After the summer solstice, you need to pay attention to your health.


After the summer solstice, you need to pay attention to your health.

Tomorrow is the summer solstice. After the summer solstice, most of the area enters the summer.

This is the most difficult heat cycle of the year, and the temperature can be as high as 40 掳C.

According to meteorologists, on the summer solstice, the sun is directly on the Tropic of Cancer, which is the longest day of the day in the Northern Hemisphere.

From the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the summer solstice is the most prosperous season of yang, and the health should conform to the characteristics of summer yang.

銆€銆€Twenty-four solar terms summer to June 21 is the summer solstice day, when the sun directly hits the Tropic of Cancer, the longest day of the day in the Northern Hemisphere.

Although the day of the summer solstice is the longest, the sun has the highest angle, but it is not the hottest time of the year.

銆€銆€Because, close to the surface of the moment, this time continues to save, and did not reach the most time.

As the saying goes, “The heat is in the three volts”, the real hot weather is calculated by the summer solstice and Liqiu.

From mid-July to mid-August, the highest temperatures are highest every year, and the highest temperatures in some areas are around 40.

銆€銆€In the midsummer, the four-partician spirit of the four seasons should be refreshed, happy and happy, broad-minded and full of spirits. If everything grows like sunshine, it should have a strong interest in the surrounding objects and cultivate an optimistic and outgoing personality to facilitate the passage of the air machine.vent.

“The heart is calm and natural,” here is the spiritual nursed back to the summer regime.

銆€銆€The living and nursed back to the natural environment Yangsheng yin and change, should sleep late and get up early.

When the summer is hot, when arranging meal work and physical exercise, you should avoid strengthening the protection when the sun is hot.

Reasonable arrangements for lunch breaks, one to avoid the hot trend, the second can restore the sense of fatigue.

Daily warm water bathing is also a fitness measure worthy of promotion. It can completely wash away sweat and dirt, make the skin clean and cool, cool and prevent disease, and it can make the body work.

Because of the water pressure and mechanical massage during warm water shower, the excitability of the alternating nervous system is reduced, the blood vessels on the surface expand, accelerate blood circulation, improve the nutrition of skin and tissues, reduce muscle tension, eliminate fatigue, improve sleep, and enhance resistance.

In addition, the summer is hot, the ruthlessness is open, and it is vulnerable to wind, cold and dampness. When sleeping, it is not suitable for electric fans to supply air. There is an air-conditioned room. The indoor and outdoor temperature difference should not be too large, and it is not suitable for night nights.

銆€銆€It is best to choose sports in summer or in the evening when the weather is cooler. The venue should be in the fresh water of the river and lake, park courtyard, etc. Those who have the conditions can go to the forest, the beach area to recuperate and vacation.

Exercise items are walking, jogging, Tai Chi, and broadcasting. It is not advisable to do sub-second activities. If the exercise is too aggressive, it can lead to sweating and excessive sweating, which not only hurts yin, but also damages yang.

During exercise, if you sweat too much, you can properly add light salt water or mung bean sodium sulphate soup. Do not absorb a lot of cold water, or use cold water to spray or spray immediately. Otherwise, it will cause various diseases such as cold and dampness.

銆€銆€Diet and nourishment in the summer is a sweaty season. If you sweat more, the salt loss will be more. If the heart muscle is deficient, the heart beats.

Chinese medicine believes that it is advisable to eat more sour taste at this time, to solidify the table, eat more salty taste to fill the heart.

Watermelon, mung bean soup, ebony bean soup, although it is a good product to quench your thirst, but it is not suitable for iced food.

銆€銆€The summer climate is hot, and people’s digestive function is relatively weak. Therefore, the diet should be light and not fat and thick. It is necessary to eat more grains to keep the body cold. Do not eat hot food to avoid heat. Cold food should be stopped.Overeating, so as not to hurt the spleen and stomach; thick and fatty products should be less, so as not to heat the wind.

