Talking and talking,Yanzi suddenly thought of an important thing。

“Let me see。”
Qin Liang immediately demanded,As the number one master in Shen’s cooking,Of course he is most qualified to read this recipe。
This recipe is not complicated,It’s nothing more than light foods that nourish the body’s blood,Qin Liang is a great expert,So after seeing it once, he knew it in his heart,Next is Shen Ruoxi and Du Xiaoyan tilting their heads to study this recipe。
“Buy these things outside temporarily,When we bring Jinger back to Haishang,Let’s cook it ourselves and eat it for her,After all, it’s not convenient to cook for her here。”
Chapter three thousand four hundred and ninety seven Dare to say you don’t understand
“you have not?”Chu Qingwan frowned。
“Yes!”No longer avoid、No longer avoid!
This time,Shen Siyin looked up without showing weakness,Look at Chu Qingwan,This time,She is frank,Say one word to Chu Qingwan:“In the past ten years,Xiao Zonghan hates me、scold me、Blame me,but,I never calculated him、never,I’ve done even half of the things I’m sorry for!”
“Whether you believe it or not,”Her mouth bends,The tearful eyes are full of stubbornness:“I haven’t done it!”
“I just love him,Even if he hates me、Blame me、Wish i die,Never wavered。”
Chu Qingwan was shocked。
Shen Siyin, the marshal lady,She had some pity and sympathy for her because of her illness,but,But never liked。
She doesn’t like her,Not because of her viciousness、Calculate。
But because of her cringe,In front of Xiao Shaoshuai,She always seems to wince、Craven。
But now,The cringe in her eyes、Cowardly Pensive Yin,But with a smile,Back straight:“Xiao Zonghan hates me,Blame me,I can’t explain,Even if i explained,He won’t believe it。”
“I’m waiting,I thought as long as I kept waiting,He will take the initiative to believe me one day 。” wavv
Her smile is more brilliant,The bitterness of the mouth is deep:“but,I’m afraid I can’t wait……”

“Their business is settled?”

Wang Jiadong said angrily:“We do not participate in opinions,Love is uncertain。”
Peng Changyi smiled,“What is your attitude?”
“What attitude,Just this attitude!”Wang Jiadong said coldly。Talking,Went out to the bathroom。
The minister’s wife whispered to Peng Changyi:“Lu Hui didn’t come,Did not make a call。”
Peng Changyi nodded,He understands why the minister has this attitude,Just said:“Wenwen is a nice kid,simple、generous。”
The minister’s wife said:“I also advised him,Wenwen has her own parents,It doesn’t matter if he is an uncle’s family。”
“Humph,Just。”Peng Changyi also has his own views on Lu Hui。He didn’t mention it in Kangzhou,But went to Hedian,Grievances against many people。The minister’s angry words must be directed at him。
The minister entered the house at this time,He said:“Changyi,What position do you think Wenwen is suitable for in the future?”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“It’s none of your business,What are you doing?”
Listen to Wang Jiadong,I laughed myself too。
At this moment,The sound of a car engine came from outside the door,Wenwen comes in from outside,Followed by a young man who is not tall but very clever,Carrying two cardboard boxes in his hand,After Wenwen came in,Saw Peng Changyi in,Just called“Uncle Peng,happy New Year。”
Peng Changyi smiled,Say:“Wenwen Happy New Year。”
Wenwen opened the door to the guy behind,The young man put down the two boxes,Bow to Wang Jiadong,Said:“Old man happy new year,I honor you。”Then I saw Peng Changyi,He just froze,And bowed politely,Said:“Hello, Uncle Peng!”
Peng Changyi was taken aback,He has never seen this person,But the intonation is very familiar,Have a strong back end,Peng Changyi couldn’t remember where I heard him speak for a while。

Wait for the surrounding big things to completely disperse,So I can see the scene thoroughly,The look here is so surprising。

It turns out that his location is just a central round table,There are five round platforms around,And there is still a skeleton on each round table。
Suddenly a picture appeared in Xia Chenglong’s eyes,In ancient times, there was a spiritual pearl falling into the well,Six people from the sky followed,And managed to capture it,It’s just that Lingzhu’s ability is too strong,A few people can only fight with flesh and blood,Use your own spiritual power as the law,Keep the spirit beads。
Xia Chenglong recovered from the state just now,No matter how it was before,Has nothing to do with him now,There is no place for souvenirs here。
Just when he was going to leave,There is a sound of broken bones,This kind of noise comes after another,Louder。
this is……
No wonder Xia Chenglong would be shocked,Just behind the old man on the table where he is,The huge bones are moving slowly。
Too unbelievable,When can ancient things stay for so long,Except for those who have cultivated spiritual wisdom,Generally this will never happen。
A dead beast,It’s impossible to stop him?
Xia Chenglong behind one hand,The other arm is waving randomly,There are countless powerful swords around,You must know that these swords are the swords he used to unlock the barriers of the God Realm,It represents the strongest power between heaven and earth。
A mysterious sword technique instantly zooms in,Countless sword shadows turned into a stegosaurus hovering high in the sky,After roaring, quickly rushed towards the skeleton like a giant tiger。
There was a huge roar when the two collided,The skeleton was instantly knocked into countless pieces and fell to the ground。

As soon as Ou Zhaozhao arrived home, he was called by Jin Yao to hold a transnational temporary meeting,Wait until the meeting is over,When looking for baby Ou,I found that the two little ones did not see anyone,Only Wei Zi and Yu Ze are watching the menu,Discuss what to eat at night。Ou Zhaozhao walked over and sat down,Just ask the kids?

