Du Jueming is not angry,Game,The most important thing is to get rewards!

Took out the two items that Qiu Chuji gave him,Du Jueming took a closer look,Nodded with satisfaction,Go straight to the back of Zhongnan Mountain。
Qiu Chuji’s token
Introduction:Qiu Chuji’s personal token,Holders of this token can freely enter and exit any place of Quanzhen Teaching。
Introduction:Taoist Classics《Zhuangzi》Inside《Getaway》Full book。
Come to the back mountain,Taoist priests still guard the intersection,But it’s not the fat white Taoist who made people feel very uncomfortable before,Just an ordinary little Taoist。
“Young heroes stay!”
Du Jueming didn’t bother to talk nonsense with this little Taoist priest,Directly took out Qiu Chuji’s token,Shook in front of the little Taoist。
That little Taoist is very sensible,Seeing Du Jueming holding the teaching token,Naturally no longer blocking Du Jueming’s footsteps。
After passing through Zhongnan Mountain,My eyes suddenly widened,A clearing appeared in front of Du Jueming’s eyes,But it’s not completely open,There is a tall tomb arched,The entrance is stone sculpture,Engraved with three characters——Tomb School!
Du Jueming left an eye on this time,Don’t rush into the tomb pie,Started a pigeon chat with Xu Xuxu directly。
“Xu Xu,I came to the door of the Tomb School,Come out to meet me。——Cassia”
“.You stinky straight guy!——Xu Xuxu”
Soon Xu Xuxu’s pigeon flew out of the ancient tomb,After hovering in the air for a while, it slowly landed on Du Jueming’s shoulders。
Why hover?
The pigeon didn’t know what it was,I just flew in the air for a long time,Put in one in a while‘begging’word,Put in one in a while‘Push’word,Finally, it became a‘recommend’word,Just fell on Du Jueming’s shoulders。

A black bruise on Liu Xiaoyun’s waist,It’s exactly the same as Shen Ruoxi’s injury.……“No way!She hurt too much,Must take her to the hospital immediately!Her current situation is exactly the same as the last time your old sister was hit by a table at home,You saw Xiaoyun’s injury,So now I immediately send her to the hospital,Otherwise, the injury will break out in a while,She can’t hold on

of!You look after Minmin at home。”
Qin Liang is talking,I started packing up immediately。
Shen Ruoxue is so tangled,She wants to accompany Liu Xiaoyun to the hospital,But Song Min at home can’t ignore it……So she was hungry around Liu Xiaoyun’s bed,Tears fell!
“Don’t cry,I just hurt,Can’t die again,Why are you crying。”
Liu Xiaoyun is already in pain,But she is still gritting her teeth,To appease Shen Ruoxue,She worked hard to squeeze a smile,One side stretched out a hand to hold Shen Ruoxue’s hand and shook it。
As a result, Liu Xiaoyun said,On the contrary, Shen Ruoxue burst into tears!
“Koyuki,You have to calm down,Restraint,Otherwise your sisters will be worried!do you know?You have to be obedient,be good。”
Qin Liang coaxed Shen Ruoxue gently。
“Oh,I know……”
Shen Ruoxue nodded and agreed,Then quickly wiped the tears off my face。
“Brother-in-law,How about you take some girls with you……”
Shen Ruoxue suggested,In fact, she wanted to call some female soldiers to take care of Song Min,Then she followed Qin Liang to send Liu Xiaoyun to the hospital,But then think again,And think it’s inappropriate,It seems that I only care about Liu Xiaoyun and not Song Min,So she changed her mind temporarily。
“No need to,Xiayun was closed after being sent to the hospital,Then I’ll fall asleep immediately,It’s useless if there are too many people,Also waiting outside,And everyone hasn’t eaten yet,Stop tossing everyone,If you are going to see Xiaoyun,Go there tomorrow day。”
Qin Liang said seriously。
“Oh……OK then。”
Shen Ruoxue thinks about it too,I had no choice but to nod and agree。
Brought something,Qin Liang held Liu Xiaoyun downstairs,Shen Ruoxue escorted them both down,Help Qin Liang put Liu Xiaoyun in the car……
“Bear with me,Will be there in a while。”

Questions about space,Xia Chenglong naturally took Han Xue into his arms,Deliberately make very intimate movements。

“Hehe,baby,Tell us the stewardess,How i conquered you?”
Han Xue who was in a panic,Suddenly taken by a man,And also said such embarrassing words,The thief with big eyes is big。
“what……I,I,That one……”
joke,How can she say such words??
Xia Chenglong smiled barely,The other hand squeezed hard on the woman’s ass,Gritted his teeth and looked at each other:“baby,You mean,Wasn’t it very positive just now?,Why don’t you dare to speak now?!”
Chapter Two Hundred and Fourteen fight
Very embarrassing scene,If they are not fools, they should be able to see their problems。
The flight attendants didn’t put down their pistols because of their performance:“stop,Don’t move,Turn around slowly and walk over,I’ll kill you if I dare to play!”
Within seven steps, Xia Chenglong is not afraid of pistols,But there is no guarantee that the other party will not attack the woman behind him,Otherwise he would have done it already。
The two winked,Slowly turning back,At this moment,Han Xue suddenly squatted down,Xia Chenglong stepped forward quickly,Hold the pistol in one hand,When the other party has not reacted**。
Space wants to fight back,The other hand is about to come,Xia Chenglong turned and fell directly into the other’s arms,Two hands holding arms,Back to woman,Twist your hands gently on your chin and top of your head。
Xia Chenglong gently put the woman who had already lost her breath on the ground,Just breathe a sigh of relief。
Han Xue is a little confused,Is this the guy with the hippie smile just now?,Instinctive reaction when I just started,The kind of eyes staring into the abyss in the night,Terrible indifference,With the majesty of a king。

