Wang Tshangba’s faceful,“This place is fast to gather 100,000 people,How much can he kill again?,If it is changed,These people and force may be returned to escape,but now……Hehehe。”

He did not continue to say,Send a brighter。
……Deep Jian Mountain。
http://www.qdzncn.cn Sacrifice。
That is a black big,Mysterious people with thick waist,At this moment, there is a round platform at the center of the altar.。
He,Floating a group。
There are hundreds of magic cores that are obtained from summer supreme rings.。
“call out”Standland,He succumb,A magical nuclear shot,Set on a stone column。
“咻咻 咻咻。”
Next,He makes it again,Continuous with the magic core being popped up。
Some inlaid on stone columns,Some followed it directly to open,Explosing a pure special energy,Slim absorption of stone columns and ground inlaid。
Not in a moment,Hundreds of magic cores have all been used。
finally,The mysterious people grabbed the blue spark of the fist size。
“Hundreds of magic cores,Both are low-level magic nuclear nucleus,Star far……”He is like a general whisper,“But also played a http://www.mmyibao.cn role,No need to be like the same year,Need for hundreds of thousands of people to activate the transfer array……”Speech,He went to a few people who couldn’t huddle.,Put the blue lactary heart into a groove。
Subsequent,He left a circle around。
“Also bloody offer,Almost able to start the array。”
This altar,Not only the transfer array。
It is the core of this big array of Xianji Tianchi.!……Outside。
Sword light,Shining sky,Unclear light is constantly passing。
Knife、Sword,There are also various powers,All are concentrated in a place。
At the end,Get more and more bright,Like a volcanic eruption,A thick sword miles up on the sky。
There are more than 20 masters in the vicinity of nearby.,A scream。
Xia Jiujing is like a war,Appears in people’s field of view,I can’t say overbearing and domineering。
“This has not hurt her.?”
Everyone feels the powerful and terribleity of Xia Jiujing。
but,Below this situation,It is impossible to retreat and escape。
Just like Wang Temple,No one is willing to give up the ultimate constipation here。
Short silence,Immediately shouting,More than fifty masters are rushed forward。
Xia Jiuyi is still not afraid,Open a big way,Invincible。
Every time you accurately,Will bring a bloody,Take away a life。
finally,Sword,A thick and blazing sword is reversed,Another instant split,Creating a dense magnes。
“what……”This is a frightened picture,It’s like a god sword.,Heaven and earth。
Screaming,Along with countless blood splashes。
Just one hit,Summer 90 meters,A blank zone,Replace,Is a corpse on the ground。
Surrounding!Even all the eight sides are all people,No one dares to go forward at this moment.。
“Want to kill me?”

Where is it seen?。

Not only familiar,But also……Danger。
“How is http://www.castcollege.cn old??”
Luo Tian asked。
Summer doesn’t speak,Reallorate open five fingers,Stickled on the white wall。
Rotating is smelling in the nose。
This is this taste。
At the beginning in Campia,When the 32nd floor of the sacred branch,The wall on the channel is also re-brushed.。
The next five holy siege,And finally self-explosion。
In fact。
The five holy 自 自 自 自 没。
Really let summer suffer from heavy,It is the wall of the entire channel, also exploded.,Powerful shock waves and walls of debris,Even if the summer 护 护 is also injured。
Until until now。
Initial time,Summer thinks that the people of the sacred is a large number of explosives in the room.。
However, those wall explosions are too great and weird.。
I have called Maggie in the summer.。
Maji told him,This is a nano-bomb that is developed http://www.zzplot.cn underground world.。
It can be integrated into a variety of liquids,Including water。
Power is very huge。
However, this bomb has a very distinct weaknesses.。
Unable to remotely explode。
Instead, it is necessary to detonate close explosion.。
The four holy names of the sacred,That is the detonator。
Summer eyes brush around,Look at more than a dozen red and white members who stay in the lobby。
Now drink,“Handle,Take them with them!”
First2134Chapter Fry
Red White Alliance, stay in the hall,Still in a stay。
But the people of Shura have moved。
Although I haven’t been fighting side by side with summer.。
But they still have no tacit cooperation with each other.。