“You can’t finish waiting for you,Qinbao went to take a bath by himself,Ono follows.”Wei Zi remembered,“Is Xiaojin taking Xiaoye to shoot an ad again tomorrow??Are there so many advertisements for children??”
Ou Zhaozhao pinched a grape to eat,Yuze pours her a glass of water,Ou Zhaozhao thanked him after drinking for a while before speaking。
“It’s not all because of Xiaojin’s face,Holding smelly feet.I know Xiaojin is taking a kid,Just sell it.During the winter of film and television,The only top traffic that survived it,True longevity,Ai Xiaojin,Flowing entertainment circle.A look from Xiaojin,The circle has to be interpreted into thousands,Not to mention the child she is eager to support now,It’s the little prince in the circle.”
It is said that someone has already called that。
“that,Xiaojin is the queen?”Wei Zi thinks that the entertainment industry really loves the queen and queen,Make it look like a dynasty。But think about it,It seems to be,Generations of celebrities come up and down,Constantly updated,“Xiaojin has been sealed for too long,I thought she was going to mess up,I didn’t expect this to become king from behind,Upgraded.”but,This is really a fast update in the entertainment industry,He who doesn’t pay much attention to the entertainment industry,I don’t want to watch TV now,A bunch of unknown。
“.”You’re a real brother。Be careful Xiaojin kicks you。
Wei Zi is also worried that these words will be held in his hand by the cautious Aze,Explain quickly,“I just think,Is Xiaojin starting to think behind the scenes now??Everlasting,It’s really not a good thing,In case something happens,What should I do if I get bitten back?”
“.”Are you a real brother??
Ou Zhaozhao squinted at Wei Zi,“I am here,What can she do back?You treat me as dead?otherwise,Or you are dead?”
“.Sorry.”Wei Zi just thinks,Prosperity will turn against,This is common sense。My own sister,He naturally wants her to be good,But right.
“My uncle’s pessimistic and thoughtful character,It is suitable to be a researcher,Can make endless assumptions and experiments.”Yuze is also very speechless,“Fortunately, none of the three of us have the same personalities as you.”
“.”Wei Zi is sad and angry,“I am prudent!!”Moreover,“I’m not too pessimistic,I use existing conditions to infer the possibility!!This is a scientific and rigorous attitude!!”
“Then your scientific and rigorous attitude is really interesting.”Ou Zhaozhao poked Xia Weizi in the forehead,I went upstairs to find two small ones。
Yuze laughs,“You say,In case you have a crow’s mouth,You really got it,What happened to my aunt?,You see,By the time,Did my mother kick you hard or did my aunt kick you hard??”I really want to see these pictures,It would be nice if they both appeared~~~~
Chapter Forty Seven Malicious
“.”Wei Zi took out his cell phone,Took a look at my salary card balance,Then ask Yuze,“The navy of our company,Is there a price for relatives and friends??”He quickly bought a navy and Xiaojin escorted.Don’t be crow’s mouth.
Yuze laughed and fell on the sofa。
Baby Ou watched Xiao Ye to watch cartoons,Hold Ou Zhaozhao,“mom,I still have things,I didn’t tell you.”Too much for a while,There are many people at home,She didn’t have a chance to talk to mother alone。
Ou Zhaozhao understands,This is to say that only the two of them know。


One thousand six hundred and fifty chapters worship!
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Huang Wenjie said honestly。
“okay,Since everyone is already friends,I’ll save it in the future,I make friends,Never look at each other’s worth,Status and background。”
Murong Shan also said very truthfully。
“Then you must not refuse today,Just as a celebration that I sold three more houses,At the same time I made some good friends of you。”
Huang Wenjie said excitedly。
In his heart,Can be Murong Shan,Shen Ruoxi, friends of these two goddesses,Makes him happier than the three villas sold,Much happier!After all, money can be earned slowly,But even if there is more money,I may not be able to be friends with the two girls Murongshan and Shen Ruoxi……
It’s still early,Everyone chatted in Huang Wenjie’s office for a long time,Until it’s eleven o’clock noon,Shen Ruoxi and other talents under the leadership of Huang Wenjie,Came to the nearest star hotel from the villa area。
In Huang Wenjie’s words;Please Shen Ruoxi and others for dinner,He feels very shabby when he goes to a star hotel……But there is no better place nearby。In fact, Murongshan and Shen Ruoxi are now,They are no longer the Murongshan and Shen Ruoxi of the past,The two of them are now connected“zero”Distance,For where to eat,What to eat,Neither of them cares much anymore,As long as the environment is clean,health,Food quality is not
Is too bad,They are both acceptable and uncritical。Huang Wenjie has been repeatedly apologizing,He always felt like Murong Shan and Shen Ruoxi“character”Come to eat in this place,I really wronged them both,After all, in this ordinary star hotel,There won’t be any particularly good chefs……At least he thinks so
in order。
“OK OK,Friends don’t care about these,If we really care about these,I won’t promise you to come here for dinner。”
Murong Shan said with an angry smile。
In an instant,Huang Wenjie can’t even find North……He secretly sighed;This is a woman,Such a woman is called a real woman!Noble and dignified,Fenghua Peerless!Neither feminine nor pretentious,But there are so many natural styles!There are not many people with Murong Shan with her today,But definitely a lot,Fortunately, Huang Wenjie is also a rich master,It’s not a problem to invite twenty people to have a decent meal,the most important is;Today’s meal,No matter how much money he spends, he is willing,Can’t ask for it
of……For Murong Shan and Shen Ruoxi,It’s not a loss to eat this meal with Huang Wenjie,Everyone will move here in the future,With all the troops of the Rose Legion,There must be troubles,With the friend Huang Wenjie,Then no matter what happens in the future, it will be resolved
Many!As for Huang Wenjie,He has no other thoughts on Murong Shan and Shen Ruoxi,Different from other rich people,Huang Wenjie’s bones still have the aura of a soldier’s righteousness,And even if you take another 10,000 steps,Even if he is a profiteer,He is also a rich and willful spender Tai Sui,

