“Deceive!Obviously a bad metaphor,Sister Chen, you broke up。”

Shen Ruoxue is not big or young,She often talks to a few older sisters, both young and old,Everyone is used to it,No one finds it strange。
“Oh?I’m bad?really?Then I ask you,Who did I learn badly from??”
Chen Hao deliberately asked seriously。
“Of course not me!”
Shen Ruoxue’s guilty answer,Although your mouth is hard,But there is already an element of avoidance in the eyes。
She is the most naughty and most mischievous of the Shen’s sisters,This is a fact that even she herself cannot deny,That’s why she has a guilty conscience,The little fairy at the time has turned into a typical little witch,She knew this very well in her heart,No need for anyone to say。
“Not you?Then who do you say?”
Chapter three hundred and ninety eight On the battlefield
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Chapter three hundred and ninety eight On the battlefield
Chen Hao endured a smile and deliberately continued to question seriously。
“do not know。”
Shen Ruoxue can only play stupid,It’s not suitable for anyone,You can’t frame others with your cheeks and your eyes open.?That’s not too particular,And no matter who she framed,That person is here at the moment!Unless she buckles this black pot on the heads of the other four princesses in the Shen family who are not on the scene at the moment。
“Forget it if you don’t know,Don’t call me if you don’t know。”
Chen Hao finally laughed,It’s rare to be able to fight Shen Ruoxue without losing,Of course she is happy,How slippery is Shen Ruoxue’s small mouth?。

“I never thought that one day I would leave my hometown,Although my life has always been bad,But when I really want to leave here,I still feel sad and reluctant。”

Quiet and frankly replied。
“Wait until your body is fully recovered,The three of us can still come back to this city together,Do not worry。”
Li Qiaoer comforted her little sister。
“Ugh……to be frank,until now,I feel like I’m dreaming,All of a sudden,You two appeared in front of me,And then suddenly,My life completely changed!”
Quiet and sad and exclaimed。
“Jinger,You are not dreaming,Our three sisters are really together again,And will never separate again!”
Li Qiaoer couldn’t help but wet her eyes and replied。
“Sister Qiaoer,Sister Xiner,Thank you for never forgetting me。”
There is already crying in the quiet voice……
“Do not,You shouldn’t thank us,It’s because we both did a bad job,The two of us should come to you earlier,Just save you from the miserable life earlier。”
Li Qiao’er is already crying,Li Yaxin next to me is in the same situation。
“How can you blame you?You don’t know what my life is like,And the sufferings I have experienced,Fate arranged for me,It’s not the responsibility of the two of you。”

Early winter night,Already very cold,Jiang Fan raised the collar,And wrapped his clothes tightly,Took one of her hands,Clamp it under your armpit,Carried her out of this yard。

Hot spring entertainment city is big,It should occupy an area of seven or eight hundred acres。They walked silently on the Yong Road,The landscape lights on both sides emit a dark yellow and cool light。Jiang Fan feels very tired,Legs hurt,I haven’t exercised so much for a long time,I was swimming with two young people for so long today。A cold wind hits,He felt the villain next to him subconsciously leaning on him,Put his hand on her shoulder,Embrace her,Said:
“Kind of。”
Jiang Fan hugged her tightly。
Ding Yi raised his head and asked:“When shall we go?”
Jiang Fan thought for a while and said:“Or you go back to rest,I went to Xiaolin and the others。”
“There is no extra bed in their room,Where do you sleep?”
“I drove them to a bed,Don’t you just have more?”
“mayor,I’m sleepy and tired,Shall we go back and see them??”
“they、What’s up?”Jiang Fan is going bad。
Ding Yi felt that he had missed his mouth,Busy defending:“I mean maybe Xiao Jiao is discussing something with Director Shi,This will be discussed,Maybe they are over,Xiao Jiao went to bed too,Then we can go back to our room to rest……”
She’s not finished yet,His mouth was covered by Jiang Fan’s cold lips,She wants to push the mayor away,But the mayor held her tighter instead,She uttered“Uh uh”Protest,Little fist wants to fall on him,Think this person just saved himself,Mayor again,Can’t bear。
Fortunately, Jiang Fan quickly controlled himself,Said:“You better shut up tonight,Don’t say anything。”
Ding Yi really didn’t dare to speak anymore。
In the cold night,They lingered for a long time,Ding Yi is indeed sleepy and tired,One hand was carried by the mayor,In the end, his hand climbed onto the mayor’s arm,Head on his arm,Shaky。
Jiang Fan looked down at her,Know she can’t walk anymore,I feel angry when I think of Shi Guangsheng,He is happy,Regardless of other people’s life or death。He stretched out his arms,Hug Ding Yi,Said:“Cold?We go back。”
Ding Yi nodded tiredly,She can’t wait to lie in bed now,Really sleepy and tired。
After they come back,All the rooms are off,Only Ding Yi’s room is still lit。Ding Yi raised his head and smiled easily at Jiang Fan,He hung his hands and ran into her room quickly。
Jiang Fan noticed,She didn’t walk from the right this time,But made a circle,Enter the room from the left。So you don’t have to pass by Shi Guangsheng’s window。Jiang Fan’s heart moved,I love Ding Yi more and more。

