Hou Bolt pillars flowed in tears,Grief,Like a http://www.lude77.cn hurtful beast whose。

People on the four weeks,And Sun Youde and other doctors,Also one is moving,The complex is complex to the extreme。
Poor parents in the world。
Summer and Thunders have walked to the past,One person supports him,One person took the sulfuric acid jar in his hand。
“Hou Shu,When I was in the army, it was a battlefield doctor.,I guarantee that you can cure。”
Hou put a column with hands tightly grab the summer arm,I am praying and expectation。
Can be seen,At this moment, his heart is extremely nervous.。
“I promise。”Summer supports him to go forward。
And Lin Wei’s entire man is also soft on the ground.,Standing in standing,Still a few security guards run over to help him。
Sun Youde did not see Lin Wei,Take a few steps to chase。
His look is full of surprises,Some http://www.hhqor.cn can’t believe,“Yes……Brother?”
Until now,He only recognized the summer。
This is the young man in front of you.,The conspiracy of the master was unveiled on the spot,And to show the legendary fire cloud needle method。
“Grandchildren,meet again。”Summer smile,“I am not surnamed,My name is summer。”
Toned,The face has become ancient wells,“Grandchildren,Can this matter not fade,Don’t pursue both parties,do you think it’s okay?”
Deputy Chief of Sun is very happy。
Even if the summer does not mention,He will also try our best to cover up to the minimum range。
after all,Zhongshan Hospital is a hospital, the third third of the country.,Any medical accident will have adverse effects on the hospital。
And Sun Youde also has his own ideas.。
“Xia Xiaogong,Since you have known Mr. Hou,And you are proficient http://www.51weixi.cn in medical skills,Then study the condition of Mr. Hou Son。”
“it is good。”Summer nodded,I will sink.,“Can you transfer patients into the ward。”
Say,He looked at the appearance of the appearance,Comfort,“Hou Shu,You listen to me.,You don’t have to worry about it.。”
Hou Beling Zhang Zhang Zhang,The eyes become turbid again,“Xiao Ming……Can have these comrades,real,It’s his blessing,I have been so many years.,Also sent money to your home。”
“Do not,Knowing him is my honor。”
Several people enter the elevator,Some people have relevant procedures herein,And the speed is very fast。
It is worth mentioning that,Lin Wei and the doctor nurse,When I was gathered again,The atmosphere is weird and dull。
Just a sudden situation,Many people’s performance is very embarrassed。
At that time, everyone only took care of their safety.,Never thought about helping people,Even a stamping event。
And after the matter,No one dares to stop,There is no more who will think about the courage.。
on the contrary,Two people who are collectively laming and contemptuous are shot.。
Be guarding Lin Wei,The face is also a red array.,Hot hot rush。
For him,The biggest irony in the world is too。

http://www.2812315.cn She said a lot,Not bore,I thought where to talk about there。

In addition to the sword,Still very detailed from the realm of Wuyi,Tell the bottleneck of each part、Feeling。
From Wu Ling,Always talking about Linghai,Not only detailed,And profound。
Sitting in the population,Eyes are getting brighter,There is a kind of shortcoming of Mourns.。
It is the practice of him for this world.,Still in an unknown state。
He belongs to the halfway,Many practitioners,Knowing that I don’t know how it is。
With the in-depth discussion of Ji Yun,He is really a concept of instill。
So,For seven days in the past,Summer listening is like。
After the end of the preach,Everyone is giving a gift,Dear respect。
“Well,The end of this preaching,I’m talking about it is just a big aspect.,It is impossible to adapt to everyone,About http://www.yihu520.cn the details of your own,If you don’t understand,You can ask for a strong person。”
Everyone is Qi Qi,Again。
“correct,Wang Wei,You stay。”
I am looking away with the left fish.,Go back。
Left little fish pushed him,Lower sound channel,“What is it?,Not going back。”
Surrounded by the young people。
The strength of the strength is coming.。
If you have any questions,Can go to the pilot of Ling Sea,Summer is obviously different。
Ji Yunxiao this Ling Haijing is full,Will come to himself。
Wait for people,Ji Yunxi is slow to stand up,Lotus,Silk sliding on white long skirts on the jade ground。
She went forward,The face with a faint smile,“If there is a difficult problem,Can ask me。”
Toned,Also,“I know that you practice very popular,I can’t give you in the field of road.,But in other aspects,I am confident or ok.,To know,Anyway,Return is the same,The frame is also the same,This is the avenue,Be returned。”
Summer rushing to thank you。
His independence has a lot of intake and doubt,Now have a chance,How can I miss?。
So,The past a whole day,Ji Yunxi stopped。
She doesn’t have any impatient,There is a touch of smile on your face.。
Summer a lot of questions and intake,In the three words in her mouth, I can let him call the cloud.,Heart fog。
“……Want to promote Wu Wang,Need two aspects,That is the body and soul of the body……”Ji Yunxiao’s eyes are full of appreciation,Even……Shock!How can she not see?,Summer has been promoted。
Sure enough, it’s a super enchanting that I went out of a thousand years.。
Short half a month,Directly from Damashi to Wu Zong Peak。
Important,Summer gives her feelings,Not that kind of virtual float、Sub-foundation is http://www.monigaoerfu.cn unstable。
Is this not a super enchanting?。
“……From the questions you just made,I already know that your current state is。”
Toned,Sink,“Your soul and artistic conception,Still consolidate,But the body is already a little can’t keep up.,This may result,Your artistic will be promoted to Wu Wangjing first,So I suggest you,The next practice focuses on the body。”
Summer,Seriously ask。
“How to practice the flesh。”
Ji Yunxiao is a smile,“Fastest way,Of course it is actual combat,How about this,You hold this token,Can go to the north area,There is a forbidden place,The monsters in the banned are the same as the monsters of chaos,You can go there be both active,You can also charge chaotic vitality by way of,and,Number of killing monsters inside,It is also a task。”
Summer eyes are more bright,The face can not hate。