NS24chapter Chapter 24

This sounds like this seems to be hints.。
But it is a fact。
When 枝 is not, Yan Fengxing did not speak a word。
Since the last time I learned Qin Yuan,Where is it, no one is bullying him?,Some people come to see him chat, Was a side of the side to inquire about whether he is in the door?。
Distinguished them before they were ashamed of him.。
This abrupt emotional conversion makes the 裴 星 产生 情 情 情 情,He is not willing to talk to them;Because it is not essential、Over the years,Teachers who are teaching outside the door will not live him answer questions.。
Sincere,He doesn’t have to speak for external force,I have never been opened again.。
After listening to the branch, I was silent.,Hand down,The incredible expression is over her face,She thinks three, Test,“Are you not used to talking in front of others??that is……I don’t feel very embarrassed.,some type of?”
Not not used to,Don’t want。
Yan Fengxing http://www.fy12365.cn knows that the branch is wrong., But did not deny,It is very troublesome to explain it.:“Um。”
“You can’t do this.。”
Yan Zhi gently sighed,“Originally because I didn’t open it for a long time.,Only for the speech, Continue to this is not good。”
Yan Fengxing looks at her, Suddenly pass:“you know?”
“Know why I know,Talk is not smooth……I didn’t tell you.。”
I have a guess in the heart of the star.,Still quite carefully, “Guess?”
阮 枝 哑 一。
Yan Fengxing looked at her obvious expression, This is a vigilance of cautious emotions., Instead, I miss my laughter., Thought:How can she say it without going down??Distinguished him has helped her to find a good reason.。
Actually, Yan Zhi is thinking,Do you want to follow other legacy vulnerabilities that have not been dedicated to handle in http://www.wx-rdhb.cn this matter?。
She hesitates,road:“In fact, before we met the first time.,I know you.。”
裴 逢 星 点 下,Light action,What did he think of nothing?,But I feel that I don’t respond, I’m not very good.,Johnjun from the nasal cavity:“Um。”
“so,I am still a little one or two things about you.。”
Yan Zhi said,Consciously, this is a relatively successful statement.。
She can’t say truth,And when you hide the push, it is guess.,I have to pay attention to not other vulnerabilities in the future.,Be better than this。
She knew his business earlier,More than a little more。The first encounter is not a coincidence,She is probably at that time.……Distant。
When he is most desperately dead。
The eyes of Qi Xingxing quietly bleak a bit,Sound line is soothing:“When is it from,Beginning to know?”
枝 想 想 想,Trust is http://www.foutj.cn not sure:“Have a long time?。It should be earlier.,However, I was very hurt at the time.,Creating a disease in bed。”
裴 裴 星 愣。
Yan Zhi did not send a lot of roller coars in the heart of the star.,I have completed the second half of my words.,“Reluctantly,It should not be too late.,Still caught up with the taught Qin Yuan guy。”
She suddenly looked at the star.,Ling line falls on his left face:“Loss, no break,Otherwise it will be big.。”
Yan Xing is silent to touch his face,The heart of the heart is sweeping。
He is used to people’s despicable,Also think that you are also a person。His thought that he had already greeted the worst result.,That’s all the warm and false icons“Premed”Link;But I don’t want to hear the affirmation of branches.,Bottom of the heart,Body cold,I only felt that I went back to the beginning of this, I found that I plan to sell him.。


The first water delivery team,Be bewitched!!
Song Luo’s eyes follow the scattered lights,Looking at this stone village,There are many people on the road with some slope,But there are still dead bodies in front of these people’s houses that are too late to clean up,They died miserably,Also suffered a lot during his http://www.gps116.cn lifetime,Those eyes still keep fear and pain……
“These mourning dragons,hateful!hateful!hateful!!”Song Luo is angry and painful,I want to kill all the dragons in this Lihuagou right away。
Zhu Minglang was also surprised!
The first water delivery team,Not killed,But was controlled by the Dragon!
Funeral Dragon tore open the door of Shitou Village by the water team,No wonder there are so few guards in front of the gate here,It was easily defeated by Nan Yusu alone……
Terrible creature!!
First272chapter Run away!
Distributed water bags to people in Shitou Village,With drinking water,These people are still shrouded in a haze of death。
Not to mention,The water will be finished soon,No streams,No old well,They still face death。
“Can you move the people from the village?,The water sources here are all polluted,Can’t survive。”Hu http://www.dgsjxl.cn Bailing said。
“impossible,As soon as we leave the stockade,There will be groups of lost dragons,It’s still a dead end。”Huang Lu shook his head and said。