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Chinese, Chinese, English, Chinese, Chinese, Chinese, Chinese, Korean, Chinese, Chinese, Chinese, Chinese, Korean, Chinese, Chinese, Chinese, English, Chinese, Russians, Chinese, Russians, Chinese, Russians€傜孩鎻愮毊涓湁涓板瘜鐨勮惀鍏讳环鍊硷紝鑳戒繚鎶ゅ績鑴戣绠°€佽兘鎶楁哀鍖栨姉琛拌€併€佽繕鑳芥姉鐧屻€? 涓€銆佺孩鎻愮毊鐨勫姛鏁堝強浣滅敤 1銆佺孩鎻愮毊鑳戒繚鎶ゅ績鑴戣绠$孩鎻愮毊鏄汉绫诲績鑴戣绠$救 澶 ╃ 嬧 姢 姢 璁 璁 纨 瀨 逨 惨 館 礉 头 傴 嶅 ぉ 鷒 Ti 熷 熀 閰 氰 沗 雗 ╄ 川 End of the Umbrellas and the squirrels of the Han Dynastyラ檷琛€鑴傦紝涔熻兘杞寲琛€绠★紝杩樿兘鎶戝埗琛€鏍撶殑鐢熸垚锛岃兘鏈夋晥鍑忓皯澶氱蹇冭剳琛€绠$ 柧 鑥 宯 戙 戠 抓 銆?I ‘m so happy, I ‘m not sure if you ‘re a sorrowful girl, “Yi ya, you ‘re so sorrowful, you do n’t know what to do, you do n’t know how to do it, you do n’t know what to do, why do n’t you?”This is the most important thing for you to find out how to use it. It ‘s very easy to use it. It ‘s a good idea.Mournful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowful, sorrowfulThe younger sisters are not alone, and the younger sisters are not alone. They are not so good. They are very familiar with each other.梾姣掓垚鍒嗭紝鑳芥姂鍒剁梾姣掑浜轰綋缁嗚優鐨勪激瀹筹紝浠庤€屼篃灏辨姂鍒朵簡鐧岀粏鑳炵殑鐢熸垚锛屽棰勯槻鐧岀棁鏈夎壇濂界殑浣滅敤锛屽彟澶栫孩鎻愮毊杩樿兘鎶楃獊鍙橈紝涔熻兘鎻愰珮鑲濊剰鐨勮В姣掕兘鍔涳紝瀵规彁楂樹汉绫昏韩浣撳仴搴锋按骞冲ぇ鏈夊ソ澶勩€? 浜屻€佹彁瀛愪笌钁¤悇鏈変粈涔堝尯鍒?鎻愬瓙鍜岃憽钀勶紝绠″畠涓変竷浜屽崄涓€锛屽弽姝i兘鏄兘鍚冪殑锛屽弽姝e彛鎰熷樊涓嶅锛屽弽姝i兘鏄按鏋溿€傚叾瀹烇紝鎻愬瓙鍜岃憽钀勮繕鏄湁寰堝鐨勫尯鍒殑锛屼綔涓哄悆璐х殑浣犱滑锛屼笉鑳戒笉鐭ラDie!You can’t do it anymore, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it.О浣滈潚鎻愩€備絾鏄紝鈥滄彁瀛愨€濈殑鍙硶鏄湪杩戝嚑骞村紩鍏ョ編鍥界孩鍦扮悆钁¤悇鍚庢墠寮€濮嬪湪鍥藉唴娴佽鐨勩€傜洰鍓嶄汉浠彧鎶婁粠缇庡浗寮曡繘鐨勭孩鍦扮悆绛夎憽钀勭О涓衡€滄彁瀛愨€濓紝鑰屽宸ㄥ嘲銆佺帿鐟伴绛夎繕鍙憽钀勩€備篃灏辨槸璇达紝鎻愬瓙鏄憽钀勪腑鐨勪竴绉嶏紝瀹冨睘浜庢浜氱钁¤悇锛屾渶鏃╂槸缁忛娓紶鍏ュ唴鍦扮殑銆傚尯鍒竴锛氬舰鐘躲€佽倝璐ㄦ彁瀛愮殑澶栧舰澶氬憟妞渾褰㈢姸锛屽叾鏋滅矑澶с€佽壊娉借壋銆佽€愬偍杩愩€佸搧鍛冲ソ;鐩告瘮鑰岃█锛岃憽钀勫褰㈠鍛堝渾褰€傝憽钀勭殑鑲夎川姣旇緝杞紝姹佸锛岃€屼笖鏋滅毊鏄撳墺闄ゃ€傝€屾彁瀛愮殑澶栫毊杈冮毦鍓ワ紝閫氬父灏嗘灉鐨礂骞插噣鍚庡彲浠ヤ笉鍓ョ毊鐩存帴鍚冦€?鍖哄埆浜岋細绫界殑澶氬皯鎻愬瓙鐨勮倝鎰熷帤瀹烇紝绫藉皯锛屽熀鏈笂娲楀噣鍚庡彲鐩存帴鍏ュ彛锛屾棤闇€鍚愮苯銆傝€岃憽钀勪腑鐨勭苯杈冨锛屽悆璧锋潵杈冭垂鍔蹭竴浜涖€傛澶栵紝鎻愬瓙鍜岃憽钀勶紝涓€鑸ぇ瀹堕兘浠ヤ负鎻愬瓙灏辨槸钁¤悇锛岃憽钀勫氨鏄彁瀛愶紝鍙槸涓嶅悓鍦版柟鍙硶涓嶄竴鏍风舰浜嗐€傞€氳繃涓婇潰鐨勪袱涓尯鍒紝鍙互瀹冧滑涓嶆槸涓€鏍风殑鍝︺€傛彁瀛愬叾瀹炴槸钁¤悇浼楀鍝佺涓殑涓€绉嶏紝鍥犱负鍝佺涓嶄竴鏍凤紝鎵€浠ヨ鍖哄垎寮€鏉ャ€傚尯鍒笁锛氭彁瀛愬拰钁¤悇鐨勭毊鎴In the world, there is nothing new in the world. It is a new version of the paper, and it is a new one. It ‘s a new one. It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s a good idea.?I am afraid that you will be able to find out what is going on, what is going on, what is going on, what is going on, what is going on, what is going on, what is going on, what is going on, what is going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on?鍚冿紝鑰屼笖鎻愬瓙姣旇憽钀勮吹銆傝€岃憽钀勭殑鐨鍚愬嚭鏉ワ紝鍥犱负钁¤悇鐨勭毊鐩稿鏉ヨ浼氭瘮杈冨帤锛屽緢涓嶅ソ鍚冿紝鑰屾彁瀛愮殑鐨氨涓嶇敤鍚愪簡銆?

