Gigabit (603444) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Ask Mobile Games Outstanding Performance Supports Overall Performance Game Operations Powerful

Gigabit (603444) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: “Ask Mobile Games” Outstanding Performance Supports Overall Performance Game Operations Powerful

I. Event Overview The company’s revenue for Q1杭州夜网 to Q3 of 2019 was 15.

5.5 billion (+ 34% YoY).

1%), achieving net profit attributable to mother 6.

700 million (+32 year-on-year.

2%), the net profit after deducting non-attribution is 6.

6.3 billion (+38 compared to the same period last year).

9%), ROE was 23 in the first three quarters.

3%, an increase of 2 over the previous period.


Cash flow from operating activities was 8.

810,000 yuan (+44 compared with the same period last year).


In Q3 2019, it achieved revenue 4.

840,000 yuan (+26 compared with the same period last year).

7%), the net profit of returning to mother is 200 million (YOY + 19%), and the net profit of returning to non-mother is 1

920,000 yuan (+24 compared with the same period last year).


The non-recurring profit or loss of 2019Q3 was 12.84 million yuan, mainly due to entrusting others to invest or manage assets profit or loss of 8.86 million yuan and government subsidies of 8.54 million yuan.

Second, the analysis and judgment of performance are in line with expectations, and the growth rate of profit revenue is basically in line with expectations. The company’s revenue and net profit growth rate are in rapid pace. The Q1 to Q3 2019 sales expenses are 1.

7.2 billion (11% of revenue), a year-on-year increase of 110.

7%, mainly because the new games such as “Greedy Cave 2”, “Crossing the Star Arc” and “Apocalypse Hope” were launched at the end of last year and this year.

0.9 billion (7% of revenue), a year-on-year increase of 34.

3%, mainly because the Shenzhen office building and Guangzhou office building reached the intended usable status and turned into fixed assets, depreciation expenses increased and management personnel expenses increased; the pace of game research and development investment was slow and steady, and research and development costs were 19Q1-Q3 to 2.

300 million (14% of revenue.

8%), an annual increase of 16.


The excellent performance of “Ask Mobile Games” supports the overall performance, and the game operation strength is strong. The Q1 to Q3 2019 operating income achieved a higher growth rate of 34.

1%, mainly due to the revenue growth of “Ask Mobile Games” and new games such as “Greedy Cave 2”, “Crossing the Star Arc” and “Apocalypse Hope”.No. 25, up to No. 5 on the list, currently 31. According to this, a single game flow accounted for more than 50% of the company’s total game flow. “Ask Mobile Games” has been online since 16 years and has been operating close to 4In MMORPG’s own long life cycle, the company’s game operation strength was strong, and the excellent performance of “Ask Mobile Games” supported the overall performance.

Third, investment proposals are expected to make the company profitable in 2019-2021.

27, 15.

85, 18.

58 yuan, corresponding PE is 22X, 19X, 16X.

The company’s existing PE (TTM) is 25X, 33 since listing.

5% score, high margin of safety, maintain the “recommended” level.

Fourth, risk warning: the new game flow is not up to expectations, the existing game flow is not up to expectations, and the game supervision policy tends to be more severe than expected.

Pluton (002769): The worst time for state-owned assets to enter may have passed

Pluton (002769): The worst time for state-owned assets to enter may have passed

The worst time may have passed. Maintaining the “Overweight” rating in 2018, Proton completed revenue57.

7.2 billion (+7.

3%), net profit attributable to mother 1.

2.0 billion (+49.

6%), lower than our expectations of 1.

3.3 billion.

In the first quarter of 2019, Proton completed revenue of 15.

6.8 billion yuan (+43.

8%), net profit attributable to mother 0.

3 billion (-26.

5%), better than our expectations of 0.

2.5 billion.

The supply chain industry is still facing short-term difficulties. We predict that the company’s EPS in 19/20/21 will be 0.



84 yuan, corresponding to the current expectation of 18.



8X PE.

We give Proton 19-19X PE for 19 years and adjust the target price range to 11.


32 yuan, maintaining the “overweight” level.

The business is under pressure. At its worst, 2018 may have passed and Proton completed revenue57.

7.2 billion (+7.

3%), net profit attributable to mother 1.

2.0 billion (+49.

6%), lower than our expectations of 1.

3.3 billion, deducting non-deductions to the net profit of the mother 0.

9.8 billion (-52.


In the first quarter of 2019, Proton completed revenue of 15.

6.8 billion (+43.

8%), net profit attributable to mother 0.

3 billion (-26.

5%), better than our expectations of 0.

2.5 billion.

From the first quarter results, the company’s operations are still under pressure, but to avoid macroeconomic stabilization and 青岛夜网 the easing of Sino-US trade frictions, we think that the worst time may have passed.

State-owned assets increase, financing and customer expansion have improved. On October 22, 2018, the company’s controlling shareholder / actual controller Chen Shuzhi intends to transfer 10 of its holdings to Guangdong Green Financial Holdings, a state-owned asset in Guangzhou.66% shares, and intend to entrust it to exercise the remaining shares (19.

18%) corresponding to rights other than property rights.