The bastard of this dog day,I’m looking for you,But you came to the door。Wang Youcai cursed secretly,Chonglu Monkey smiled and said:“Yo!It is you!I thought you were swept in,how?You ran out?”Wang Youcai is joking on purpose,Took out the phone。

“Ouch, Mr. Wang!Listening to your tone, you seem to have misunderstood me,Actually you can’t blame me someday,If we all go in,No one tells the news outside,dont you agree”Lu Monkey smiled and walked up。
Wang ha ha smiled,Secretly cursed,Report you a big head,You don’t know where the fuck is going,Anyway, I don’t know who you reported to。Wang Youcai chatted with Lu Monkey,I dialed Wu Wu’s phone。Wu Wu can definitely hear the conversation between him and Lu Monkey。
His dark trick,Monkey Lu really doesn’t know,Just when the two of them were chatting together,A van stopped silently beside them。The door opened,Wu Wu jumped out of the car with six or seven people,Before Monkey Lu could react,Got him in the car。
Seeing Wang Youcai’s proud expression,Monkey Lu just understood,He said loudly:“President Wang!I didn’t offend you!You will make a joke if you spread it to me“
Wang Youcai drove the car door to the co-pilot,Said quietly:“Drive the car to the outskirts,If this guy is bullshit,Just let him close my mouth“
“President Wang!Wang Ge!“Monkey Lu still yells without giving up,Ke’s mouth has been stuffed with waste paper,Although he can take it off as soon as he reaches out,But he still dare not。There are so many people around him,He knows the consequences of resistance。
The van is out of town,Turned a few turns,Stopped by an abandoned village。Wang Youcai pulled the car door and jumped down,He is holding his shoulders with his very domineering hands,Two eyes looking at the blue sky,I feel like a black boss,now,He is very sober,That dizzy feeling is gone。
Wu Wu drove the three of Lu Monkey out of the car,I pulled out the waste paper stuffed in Lu Hou’s mouth,Monkey Lu looked around,Lowered his voice and said:“Wang Ge,I was really helpless the last time,The love at the time…“
“Fuck your shit,You invited our boss to play,Then we http://www.kato365.cn must ensure his absolute safety,But you are fine,If something happens, you run faster than you can,I don’t care about the safety of others,You are ashamed to say that you are helpless“Wu Wu said,Kicked Lu Monkey on the knee,This guy knelt on the ground with a plop。
Lu monkey who has always followed Gao Wei’s arrogance everywhere,When has been such humiliation,But what can he do。 so many people,If he resists,There is also the possibility of killing him。
“Wang Ge!I’m going to be wrong!from now on,Can’t I listen to you in this flat city??“Monkey Lu is afraid of being beaten again,I had to let go。
Wang Youcai turned around now,He asked coldly:“really?You said this,We didn’t force you“Wang Youcai said,Step by step, he came to Lu Monkey。I think when this person mingled with Gao Wei,Treat him Wang Youcai as a puppy,Train as you go,I didn’t expect him to have today,Thanks to Gao Wei’s bloody http://www.huaxinmf.cn wife。
Thought of here,Wang Youcai couldn’t help but sneered:“Lu Monkey,Pingcheng City has changed,Because he Gao Wei is dead。If you want to take his class, you have to ask me,Understand?“

suddenly,Gu Rimou’s side was even more angry,It directly http://www.yifanhuashi.cn shook Chen Xiu back for seven consecutive times、Eight steps away。

