It really works on Ma Hongjun,Only then can he realize the horror of Zhao Ming’s martial soul。Don’t talk about other,I am afraid that this fire and this martial soul can be ranked among the top powerful martial souls in the world.。

“If you want a complete cure, you need to suffer。”Zhao Ming looked at Ma Hongjun, who was already a bit hideous,Lightly。
At this time, Ma Hongjun’s body has become red,The sweat evaporates from his body。But sweat evaporates quickly once it is separated,Disappear in this air。
not long time,Black impurities have appeared on Ma Hongjun。
After these impurities appear,It was quickly burned out。But they didn’t really disappear,Those essences were slowly absorbed into Zhao Ming’s body。
With those essences,Zhao Ming only felt a shock,An unprecedented spirit makes Zhao Ming a little excited。
and,These impurities stripped from Ma Hongjun enter Zhao Ming’s physical strength,There is no sign of bad things。
Time flies slowly,With Zhao Ming’s undead fire burning,The naked eye can see that the flames of Ma Hongjunxie and the Phoenix are becoming pure。
And Zhao Ming is all red,This is a manifestation of excess Yang Qi。
a long time,Around them came a shrewd middle-aged man with black-rimmed crystal glasses。
Zhao Ming knows,This is Flanders。
Flender is looking at him in shock。
It turned out to be a twin martial soul?!Flander couldn’t help but shocked in his heart。
He heard Zao Wou-ki talk about the toughness of this new student yesterday。Through his puppet spirit,He can have a fighting power comparable to the Soul Emperor,Even stronger。


The moment the ball is scored,Hornets coach Clifford shook his head and gave up the game,Points difference8Minute,No need to fight。
The audience is boiling!
Knicks won!
But Xu Xuan didn’t care about anything,He quickly ran to a camera,Open the jersey,There is a sentence written on the white vest inside。
【May god descend on earth!May you overcome the disease!May you conquer yourself!】
First114chapter Stotts feels wrong
Inside the inpatient department of New York University Medical Center。
Today we welcomed a group of special guests。
Xu Xuan starts,The Knicks’ players followed,Even the melons are following。
After listening to this little girl’s story,Everyone decided to come to the hospital to see this little girl,Encourage her。
Mills originally wanted to use this to make some news,I was waved away by Melon。
When the girl is convalescent,Didn’t you delay things by making these messy news??

Lin Yan immediately came to Juhuaguan,Sigh after checking,The Chrysanthemum Pass has lost its combat effectiveness and can no longer fight,At this time Xiao Wu and Tang San were also scarred。

“hateful,Since Tang San is here, please die for me!”Lin Yan showed a hideous expression on his face,The soul-breaking spear in hand becomes brighter,If you don’t have a quick fight, it’s probably going to change。
Lin Yan swept away,A golden light suddenly shot out in noisy direction,At the moment when it was hit, the Titan Great Ape jumped over and hit its huge body severely,Don’t watch Lin Yanzhi wave a golden light,Under this golden color, the Titan Great Ape was shot directly out,Flew directly into the lake,The huge body suddenly splashed with water,This moment happened so quickly that even Tang San didn’t react and watched the Titan Giant Ape fly out.。
The Titan Great Ape that fell into the lake did not have any strength to crawl out of the water,Lin Yan walked over slowly,He must kill both of them quickly in case of an accident。
At this moment Xiao Wu closed her eyes,Violent energy fluctuations in the sky,Lin Yan frowned,Where have you seen this trick?。
“Wait for you to sacrifice,Damn it, stop me!”Lin Yan was furious,But it’s too late,Before this sacrifice of huge energy, Lin Yan was directly knocked out,A mouthful of blood came out。
“hateful,Tang San,I remember you,let’s go!”Speaking of Lin Yan spreading his wings and quickly left here,And the ghost holding the chrysanthemum pass disappeared,Only Tang San’s cry was left。
“Lin Yan,I will not kill you in my life,what!”Tang San roared,At this time, the Azure Bull Python also rushed over,At this moment its huge body slowly fell,The sacrificial Xiao Wu made it hit too hard, and suddenly fainted。
At this time, Lin Yan was also scattered with Juhuaguan,Lin Yan clutched his chest and ran away,He can’t stay,Just let the king of the forest react to the consequences。
Every few minutes of Lin Yan’s blood flowed from the corner of his mouth,This time he was seriously injured in the face of two hundred thousand year soul beasts。
“Cough,Sure enough, the king of the forest, the sky green bull python,interesting,Cough,I will destroy you when I step into the Contra!”Lin Yan looked into the distance coldly。
I don’t know how long it took to fly and another beautiful lake appeared,Lin Yan frowned and looked at the expressions around,If he sees no signs of fighting, he really thinks he has come back。
Lin Yan slowly fell beside the lake,Pick up water to wash the blood on the body,Some soul beasts will find the blood of the strong,Must be cleaned and found a place to restore strength,Then leave here。
“Ok?”Lin Yan frowned and looked around warily,I saw a soul beast appeared,Lin Yan looked at the spirit beasts surrounding him and immediately used his martial spirit,Watching around vigilantly。