Continuous development, ICT supply chain companies generally need to advance funds, the prospect of state-owned assets plus holdings greatly reduces the company’s financing costs; reorganization, the company is expected to rely on the rich resources of the state-owned platform to develop new markets and new customers, and enhance the 无锡桑拿网 ability to serve potential customers.

A difficult year for the supply chain industry. After the storm, we will see a rainbow in 2018. The domestic macro economy continues to decline, adding global trade friction and the growing demand for the three major pieces (PC / smartphone / tablet). ICT supply chain companies are generally facingThe challenge was earlier and more difficult.

In the listed company system, Nianfu (Ningbo Dongli Subsidiary) was applied for bankruptcy and liquidation, Runtai (Jiuyou Co., Ltd.) lost contact, and Pluton and Aiyatong successively dated state-owned shareholders.

We expect that small and medium-sized supply chain companies will face greater difficulties. After the industry reshuffles, some more powerful companies are expected to stand out.

Maintain the “overweight” level and adjust the target price range to 11.


The 32-yuan supply chain industry is facing difficulties. We have lowered the company’s EPS forecast for 19/20 to zero.


73 yuan (previous value was 0.


80 yuan), and the first dating 21-year profit forecast is 0.

84 yuan, corresponding to the current expectation of 18.



8X PE.
Comparable logistics companies have won unanimous expectations for 19 years.

2X; Considering the vast market space of the supply chain industry and the entry of state-owned assets to boost market confidence, we give Pulutong 19-21X PE (premium 11% -22%) and adjust the target price range to 11.


32 yuan (previous value was 7.


75 yuan), maintaining the “overweight” level.

Risk Warning: Trade conflicts affect the import of electronic information manufacturing components; exchange losses caused by foreign exchange; and supervision of financial leases is strengthened.

Perfect World (002624): Net profit of games in 2019 YOY + 37% Since the beginning of 2020, a number of mobile games have outstanding performance and are expected to contribute to the increase in the first quarter

Perfect World (002624): Net profit of games in 2019 YOY + 37% Since the beginning of 2020, a number of mobile games have outstanding performance and are expected to contribute to the increase in the first quarter

Events: 1. The company announced a performance report, with revenue of 80 in 2019.

380,000 yuan (+0 compared to the same period last year).

05%), net profit attributable to mother 15.

04 billion (YOY-11.

85%); Excluding the impact of the demolition of the circuit business in 2018, the revenue was YOY + 6.


2, 2019 game revenue 68.

30,000 yuan (+25 compared with the same period last year).

99%, 3 mobile games authorize Tencent’s sole generation, if it is restored to a higher growth rate, the film and television revenue is 12.

10,000 yuan (YOY-42.

54%); net game profit 18.

80,000 yuan (+37 compared with the same period last year).

41%), film and television defects 3.

10,000 yuan (impairment of inventory by 3.

6ppm, impairment of goodwill 3.

500 million, but also recognized performance compensation).

3. In 2019, if the impairment of goodwill and the impact of compensation are not taken into consideration, the profit of the film and television business with the inventory impairment added will be approximately 0.

500 million; the company’s overall net profit attributable to its parent is about 18.

6.4 billion (YOY + 9%, compared to 17 in 2018.

06 billion).

Comments: 1. The company’s game business has grown rapidly in 2019 (net profit YOY + 37%). Since the beginning of 2020, affected by activities, holidays and epidemic conditions, a number of game products such as “Xin Xiao Ao Jiang Hu” have performed well and are expected to beQuarterly gaming performance brings elasticity.

① The company’s game business realized revenue 68 in 2019.

300 million, a year-on-year increase of +25.

99% (if reduced to a higher growth rate of flowing water); net profit18.

80,000 yuan, a year-on-year increase of +37.


② A number of new mobile games in 2019 performed well, “Perfect World”, “Four Seasons Songs in Cloud Dreams”, “My Origins” 3 were authorized for exclusive distribution by Tencent (recognized by the net income method), and2 “,” New Swordsman “(on-line in December 2019 / deferred revenue to 2020).

Long-period old product “Xianxian Mobile Games” (online in 2016), with stable performance.

The agent games “DOTA2” and “CS: GO” are expected to improve with the help of e-sports events.

③ Since the beginning of 2020, affected by activities, holidays and epidemic conditions, the game industry’s revenue, player size, and usage time have seen considerable growth.

According to Gamma data, domestic mobile game revenue will increase by 49% in January 2020.

5%, an increase of 37 from the previous month.

5% (considering the 19th Spring Festival in February, and excluding the effect of the number of days in February, the growth rate reached 24%).

According to reports, QuestMobile, the total number of daily active users of the entire mobile Internet during the Spring Festival holiday in 2020, the average daily user duration reached a record high, the daily duration of the entire network users from 5 billion hours in early 2020 to 6.1 billion on February 3Hours, with an increase of over 20%; from the perspective of the daily active user increase, mobile games account for 20%, online video 16%, and short video 14%, which are the top three segments; from the average daily usage timeLooking at it, mobile games (159 minutes) have grown by 41% in ten years.

The company’s core products such as “Xiao Xiao Ao Jiang Jiang”, “Perfect World” and “Xianxian Mobile Games” all achieved good performance.

2. In 2019, the film and television business is affected by the industry environment, and some goodwill and inventory are subject to impairment. From the perspective of the company’s drama reserves, in 2020, it will continue to digest inventory and choose new opportunities at the same time.