“Hell to hell,Hell’s reputation is very high。”Ye Tian Cang heard the slighttime。

“All right,Leaf old,Xu Lao,I called you this time.,To let you accompany me to participate in this event。”Lin Feng explained:“Do you have the situation in the situation of Tan medicine now??”
“I?I am afraid it is difficult,Be less than old leaves。”Xu Fengli smirk:“Now taking Dan medicine has seven-pointed opportunities。”
“There should be no suspense。”Ye Tiancang carrying hands proudly laughing。
“Ha ha,70% of the opportunity is also good,This is three nine turn gods。”Lin Feng talking directly to the three nine-turn gods to the two:“Xu Lao is two,Increasing http://www.zhongkehuayuan.cn opportunity,Leaf old,Sorry, I can only give you one.,Start the impact now。”
NS589chapter Bechang’s crisis
“Nine turn demon?Ha ha,it is good!”Ye Tian Congni Haha smiled:“do not worry,I must not let you down.。”
“Need not,A sufficient,I have an opportunity to be an estimate is very conservative.。”Xu Fengli shook his head back to Lin Feng Road:“Give others people。”
Xu Feng Lei only took one away。
“Go find another six elders,You first soaked under the body.。”Lin Feng pointed at Xishan:“This will increase the opportunity。”
“Soak body?”Xu Feng Lei and Ye Tian Congnants。
“I will know it.。”Lin Feng looked at Xishan Road。
“it is good!”Ye Tiancang and Xu Feng Lisao heard the words turned to go straight,Going in the direction of Xishan,There is a disappearance between the moment.。
“Henity。”Lin Feng mysterical:http://www.shfeilei.cn“The Qinglong Chamber of Commerce is a strong in the true sense of the birth.。”
Jiang Fishing Village and night, although it is a strong,Unfortunately, it is zombie.。
“Xu Lao and Ye Lao?”At this time, I walked away from Bei Xianyin.。
“Let them break through,correct,Shedy,Mysterienism?”Lin Feng smiled and came to the side of Bei Xueyin.:“What is Elipha’s things??”
“Original Ilipha is not promised and the mysteriestism,However, Mysterienism Master abolished martial arts in the hotel.。”Belle。
“Self-abuse?”Lin Feng heard the surprise:“When is this??”
“Last night’s things,Haven’t come to get to be with you?。”Belle:“Master a lot of people。”
“Is Elipans to see him??”Lin Fengwen said that the direction of Zhongzhou International Hotel is sighful,But I can’t think of this master so decisive.,For this family,Directly。
http://www.yiya123123.cn “Now in the hotel,Just don’t know if you are with the master.。”Belle Road。
“Let me see,If you are busy, if you are busy, you don’t have to go.。”Lin Feng looked at the direction of Zhongzhou International Hotel:“anyway,This master is a more friendly for our business.。”
“Um,Go back。”Bei Xueyin nodded。
Lin Feng heard the shadow to turn around,But I was shouted again by Bei Xueyin.。
“Shedy,what happened?”Lin Feng smiled and looked at the face of Beckham.。
“I think someone goes out for a while.。”Bei Xueyin smiles,She came to Lin Feng’s waist with Lin Feng’s waist.。
“Why do you have a person??Let Yao Yao,Cold and accompany you,Or I will accompany you to better。”Lin Feng hugs with Bai Xueyin’s waisto:“How I suddenly remembered to travel,We are fascinating in China。”
“Just thinking about a person quiet。”Becue Yinmei looks at Lin Feng Road:“how?Don’t assure this lady?”
“worried。”Lin Feng hugged the Belle:“Where have you think of you?,I will miss me with you one day.,Safety issues,Snow and Yin, I don’t want you to suffer any injuries.。”
“fool,I am a person who travels out.,Direct easy,Who can recognize me??”Becue:“Promise me。”Speaking between Beckham, the beautiful scorpion looked at Lin Feng’s eyes,With a small little poor color。

