A beautiful woman,Surprised“what?Is the news reliable??”

Handsome man patted his chest“The news is of course reliable!This is what a disciple of the Clear Sky School once left behind told me!”
A beautiful woman next to her lifted her hair,Surprised“It turns out that Clear Sky School was not leveled by the Spirit Hall!”
Handsome man nodding“Sure,How can Clear Sky School be so easy to solve,It is estimated that the last three cases,Seven Treasures!I am also waiting for this opportunity to deliberately belong to the Martial Soul Palace!”
Even the waitress on the side listened with gusto,There was a strange color on his face!
There will be six Extreme Douluo leading everyone against the Wuhun Palace,She must tell her friends!
Wuhun Hall……
A guard of the Wuhun Temple hissed“Do you know,In a few days, there will be six Extreme Douluo leading countless soul masters to attack the Hall of Souls!”
The other guard next to him nodded hastily,“I also heard,It seems that the entire Wuhun Empire is preaching about this,Then should we do it in the Wuhun Hall??”
The guard next to him overdue a bit grumpy“What are you doing,Do you think Wuhun Temple is the same as before?Now we guards of Wuhun Hall,Not even as good as civilians!Anyway, I support this!”
“I also support,Or take advantage of it for a while,Let’s slip away quickly?”
“Just do that!Who will do things for this fart Wuhun Temple?,Get nothing!”
And at the moment in the papal palace,Depressing and scary!
Bibi Dong stared at the elders of the Spirit Hall below with cold eyes,Cold voice“You come this time,I want to talk about the six Ultimate Douluos in the Spirit Empire that have recently been rumored to attack the Spirit Palace.?”
Just think carefully,The so-called Six Limit Douluo is impossible,Three years ago, there were not many Title Douluos in the entire continent,But three years later,But suddenly six Extreme Douluo appeared!
Ultimate Douluo is the strongest person besides God,Chinese cabbage is not everywhere!
How could it appear so easily!

They were looking at Shanhai.com, which invested in Zheng Qian’s face.,I never thought that after so many years,Shanhai.com is developing very rapidly,Valuation has been reached400Billion dollars,Far more than they had invested several times。

400Billion dollar valuation,Or because it is not listed。
If you go to the U.S. to go public,At least this market value can be doubled。
From this, Zheng Rongrong’s position in Shanhai.com is in full swing,Unshakable at all。
The whole mountain and sea network,What she says is what,No one can stop her。
Including the last time she smashed2Billion yuan to promote《love letter》,Did the shareholders even ask?。
Cooperate with such a strong person who has the big picture,Zhu Mei feels at ease。
She doesn’t have to worry about half of the movie,The investee is embarrassed for various reasons,Or what is wrong with the investor,Forcing the movie to continue。
She doesn’t have to worry about whether the movie can’t be shown on the theater、Is the publicity method too stingy?。
The president’s office is on the top floor,The entire floor serves Zheng Rongrong。
When Zhu Mei entered the president’s office,I still waited ten minutes at the secretariat,After several supervisors come out,She just went in。
“sit down!”
Zheng Rongrong got up and welcomed Zhu Mei to a set of sofas near the window and sat down,“Director Zhu,How does it feel to be a hermit lately?”
“not bad,I walk around the mountains in my free time,Or sit in a room and stare at the green mountains and rivers in a daze。”Zhu Meidao,“Wait till the night is quiet,When the insects and birds sing together,Can write something again,Summarize your own gains and losses。If it weren’t for a lot of lofty ambitions, I can’t give up,I think it would be nice to live there for a year or two。”
“Such a day,I would like to try it。”Zheng Rongrong shrugged,“Wait till we are all empty,Let’s go on this vacation together!”
Zhu Mei nodded and replied。
In fact, both of them knew it was impossible,Zheng Rongrong manages such a big company,How could she leave the company for a few months off?

She also took out the watermelon knife under the pillow and practiced for ten minutes,Imitating Liu Qing rushing over,How should I fight back。

Sprayed people in the group again,After those people who spray dare not speak,I feel better。
I made some complaints among my best friends,By the way, open Weibo and switch several accounts to interact with Fang Hao’s fans。
After a period of time,Suddenly feel full of urine。
then,Looking at the dressing table blocking the door of the house,Regret it again。
——This time she wants to go to the toilet,But if you want to go out, you must first remove this dressing table,Then you can open the door。
Move this dressing table over,It took her ten minutes,There are obvious scratches on the floor。
Move over,It will take another ten minutes。
“I’m really a pig brain!”
She patted her head regretfully。
Isn’t this just asking yourself trouble?
Can’t move,There is no toilet in this bedroom,She can’t hold it all night,Must be removed。
This kind of thing can’t come。
no way,I can only move the dressing table away with a black face。
But this time it didn’t move to the original place,Just moved to the door。
So it doesn’t take so much time。
Open the door,When coming out,Did not see anyone in the hall,It seems Liu Qing has returned to her bedroom。

Forget it,Such a wicked thing,Still quit。

I send a message directly to Zhao Long,Let him call the police。
Dududu!!!Three times five times,A message for Zhao Long to call the police was sent out。
Liu Yu seems to have heard,Make yourself the best joke。
Fire yourself?
To know,Now I am a big contributor to the other company。
How could you fire yourself?
I guess the company’s people,Waiting for myself to pass,Prepare the whole company to celebrate!Because it was almost four in the morning,Tian Hai called himself。
Said employees stay up late to work,Plan ahead of schedule,Directly set it at the first time of completion,Go online at four in the morning。
Let yourself remember to come to the company in the morning to celebrate。
Think of this one,Suddenly laughed:“Fire me,Simply impossible。
Give me ten thousand hearts!But you,One word of advice,Go back to the company,Something big happened?