① From the perspective of the industry structure, supply-side reforms have continued, reductions and upgrades have become mainstream, and heads have focused.

The number of repertoire recorded in 2018-2019 is 1,231 / 905, a decrease of 26%; the number of productions that have completed production and obtained a distribution license in 2018-2019 are 323/254, a decrease of 21%; in 2019, the production of TV seriesThere are 73 license (a type) organizations, compared with 113 in 2017-2018, a decrease of 35%.② In 2019, the company confirmed drama series such as “Youth Fight”, “Building a Dream”, “While We Are Young”, “Old Tavern”, “Mountain Moon”, “Mountain”, “Crocodile and Toothpick Bird”, etc.
At the same time, it is planned to make provision for depreciation of inventories (part of the net realizable value is lower than the book cost) 3.

600 million, plans to goodwill (acquisition of Tongxin Film / Hello Youth Team in 2017 to form goodwill 6.

9.8 billion) provision for impairment 3.

500 million US dollars (recognition of performance compensation income, expected to have no significant impact on the company’s performance after the simultaneous replacement).

③ The company actively adjusted to respond to industry changes and continued to digest inventory.

It is expected that in the first quarter of 2020, there will be confirmations of dramas such as “Stewed Rock Sugar” (fixed), “Eye of the Storm” and other follow-up episodes. Pay attention to the follow-up episode confirmation progress and gross profit margin.

3. Looking ahead, the company has abundant game reserves, including a number of large IP products worth looking forward to.

The Steam China platform and e-sports business are progressing in an orderly manner, and overseas distribution teams are actively integrating global research and transportation resources.

In line with new technological progress, actively deploy cloud games, AR / VR and other applications, and further leverage the company’s experience in heavy / big screen game research and development.

① Reserve of mobile games: “Fantasy New Legend”, “Relic of War”, “Continent of New Gods”, etc., covering MMORPG, turn-based system, ARPG, SLG, Roguelike, card and other types, involving future science fiction, two dimensions, ancient myth, Western magic, Oriental fairy and other alternatives, blending open world, sandbox and other elements.

② End-game reserve: “New World of Immortals” (next generation); console game reserve: “Perfect World Console Edition”; end-game + console dual-platform reserve: “Flame Torch”, “Magic Legend”, “Very Hero 2″Wait.
③ The company has started the cloud game layout since 2016. At present, a number of game products have quickly entered the three major domestic telecommunication operators, Huawei Cloud Computer and other mainstream cloud game platforms. The types of cloud game products planned to be provided are also from mobile games to end users.Swim, console game extension.

At the same time, the company also started cooperation with Google Stadia in cloud game 淡水桑拿网 content and platform technology.

4. Profit forecast and investment grade: We estimate that the company’s net profit attributable to its mother in 2019-2021 will be 15 respectively.



24 ppm, corresponding to the current PE of 44/28 / 25X, maintaining the “recommended” level.

Risk reminders: policy risks in the game and film and television industry, increased competition, lower-than-expected life cycle of old products, lower-than-expected progress in the launch of new products, increased user acquisition costs and IP prices, loss of core talent, changes in player preferences, and changes in new technologiesLess-than-expected, corporate governance / asset impairment / lifting ban and risk reduction, market style switching, etc.

3 dietary recipes for good stomach


3 dietary recipes for good stomach

People with a bad stomach are prone to stomach pain, bloating, loss of appetite, weight loss, anemia, bad breath and so on.

In addition to the daily conditioning of the stomach, in addition to less spicy, do not stay up late, eat a regular diet, eat less greasy, etc., but also to avoid gastrointestinal irritation, and actively cooperate with diet and conditioning.

  1. Peanut millet porridge material: 50 grams of millet, 50 grams of peanut kernels, 30 grams of red beans, osmanthus sugar, and rock sugar.

  Method: 1. Soak millet, peanut kernel and red bean in water for 4 hours, then wash it out and set aside.

2. Pour an appropriate amount of water into the pot, add peanut kernels, and after boiling the red beans, use a low heat for 30 minutes.

3, add millet, cook until the rice is rotten, peanut kernels, red beans are soft, then add rock sugar, sweet-scented osmanthus sugar.

  Efficacy: Xiaomi has a sweet and salty taste, has the functions of clearing heat and quenching thirst, strengthening the stomach and dehumidifying, and sleeping peacefully. It is more suitable for those with internal heat and weak spleen and stomach.

Some people have a bad appetite. After eating millet, they can be appetizing and nourishing the stomach. It has the effects of strengthening the stomach and eliminating food, preventing nausea, and rejecting vomiting.

  Jujube, red beans, sweet potatoes, lotus seeds, lilies, etc. can be added according to personal taste to make nutritious porridge with different flavors.

  2. Papaya pork rib soup ingredients: 1 fresh papaya, 150 g peanut kernels, 500 g pork ribs, 9 red dates, moderate salt, MSG.

  Method: First wash the papaya, remove the melon seeds, and cut into thick slices.

Soak the peanut kernels in clean water for 30 minutes, wash and chop the ribs, and remove the red date kernels.

Put all the ingredients into the casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil over high heat, then turn to low heat and simmer for 3 hours, then add an appropriate amount of salt and MSG.