I saw that the whole hall was filled with drinks on both sides、Tea break and cold meal,And a group of rich and luxurious people are standing below and gathering together,What are they communicating with each other while holding wine,Talking and laughing,It’s like a party for the rich。

On the other side of the hall,Has a dedicated rest area、High-end billiard area、Golf simulation area,And a gambling area full of gaming tables。
“how about it?Second brother,Okay?”
Mo Jinqi looked surprised when he saw Mo Xiaosheng,Smiled at him,“This is the underground paradise that I have been searching for,I used to come and play often,But my second master found out,After a few lessons,I will never come over again!”
He said he smiled,Said:“But this time is different,Isn’t this to help you!”
“Why didn’t your second master let you come?”
Mo Xiaosheng frowned slightly,There seems nothing wrong with this place,Isn’t it a secret gathering place for high-end people?,The only thing not so good,It might be the gambling area。
Mo Jinqi didn’t answer him at all,Yelled excitedly downstairs,“Xiaoye is back!”
When he said that, he dragged Mo Xiaosheng down,Excited,Obviously back here again,He looks a little impatient。
“Whoops,Isn’t this Master Mo??Didn’t you swear never to come to this place again?,Why are you here again today?”
Mo Xiaosheng and Mo Jinqi just arrived downstairs,I heard a slightly sarcasm voice suddenly behind me,And it sounds very familiar。
Mo Xiaosheng and Mo Jinqi turned around and took a look,I found out that Zhang Yitang was speaking!
At this time, Zhang Yitang is still wearing a pink skirt,Around a goose feather shawl,A gorgeous woman with a very beautiful appearance,His chest was squeezed on Zhang Yitang’s arm without any scruples,Seem so intimate。
Mo Jinqi was not surprised when he saw Zhang Yitang,But when I saw this woman,But I felt extremely shocked,Then a trace of anger suddenly appeared on his face,The woman in pink clothes scolded angrily:“Bitch!”
“Mo Jinqi,You fucking be kind to my girlfriend!”
Zhang Yitang looked cold,Chong Mo Jinqi scolded angrily,“Qianqian dumped you,Explain that you are useless!”

Such a storm,Also spread to the Internet,To the competition between Youyi and Shanhai.com。

Shanhai.com has been in the limelight recently。
《Young Di Renjie》The last episode,Has reached6Billion!Set an unprecedented record!
What does this show?
Not only the domestic audience,Overseas Chinese also came to see。
And many people watched it more than once。
Otherwise, it’s not the result,How could there be6Billion views?
On this alone,Shanhai.com’s valuation has to go up again。
They are still holding《Huan Zhu Ge Ge》,No need to promote,Everyone from《when》In this song,Shanhaiwang。
Youyi《Love through time and space》Although it is also popular,But compared to the combination over there《Huan Zhu Ge Ge》,It is much weaker。
Nothing else,The heroine is a huge gap。
Although Gu Yingjing graduated from Shanghai Opera, one of the three major colleges,,Performed several TV shows,But compared to Buyiyi,Too much difference。

They know,Top songwriters like Shen Huan,They must be qualified to sit on an equal footing with them,Even people are casually holding someone,Maybe you can become a red singer in minutes。