For Fan Wenliang,He may think that he has made it clear,In the eyes of outsiders,In fact, the more you listen, the more confused。But with years of experience working with Fan Wenliang,Wang Jiadong can’t ask anymore,One is disrespectful to Fan Wenliang,The second is too utilitarian,So he hurriedly said:“Jiadong has no doubts,As long as it is your idea,I’m relieved。Tell you,I really didn’t understand at first,After what you said,Masai suddenly,All right,Don’t delay your rest,When passing by the door of the house free,Sit down,My current cooking skills are greatly improved,Will make your favorite steamed lion head,The taste is pure than the restaurant,Refreshing。”

Fan Wenliang said:“Jiadong,nice,it is good,I’ll make this dish for you another day,I also want to go to your house。”
Put down the phone,Wang Jiadong carefully recalled every word of Fan Wenliang。About the cooperation between Peng Changyi and Zhu Guoqing,Fan Wenliang asked Wang Jiadong once,Ask how they work together?Wang Jiadong thought that Zhu Guoqing was after all the cadre that Fan Wenliang had brought up.,Although the late performance was not satisfactory,That’s under the premise of Fan Wenliang’s transfer,No matter how Zhu Guoqing is not something,He has never been exposed in front of Fan Wenliang,Therefore, Wang Jiadong is very cautious when talking about Zhu Guoqing.,Although Zhu Guoqing did not play a good role in Wang Jiadong’s issue,But Wang Jiadong still said:“It is said that the two people cooperate well,I worked in Beicheng before,Later, I worked with the city government,Always happy,The enthusiasm of these two officers is very high,And have the old feelings of previous feelings,So they work well together。”
This is the sophistication of Wang Jiadong,Although he knew there was too much unhappiness between Peng Changyi and Zhu Guoqing,But nothing can be revealed from his mouth,To know,Whatever he said,It might be what Peng Changyi meant,So he must never say a word wrong。Fan Wenliang didn’t know if he believed what he said,Anyway, he said something“Oh,That’s not bad。”Just hung up。
at this time,Wang Jiadong pondered over Fan Wenliang’s words,Especially the words Fan Wenliang said:“Based on my understanding of Yue Xiao,He probably saw Changyi come to me,Just have‘Focus on using’This said。”If Yue Xiao is actively thinking“Key use”Peng Changyi,Fan Wenliang will not be in this tone,also,The Environmental Protection Agency is not“Key use”Range of,There is also a suffix for important words:“You have done organization work all your life,Should understand the mystery?”This sentence,Wang Jiadong also did not hear the positive elements in Fan Wenliang’s tone,Then,can only say,Transfer Peng Changyi to the Environmental Protection Bureau,For Peng Changyi,Not a well-meaning、Positive decision。
The wise Wang Jiadong figured it out,But now Peng Changyi can’t figure it out,He saw Wang Jiadong eating dumplings,Just said:“Don’t eat anymore,I’m so anxious,What’s going on?”
Wang Jiadong put down his chopsticks,Said:“Minister Fan didn’t say what’s going on,Through my research analysis,I think it was Yue Xiao who saw you coming out of Minister Fan’s house in the Provincial Standing Committee Building,He is jealous。”
Peng Changyi said:“Definitely,I could see it from his eyes,I deliberately pissed him off,I emphasized that I came from the old leader。”
First152chapter Registration is more important than ceremony
Wang Jiadong says:“The key is here。Think about it,In less than three years from the Environmental Protection Agency,Changed two directors,All because of poor governance,This shows what,Explain that there is a hardest hit area,You go there are nothing more than two results,One is the same as your predecessor,Finished quickly,Needless to say when it’s over,May be stinking for thousands of years,Possibly abilities issues stand aside;The second is to reverse the situation and everyone is happy,But please note,If this result,Then you don’t have four or five years or even longer,Don’t you want to leave that place。The reason for leaving you is very high-sounding,No one else can do it without you。Please note,This result is the result of reuse for you,one stone two bird。Remove you from Kangzhou,Tiju National Day,this is one,Second, the Environmental Protection Bureau is directly under the leadership of the municipal government,Can you take a head?Can you make a national advanced model?You will be strangled to death,So I say you have a high chance of death。”
Wang Jiadong paused,Give him a digestion process。
Peng Changyi frowned and thought about it:“Please continue。”
Wang Jiadong said again:“If not over,It is very easy to suppress your four or five years,Kid,Four to five years for your current age,Although still competitive,But think about it,If he becomes the leader of Jinan again,Can you still have a bright day?”