1 to 3 times a day, 150 ml to 200 ml each time, can be served with meals.

  Efficacy: clearing heat and moistening, strengthening the spleen and purging, can be eaten for some patients with short-term chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, indigestion, or thirst and dry throat, or sore throatThis soup helps relieve symptoms and nourish your health.

  3, lean meat mushroom soup ingredients: 100 grams of fresh mushrooms, 100 grams of lean pork, peanut oil, salt.

  Method: Wash the mushrooms and pork, slice them, add them to the casserole, add an appropriate amount of water to cook the soup, and when the soup is thick, add the salt of peanut oil and seasoning.

Can be eaten regularly.

  Efficacy: Tangnong meat is fragrant, has the effect of strengthening the spleen and kidney, protecting the stomach and nourishing the stomach.

Ask more about Chinese medicine

Ask more about Chinese medicine

After the beginning of autumn, many people are thinking about drinking some decoction to supplement their bodies.

However, Liu Yuning, the chief physician of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Peking University First Affiliated Hospital, reminded that tonic medicines should be supplemented with syndrome differentiation and replaced by doctors.

At the same time, learn how to boil medicine before drinking medicine, especially some details of boil medicine will affect the effectiveness of medicine.

  Volatile medicines are covered with lids. It is not a matter of living habits to cover the lids when boiling the medicine. It is true that the effect of opening and closing the lid is different for different medicines.

Some volatile medicinal materials, if left open, the active ingredients will be emitted into the air with water vapor, and the efficacy will be greatly discounted.

This kind of volatile medicinal materials is easy to identify. Generally, it is Xinsanjietang or aromatized wet drugs, such as peppermint, perilla leaf, amaranth, etc., and the cooking time should not be too long.

Another example is that some tonic drugs such as ginseng, velvet antler, and American ginseng, etc., need to be cooked slowly and slowly for a long time in a container to effectively and fully cook them. They should also be covered with a lid to prevent the drug ingredients from being cooked slowly.Boiled with water vapor lost.

  For some light-weight and bulky medicinal materials, such as money grass, senna, etc., if the boiled medicine container is not large enough, it is easy to spill the medicine liquid if it is covered with a package.

In addition, some hard-to-dissolve medicinal materials should be stirred frequently during torment.

Of course, it is best to go in one direction quickly, so that the medicinal materials are evenly heated, and the active ingredients are completely dissolved. Generally, it is turned over once every 10 minutes.

  The boiled medicine will be boiled for a while. The boil is boiled in most people’s impressions, but some medicinal materials, such as Ginseng, Tianqi, Achyranthes bidentata, licorice, Chinese bellflower, etc., will boil, such asThe medicine begins to boil when the temperature does not reach 100 ° C. If the medicine is removed from the fire at this time, the effective ingredients in the medicine are not dissolved, and the efficacy will be hindered.

  Need to use boiling water to boil medicine Now people boil medicine are a bit “lazy”, open tap water and use directly.

In fact, the boiling water can’t be saved. You should still use the boiled water to cool it down before using it, because the tap water in some places is mostly disinfected with chlorine, and there is more or less residual.It is easy to react with compounds in medicinal materials and affect the efficacy.

How to choose toothpaste

How to choose toothpaste

Toothpaste that is used every day, but there may be hidden dangers?

According to a report by People’s Daily on May 2, the articles reprinted on the official website of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection, and Quarantine suggested that six brands of whitening toothpaste, China, Colgate, Black Girl, Crest, Black, and Libai, were coated with bleach sulfite andAnalogs, long-term use has hidden health hazards.

This news is enough to make whitening toothpaste begin to be questioned, and the safety of other functional toothpastes has also attracted much attention.

What kind of toothpaste is better, how to use it is safer and more effective?

“Life Times” reporter consulted relevant experts.

  It is understood that sulfite and its analogs are generally used in the papermaking and other industrial fields, and it is a substance that is explicitly forbidden in the mandatory national standard GB22115-2008 “Specifications for Raw Materials for Toothpaste”.

However, in the routine testing of toothpaste, there is no requirement for sulfite, so it is “difficult to say” whether toothpaste on the market contains sulfite.

The China Oral Cleansing Products Industry Association issued a statement saying, “According to the experimental details described in the relevant report, the method for testing the whitening ingredients in whitening toothpaste is scientifically uncertain.”

  And what is the result of this incident, in the opinion of Professor Bi Liangjia, a member of the Periodontology Group of the Chinese Stomatological Association, any whitening toothpaste has little effect.

There are only two methods for whitening teeth, namely removing the stains on the teeth and improving the brightness of the teeth.

The former needs to go to the hospital for treatment, and usually requires the use of whitening agents to oxidize and dissolve tooth stains.

Although the bleach in whitening toothpaste can remove some stains on the tooth surface, it has basically no effect on the deep internal stains of the teeth. This is some consumers “even after brushing for three or four months, the tooth color has not changed”White.”

Moreover, because the whiteness of teeth is related to enamel and dentin, the structure of Chinese teeth has determined that our teeth are white and yellow, which cannot be changed by expensive whitening toothpaste.

  Experts said that in addition to over-whitening toothpaste, there are still many misunderstandings in the process of using toothpaste.