Many people should start working today。

Hope everyone is fine!
The Evil Retreats!!
First428chapter Little lucky(One more)
Shen Huan dislikes the winter in Lin’an。
You say it’s cold,It often rains。
If it doesn’t rain,The weather is very humid,The bones seem to feel that the rheumatism is approaching step by step。
But,If you turn on the heating at home enough,That’s still quite comfortable。
This is not the house of Shen Huan and Xiao Shuishui in Mingde Lane。
Those are old courtyard buildings,Heating or something,You think too much。
The villa under the mountain that Han Donger bought for his parents,Just installed the heating。
The heating mentioned here is completely different from the central heating in the north,But buried the pipe under the floor,Some rely on electricity to generate heat,Some are natural gas burning、Water circulation mode for heating。
No matter which kind,set90Square meter house,One or two thousand in a month is indispensable。
in case24Driving hours,Will be higher。
Like this villa of Han Donger,Less than a month5000Dare not say。

“Guoxin Jushi,Do you need my help?”

“no need,green,Just watch it by the side。”Jushi Guoxin glanced at SpongeBob SquarePants and Pai Daxing standing nearby and said。
“Blogger,Ready to go。”
As the blogger’s voice falls,Mouse You and Bo Ren launched a pincer attack on Guoxin Jushi at the same time。
“Sealing·Frog swallow。”
A kind of thunder escape technique combined with earth escape enchantment,Can instantly restrain the target。
;For the current bloggers and mice,Naturally, it is impossible to bind for too long,But even a moment is enough。
“Toad oil bomb!”
By the moment of restraining Boren and Mouse,Guoxin Jushi also used toad oil to reduce the speed of Boren and Ratyou。
“Fire escape·Flame bomb!”
“Oops!”Continuous ninjutsu does not give Bo Ren and Mouse time to dodge by reaction,Can only resist。
The hand of Nine-tailed Chakra appeared in front,Stopped all the flame bombs。
“Psychic·Roof collapse!”
Then a huge toad appeared in the sky above Boren and Mouseyou,From the sky。
The red Susanoh appears again,Wrap the mouse Yu and Bo Ren,Bounce off the toad that fell from the sky。

Talking and talking,Yanzi suddenly thought of an important thing。

“Let me see。”
Qin Liang immediately demanded,As the number one master in Shen’s cooking,Of course he is most qualified to read this recipe。
This recipe is not complicated,It’s nothing more than light foods that nourish the body’s blood,Qin Liang is a great expert,So after seeing it once, he knew it in his heart,Next is Shen Ruoxi and Du Xiaoyan tilting their heads to study this recipe。
“Buy these things outside temporarily,When we bring Jinger back to Haishang,Let’s cook it ourselves and eat it for her,After all, it’s not convenient to cook for her here。”
Chapter three thousand four hundred and ninety seven Dare to say you don’t understand
“you have not?”Chu Qingwan frowned。
“Yes!”No longer avoid、No longer avoid!
This time,Shen Siyin looked up without showing weakness,Look at Chu Qingwan,This time,She is frank,Say one word to Chu Qingwan:“In the past ten years,Xiao Zonghan hates me、scold me、Blame me,but,I never calculated him、never,I’ve done even half of the things I’m sorry for!”
“Whether you believe it or not,”Her mouth bends,The tearful eyes are full of stubbornness:“I haven’t done it!”
“I just love him,Even if he hates me、Blame me、Wish i die,Never wavered。”
Chu Qingwan was shocked。
Shen Siyin, the marshal lady,She had some pity and sympathy for her because of her illness,but,But never liked。
She doesn’t like her,Not because of her viciousness、Calculate。
But because of her cringe,In front of Xiao Shaoshuai,She always seems to wince、Craven。
But now,The cringe in her eyes、Cowardly Pensive Yin,But with a smile,Back straight:“Xiao Zonghan hates me,Blame me,I can’t explain,Even if i explained,He won’t believe it。”
“I’m waiting,I thought as long as I kept waiting,He will take the initiative to believe me one day 。” wavv
Her smile is more brilliant,The bitterness of the mouth is deep:“but,I’m afraid I can’t wait……”

“Their business is settled?”