Dad ignored her,But not talking。

She snatched the remote control from her father,Turned off the TV all at once,Said:“Did he not become the secretary??”
Dad still said coldly:“It’s Jin’an Municipal Party Committee’s business that he is not the secretary,Has nothing to do with our Yuan family。”
Yuan Xiaoyan understands,Said:“father,Did we do it too terribly?”
Dad looks at her,Said:“You know now?Why did you go earlier?Why didn’t you tell people to take pictures and track them??”
Yuan Xiaoyan completely understood what was going on,Just slumped on the sofa,Said:“father,If you do this, there is really no hope for him and me。”
Dad said:“Do you have any hope,I don’t believe that he is more stubborn than I was back then!”
Yuan Xiaoyan understands what dad said,When grandma was alive,I often tell her about my father’s experience back then。Dad is a rural baby,And mother are in the same village,Dad and mother are baby relatives given by older generations,After my father left as a soldier,With the broadening of horizons,I look down on my hometown mother,Insist not to get married,And have a good relationship in the army,After grandfather knew,Let mom go to the army to find dad,But dad is hiding,Later, my mother found the leader of the army,Talked about their situation,At that time, the army was considering Dad’s promotion,After the leader found his father,Severely criticized dad,Say you can’t be ungrateful,Not to be Chen Shimei,that’s it,Under the pressure of lifting,Dad agreed to marry mom,after married,Mom never joined the army,But after sending off grandma and grandfather,Just joined the army,Dad has no feelings with Mom,And it was married under pressure from the organization,With the birth of her and brother,Dad thinks Mom is a good woman who works hard,Nothing else,She said she has been serving in-laws at home,Take care of those acres of Susukada,Just a good woman,Grandfather and grandmother passed away one after another,Especially when grandmother died,Dad is commanding operations on the Laoshan front,It’s his mother’s filial piety for him,In order not to divide his heart,Mom kept hiding from him,I didn’t tell my father and grandmother that he had passed away,Until dad triumphs,It is said that,Fiction《Garland under the mountain》A lot of the content inside is based on the real events of their troops。Since,My mother took her two children with the army,To really live a life with a man。
and so,Dad is using the same high pressure method now,Forcing Jiang Fan to submit。
Thought of here,Yuan Xiaoyan said:“father,Jiang Fan is not the you back then,I’m not my mother back then,I leave him,Can still live well,I really don’t want to consume it like this,Consume more,I’m old。”
Dad glanced at her,Sternly:“Don’t you want to have results with that surname You!The face of my Yuan family has lost you,You can only marry Jiang Fan!”
Yuan Xiaoyan’s tears fell,Why doesn’t she want to get back to Jiang Fan!Just cried and said:“But he insists on not wanting me,He doesn’t even buy your account now,what can I do?”
“Humph!I can only not buy his account,There is no share for him not to buy my account!”Dad grumbled angrily,Flicked his sleeves and went back to the room。
at night,Yuan Xiaoyan hardly sleeps,The more I think about it, the more I hate it,She understands what father meant,There is the same blood flowing in her veins as her father,I want to,Isn’t Jiang Fan a kid from a mining area?,If it wasn’t for my Yuan family,Why can you stay in Beijing,Why be one Mayor of a strong economic city?And dare to fuck women,Deliberately makes our Yuan family unable to hold our heads up in front of others。
then,She remembered when she was drinking coffee alone in the cafe the other day,A man wearing big sunglasses passed by her,Quietly put a business card on the table,This business card says the phone number of a civil and commercial affairs investigation company in Beijing,The service content and scope of this company are listed above,Mainly engaged in tracing、Marriage survey、Child behavior guardianship、Debt collection、Whereabouts Investigation……There are a lot of services behind,Such as providing credit checks、Dozens of services such as private bodyguards,But Yuan Xiaoyan didn’t look down,Her gaze stops at“Whereabouts Investigation”,These four words are enough,she knows,This is the private detective company active in the capital。
then,Follow the above address,She called this company,Since the official position can’t make Jiang Fan change his mind,Then,She will use the ultimate means to achieve the ultimate,She remembered watching a cartoon with her daughter in her early years,The witch said something inside,When a toy no longer belongs to you and you don’t want to give it to others to play,The best way is to tear it up,No one wants to get it!She didn’t want to let her elderly father worry about her affairs,Because it is indeed impossible for him and Jiang Fan,She wants to tear him up in her own way。
First87chapter At the bottom of life
and so,Yuan Xiaoyan arrived at Jiang Fan’s office early in the morning,She wants to have one last conversation with Jiang Fan,If there is hope for this conversation,She will stop acting,Don’t know,Jiang Fan wouldn’t give her this chance at all,Won’t even see her,Ran away in the car,Since you are unkind,Don’t blame me for being unrighteous!