To clean your teeth more effectively, it’s best to follow these points when choosing toothpaste.

  Most people choose fluoride toothpaste.

Ouyang Yong, deputy director of the department of oral prevention at Guanghua Stomatological Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, said that currently the fluoride toothpastes currently used generally account for about 70% of the entire toothpaste market.

Consumers in high-fluoride areas do not need to use fluoride toothpaste, but the water fluorine concentration has decreased in many cities. It is still necessary to promote the use of fluoride toothpaste in these areas.

American dental health experts also agree that the general population is best to choose fluoride toothpaste.

Tests show that brushing your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste reduces the risk of dental caries by 40%.

However, Wang Weijian, director of the Prevention Department of Peking University Stomatological Hospital, reminded that adolescents and the elderly can be used more. Preschool children should be used with caution and parents need help to avoid accidentally swallowing toothpaste. In the long run, it may cause excessive fluoride intake and the potential for fluoride poisoning.Threat.
  Use toothpaste with caution.

The Beijing Consumers Association issued a consumer warning. Consumers without oral diseases and dental caries should not blindly choose functional toothpaste.

Once selected incorrectly, anonymity may occur.

Chinese herbal toothpaste can reduce inflammation and reduce fire, and it has certain effects on periodontal health. However, long-term bleeding of gums must go to the hospital for treatment. Do not expect toothpaste to correct the healing effect. Anti-allergic toothpaste can relieve sensitive teeth, but the cleaning effect is not as good as ordinary toothpaste.Moreover, American studies have found that triclosan contained in some toothpastes may interfere with the human immune system and be used continuously for a long period of time; the long-term use of the pharmaceutical ingredients in drug toothpastes may cause imbalance in the oral flora, and some drugs mayEnter plasma; long-term use of calcium-containing toothpaste may increase the concentration of calcium ions in the oral cavity, and promote the formation of calculus; salty toothpaste should be used with caution in patients with hypertension and so on.

  Prevent damage, pick small particles.

Ding Xiaoyi, deputy secretary-general of the Chinese Stomatological Association, said that when buying toothpaste, the quality of the friction agent depends on the quality of the friction agent.

Aluminium hydroxide and calcium hydrogen phosphate are better, followed by silicon dioxide, and calcium carbonate is the lowest.

In addition, the particles of various friction agents are all different in size, and the finer the particles, the less damage to the tooth surface.

  Buy two, use them sooner or later.

It is understood that in advanced countries in Europe and the United States, more than 80% of people will use toothpaste with different functions in the morning and evening to better protect their teeth.

Professor Bi Liangjia said that the saliva secreted by the human oral cavity has a bactericidal function. During the day, the saliva secretion is 3 to 4 times that at night, which is easy to inhibit the production of bacteria. In addition, it eats more during the day, and it is easy to leave food residues in the mouth. Therefore, the cleaning function should be replaced.Good, toothpaste that can eliminate foreign bodies and odors; at night, when people are sleeping, the salivary glands are insufficiently secreted. Tooth decay should be used to prevent dental caries.

  Toothpaste squeezes the size of soybeans.

Many people are affected by advertisements. When squeezing toothpaste, they like to squeeze a whole stick on the toothbrush. If swallowed by mistake, it will accumulate over time and cause fluorine replacement.

Fluoride is one of the essential elements in the human body. The fluoride in the human body will suffer from dental caries, but too much fluoride in the body will also form fluoride plaque and make the teeth brittle.

  Toothpaste does not dip in water for good results.

Most people habitually wet their toothbrushes before squeezing toothpaste.

Experts believe that it is not advisable to moisten the toothbrush before brushing it, because it will easily foam, and people will mistakenly think that the tooth has been cleaned.Toothpaste is not originally used to clean teeth with foam, but by the cleaning ingredients and friction between the toothbrush and the teeth.

The finer the friction and the longer the time, the cleaner it will be.

7 psychological needs of children


7 psychological needs of children

The children’s mind is a pure and pure place, the truth, the ego, everything goes straight, and their actions are to satisfy some simple needs of themselves.

But if dear parents don’t have a keen sense of their behavior, it may cause bad behavior problems. The child’s 7 psychological needs experts provided some opinions.

  First, children need to learn language. This is language education.

  When cutting-edge is born, the most urgent thing to learn is language.

Soon after giving birth, the parents talked to him as soon as they embraced the child, in fact teaching him the language.

Learning new students is not a problem for ordinary children.

Normal children, under 6 years old, make full use of integration to deal with various situations encountered in daily life.

In addition to emerging, children should also learn a foreign language. The first choice is naturally the international language-English.

Proficiency in English can broaden one’s horizons and raise the upper limit of one’s achievements.

Learning English is obviously as important and urgent as learning native!

Why is it urgent?

Because language is a very strange ability, the sooner you learn, the better you will learn.

Late school is not only hard, but also difficult to learn well.

Also, for young children, learning multiple languages at the same time will not interfere with each other.

For children, every language is a foreign language.

In addition, learning a language is a game, not homework.

  Second, children need environmental education.

  That ‘s when the children grew up, and their understanding of the environment increased: Mom ‘s time with me extended, Dad only appeared at night; Uncles and aunts are many, but it ‘s not common.To know home, school, and his country, he must know the earth and the universe; the child must be curious about the past and the future; the crocodiles and pythons in the forest, and the bacteria and atoms that can only be seen with a microscope.