Wang Jiadong said angrily:“We do not participate in opinions,Love is uncertain。”
Peng Changyi smiled,“What is your attitude?”
“What attitude,Just this attitude!”Wang Jiadong said coldly。Talking,Went out to the bathroom。
The minister’s wife whispered to Peng Changyi:“Lu Hui didn’t come,Did not make a call。”
Peng Changyi nodded,He understands why the minister has this attitude,Just said:“Wenwen is a nice kid,simple、generous。”
The minister’s wife said:“I also advised him,Wenwen has her own parents,It doesn’t matter if he is an uncle’s family。”
“Humph,Just。”Peng Changyi also has his own views on Lu Hui。He didn’t mention it in Kangzhou,But went to Hedian,Grievances against many people。The minister’s angry words must be directed at him。
The minister entered the house at this time,He said:“Changyi,What position do you think Wenwen is suitable for in the future?”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“It’s none of your business,What are you doing?”
Listen to Wang Jiadong,I laughed myself too。
At this moment,The sound of a car engine came from outside the door,Wenwen comes in from outside,Followed by a young man who is not tall but very clever,Carrying two cardboard boxes in his hand,After Wenwen came in,Saw Peng Changyi in,Just called“Uncle Peng,happy New Year。”
Peng Changyi smiled,Say:“Wenwen Happy New Year。”
Wenwen opened the door to the guy behind,The young man put down the two boxes,Bow to Wang Jiadong,Said:“Old man happy new year,I honor you。”Then I saw Peng Changyi,He just froze,And bowed politely,Said:“Hello, Uncle Peng!”
Peng Changyi was taken aback,He has never seen this person,But the intonation is very familiar,Have a strong back end,Peng Changyi couldn’t remember where I heard him speak for a while。

Wait for the surrounding big things to completely disperse,So I can see the scene thoroughly,The look here is so surprising。

It turns out that his location is just a central round table,There are five round platforms around,And there is still a skeleton on each round table。
Suddenly a picture appeared in Xia Chenglong’s eyes,In ancient times, there was a spiritual pearl falling into the well,Six people from the sky followed,And managed to capture it,It’s just that Lingzhu’s ability is too strong,A few people can only fight with flesh and blood,Use your own spiritual power as the law,Keep the spirit beads。
Xia Chenglong recovered from the state just now,No matter how it was before,Has nothing to do with him now,There is no place for souvenirs here。
Just when he was going to leave,There is a sound of broken bones,This kind of noise comes after another,Louder。
this is……
No wonder Xia Chenglong would be shocked,Just behind the old man on the table where he is,The huge bones are moving slowly。
Too unbelievable,When can ancient things stay for so long,Except for those who have cultivated spiritual wisdom,Generally this will never happen。
A dead beast,It’s impossible to stop him?
Xia Chenglong behind one hand,The other arm is waving randomly,There are countless powerful swords around,You must know that these swords are the swords he used to unlock the barriers of the God Realm,It represents the strongest power between heaven and earth。
A mysterious sword technique instantly zooms in,Countless sword shadows turned into a stegosaurus hovering high in the sky,After roaring, quickly rushed towards the skeleton like a giant tiger。
There was a huge roar when the two collided,The skeleton was instantly knocked into countless pieces and fell to the ground。

As soon as Ou Zhaozhao arrived home, he was called by Jin Yao to hold a transnational temporary meeting,Wait until the meeting is over,When looking for baby Ou,I found that the two little ones did not see anyone,Only Wei Zi and Yu Ze are watching the menu,Discuss what to eat at night。Ou Zhaozhao walked over and sat down,Just ask the kids?