Eat more tonic can live longer?


There are some misunderstandings in the old people’s suspicion

Eat more tonic can live longer?
There are some misunderstandings in the old people’s suspicion

It must be said that older people pay more attention to health than young people, but because of this, various health information is easy to distinguish, and it is correct. It is a mistake that should not be believed.

Let’s take a look at the health rumors that are most easily credulous for the elderly.
銆€銆€1, drink bone soup can make calcium?

銆€銆€There has always been a saying that drinking bone soup to supplement calcium, many old people believe that some pregnant women also believe.

The reason for this statement is what to eat, and the bone soup can definitely make up the bones.

Some people say that the bone soup is made into milky white, which means that the effect of calcium supplementation is better.

In fact, relying solely on drinking bone soup can not achieve the purpose of calcium supplementation, because calcium supplementation is best involved in magnesium, which can promote absorption, and there is very little magnesium in the bone.

At the same time, there is a lot of phosphorus in the bone, and phosphorus can take away calcium, but it is lost in calcium.

Therefore, it is best to make up for food. If you want to supplement calcium through diet, the effect of drinking milk is better than drinking bone soup.

銆€銆€2, to lose weight can not eat dinner?

銆€銆€Nowadays, a popular way to lose weight is to eat no staple food at night, just to eat low-carbohydrate foods like tomatoes, cucumbers and vegetables.

This single diet leads to inadequate nutrition and long-term adverse effects on the body.

銆€銆€3, eat more tonic can live longer through the improvement of living standards and material rich, old people in order to be healthy and prolonged life, will buy a lot of tonics to eat a lot.

As the age increases, the functions of the body gradually weaken, and appropriate tonic can slow down the decline of physiological functions and gradually aging.

However, tonic depends on the physical condition. It cannot be said that if you find your own deficiency, you will make up for it. If you do not divide your body and symptoms, you may be counterproductive and cause diseases that you should not have.

銆€銆€4, fungus celery can reduce blood pressure Many elderly people have high blood pressure problems, then how to lower blood pressure?

There is a saying that “the fungus celery can reduce blood pressure.”

Fungus, celery are very good vegetables, but it is a bit exaggerated to say that they both depressurize.

Older friends must bear in mind that food does not equal medicine. If you get sick, you must seek treatment from a specialist. Many chronic diseases can be effectively controlled by taking medicine.

If the old man listens to this kind of health rumor is not good to take antihypertensive drugs, only hope that eating fungus celery can reduce blood pressure, it will lead to repeated fluctuations in blood pressure, damage to the brain, heart and kidneys.

銆€銆€5, oil and salt do not enter the blood pressure lowering blood pressure high blood pressure patients do not recommend more salt and more oil.

Excessive consumption of edible oil can easily lead to an increase in blood lipids and accelerate the formation of blood clots.

銆€銆€Out of concerns about these two points, some elderly people simply do not eat oil and salt, and want to completely eliminate the risk.

But things are extremely counter-productive. Salt and oil are not healthy enemies. Not taking them at all may lead to the lack of some nutrients.

Therefore, old friends should learn to properly control oil and reduce salt.

So what is the correct amount of oil and salt intake?

The amount of salt per person per day should be less than 6 grams, and the amount of edible oil should be 25 grams?
Between 30 grams.

銆€銆€6, the morning morning, the sooner the better, many people feel that they go to bed early and get up early and exercise well.

In fact, if the exercise time is too early, the sun has not yet risen, the green plants have not carried out photosynthesis overnight, and the accumulation of potassium carbonate in the air is not conducive to morning exercise.

In addition, the coronary artery tension is high in the morning, and the sympathetic nerves are also more exciting, which is prone to sudden cardiovascular disease.

It is best for the elderly to practice in the morning after 6 o’clock. Drink some water before going out to eat breakfast, so as to avoid hypoglycemia. It is better to have a quiet park or an open view square. Do not exercise on the road above the traffic.