When the child was very young, he felt that the environment could be integrated and used; when he cried, the adult would be anxious, so he knew that crying could bring convenience to him;You can cook and boil water; you can go to the park with a car, then you don’t have to walk. This is the child’s original concept of using the environment.

The more a child knows the environment, the more he wants to control and use it.

This is the origin of scientific invention.

The child’s observation and understanding of the environment is one-sided and superficial, and in-depth knowledge is necessary to read.

The more a child knows the environment in which he lives, the more confident he is.

Help the child plan, observe and understand the living environment selectively, encourage him to read, and the child will enter the adult world with confidence.

  Third, children need to develop the imaginary world. This is creative education.

  The child plays with toys all day, he doesn’t feel lonely, why?

Because he feels that toys are lifeless, he thinks that toys are his friends. Like him, he is hungry, thirsty, crying, and laughing.

The child reads a fairy tale or listens to an adult telling a story. He quickly integrates into the plot. The person in the story is himself or his good friend.

Fairy tales are not fantasy for children, but true stories.

Fantasy is the world of children.

Children’s fantasy is not escapism.

From fantasy games, children learn languages, understand the environment, and learn to do things.

Fantasy has important significance for children’s growth.

The child’s fantasy is the human dream.

Fantasy is the beginning of creation and invention.

The unresponsive child has a narrow fantasy world.

Children’s fantasies require parental stimulation and encouragement.

Why do some adults feel dull and tedious?Quite simply, the fantasy world of his childhood was too narrow-he narrowed his imaginary world because he listened less and read less fairy tales. When he grew up, he was naturally easy to be creative, and he felt tedious and dull.

First-class, reading more fairy tales can enrich children’s fantasy world and enhance children’s abilities.

  Fourth, children need to learn to do things. This is character education.

  How to get along with yourself, how to get along with others, how to get along with the environment, this is a person.

How things can be done in order to easily reach the goal, this is work.

He knows how to do things, and he is happy, and others are happy; on the contrary, he does not do things, he is sad, others are sad.

Is it difficult to get along with yourself?

Of course, many adults do not know how to get along with themselves when they are old; not only do they hate him, they do not like themselves.

People who don’t like themselves show that he can’t get along with himself.

Getting along well with others is not easy.

Actions, talking less about others, more about yourself, can be seen everywhere in the adult world.

Such people may not hate themselves, but others must hate him.

Getting along with the environment is more difficult.

Because if the environment is good, it will not respond immediately and will not give you a face immediately.

When you find your environment unhappy, you have almost no time to regret it.

Just throw away garbage bags, cut down a tree, don’t save water, don’t save electricity, don’t save paper . it’s all against the environment

When people are together, playing or working, conflicts are inevitable.

When to stick to your opinions, when to make concessions, how to make concessions, and how much is a difficult decision.

If you are doing one thing purely by yourself, you might as well work hard.

Ignore others.

But when it comes to others, you have to think about what others think and say.

These are all difficult places to do things.

The problem of doing people and doing things will waste children more and more as they get older.

Parents should help their children and teach them to learn to do things.

  Fifth, children need to cultivate a sense of humor. This is temperament education.

  Funny is often seen as humor.

Naughty people, joke people, sarcastic people are often called people with a sense of humor.

Although these are associated with a sense of humor.

But it still doesn’t explain exactly what a sense of humor is.

What is a sense of humor?

The sense of humor is the ability to restore the mood to tranquility; the effect of humor on a person is much like the effect of springs on cars and airplanes. With a spring device, a car can drive on uneven roads, and the up and down vibration will not be too serious.

The aircraft has a spring device capable of landing safely and will not fall.

A sense of humor is a brake on yourself and others.

When you are nervous or enthusiastic about something, a sense of humor will calm your emotions and return to the peace of the weekdays.

Get along with people with a sense of humor. Wisdom is your most direct feeling. His wisdom is released by the breeze, not the fumigation wind, the clear spring, not the savage; his wisdom does not make you too sad, too pessimistic.It doesn’t make you too excited and optimistic.

A sense of humor is the noblest temperament of a person and the highest realm of a person’s life.

How to cultivate this temperament?

As with cultivating wisdom, it can come from training.

Training from childhood, training from small things, training from small places; read more, observe more, think more are the contents of training.

Sense of humor is an attitude to life, so you must train from a young age, and serious and nervous children grow up to be just as serious and nervous.It is difficult to change a person’s attitude to life after personal temperament is formed.

Training from small things, training from a small place, the purpose is to turn the sense of humor into a child’s living habits, and internalize into the child’s temperament.

  Sixth, children need to cultivate wisdom. This is ideological education.

  Some people have accumulated a lot of experience, but he ca n’t learn from it; some people have read many books, but he ca n’t learn from them, some people have news of the participants, but he ca n’t analyze and judge; some people have seen and presented to him, but heWe can’t polish meaning, we say that he lacks wisdom.

What is wisdom?

Wisdom, to put it simply, is the ability to create new things and new perspectives.

Not only can he recover different meanings from phenomena, news, knowledge, and experience than others, but he can also develop new technologies, new inventions, new works, and new ideas from them.