What a singer really needs,Still good work,Only in this way,Is their capital for survival and prosperity。
《Water Margin》TV series like this,If it’s a normal song,But if it is《Hero song》Such a song,Must be the icing on the cake,Zhou Pu will never let it go。
“First I want to show my attitude。”Shen Huan looks at Tang Yuan,The way of harmony:“This time I’m sorry to Teacher Tang in advance。”
“why?Teacher Lu,Is there something wrong with me?”Tang Yuan was shocked,Nothing to talk about,Why did you get rid of me??
“Is not。”Shen Huan replied:“The biggest reason is that you already have a song……The interval is so short,You compete with them,It’s a bit bad。”
“Song this thing,Before what?”Tang Yuan clenched his hands with excitement,“Teacher Lu,You can’t do this!”
Meng Wusheng is happy now,He hugged Tang Yuan,“Just let brother once,just one time!Brother thank you,Ok?You have no album for years,Our brothers are going to be moldy……OK,good or not?”
Of course Tang Yuan is not willing,But Meng Wusheng never let go,Always saying good things,Very low attitude。
If it was Meng Wusheng’s character back then,He can push Tang Yuan out of the door with a hippy smile,Today’s performance,Has matured a lot。
In the end, Tang Yuan had no choice but to stop speaking,Actually, Shen Huan’s attitude。
Shen Huan looked into his eyes,Always so clear,There has been no change in expression。
This made Tang Yuan know,Shen Huan decided,Will never change。
Tang Yuan pushed Meng Wusheng away,Sit aside,I lower my head and feel depressed。
See his attitude,After Meng Wusheng and Zhou Pu smiled,,But looked at the other side vigilantly。
Now there are only two of their competitors。

“Thank you for saving me,If I have a chance, I will repay your life-saving grace,But I never promised my fiance!”

“You are still worried about what happened a few years ago,Deca, why should I save him,I don’t have the slightest intersection with him, why save him,You are you he is him,I love you not him,Don’t you really know what I want?”Tianyu sad。
She paid so much for Lin Yan.,Make her heartache。
“Ha ha,You saved me when I was in the Heaven Dou Empire,Do the math you saved me twice,I shouldn’t say that,But we really can’t,What do you like me?”Lin Yan smiled bitterly。
Tian Yu stared at Lin Yan fiercely,The pain in my heart makes her face look painful,Tears from both eyes fell to the ground with the blink of an eye,A pair of snow-white wings slowly retracted。
“Lin Yan, don’t you feel so selfish?,How can Tianyu not compare to those two women,Why don’t you open your eyes and look at me,Am I really so unbearable?”Tianyu shouted aggrievedly。
Lin Yan was shocked,Open your eyes with a sigh,I saw that Tianyu was already in tears at this time,This scene caused Lin Yan’s heart to begin to ache sharply,As if she can’t see her cry most。
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Chapter 116 The Lost Memories(Subscribe)
Lin Yan raised his hands,If it weren’t for this handsome bladder, how could he have these women?,There is no money in that world,Even being a security guard will be ruthlessly beaten and scolded,Fortunately, God opened his eyes and let him come into this world,Here he clearly feels his own presence。
This feeling makes him very dependent on his own strength,Can’t feel the feeling of love or being loved at all。
“You let me think about it, Tianyu!”Lin Yan whispered。
“Uh uh,I promised Tang Yuehua to leave you to her without moving in a year,A month has passed now,You give me the answer in eleven months!”Tian Yu leaked a happy expression,Turn around and disappear into the cave。
“Ha ha,Sister, what do you think?,Can’t you really be with me?”Lin Yan looked at the underpass on the stone wall above his head。

The new house in Jincheng Garden,I don’t want to go back anymore。

There are too many memories and objects that make me uncomfortable,Even the air there,I feel sick after thinking about it now!
How deep was the love back then,Now I hate how much。
Besides, it has been sold there,Actually no longer belongs to me,That’s not my home!
I now have more than 3 million cash flow,There are no debts that are particularly anxious to pay。
Those who are anxious to pay me back,I really don’t want to pay it back!
Because of the benefits I gave them before,Even more than the money I borrowed from them this time!
There is cause and effect,They treat me unkind,I will be unrighteous to them。
Repay the kind of things with virtue,I will never do it again。
Repay grievances,How to repay virtue?
Smoking a cigarette to clarify your thinking,I suddenly remembered that the doctor told me not to smoke,Otherwise it will affect the healing speed of the wound,And it can easily cause venous thrombosis。
Look at the two and a half green pandas that Chen Xin gave me in the car,This thing has a price but no market,He didn’t say how much he bought it,I estimate at least ten thousand。
Although I don’t like green now,But this inventory is really reluctant to give away!
Just open this box and give it away,It will change after a long time,A pity。