy injury,It http://www.mkfsq.cn is too possible with blood to stay on the seat.,so,These five people already know that Xiao Snow is identified.。
“Big brother,We all know what happened yesterday.,The female hero who saved the patriotic businessman is hurt.,It is our brother to send her to the pharmacy.!So we all know。”
Sure enough, let them find,Hey!Let the people in the car collect information,This is easy to use in small snow.。
“Big brother!do not worry,We have warned the old Wu and Xiaotang, pulling the car,They will never say this,The car is also rinsed.,Even if you come to the heart of the king, I can’t ask.。”Zhou Dak is worried that he will say that,
Rui Rui said:“That woman is just going to the pharmacy to buy medicine.,There is no relationship with the pharmacy.!And our carffart is just for making money.,It’s strange to pull a woman’s http://www.ruitongdai.cn seat.,Women are not all coming?,Do you say??”
“Correct!Correct!Correct!We all think so!”Five people all said strongly,
“okay,The people on the list should have a lot of disappearances after yesterday.,But there should be,We will continue to find!”
“Find!Must find!”Five people all understand that it is a fake,It’s true to find it.。
Looking at them, I can’t help but hold.,They should just guess that they are not a traitor.,It seems that the original intention of the ghosts and traitors have never changed.,But you must let them learn to disguise,Zhou Dawiang like the cannon tubes can not work。
“correct,Since you say this,It is likely to follow me as a traitor.!You can think about it.!”
“If you like a traitor like a big brother, we are willing!”Zhou Dawiang is happy to say,
“If you see someone on the road,Shouting anti-Japanese slogan,How do you know how to do??”Qi Rui,
“If the boy is going to play,Torn the flyer!Warning them later,Otherwise I interrupt their legs!If the girl is frightening,I dare to do these things next time, I will give them to Japanese.!”
“This is a bit like a traitor.。”Ritual,
“Big brother,Don’t tease us.,What tasks have there, let’s go.!Our big master is free at home.,Let a woman shot!Be injured!Our heart is really embarrassing.!”Zhou Da Liang said,
“You all see the scene.?”
“We didn’t see it.,But old Wu saw it.,He describes the situation at the time.,This woman is too powerful.,One person killed six devils,Another man is also very powerful,He killed two drivers as the trick.,I killed two devils.,Then drive to pick up the family and the injured female hero!If we are in the scene, it is good.,These little devils don’t want to leave the concession one.!”Lu Zhengnian said,
“Big brother,I have an anecdote to tell us later.!Let us do,What we want to do most is to kill devils!”Zhou Dadiang said,
“If you say it today, I didn’t hear it.,But in the car, you will be the hand of my hand.,I let you fight who you are,Let you kill who kills?,Can you do it??”Qi Rui,
“now it’s right,Sometimes we need to do some traitors.,Even if it is being embarrassed, it doesn’t matter.,We know what you are doing.,do you understand?”
“You go to the woods.?”Rui Rui, Zhou Dawei, is it asked.,

Erniu stand up:My name is Tian Erniu,I also come from the Sharp Knife Reconnaissance Company!

He Fei stand up:My name is He Fei,I’m from the Reconnaissance Company of the 3637 Regiment。
Xiao Chen patted him on the shoulder:Mechanical expert,Help us more in the future,He Fei said:no problem,Teaching fee will do!He smiled,Everyone scolded him for stingy!
Chengcai stand up:My name is Chengcai,I’m from Gangbalian。
Li Shuai stand up:My name is Li Shuai,I’m from the Amphibious Reconnaissance Company of the 13th Marine Corps!
Xiao Chen told everyone:He is a military family,Practiced martial arts as a child。In high school, he became a rare foreign language expert in the province,Proficient in the languages of more than ten countries in the world,Including their dialect and official language。In China,He can understand what any ethnic group says。Graduated from high school,He did not enter the university but chose to join the army,His teachers and classmates said it was a pity that a diplomat!
Li Shuai laughed:The platoon leader’s intelligence work is really good!
The paratroopers were so cold:Small translation,Give you a pole, you really climbed up!
Xiao Chen said:Paratroopers are here!
He stands up:1st Reconnaissance Company of the Airborne Eagle Division, Sniper Battle King!
Xiao Chen arrives:Skydiving master sharpshooter hopes to help you a lot in the future!
The emperor of war:no problem,I don’t charge tuition。In fact, skydiving is not scary,I have jumped hundreds of times。
Li Shuai whispered:Say you are fat, you really breathe!
The Emperor of War just heard it when he sat down,He turned around and grabbed Li Shuai’s neck,Said viciously:You little translator, you targeted me!I strangle you!Li Shuai is still smiling,Xiao Chen arrives:Stop it,Let others get up and introduce yourself!
Introduction,Xiao Chen stood among everyone:Now we enter the second stage,This is not the end of selection,But more difficult、Harder training awaits us,As a soldier,We all need to understand:Just choose this profession,We must always be prepared!come on,Let everyone use scout etiquette to meet more arduous training,Let those incredible special forces know,We scouts can be better than them!
Twelve fists hammered together:RookieA1……
With the total death!!