“What a huge power!”
Chen Xiu never expected,The realm of his Ninth-Rank True Qi,Actually, even Gu Rimou’s bodyguard can’t resist。
Gu Rimou suddenly shouted,Both index fingers poke the necklace on Wang Zilin’s neck,The black ball power is integrated into the necklace。
The crystal stone necklace is suddenly radiant,The colors of the seven red primordial crystals are connected in a line,Condense a more dazzling red light,Enveloping Wang Zilin。
The red light never stopped penetrating Wang Zilin’s body,Her pale face suddenly became bloody。
Now Chen Xiu finally knows the effect of the necklace made by this string of meta crystals。
Gu Rimou said triumphantly:“how about it,Now you believe it!”
“letter,Of course believe。I never doubted it at first!”
Chen Xiu http://www.bssea.cn accompanied the smiley,At this moment that can still doubt,When the power in the Yuanjing Stone Necklace is constantly entering Wang Zilin’s body, it seems that there is no end,But Wang Zilin’s body is filled with dissatisfaction like a black hole,Is to ask:“Master Gu,How long will Zi Lin wake up??”
“It’s hard to say,It mainly depends on Zilin’s own consciousness。”
“Now she is totally unconscious,It can only fully infiltrate the power in the Yuanjing Stone,Unpleasant strength。”
“If she can repair her body in a while,,With self-consciousness, it will take the initiative to absorb the power in the crystal stone will be twice the result,Much faster。”
902 Plum Blossom Mental Arithmetic
Chen Xiu asked:“How long will she be able to absorb on her own?”

“Owner,I want to be with you.。”Dongfangxing said when it is here,Watching a cold murder,Her eyes look forward to the distant depths of void。

“Monkey,Oriental star,Pay attention to your identity,This time is very important to the owner.,I hope you don’t give the owner.。”Nanming’s http://www.skyfootball.cn unrecognizable words suddenly。
“I have my own own my own.。”Oriental star cold response。
“it is good,You give me a reason。”Lin Feng went straight to the right to glance the Oriental Star Road.。
“I also came to the man who was a Ding furnace.。”Oriental Star Han:“I have to revenge this time.。”
“Oriental star,You know what he is now?He is now one of the three leaders of the Tooa.,I am afraid it is not under me.,Status is not small!”Nanming is unable to defeat the cold:“We are not easy to provoke。”
“good,Star,Come to the day。”Night moon also advised。
Dongfang Xinghao did not speak,Instead, I’ve turned over Lin Feng’s face.,Lin Feng’s face suddenly exposed a smile:“Can follow me,Let Nanming unrelenting this。”
“This”Nanming’s unrecognizable face。
“how?Do you have a bad handle??”Lin Feng asked:“Sanzhou gather,Inevitable,You now name is a young leader in the unmatted domain.,Some things you hide??”
“The owner said,I will handle this thing.。”Nanming is unfaished and hesiting。
“Even if you retreat,Nanming water and others will give you a moth to make you come out.,If you fail,I am afraid……”Lin Feng said not finished,He believes that the unbeaten talents will think of these。
“Owner,I understand。”Nanming is unbeaten and hesitorously served.:“I will not let the owner disappoint。”
“As long as you know。”Lin Feng heard his hands:“His information said。”
“This person is named in the wild,500I have already entered the sacred person before the year ago.,For a distinctive person,So many years have passed,I am afraid that I have already taken a half-step gap.。”Nanming’s unbeaten explanation。
“Too much power?”Lin Feng asked。
“Owner,Tooa’s power is powerful than the cold,Unite,Is a unified area,Their family is known as the Wilderness。”Nanming’s unbeaten explanation:“They claim to be the descendants of the earth。”
“Wilderness?”The sound of the laughter of the world, suddenly wearing the road:“Great tone,Actually called Tian Emperor,Not afraid of encountering robbery。”
“Maybe it is because,The situation of http://www.fzxcgcmy.cn the land of the earth, when the gods were killed, there was a failure.。”Nanming’s unbeaten explanation。
“The wilderness is so,Very arrogant,According to legend, this is the old past is a respect of God.,What is his body?,However, his future generation is a nun,All family names are surnamed。”Oriental star language:“500There is no sea, no sea, one of the candidates who fight for the imperial imperial imperial。”
“No wonder arrogant。”Lin Feng heard the words。
“not good,problem occurs。”Just when Lin Feng was falling.,Nanming’s unbeatable iron blue。
“What is going on?”Lin Feng looked at Nanming Unatum。
Chapter 118 Monterus conflict
NS1408Zhangbei Mo Dual Conflict
“Just as the owner,Undead domains and the power of too wild,Not dead domain, some masters。”Nanming is unbeatable:“It is the province of Nanming.。”
http://www.afhymat.cn “Nanming water is now afraid not to come out.?”Lin Feng Road。
“good,He did not come out now,So bluntly, I am a leader in the unmatted domain.,Let me go there to deal with things。”Nanming’s unbeaten explanation:“And this time, it is the brother of the ridiculous sea.。”
“Everything is coming out.,Must solve this matter,Otherwise, you are afraid that it is difficult for everyone to succumb to everyone.。”Lin Feng carrys the double hand:“Let it go,We have passed now,Night moon,Oriental star,Since you have to go with us.。”