Suddenly there was a somewhat low voice from outside the door,“Why haven’t i heard of it?!”

Chu Fan and the others couldn’t help but froze,Look back,Found a tall figure,An extremely beautiful woman walked in slowly through the door, supporting an old lady,Just now,From the mouth of this old lady。
First0620Chapter grabbed
Mo Xiaosheng was slightly startled when he saw these two people,It was Li Qianying and Grandma Yuan who came here。
Chu Fan frowned when he saw the old lady,I was a little unhappy with what the old lady said just now,How come these aunts next door talk so much?!
But the granddaughter of this old lady is quite amazing,Chu Fan can’t help but is in excellent shape,The delicate-looking Li Qianying glanced around,Patience to the old lady coldly:“old lady,Didn’t you look at the door?,Dr. Mo won’t see him today,Please go back!”
Because this is a medical hall,Chu Fan naturally regarded Yuan Jinshu as a patient who came to see the doctor。
“She is not my patient,Is my elder!”
Mo Xiaosheng glanced at Chu Fan lightly,Then walk out quickly,Hurry to hold Yuan Jinshu,Some helplessly smiled at Yuan Jinshu,“Grandma Yuan,Sorry,I have something today,I can’t do massage for you all the time,You go back first!”
As he raised his head and winked at Li Qianying,Signaled Li Qianying to take Grandma Yuan away,After all, the atmosphere in the hospital is tense,If there is any conflict,Hurt Yuan Jinshu,Then his sin is serious!
Li Qianying bit her lip,Eyes are a little nervous,Don’t know what happened,Unconsciously squeezing sweat for Mo Xiaosheng。
“I do not go!”
Yuan Jinshu shook his head lightly,Chu Fan glanced aside,Cold voice,“They should go,Broke into a house without a search warrant,It’s lawless!”
She and Li Qianying were outside the door just now,I heard something more or less,Know that these people are not good。

“Old sister……”

Liu Xiaoyun probably thinks that Qin Liang might not be“put”Passed myself,So he immediately sent a distress signal to Yang Shiyun。
“Haha……Hahahaha……Xiaoyun, you are……Haha……”
Yang Shiyun remembered what Liu Xiaoyun said,I can’t help laughing,She’s so cute。
But she laughed endlessly,Qin Liang really couldn’t get off stage,So he reached out and grabbed Liu Xiaoyun’s hand。
“go,Talk to me in the grove outside the cave。”
Qin Liang was so happy“Vicious”Said。
“I do not want!I dont go!Help me sister!Help plum!”
Liu Xiaoyun immediately hugged Yang Shiyun’s waist!Started calling for help。
“It’s no use calling anyone!Today I’m going to spank you 20 times,This is endless!”
Qin Liang pretended to say,Pull Liu Xiaoyun out。
Of course he didn’t pull really hard,He just pretended to scare Liu Xiaoyun,If he pulls hard,,Don’t say Liu Xiaoyun is holding Yang Shiyun’s waist,Even if she is holding an iron pole, it won’t work。
With Qin Liang’s strength,Can bring Liu Xiaoyun out with Yang Shiyun……
“Don’t!Don’t pull me!I won’t go out!I won’t go out if you kill me!”
Liu Xiaoyun struggled hard,If this is really taken by Qin Liang to the grove,Spanking is probably impossible,But Qin Liang’s clothes will be stripped off!Even if Qin Liang doesn’t get naked,,I will definitely have to suffer from his various frivolous fate!
“Forgive Xiaoyun……”
Meizi saw Xiaoyun being dragged away by Qin Liang,I can’t take care of a lot in a hurry,Bian’er was talking to Qin Liang,One side stretched out both hands to hold Liu Xiaoyun,Started to drag Liu Xiaoyun back。
“Sister help!I’m going to be taken away by my brother-in-law!”
Liu Xiaoyun is a girl after all,The strength is too far behind the strong Qin Liang,So when Qin Liang used some strength,,She can’t hold Yang Shiyun anymore……
“What do you wanna do!Hurry up and let go,Don’t bully Xiaoyun!”