“Finley dunks in this super difficult dunk!got it39Minute!”
Comprehensive comparison,The three players entering the second round are Kobe Bryant,Chris Carl,Michael Finley。
Kobe’s optimistic Ray Allen was not selected。
“Because of Kobe’s perfect score,Highest score,He was the first to buckle!”
“Kobe took off his training shirt!What’s in it?”
“It’s one piece inside24Jersey!”
“Kobe put it on24Jersey!He is better than Jordan23One more number,Do you want to surpass Jordan??”
Gunde Gymnasium is full of people!
A number that no one dares to use in the league!
Jordan bit off the cigar in his mouth。
O’Neill was lying on the hospital bed and laughing。
Jerry West poured himself a glass of red wine!
Who was the last player who dared to provoke Jordan like this??
No one remembers,All the players who provoked Jordan were crushed by Jordan。

Gan Yifan nodded,“He went to Yunji Island to catch the mutant white python,I didn’t let,Accidentally hurt him。”

“Are you sure you are not careful?”Wu Heng doesn’t believe it at all,Although he has never seen Huang Kai make a move,But I haven’t heard other non-commissioned officers talk about Huang Kai.。
Ningbei Zhi、Yan Hongjun and Chen Du three school officials,They are high,Few people discuss。Like Huang Kai、Zhao Xionglie and other captains,Including Lieutenant Natsumi who went deep into the city to hide his identity,These lieutenants talk the most。Wu Heng also heard the most,Both Huang Kai and Zhao Xionglie are strong men who have already broken through the sixth-level abilities.,Gan Yifan“accidentally”Hurt Huang Kai,How could Wu Heng believe。
“I took advantage of his carelessness。”Gan Yifan annoyed。
Wu Heng relieved,In a special environment like Yunji Island,Gan Yifan survived for twelve years,Used to,And Huang Kai is the first time on the island,Although not sure how much Huang Kai will be affected by the harsh environment,But it’s certainly not as good as the outside world。Gan Yifan’s sneak attack and wounding him can be justified。
but,Although it was a sneak attack,But Gan Yifan can injure someone who breaks through level 6,Suffice it to show that Gan Yifan is good at strength,Wu Heng is cautious。
First139chapter:Body skin+element
Wu Heng came to the underground base in less than ten days,But in fact, his awakening power is far more than ten days,In Chenxi core research room,He is the subject of study,Have experienced a lot of pain that ordinary people can’t bear。relatively,He also possesses more powerful abilities than normal awakened mutants。Come to base,Receive formal training,He is training hard,Even Chen Du was surprised by the rapid progress。
It’s just that his mentality has not been fully adjusted,Have the courage to put on a vest to expose the two ugly scars on your neck,But didn’t have the courage to stand in front of everyone,More time is quietly practicing in the corner。
This time because of Gan Yifan,He stood on the ring。
In fact, he can refuse,But he agreed。
Going out tomorrow,He has to get used to strange eyes from strangers,This time it’s a preview,He wants to defeat himself。
He moved his body and said:“I still can’t control the new forces freely,Pay attention。”
Gan Yifan nodded,Punch without saying anything。
Gan Yifan fought with Wu Shanguo for a month,Partial to Sanda,And Wu Heng practiced Sanda under the pressure of Old Wu since he was a child,Participated in many competitions during the police school,I won the second place in the National College Sanda Competition,I didn’t let go of working。
Both of them are the shelf of Sanda,Gan Yifan’s first straight punch,Most of the elements of temptation,Wu Heng’s forearm block,Backhand straight punch,Gan Yifan is tall,He hit his chest with this punch。
Gan Yifan never dodges,Take his punch,At the same time swing fists and flanks Wu Heng’s head。

For newly appointedNBAPresident Adam·Rubbish·Xiao Hua said,Now this moment is great!

Although he has been on this stage before,But at that time I definitely did not feel the way I am now!
Now it seems that the whole world is under my control。
“No wonder the dead old man never wanted to step down。”Rubbish·Xiao Hua cursed secretly,The old man told him a few years ago that he would retire,But never saw him move,The right is still firmly grasped by him!
If not11-12There was a shutdown of the season,I guess this old guy can stay on stage for a few more years。
This makes garbage·Xiao Hua hates itchy teeth,He should have been in position long ago!
of course,For this new president,The fans at the Barclays Center Arena still don’t give face,Boo or boo!
But rubbish·Xiao Hua’s face is also very thick,With david·Stern is in the same line,I finished reading the speech draft without changing his face,Then coughed,Opened the envelope in his hand:
The draft officially begins!
“2014yearNBAThe Cleveland Cavaliers, the first pick in the first round of the draft, chose the University of Kansas——Andrew·Wiggins!!!”
It’s still Wiggins!
Wiggins’s talent is so strong that many people can even match LeBron’s·James comparable!
And one of his draft templates is Vince·Carter thisBUG!
No one thinks he can’t type!

It’s not that Mei Xingyun wants to give up,But there is no big chance。

“This is……But i don’t want you because of me……”
Fang Yu looked at Mei Xingyun,Feel a little sorry。
Go to a better hospital,Is good for them!
Dongwon City is not bad,But after all, it is not a provincial hospital。
Naturally different。
“and,We are together,Was forced to separate the two places……I do not like this!at least,I have to think about it after a while!”
Mei Xingyun leaned in Fang Yu’s arms。
She is worried about this!
“What do you think of your father?”
Fang Yu asked。
“Dad always respects my decision……He could also have greater achievements。But for mom,He willingly gave up a better life,Stay here。
although,Then my mother died unexpectedly。But dad is really reluctant to be here!”
Mei Xingyun sighed。
That has always been a pity for Dad!
Want her to finish。
but now,She didn’t want this。
“Maybe it can……After I studied,Also went to the provincial hospital,No!”
Fang Yu proposed。