The defender in front of Kobe is Jordan,Jordan locked Kobe tightly in the first half,Kobe didn’t get a vacancy for the phone meeting,Pippen often doubles up to help defend。

Kobe has taken on historic defensive pressure,Under this pressure, even the magician led by a single core was crushed.。
But the greater the pressure,Kobe’s motivation is greater。
Rebirth,The greatest pleasure is not to cross20Countless superstars in the year?
Star of stars——Michael Jordan,Is the object Kobe wants to defeat most!
Right hand ball,Slightly sideways,Stop Jordan’s attack。
Jordan’s defense does not allow Kobe to make any extra moves to adjust the rhythm!Too much tedious dribbling will only lead to mistakes!
Kobe’s movements are refined to the extreme!
Grab the ball with the right hand,Push the ground hard with your left foot,The whole person accelerates to the right。
Extreme explosive power!Kobe’s step has already reached its peak9Success rate!
Jordan slide!Exaggerated stride length and wingspan,In the absence of an opportunity,Forcibly stuck Kobe!
Two people walked inside at the same time!

Mo Xiaosheng saw the true feelings of Yueren Wang,Can’t help but sigh slightly,Whisper:“Where is she now,What happened?If i can help you,I must do my best!”

“You can’t help!”
Yue Renwang gently shook his head,Whisper,“All over the world,Can save her,Only the mysterious doctor!”
When Mo Xiaosheng heard this, his eyes suddenly widened,Very unexpected,I didn’t expect,Yuerenwang would actually have something to do with the mysterious doctor。
“The mysterious doctor,But the mysterious doctor of Shen Hanhai?!”
Mo Xiaosheng asked patiently,“That means,You little niece,Is sick?!”
Yue Renwang nodded softly and responded。
Mo Xiaosheng saw that he agreed,Suddenly knowing smile,He thought it was a big deal,I was sick,to him,The least fear is to get sick!
“Then come to China,Just to find the mysterious doctor?!”
Mo Xiaosheng smiled,“Actually if you want,Can bring your little niece here,I can also help her see!”
“She is in the mysterious doctor!”
Yue Ren Wang shook his head,Regained his indifferent look,Lightly,“She has been living in Xuanyimen for several years,If it wasn’t for the mysterious doctor,She’s already dead!”
Talking room,A trace of gratitude surged in his eyes,I am grateful to the mysterious doctor for helping him keep his little niece。
“Then you desperately make money,Also to hand over to the mysterious doctor?!”
Mo Xiaosheng frowned,Some suspiciously asked,“What is the disease?,Need to spend so much money?!”
He was secretly frightened,200 million a year is not enough,No matter what the disease,This mysterious doctor is dark enough!
“when starting,I want to give them 300 million every year,Later, I will give them 500 million each year!”

But the tighter prison in the Sea God Pavilion!