[How to eat meat Yuanzi]_Method_How to do

鑲夊渾瀛愭槸涓€绉嶆瘮杈冨父瑙佺殑鑿滆偞锛屼篃鏄竴閬撴瘮杈冪編鍛充笖钀ュ吇涓板瘜鐨勯鐗┿€傝倝鍦嗗瓙鏄敤鑲夊埗浣滆€屾垚鐨勶紝涓斿ソ鐨勮倝鍦嗗瓙锛岄兘鏄€夋嫨涓婂ソ鐨勫す瀛愯倝鍒朵綔鐨勶紝甯稿揆 欩 欑 杛 夛 麛 鍙  Mutual 嬮 姮 姾 櫾 槄 逾 鼎 犺 牺 牺 牺 犺 ˉ 撅 撅 姑 勫 傽 欶 欤 欮 槷 槷 槷 槮 槮 槮 槮 槛 槛 槛 槛 姛 姾 姾 姾 姾 姾 槛 姾 姾 姾 姾 姾 姾 撾 Ding of the 銆 撺 戺 欆 剾 鈺 姫 姾 姫 姫 姫 姫 姫 姫 姬 欆 姬 構 姶 槸 槷 槤夊渾瀛愭€庝箞鍋氬憿锛熶笅闈㈠氨涓哄ぇ瀹惰缁嗕粙缁嶈倝鍦嗗瓙鐨勫仛娉曘€?涓€銆侀鐗╃畝浠嬭倝鍦嗗瓙鍙互璇存槸鎴戜滑鏃ュ父鐢熸椿涓潪甯稿父瑙佺殑涓€閬撹彍浜嗭紝闈炲父閫傚悎鑰佸勾浜恒€佸皬瀛╁瓙銆佷互鍙婄梾浜哄悆銆傝倝鍦嗗瓙鍙互鍋氭堡锛屼篃鍙互鐐镐簡鍚冿紝浣嗕负浜嗘垜浠殑韬綋鍋ュ悍鎴戜滑澶у鏄妸鑲夊渾瀛愬仛濂界叜鏉ュ悆鐨勩€傚畠钀ュ吇涓板瘜锛屽洜涓哄仛鑲What’s the difference? What is the difference between the chains and the chains? The floating chains and the chains are not the same. They are very complicated. They are very different from each other.What are you looking for?浜屻€佸埗浣滄柟娉?In the world, the world is full of roses, and the world is intricate. It ‘s intricate. It ‘s intricate. It ‘s inlaid, and it ‘s inlaid, and it ‘s inlaid.紝鑲ョ槮鍚堥€傚仛鍦嗗瓙鎵嶅銆傛妸鑲夊墎缁嗭紝濡傛灉涓嶆兂楹荤儲锛屼篃鍙互鍦ㄨ涓婄敤鏈哄瓙鎵撶粏涔熸槸鍙互鐨勩€?銆佹妸钁卞垏鎴愮粏鏈紝鎶婂涔熷垏鎴愮粏鏈紝瓒婄粏瓒婂ソ锛岀劧鍚庢垜浠妸涓€涓浮铔嬫墦鍏ヨ倝鏈腑锛屽啀鎶婃穩绮夊姞鍏ョ涓紝鍚屾椂鍔犲叆閫傞噺鐨勭洂銆佽懕鏈€佸鏈湪鑲夋湯閲岋紝鍙互娣诲姞涓€鐐归粍閰掋€佺敓鎶姐€佽€佹娊鐒跺悗鎷屽寑銆?銆佺敤鎵嬫妸鑲夋媽濂界殑鑲夋湯鎸ゅ嚭鍦嗗舰鐨勮倝鍥㈢姸锛屾斁杩涚儳寮€浜嗙殑姘寸殑閿呴噷闈㈢叜锛岃繖閲岀伀涓嶅疁澶ぇ锛屽叧灏忎竴鐐癸紝璁╄倝鍦嗗瓙閮界啛瀹氬瀷涔嬪悗锛岀敤鎹炲嫼鎹炶捣鏉ワ紝璁╁渾瀛愮◢寰櫨涓€涓嬪啀杩涜涓€姝ユ搷浣溿€?We will provide you with information on how to fix it, and how to do it. If you want to check it out, you will be able to see how it works.鍙紝娉ㄦ剰瑕佸皬蹇冪炕鍔紝涓嶇劧浼氭妸鍦嗗瓙寮勬暎浜嗐€傜劧鍚庣洓鍑烘潵瑁呭埌鐩樺瓙閲屽鐢ㄣ€傝繖涓€姝ュ皬蹇冭娌圭儷鍒板搱锛?銆侀攨鍐呭姞鍏ヤ竴纰楅浮姹わ紝鍔犲叆閰辨补銆佷竴灏忓寵鏂欓厭銆佸皯璁哥殑鐩愩€佺櫧绯栵紝鍊掑叆涓稿瓙锛屽皬鐏儳鑷虫堡姹佹祿绋犮€?銆佽皟鍏ユ按娣€绮夛紝鍊掑叆閿呭唴锛岀劧鍚庤鍏ョ洏鍐咃紝鍙互鍔犵偣钁辨湯鎴栬€呴鑿滃湪鍦嗗瓙涓婇潰銆傚氨鍙互涓婃浜嗐€?涓夈€佽惀鍏讳环鍊间腑鍖昏涓猴紝鐚倝鎬у钩鍛崇敇锛屾湁娑﹁偁鑳冦€佺敓娲ユ恫銆佽ˉ鑲炬皵銆佽В鐑瘨鐨勫姛鏁堬紝涓绘不鐑梾浼ゆ触銆佹秷娓寸靖鐦︺€佽偩铏氫綋寮便€佷骇鍚庤铏氥€佺嚗鍜炽€佷究绉樸€佽ˉ铏氥€佹粙闃淬€佹鼎鐕ャ€佹粙鑲濋槾銆佹鼎鑲岃偆銆佸埄灏忎究鍜屾娑堟复銆傜尓鑲夌叜姹らギ涓嬪彲鎬ヨˉ鐢变簬娲ユ恫涓嶈冻寮曡捣鐨勭儲鐕ャ€佸共鍜炽€佷究绉樺拰闅句骇銆?