“You can’t finish waiting for you,Qinbao went to take a bath by himself,Ono follows.”Wei Zi remembered,“Is Xiaojin taking Xiaoye to shoot an ad again tomorrow??Are there so many advertisements for children??”
Ou Zhaozhao pinched a grape to eat,Yuze pours her a glass of water,Ou Zhaozhao thanked him after drinking for a while before speaking。
“It’s not all because of Xiaojin’s face,Holding smelly feet.I know Xiaojin is taking a kid,Just sell it.During the winter of film and television,The only top traffic that survived it,True longevity,Ai Xiaojin,Flowing entertainment circle.A look from Xiaojin,The circle has to be interpreted into thousands,Not to mention the child she is eager to support now,It’s the little prince in the circle.”
It is said that someone has already called that。
“that,Xiaojin is the queen?”Wei Zi thinks that the entertainment industry really loves the queen and queen,Make it look like a dynasty。But think about it,It seems to be,Generations of celebrities come up and down,Constantly updated,“Xiaojin has been sealed for too long,I thought she was going to mess up,I didn’t expect this to become king from behind,Upgraded.”but,This is really a fast update in the entertainment industry,He who doesn’t pay much attention to the entertainment industry,I don’t want to watch TV now,A bunch of unknown。
“.”You’re a real brother。Be careful Xiaojin kicks you。
Wei Zi is also worried that these words will be held in his hand by the cautious Aze,Explain quickly,“I just think,Is Xiaojin starting to think behind the scenes now??Everlasting,It’s really not a good thing,In case something happens,What should I do if I get bitten back?”
“.”Are you a real brother??
Ou Zhaozhao squinted at Wei Zi,“I am here,What can she do back?You treat me as dead?otherwise,Or you are dead?”
“.Sorry.”Wei Zi just thinks,Prosperity will turn against,This is common sense。My own sister,He naturally wants her to be good,But right.
“My uncle’s pessimistic and thoughtful character,It is suitable to be a researcher,Can make endless assumptions and experiments.”Yuze is also very speechless,“Fortunately, none of the three of us have the same personalities as you.”
“.”Wei Zi is sad and angry,“I am prudent!!”Moreover,“I’m not too pessimistic,I use existing conditions to infer the possibility!!This is a scientific and rigorous attitude!!”
“Then your scientific and rigorous attitude is really interesting.”Ou Zhaozhao poked Xia Weizi in the forehead,I went upstairs to find two small ones。
Yuze laughs,“You say,In case you have a crow’s mouth,You really got it,What happened to my aunt?,You see,By the time,Did my mother kick you hard or did my aunt kick you hard??”I really want to see these pictures,It would be nice if they both appeared~~~~
Chapter Forty Seven Malicious
“.”Wei Zi took out his cell phone,Took a look at my salary card balance,Then ask Yuze,“The navy of our company,Is there a price for relatives and friends??”He quickly bought a navy and Xiaojin escorted.Don’t be crow’s mouth.
Yuze laughed and fell on the sofa。
Baby Ou watched Xiao Ye to watch cartoons,Hold Ou Zhaozhao,“mom,I still have things,I didn’t tell you.”Too much for a while,There are many people at home,She didn’t have a chance to talk to mother alone。
Ou Zhaozhao understands,This is to say that only the two of them know。


One thousand six hundred and fifty chapters worship!
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Huang Wenjie said honestly。
“okay,Since everyone is already friends,I’ll save it in the future,I make friends,Never look at each other’s worth,Status and background。”
Murong Shan also said very truthfully。
“Then you must not refuse today,Just as a celebration that I sold three more houses,At the same time I made some good friends of you。”
Huang Wenjie said excitedly。
In his heart,Can be Murong Shan,Shen Ruoxi, friends of these two goddesses,Makes him happier than the three villas sold,Much happier!After all, money can be earned slowly,But even if there is more money,I may not be able to be friends with the two girls Murongshan and Shen Ruoxi……
It’s still early,Everyone chatted in Huang Wenjie’s office for a long time,Until it’s eleven o’clock noon,Shen Ruoxi and other talents under the leadership of Huang Wenjie,Came to the nearest star hotel from the villa area。
In Huang Wenjie’s words;Please Shen Ruoxi and others for dinner,He feels very shabby when he goes to a star hotel……But there is no better place nearby。In fact, Murongshan and Shen Ruoxi are now,They are no longer the Murongshan and Shen Ruoxi of the past,The two of them are now connected“zero”Distance,For where to eat,What to eat,Neither of them cares much anymore,As long as the environment is clean,health,Food quality is not
Is too bad,They are both acceptable and uncritical。Huang Wenjie has been repeatedly apologizing,He always felt like Murong Shan and Shen Ruoxi“character”Come to eat in this place,I really wronged them both,After all, in this ordinary star hotel,There won’t be any particularly good chefs……At least he thinks so
in order。
“OK OK,Friends don’t care about these,If we really care about these,I won’t promise you to come here for dinner。”
Murong Shan said with an angry smile。
In an instant,Huang Wenjie can’t even find North……He secretly sighed;This is a woman,Such a woman is called a real woman!Noble and dignified,Fenghua Peerless!Neither feminine nor pretentious,But there are so many natural styles!There are not many people with Murong Shan with her today,But definitely a lot,Fortunately, Huang Wenjie is also a rich master,It’s not a problem to invite twenty people to have a decent meal,the most important is;Today’s meal,No matter how much money he spends, he is willing,Can’t ask for it
of……For Murong Shan and Shen Ruoxi,It’s not a loss to eat this meal with Huang Wenjie,Everyone will move here in the future,With all the troops of the Rose Legion,There must be troubles,With the friend Huang Wenjie,Then no matter what happens in the future, it will be resolved
Many!As for Huang Wenjie,He has no other thoughts on Murong Shan and Shen Ruoxi,Different from other rich people,Huang Wenjie’s bones still have the aura of a soldier’s righteousness,And even if you take another 10,000 steps,Even if he is a profiteer,He is also a rich and willful spender Tai Sui,