Yan Shaozhe hurriedly stood up,Respectfully“Yes,Mu Lao”
Then the three of them nodded slightly,So he turned to go to where Tang Ya was……
Yan Shaozhe led Beibei and Qianyu into a gloomy and dark secret room……
Seeing Beibei and Qianyu looking around,The former explained“This is a place where evil spirit masters are held,All soul guides have a suppressing effect on evil spirits”
Qianyu squinted his eyes“Then I was?”
He can clearly feel that this place has a weak suppressing effect on himself……
Yan Shaozhe smiled“Because at that time Elder Mu and Elder Xuan didn’t treat you as an evil spirit master,But still see you as a student of Shrek Academy”
Qianyu Wenyan,A few thoughts flashed in my eyes……
Go forward for a while,Yan Shaozhe’s voice rang again……

“This record will look like Chamberlain’s100Minute,Be the eternal memory of fans。”

The rest of the Lakers and Cavaliers games are no longer important,The Cavaliers have completely given up resistance。
The final score at the end of the game is Cleveland87:132Los Angeles Lakers。
Even if Kobe is not on the court,The performance of other Lakers players is still outstanding。Although Kobe won30+10+10Triple double,But this game was won by the Lakers.,Not personal heroism,Relying on some savior to win。
Eddie Jones25Minute7Backboard3Steal。Horry18Minute6Backboard8Assist。Campbell19Minute10Backboard。Bowen12Minute5Backboard3Steal1Cap。Dell Curry11Minute2Backboard。Fisher7Minute5Assist3Steal.
Perfect team rhythm!Combination of offense and defense,Kobe is like a fish in the rhythm of this game!He can get this data,It really can’t be done without teammates。
It was Eddie Jones who converted his long pass into assists,It was Ben Wallace who gave him the card and let him take off the rebounds and advance the fast break,Bowen’s consecutive steals,Gave Kobe a chance to fight back easily.
Every player,Have played their best performance,The strongest strength!
Such a Lakers team,How can Kobe not love。
Chapter Two Hundred and Eighty Four Triple double storm!!!
After the Lakers and Cavaliers game ended,Kobe was dragged to the media conference by a group of media reporters.,They are thin,Kobe,Kobe couldn’t get rid of it!They are crazy!
This time even Harris and Daben can’t stop the crazy media。
When the Lakers hit the biggest difference in history at halftime,The media has fallen into madness,Harris stopped them at that time,Stopped the crazy media reporter with the excuse that there was a game in the second half。
And won in Kobe30+10+10Rear!Media reporters are not crazy anymore,They can’t wait to rush into the arena and devour Kobe。
18year old180What is the concept of triple double of the sky?
NBA50Since the anniversary,Heroes come out in large numbers,Countless superstars。Triple double achievement is the representative of almighty,Is what all players desperately want to get,BigOIt is because of the glory of averaging a triple-double in the season that is often mentioned today.。A triple-double is arguably the most comprehensive performance of a player,If you have a high score, someone will say you have a cancer,If you have high rebounds, someone will call you a blue collar,If the assists are high, someone will say you fell the pot。

Du Jueming is not angry,Game,The most important thing is to get rewards!

Took out the two items that Qiu Chuji gave him,Du Jueming took a closer look,Nodded with satisfaction,Go straight to the back of Zhongnan Mountain。
Qiu Chuji’s token
Introduction:Qiu Chuji’s personal token,Holders of this token can freely enter and exit any place of Quanzhen Teaching。
Introduction:Taoist Classics《Zhuangzi》Inside《Getaway》Full book。
Come to the back mountain,Taoist priests still guard the intersection,But it’s not the fat white Taoist who made people feel very uncomfortable before,Just an ordinary little Taoist。
“Young heroes stay!”
Du Jueming didn’t bother to talk nonsense with this little Taoist priest,Directly took out Qiu Chuji’s token,Shook in front of the little Taoist。
That little Taoist is very sensible,Seeing Du Jueming holding the teaching token,Naturally no longer blocking Du Jueming’s footsteps。
After passing through Zhongnan Mountain,My eyes suddenly widened,A clearing appeared in front of Du Jueming’s eyes,But it’s not completely open,There is a tall tomb arched,The entrance is stone sculpture,Engraved with three characters——Tomb School!
Du Jueming left an eye on this time,Don’t rush into the tomb pie,Started a pigeon chat with Xu Xuxu directly。
“Xu Xu,I came to the door of the Tomb School,Come out to meet me。——Cassia”
“.You stinky straight guy!——Xu Xuxu”
Soon Xu Xuxu’s pigeon flew out of the ancient tomb,After hovering in the air for a while, it slowly landed on Du Jueming’s shoulders。
Why hover?
The pigeon didn’t know what it was,I just flew in the air for a long time,Put in one in a while‘begging’word,Put in one in a while‘Push’word,Finally, it became a‘recommend’word,Just fell on Du Jueming’s shoulders。