Qian Shouwang nodded。

Peng Changyi frowned,Ding Yi has never been late,Not only not late,Instead, they arrive early every day,Do sanitation and fetch water in advance,Sometimes I even buy them early,She won’t get up until now, right??Is it sick?
Peng Changyi turned the pencil in his hand,Talk to Qian Shouwang:“Old money,Should we go up and see?”
Qian Shouwang said:“Ok,should。”
“Then you have a hard time,Go see her。”Peng Changyi looked at Old Qian and said。
Old money said:“Let Xiao Hao come back later,He is young,Effortless climbing。”
Peng Changyi frowned:“Old money,Is there any difference between Xiao Hao and me??She is a young girl,You are older,It’s easier for you to go than for the two of us?”
Qian Shouwang thought for a moment,Laughed,Said:“that’s true,Row,I go。”He took off his reading glasses as he spoke,Went out。
At this moment,Hao Dongsheng came back from fetching water,He still holds two buns in his hand。Just say:“The master in the cafeteria asked me,Why didn’t you see Xiaoding,Section Chief,Is she sick?”
Peng Changyi said:“Old Qian went upstairs to see her。”
After a while,Qian Shouwang came back out of breath,He entered the door and waved at Peng Changyi,Said for a long time:“not here,I knocked and called again,No one answered。”
Peng Changyi is a little puzzled,Ding always observes discipline,And sensible,She will ask Peng Changyi for leave even if she has something to do,Even Peng Changyi’s absence will leave him a note。
Where did she go?
Peng Changyi has no intention of discussing this topic with Hao Dongsheng,He was thinking about where Ding Yi went?He wants to call Jiang Fan,Ask him if he knows Ding Yi’s whereabouts。

Unexpectedly, these teenagers gave her a big surprise today。

After the game results come out,The WeChat group she was in all burst,Everyone has her,Congratulations,And express your surprise。
Lin Jin, who was sitting in the car at the time, smiled,A face,Like blooming。
Now she is standing by the bus,Watching the excited Dongchuan Middle School players running towards her,Reach out again:“Congratulations on your victory!Come and celebrate with a high five!”
Then she and every Dongchuan Middle School players who got on the train high-five to celebrate。
After getting in the car,Watching the children who are still making noise,A smile appeared on her face unconsciously。
She actually likes this job,Because staying with these teenagers,It can always make her feel that she is back in the youthful age of carefree and full of dreams and longing for the future。
Youth is so good……
Just when she was so emotional,I saw Li Ziqiang, the head coach of Dongchuan Middle School sitting behind her, standing up,Borrow a microphone from her。
After passing the microphone to Li Ziqiang,Lin Jin is also thinking about what this unsmiling head coach will say,I am afraid that even a stern coach like him will be infected by the youthful vigor of the players,Praise them severely?
Li Ziqiang with the microphone did not speak immediately,But looking at all the players in the back car。
Under his calm gaze,Those noisy noises gradually disappear,Everyone is quiet,Looking at the head coach,Knowing that the head coach must have something to say to them。
Wait for all sounds to disappear,And after confirming that every look is looking at me,Li Ziqiang said:“Won Xizi Middle School,Enter the second round,Is a very happy thing。Your performance in the game is very good,As your coach,I am also happy for your performance。”
Although it says so,But the expression on Li Ziqiang’s face is very serious,I don’t mean to be happy at all。

Li Qiaoer gloated。

“Be content,Fortunately it’s not two firecrackers。”
Meizi answered with a wry smile。
“Xiaoyun is also a firecracker outside,She is only at home,Only gentle in front of us。”
Li Yaxin smiled and cut in。
“Anyway, my own principle is:I don’t take the initiative to bully anyone,but!but:Who wants to bully our sister,I’m not used to it。”
Meizi said these two words seriously,I can see that she is speaking from her heart。
“Is this called Huyouzi??Haha。”
Li Qiaoer immediately asked Meizi with a smile on her face。
“Seems to be,Haha!But I’m protecting this baby。”
Meizi said proudly,It seems that I should feel very proud of myself protecting my calf,very satisfied。
“That is required,I also have to protect this calf,Don’t care if you beat it。”
Li Qiao’er is also in desperation。
“Feel we are a violent gang。”


Chapter two thousand three hundred and six What to do if the pain is too much
? After a few minutes,The entrance to the obstetrics and gynecology department upstairs is already crowded with the girls,Everyone can’t wait to look inside the obstetric operating room,Although they can’t actually see anything……
“Is it a baby boy or a baby girl?”
When Shen Ruoxi saw Yang Shiyun coming out of the rescue room,I can’t wait to ask!
“Not born yet……Being born。”Yang Shiyun said at a loss,She has basically experienced everything,Any danger,difficult,She can face setbacks calmly,But it was the first time she witnessed the birth of a child;So excited,Beyond expectation,she also
very nervous,disturbed。
Shen Ruoxi nodded helplessly,The heart that’s been hanging on has let go a little bit。
“Is it so hard to give birth??”
Shen Ruoxue, who has also arrived, asked curiously……
“To shut up!Now this problem is not what you should care about。”
Shen Ruoxi hurriedly stopped the curious baby Shen Ruoxue from speaking in a low voice!
“Why shouldn’t I care??I’m also female!”
Shen Ruoxue asked, obviously not convinced。
“Waiting for you to find a boyfriend,Married,Have a home,You care about this problem,Don’t ask now。”
Shen Ruoxi said awkwardly。
“Even if you don’t let me eat pork,Then let me know how the pig runs?”