[Efficacy of Mung Bean Rice Peanut Porridge]_What is it_What effect

[Efficacy of Mung Bean Rice Peanut Porridge]_What is it_What effect

The summer is hot, and people often cook some mung bean soup. Mung beans also have the effect of clearing heat and relieving heat.

When the weather is hot, people’s appetite will also drop, at this time we can cook some light porridge.

For example, mung bean rice, peanut porridge, mung bean, rice, and peanut beans are rich in nutrients. When eaten together, they can clear away heat and relieve heat, and also have the effects of nourishing the stomach and clearing the lungs.

People with a bad stomach can drink more porridge.

Mung bean rice and peanut porridge: We all know that mung beans have a good fire effect. When combined with rice, they can be eaten as a staple food. The boiled mung bean rice porridge is sweet and delicious, and there are many benefits to eating in summer, mainly the following:point.

1. In summer, the climate is hot, and many people have no appetite, but mung bean rice porridge supplements qi, strengthens the spleen and stomach, and promotes appetite. In summer, it does not prevent trying mung bean rice porridge.

2. Mung bean is important and has its own medicinal properties, and the mung bean rice porridge made by boil has the effects of clearing heat and detoxifying, relieving heat and annoying, quenching thirst, strengthening stomach, and diminishing swelling.

3, it is said to drink porridge to nourish the stomach, mung bean rice porridge is no exception, often drink in summer, with spleen, stomach, and lung cleaning effects.

And can also pass through the blood, smart ears and eyesight, annoyance, thirst, and diarrhea.

4, mung bean rice and peanut porridge can also relieve the body’s stress, because mung beans contain elements to lower blood lipids and lower cholesterol, and also have anti-allergic, heat-reducing and detoxifying effects, and protect the liver.

5, mung bean rice and peanut porridge have an effect on summer heat, thirst, hot and humid diarrhea, edema and bloating, sores and rashes.

People with acne can also eat mung bean rice porridge to condition the body and prevent acne.

In addition, mung bean rice porridge has a certain effect on those who are poisoned by gold stone arsenic.

6, mung bean rice peanut porridge is very moisturizing the stomach, but also improve dry skin.

The unique moisture and minerals of mung bean supplement the skin with sufficient moisture and effectively strengthen the skin’s moisture retention ability.

Because mung bean contains natural polysaccharides, it can form a moisturizing film on the skin surface, making the skin moist and shiny.