Creativity is the expression of wisdom.

Many people think wisdom is a gift.

Yes, some people are indeed more creative and considered wise than others.

However, most of the wisdom comes from training.

As with language skills, training children ‘s wisdom is not only early, but also from a young age: to guide children in how to observe things; when they have different discoveries, views and practices from others, encourage him to express and do it; further trainingHe criticizes others and his own opinions, overturns others’ and his own practices, and then guides him to try to develop new ideas and new practices.

Training children’s wisdom, of course, from small to large, easy to difficult: the child’s small discovery of small inventions, small experiences, are expected to encourage.

Achievement is definitely the driving force for children to continue to work hard.

  Seventh, children need to know life. This is career education.

  Children need to grow up and eventually become adults who can live independently. Therefore, in childhood, it is not a philosophical consideration or even a practical need to know more about different lives.

“What shall I do when I grow up?

“This question doesn’t disturb children. Children know life. They start by watching TV cartoons and TV series, storytelling and comic strips.

The protagonist (hero or beautiful princess) in the story is the object that the child initially recognizes and wants to imitate, and the adventure and magical encounter of the protagonist is the life that the child first wanted to experience.

The children went to school. The great men in the textbooks, the great scientists, the great generals, the great artists, the great politicians were another object they wanted to imitate.

After the child has set his goals for a limited number of times, there will be more frustrations than encouragement for himself.

Obviously, parents have the responsibility to tell their children: there are hundreds and thousands of roads in life, and all roads go on seriously. There are many moving and touching roads on the road; the so-called “Xing Xing Xuan Yuan” means this.

Respect the choices of others and work hard in your own direction.

Only people with a wide range of knowledge in life have such a broad mind.

I heard that games make your baby sharp

I heard that games make your baby sharp

If you think that your baby’s language learning starts from the moment he says “Mom”, then he is wrong!

In fact, the baby started the language development process from the first cry after birth.

  Most of the parents care about whether the baby “talks”, but ignore the communication skills that should be developed before the baby learns to speak.

When the baby is still in the mother’s belly, he can already hear some sounds, and his hearing develops well around 7 months after birth.

Therefore, after falling to the ground, the baby begins to learn the language by “obeying”.

  Judging from the language development process, the baby can understand and understand the vocabulary at least 3 more than the vocabulary he actually speaks?
5 times.

You can provide your baby with sufficient visual and auditory stimuli, such as continuously telling him what he sees and what he is doing, so that the baby can connect language with everyday things in his brain and reserve language.
  For 0?
A 3-year-old baby is more important than non-verbal communication skills such as crying, body movements, or eyes, gestures, etc. These are important indicators of language development ability.

  Therefore, you must first learn to observe your baby’s behavior and try to understand his facts, so as not to miss the opportunity to communicate with your baby, otherwise, your baby will become less and less expressive because you have not been inspired by you!

  The first level of mini-games to promote language development is good-in the development of auditory games, “listening” is an important foundation. Therefore, you can play a variety of auditory games to help your baby build auditory focus, find sound sources and understand lifeA variety of sounds, training the baby’s auditory ability for language development.


Newborn babies already have the ability to “listen”. They can recognize familiar sounds, especially mothers’ sounds, and it is easier to be quiet or happy.

You can place some music bells in front of the crib or play some soft music.

When the baby’s grasping ability gradually develops, you can also give him some small toys that can make sounds, let him play, learn to understand the sound.


Looking for sound baby 3?
At 4 months old, he began to train his response to sound sources.

The mother can often talk on both sides of the baby, let him learn to turn to the sound source, or take some bells and sounding toys as an aid, let the baby try to identify where the sound comes from.

When the baby finds the correct sound source, he can give the sounding toy to him as a reward.

  In addition, you can cover the sound source (bell, sounding toy) with a piece of cloth or cardboard, and let your baby find the sound source.

This game can help your baby to establish the “permanent concept of physical hearing”.

  Advanced Little Mouth, Move Everywhere-The development of oral action game language is not just the development of “vocabulary”. The more coordinated the lips, tongue, cheeks, vocal cords, and throat muscles, the more babies can “clear the teeth” in the future.

Through some small games of oral movements, let the baby experience the fun of vocalization and promote the flexibility of oral movements.


Playing with the mouth When the baby can “slap” his lips, he can start playing the “kiss” game with the baby, which can not only promote the baby’s ability to close his lips, but also increase the baby’s intimacy with the mother.

After the baby is one year old and learns to wrap his lips around the edge of the cup to drink water, he must start to practice water absorption or drink with a straw. This “suck” action can promote the strength of the cheek muscles and the strength of the lips.

Use your tongue to apply some cream or sugar around your baby ‘s lips, and let your baby try to move the tongue out of the mouth and move up, down, left, and right; or make a sound of “啰, 啰, 啰 ……” for the baby to learn, which can promote tongue flexibility.

Blowing When the baby is young, you can blow more gently on his cheek, let him feel the airflow.

When your baby is older, ask him to imitate your mouth and try to blow. If he does n’t know how to blow, he can use some small props, such as small windmills, feathers, or small pieces of paper to inspire him.


Chew baby for about 4?
Starting to receive complementary foods around 6 months, many babies begin to grow teeth at the age of 6 months, so chewing function is very important.