Chinese women’s volleyball team defeated Dominica 3-2 after five hard games

TheChinesewomen’svolleyballteamexperiencedafive-gamehardfighttodefeattheDominicanteam3-2,andwoneightconsecutivevictories.Inthethirdgameofthegame,theChineseteamwastooimpatienttowinthegameinthefirstgame,andwascontinuouslyreversedbytheopponent.Inthefourthgame,coachLangPingreplacedthebenchwhentheChineseteamwasbehind,easedthephysicalstrengthofthemainforce,andreplacedallthemainforceinthefinalgametowinthegame.TheChinesewomen’svolleyballteamexperiencedfivehardgamestodefeattheDominicanteam3-2.Attheendofthethirdgame,theChineseteamwaseagerforsuccesswhentheyled22-20.First,ZengChunleiservedthenetandthenXuYunlidunkedtheballandthenHuiRuoqiattackedOutofbounds,aseriesofmistakesledtheChineseteamtoquicklyovertakebytheopponent.LangPingdidnotsucceedinusingtwopointsforthreepoints.Ifhelost,hewouldwinthethirdgame.TheChineseteamhadalotoftrouble,andafterplayingthegameagainstColombia,theymovedtoanothercity.Thisgamewaseagertowin3-0togetenoughresttime.However,contrarytoexpectations,themoreirritable,themoreunabletotakeitdown.TheresultistoreturnthetigertothemountainandlettheopponentStrugglewithmomentum,andloseanotheroneinthefourthgame.Inthesecondhalfofthefourthgame,inthebackwardsituation,LangPingreplacedHuiRuoqi,YangJunjing,ZhuTingandothermainplayers.ThemainplayersonthefieldwereonlyXuYunli.Obviously,LangPingletthemainforcecalmdown,andalsocangetfullphysicaladjustment.HuiRuoqimadeconsecutivemistakesinthesecondhalfofthethirdinning,apparentlyhavingphysicalproblems,andreplacingitwithabreakisgoodforadecisivegame.Inthefifthinning,theChineseteamchangedbacktothemainforce,andsurelywonthetiebreaker,whichshowsthatthesubstitutioninthefourthinningiswise.  Inthisgame,theChineseteamhasalmostreachedastateofmadnessinthedefenseoftheopponent’sfreeman.DeLaCruzandMabru’sservehavecontinuouslydestroyedtheirownpass.Theycanwithstandthepressureandwin.ZhuTing,HuiRuoqiandotherplayersgotalotofexercise,andalsoexposedtheproblemsoftheChineseteam’sinsufficientstability,thelackofcalmandreasonablehandlingofthekeyball,whichisbeneficialtothestateoftheChineseteam.However,afterfivegames,theChineseteamconsumedToomuchphysicalstrengthisdetrimentaltothesubsequentgame.TherefractionoftheChineseteamaimedtoseethe3-0ballbecome3-2,andalsolostapoint,soobjectivelytheDominicanteamadvancedtothetopsixevenmorebright.