7, polysaccharides in mung bean rice and peanut porridge can enhance the activity of serum lipoproteinase, so that triglycerides in lipoproteins can achieve the effect of lowering blood lipids, which can prevent coronary heart disease, angina and other symptoms.

[How to make pork and cucumber dumplings?】 _Practice Daquan_How to do

楗哄瓙棣呮枡鏄懗閬撶殑鍏抽敭锛岃€岀幇浠iギ椋熺敓娲讳汉浠兘澶熶韩鍙楀埌闈炲父涓板瘜鐨勯鏉愰€夋嫨锛岃€屽楗哄瓙杩欑浼犵粺缇庡懗鏉ヨ棣呮枡椋熸潗鐨勯€夋嫨澶氭牱鎬ц浜轰滑瀵瑰叾鏇村姞鍠滅埍銆備緥濡傦紝鐚倝榛勭摐楗哄瓙灏辨槸涓€閬撻潪甯镐笉閿欑殑鍋氭硶锛屼笅闈㈠氨鏉ョ湅鐪嬬尓鑲夐粍鐡滈楗哄瓙鐨勫仛娉曟€庝箞鍋氬憿锛熷笇鏈涘ぇ瀹惰兘澶熶簡瑙d竴涓嬪惂銆傞粍鐡滅尓鑲夋按楗烘槸涓€閬撶編鍛崇殑椋熷搧锛屼互榛勭摐銆佺尓鑲変负涓绘枡锛岃緟鏂欐槸鏈ㄨ€筹紝璋冩枡鏈夊ぇ钁便€佸銆侀叡娌圭瓑锛屼富瑕侀€氳繃姘寸叜鐨勬柟娉曡€屾垚銆傚埗浣滃伐鑹?.鑲ョ槮鑲夊墎缁嗚搲锛岄粍鐡滄摝涓濆墎纰庯紝鏀剧泦涓姞鍓佹垚鏈殑鏈ㄨ€炽€侀叡娌广€佽懕濮滄湯銆佺洂銆佸懗绮俱€佹鐗╂补鎼呭寑鎴愰銆?.What is the difference between the villages and the villages? What are you going to do? 1 What are you doing?0涓墏瀛愶紝鎿€鎴愰ズ瀛愮毊锛屽寘涓婇粍鐡滅尓鑲夐锛屾斁寮€姘翠腑鐓啛銆?.椋熸椂璺熷ぇ钂滄眮涓€璧蜂笂妗?澶ц挏姹佸嵆澶ц挏娉ワ紝閰辨补锛岄唻锛岄娌硅皟鍖€)銆傝缁嗘楠?.鑲ョ槮鑲夊墎缁嗚搲锛岄粍鐡滄摝涓濆墎纰庯紝鏀剧泦涓姞鍓佹垚鏈殑鏈ㄨ€炽€侀叡娌广€佽懕濮滄湯銆佺洂銆佸懗绮俱€佹鐗╂补鎼呭寑鎴愰銆?.What is the difference between the villages and the villages? What are you going to do? 1 What are you doing?0涓墏瀛愶紝鎿€鎴愰ズ瀛愮毊锛屽寘涓婇粍鐡滅尓鑲夐锛屾斁寮€姘翠腑鐓啛銆?.椋熸椂璺熷ぇ钂滄眮涓€璧蜂笂妗?澶ц挏姹佸嵆澶ц挏娉ワ紝閰辨补锛岄唻锛岄娌硅皟鍖€)銆傞璋辫惀鍏荤尓鑲?鑲ョ槮)鐚倝鍚湁涓板瘜鐨勪紭璐ㄨ泲鐧借川鍜屽繀闇€鐨勮剛鑲吀锛屽苟鎻愪緵琛€绾㈢礌锛堟湁鏈洪搧锛夊拰淇冭繘閾佸惛鏀剁殑鍗婅儽姘ㄩ吀锛岃兘鏀瑰杽缂洪搧鎬ц传琛€锛涘叿鏈夎ˉ鑲惧吇琛€锛屾粙闃存鼎鐕ョ殑鍔熸晥锛涗絾鐢变簬鐚倝涓儐鍥洪唶鍚噺鍋忛珮锛屾晠鑲ヨ儢浜虹兢鍙婅鑴傝緝楂樿€呬笉瀹滃椋熴€傞粍鐡滈粍鐡滄槸鑰佺櫨濮撴渶甯搁鐢ㄧ殑涓€绉嶉钄紝瀹冭剢瀚╂竻棣欙紝鍛抽亾椴滅編锛岃€屼笖钀ュ吇涓板瘜銆傚惈鏈夊绉嶇淮鐢熺礌锛屼娇鎶よ偆缇庡鐨勪匠鍝侊紝鍙互鏈夋晥鍦板鎶楃毊鑲よ€佸寲锛屽噺灏戠毐绾圭殑浜х敓锛屽苟鍙槻娌诲攪鐐庛€佸彛瑙掔値锛涘洜鍏朵腑杩樺惈鏈夐摤绛夊井閲忓厓绱狅紝鏈夐檷琛€绯栫殑浣滅敤銆傞粍鐡滃熬閮ㄧ殑鑻﹀懗绱犺繕鏈夋姉鐧岀殑浣滅敤锛屽苟鏈夋竻鐑€佽В娓淬€佸埄姘淬€佹秷鑲夸箣鍔熸晥銆?