Zhao Gang got her right,Can only use Guan Hao’s influence,She definitely“Just commit”,Only in this way can this woman be obedient,Because whether it’s concealing the relationship and acting low-key or protecting Guan Hao,He found out that this woman regarded Guan Hao as the sky above her head,Won’t do anything against him。

“it is good,I listen to you,not going。”Xia Jihan said obediently。
Liu Mei also told:“Xiaoxia,Just do what Zhao said,Don’t worry me,Otherwise, my son will kick you out。”
Xia Jihan really felt the worry about her,Just deliberately said easily:“it is good,I listen to you,The hot pot at noon won’t turn yellow?”
“Haha,Yellow,Liu Mei does not invite you, I invite you。”Zhao Gang said。
“Hey,Don’t forget to dig a well,You two can’t do this?”Liu Mei learns from Xia Jihan’s tone。
“Haha。”They all laughed。
When getting off,Liu Mei is still telling her:“wait for my call。”Talking,I made gestures with my hands。
Xia Jihan nodded,Cautiously stepped on the snow and walked in。
Liu Mei looked at her back and said:“Old Zhao,Why am I so uncomfortable?She was bullied,But still worrying about others。”Talking,I sniffed and said:“Did you discover it?I was not ashamed to ask her,She must have been slapped by the surname Luo,Look at the swollen face yesterday。If Guan Hao knew that his little fairy was wronged,Must be very distressed。”
Zhao Gang nodded and said nothing。
Liu Mei said:“But fortunately, Guan Hao loves her,Did you see the diamond ring on her hand??They must be married secretly。”
Zhao Gang nodded,He did notice this detail。

2015 Women’s Singles Short Show at the World Championships in Russia

OntheafternoonofMarch26,the2015ISUWorldFigureSkatingChampionshipsendedthewomen’ssinglesshortshowcompetition.Afterall34playerscameonstage,RussianplayerTuktamishevatook77.62pointshigh,teammateRedionova69.Rankedsecondwith51points,JapaneseplayerChikoMiyahara67.02pointsrankedthird.ChinesebeautyLiZijuntakes61.83pointsrankedsixth.Inthegame,LiZijun,RussianplayerTuktamishevatookthefinalsofthefigureskatingcompetitionandtheEuropeanChampionship.Sheopenedfourjumpsinthefirstthreeandahalfweeks,andthenjumpedontheoutsideforthreeweeksandthreeconsecutiveweeks.Thesinglejumpforthreeweeksofhook-upwasalsosuccessfullycompleted,andallofhersevensetsofactionsreceivedGOEpoints.Intheend,shegot77.62pointsrankedfirst,including44technicalpoints.09points,33pointsforprogramcontent.53points.  HerteammateRedionovaopenedthehookthreeweeksafterthepick-up,andtheoutsidepointicewascompletedinthreeweeks.Thequalitywasgood.Therotationandthepaceofthejumpwereratedveryhigh.Thebackandforthlinkinthesecondhalfoftheprogramwassuccessfullycompletedinthreeweeks.ThequalityofKesselfortwoweeksisstillgood,thejointrotationandJubodyrotationaresmooth.Intheend,hershortprogramgot69.51points(technicalpoints38.03points,31pointsforprogramcontent.48points)rankedsecond.  Japan’sMiyaharaMikohara’sshortprogramsoundtrackisMozart’s“MagicFlute”.Theopeninghooksuccessfullycompletedthreeweeksandthreeweeks.Thepostureofjointrotationisverystandard,andPhiliphasnotmissedthreeandtwoweeks.Theshortprogramiswonderful67.02points(technicalpoints37.19points,29pointsforprogramcontent.83points)rankedthird.  LiZijun’sshortprogrammusicis”DanceofFlowers”.Afterheropening,shewillbeicedforthreeweeks+afterwardsforthreeweeks.However,LiZijun’sthree-weeksinglejumpandtwo-and-a-halfjumpsweresuccessfullycompleted.Therotationpostureisgraceful,theperformanceinstraightlinesisdelicate,andtheperformanceisfulloftension.Thefinalshortprogramscored61.83points(technicalpoints33.60points,programcontentis28points.23points)rankedsixth.  Inaddition,thefamousJapanesegeneralMurakamiKaiko65.Rankedfifthwith48points,thethreewomenintheUnitedStateswillplaygenerally,Edmund,GoldandWagnerrankedseventh,eighthandeleventhrespectively.  Intheshortquarter,24playershaveenteredthewomen’ssinglesfreeskatecompetition.Thewomen’ssinglesfreeskatewillbestagedat10:30onMarch28.(Newbody)