At this time, you can train your baby to eat foods that are easy to chew, such as bruces, bread, or other semi-solid, solid foods.

After the baby is more than one year old, he can cut the food into smaller pieces, let him practice the “bite” action, and train his tongue, teeth and oral movements to coordinate.

Dealing with slim legs and aunts

Dealing with slim legs and aunts

Most of us know what a gluteal leg temporary mass is-those weird and slightly rugged tissues that accumulate mainly at the top and around the thighs.

Buttock faeces are common in obese women and occasionally in obese men.

  Tip: What exactly is a hip-leg aunt is not a medical or scientific term.

In 1970, a New York-based hair salon owner used the term for the first time in an article he wrote.

The correct medical term is “local unfortunate metabolic disorder” or “local unfortunate malnutrition”, which is a true local unfortunate group.

Everyone’s skin structure, race, and adult level are different, which is why some people have temporary leg and hip groups and some don’t.

  Popular leg and leg temporary treatment methods. What methods are available on the market to treat hip and leg aunts?

There are many methods, such as aunty cream, aunty ointment and aunty pills.

But are these creams, ointments and pills really effective?

This has yet to be verified.

  Dealing with the buttocks and aunts has a slim figure. The legs and aunts belong to the aunt-which means that other ways to lose weight should be effective-but it is also a special aunt.

  Your first steps are of course dieting, doing lots of exercise and inhaling fresh air.

Believe that there are no miracles or potions in the world.

Aunt creams or lotions can help your skin replenish collagen and regenerate the skin.

  Adult group creams and lotions The active ingredient of most adult group elimination lotion creams and thigh firming creams is aminophylline (aminophilin).

Clinical trials have shown that in the area where aminophylline is used, the volume of the exception group is indeed an effective replacement.

This is actually because the diuretics are working, that is to say removing water.

To date, no over-the-counter cream has penetrated the skin to burn adult tissue.

  Apply regular creams to promote academic circulation through skin massage. These creams can help you promote blood circulation and clear the lymph-these effects can only be obtained by regular application.

It must be remembered that there is no simple and fast cure in the world.

Most types of treatment can effectively reduce the accumulation of leg masses.

Although some women’s bodies are slightly low in content, there is still a slight mass accumulation behind the legs.

Why do people get cancer?


Why do people get cancer?

Why do people get cancer?

The answer is yes, some people think it is hereditary, some people think that they are exposed to carcinogens, some people think it is environmental pollution, and some people blame “bad life”. The answers answered by cancer hospital experts may surprise many people: chronicinfection.

Experts say that cancer is a degenerative disease and that population aging is a major factor.

With the continuous increase of the elderly population, the incidence of tumors has increased year by year.

Diets in modern life, environmental pollution, and sedentary lifestyles such as sedentary and smoking also increase risks.

However, a recent survey of the environmental and behavioral risk factors of Chinese populations found that chronic infections are the leading cause of cancer morbidity and mortality in Chinese patients, accounting for 29.

4%; followed by active and passive smoking, accounting for 22.


There are also various factors such as insufficient consumption of fruits and vegetables, drinking, occupational exposure and environmental pollution.

The proportion of cancer deaths caused by chronic infections was 32% and 25% for men and women, respectively.

In a sense, some cancers are “infected.”

Experts say that in chronic conditions, hepatitis B/C virus, Helicobacter pylori, human papillomavirus (HPV) and Epstein-Barr virus are the most common infectious carcinogens.

China is a “hepatitis big country”, and complications of patients with primary hepatocellular carcinoma are associated with hepatitis B and C virus infection.

They gradually develop into cirrhosis through acute, chronic arthritis, and some patients eventually lead to liver cancer.

The infection rate of Helicobacter pylori in the population is as high as 50%?
60% is the most common type of infectious bacteria, which may cause gastritis and peptic ulcers, and long-term infections may develop into gastric cancer.

The bane of cervical cancer and its precancerous lesions has been confirmed to be a human papillomavirus infection that spreads through sexual contact.

The high incidence of nasopharyngeal carcinoma is inseparable from EB virus infection.

Although infection and cancer are not direct causal relationships, they will not “kill the fate”, but the germs will quietly lurk in our bodies, waiting for the machine to be difficult.

This process takes about 10 years or more, and if it can interrupt its spread and destroy it in the cradle, it can effectively prevent cancer.

First, get a vaccine.

According to data from Taiwan, since 1984, 95% of infants and children were injected with hepatitis B vaccine. After 20 years, hepatitis B carriers were 10%.
20% replaces 0.

2%, the incidence of liver cancer is also reduced by 70%?

Solve, early treatment.

Helicobacter pylori can be completely eradicated by antibiotic combination therapy, completely alleviating gastritis, gastric ulcer, and can also be a good resistance to further development of gastric cancer.

Again, do the screening.

For women over the age of 30, the cervix should be screened regularly.

At the same time protect yourself, pay attention to the use of condoms, do not premature sex, increase the number of partners.

Finally, the meal system.

The infection of Helicobacter pylori and other bacteria is very strong. It can be transmitted by hand, food, tableware, etc. It is best to use a meal system in life. When using a meal, try to use public chopsticks, a spoon, etc., if there is an infected person in the family, it should be properly isolated.