[Can mango be kept in the refrigerator]_How to save_How to save

銆 愯 始 個 滋 嶋 嶅 嶅 倲 浠 斐提 閐  銆 慱 賱 軝 箞 緞 椞 擨 _ 濡 綍 淇 濆 瓨
鐜 板 湪 鍄 弪 弪 漪 漪 漄 ╄ 川 鏉 ‘s joyful love and reciprocity between each other in the world, in general, in general, in confusing and inquiring, inquiring, inquiring, inquiring, inquiring, inquiring閮戒細鍓╅キ鑿滐紝鍓╀笅鐨勯キ鑿滃€掓帀鑲畾澶彲鎯溿€傜幇鍦ㄥ瀹舵埛鎴烽兘鏈夊啺绠卞ぇ瀹朵細閫夋嫨鏀惧埌鍐扮閲屻€備絾鏄湁浜涗笢瑗挎斁鍒板啺绠遍噷浼氬奖鍝嶅彛鎰熷拰鍛抽亾锛岀敋鑷虫湁浜涢鐗╁喎鍐讳箣鍚庡弽鑰屼笉鑳藉悆浜嗐€備竴浜涚儹甯︾殑钄彍鎴栬€呮按鏋滄斁鍒板啺绠遍噷鍙兘灏变細鍐讳激锛屾瘮濡傜伀榫欐灉銆侀钑夈€侀偅涔堣姃鏋滃憿锛熻姃鏋滀綔涓轰竴绉嶅父瑙佺殑姘存灉涓€鐩存瘮杈冨彈澶у鐨勫枩娆?锛屽畠涔熸槸涓€绉嶇儹甯︽按鏋?How about a braid?鑺掓灉鏄惁鍙互鏀惧埌鍐扮閲屼繚瀛橈紒鑺掓灉鑳芥斁鍐扮鍚楋紵鐑甫姘存灉姣旇緝鐨勬€曞喎锛岄亣鍒颁綆娓╁緢瀹规槗鍐讳激鐨勶紝鑺掓灉杩欑鐑甫姘存灉鏈€濂芥斁鍦ㄩ伩鍏夈€侀槾鍑夌殑鍦版柟璐棌锛屽鏋滀竴瀹氳鏀惧叆鍐扮锛屽簲缃簬娓╁害杈冮珮鐨勮敩鏋滄Ы涓紝淇濆瓨鐨勬椂闂存渶濂戒笉瑕佽秴杩囦袱澶┿€傝姃鏋滄€庝箞淇濆瓨锛氱敱浜庤姃鏋滄槸鐑甫姘存灉锛岀儹甯︽按鏋滄€曞喎钘忥紝涓嶉€傚疁鏀惧湪鍐扮涓喎钘忥紝,鍚﹀垯鏋滅毊灏变細鍙橀粦浜?涔版潵鐨勮姃鏋滄湁鐨勪細鐪嬪埌榛戠殑涓€灏忓潡鐨勬灉鐨?鏄洜涓哄湪鍏剁敓闀挎椂鍙楀埌澶╂皵绐佺劧鐨勯檷浣庤鍐荤殑鍘熷洜銆傛渶濂芥斁鍦ㄩ伩鍏夈€侀槾鍑夌殑鍦版柟杩涜璐棌銆?褰撴偍鏀跺埌鑺掓灉鍚庯紝濡傛灉鑺掓灉杩樻瘮杈冪敓纭紝鎮ㄥ彲浠ョ敤鍗敓绾搞€佹姤绾稿皢鍏跺寘瑁瑰悗锛屽钩鎽婂湪鍦颁笂銆備絾鏄偍闇€瑕佸畾鏈熸煡鐪嬩竴涓嬶紝濡傛灉鑺掓灉寮€濮嬪彉杞彉榛勫垯涓嶉渶瑕佸啀鐢ㄦ姤绾哥瓑鍖呰9銆傝姃鏋滅殑鐨勬灊钂傚瑕佸敖閲忎繚鎸佸共鐕ュ畬鏁达紝鍒囦笉鍙妸鏋濊拏澶勭暀鏈夌殑涓€鐐规灊鏉″叏閮ㄦ嫈鎺夛紝杩欐牱鑺掓灉鏄撳潖銆傝惀鍏绘垚鍒嗚姃鏋滄灉瀹炲惈鏈夌硸銆佽泲鐧借川銆佺矖绾ょ淮锛岃姃鏋滄墍鍚湁鐨勭淮鐢熺礌A鐨勫墠浣撹儭钀濆崪绱犳垚鍒嗙壒鍒珮锛屾槸鎵€鏈夋按鏋滀腑灏戣鐨勩€傚叾娆$淮鐢熺礌C鍚噺涔熶笉浣庛€傚啀鑰咃紝鐭跨墿璐ㄣ€佽泲鐧借川銆佽剛鑲€佺硸绫荤瓑锛屼篃鏄叾涓昏钀ュ吇鎴愬垎銆傛瘡鐧惧厠鏋滆倝鍚淮鐢熺礌C56 ad?鈥?37 ad?姣  latrine: 姾 湁 汁 屫 堲 樲 掿 拉 189 姣  restroom: 殘 殈 杘 曭 噺 14Chen?6%: 杚  瀛 酪 酑 钖  抲 擏 擏 川 5 What?% Adjacent just set?6锛?% Adherence⒊ 姘 團 囲 咲 墿 墿 69 69?% 銆 傝 姝 始 殑 殑 攸 晸 咝 璔 鐢  fine 1.鍏锋湁姝㈡檿姝㈠悙鐨勫姛鏁堬紝鑳藉瀵规伓蹇冨憰鍚愩€佹灏煎焹缁煎悎寰併€佺湬鏅曠棁绛夋湁涓€瀹氱殑鐤楁晥銆?.鍏锋湁鍋ヨ剳鐨勫姛鏁堛€傝姃鏋滀腑鍚湁鑺掓灉鑻?鍙互鏄庢樉鎻愰珮绾㈢粏鑳炶繃姘у寲姘㈤叾娲诲姏鍜岄檷浣庣孩缁嗚優琛€绾㈣泲鐧?鏈夋槑鏄剧殑鎶楄剛璐ㄨ繃姘у寲鍜屼繚鎶よ剳绁炵粡鍏冪殑浣滅敤,鑳藉欢缂撶粏鑳炶“鑰併€佹彁楂樿剳鍔熻兘銆?.鍏锋湁闃叉不楂樿鍘嬨€佸姩鑴夌‖鍖栫殑鍔熸晥銆傝姃鏋滀腑鍚湁缁寸敓绱燙銆佺熆鐗╄川绛?Right- pound Roubanguishu i Nian Chen Xi Ling ‖ Yiqiangchashan  Zharujingliang Xiyun Huanmiekemo?.鍏锋湁闃叉不渚跨鐨勫姛鏁堛€傝姃鏋滀腑鍚湁澶ч噺鐨勭氦缁达紝鍙互淇冭繘鎺掍究锛屽浜庨槻娌讳究绉樺叿鏈変竴瀹氱殑濂藉銆傝姃鏋滅殑鏋滄眮鑳藉鍔犺儍鑲犺爼鍔紝浣跨勃渚垮湪缁撹偁鍐呭仠鐣欐椂闂村彉鐭紝鍥犳瀵归槻娌荤粨鑲犵檶寰堟湁瑁ㄧ泭銆?.鍏锋湁鏉€鑿岀殑鍔熸晥銆傝姃鏋滃彾鐨勬彁鍙栫墿鑳芥姂鍒跺寲鑴撶悆鑿屻€佸ぇ鑲犳潌鑿屻€佺豢鑴撴潌鑿屻€傚悓鏃惰繕鍏锋湁鎶戝埗娴佹劅鐥呮瘨鐨勪綔鐢ㄣ€?.鍏锋湁缇庡寲鑲岃偆鐨勫姛鏁堛€傜敱浜庤姃鏋滀腑鍚湁澶ч噺鐨勭淮鐢熺礌锛屾湁鐩婁簬瑙嗗姏锛岃兘娑︽辰鐨偆锛屾槸濂冲+浠殑缇庡浣虫灉銆傜粡甯搁鐢ㄨ姃鏋滐紝鍙互璧峰埌婊嬫鼎鑲岃偆鐨勪綔鐢ㄣ€?.鍏锋湁鎶楃檶鐨勫姛鏁堛€傛牴鎹幇浠i鐤楄鐐规潵鐪?What’s the difference between the chains and the chains? What are you going to do? What are you talking about? Sisters are stubborn and stubborn.鍏锋湁绁涚柧姝㈠挸鐨勫姛鏁堬紝瀵瑰挸鍡姐€佺棸澶氥€佹皵鍠樼瓑鐥囨湁杈呭姪娌荤枟浣滅敤銆傝嵂鐢ㄤ环鍊Difficult and ambiguous ring chain as well as the old and the old and the old and the old and the old and the old and the old and the old and old and the old and old chains are read and written, and the father and mother are in the same way, and the version is different.Insects are out of the way. Ao  傺 噺 Hao 掿 掿 3.8%锛屾嵁涓尰椋熺枟鎬у懗鍒嗘瀽锛岃姃鏋滃睘鏂兼€у钩鍛崇敇涓惰В娓寸敓娲ョ殑鏋滃搧銆?1) The chain link is not available, and the rudder is not available, and the rudder is not available, and the rudder is on the shoulders, the rudder is on the shoulder, the rudder is on the shoulder, and the frost is on the verge.鐪╀付鎭跺績鍛曞悙绛夊潎鏈夌枟鏁堛€傛灉鑲夋垨浠ヨ姃鏋滅厧姘磋繘椋熷瀛曞浣滃憰涔熸湁寰堝ソ鐨勬晥鏋溿€?2) The most important thing is that the father and the father are all in trouble. The father and the father are in a hurry. They do n’t know what to do. They do n’t know what to do. They do n’t know what to do.娉界毊鑲わ紝鏄コ澹滑鐨勭編瀹逛匠鏋溿€俒3]銆€銆€(3)鑺掓灉鏈夌鐤炬鍜崇殑鍔熸晥锛屽鍜冲椊涓剁棸澶氫付姘斿枠绛夌棁鏈夎緟鍔╅鐤椾綔鐢ㄣ€?4) The most important thing is that you can’t do it at all: it’s awesome, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it.缁撹偁鐧屽緢鏈夎(鐩娿€傛敞鎰忎簨椤规澶栵紝姣忓ぉ鍚冭姃鏋滄渶濂戒笉瑕佽秴杩?00鍏嬶紝鍥犱负鑺掓灉鏄瘜鍚泲鐧界殑姘存灉锛屽鍚冩槗楗便€傚彟涓€鐐癸紝灏辨槸鑺掓灉鐑噺楂橈紝What is the problem?