Another thing that makes Chen Xiu puzzled is where the Hongwu blue-and-white pine, bamboo and plum-breasted pot in Dragon King’s hand came from.,He remembers clearly,Liu Guijiang fired that batch of Ming blue and white flowers,He and Zhang Haishan broke them all by themselves,Even the fragments are crushed into powder with a crusher。

This is also what surprised and puzzled him。
“you……Do you know the secret recipe of Ming Qinghua!”
The Dragon King looked at Chen Xiu in disbelief,And Chen Xiu looked at him in confusion,Judging from the tone of the dragon king,Obviously he also knows the secret recipe。
Chen Xiu nodded and said:“Dragon King,I have a problem,Who did you get this blue and white from?,Please also inform。The man who made this blue and white,May be a very important teacher of my father!”
Chen Xiu doesn’t hide it now,I directly told me all the things I got from Ming Qinghua。
662 Gambler bastard
The Dragon King couldn’t help but admire the Ming Qinghua’s secret recipe:“Mr. Chen is really a wonderful person,If most people have this secret recipe,Fire ten high-quality goods every year and put them on the market,It can be said that you will never worry about eating and drinking。”
“You actually choose to keep secret,And turned in this secret recipe,Really admirable!”
When Zhang Haishan handed in the secret recipe,Chen Xiu has no current wealth,It’s not that he didn’t think about fraud and profit,But the opening just won’t stop the car,The greedy desire of human nature can’t be controlled at first。
If it’s normal fraud technology,No matter how smart the fakes are, there are flaws,And this ancient secret recipe is exactly the same,No matter how smart an expert doesn’t know, it’s the same,Will inevitably impact the existing Ming blue and white market,It also made Xia’s ceramic reputation plummet in the world。

“Follow us,Benefits。”Tiger Wang spit a smoke。

“What benefits?”Evil turtles spit out a few words:“I need countless grievances,Soul,Do you have you??”
“Humph,You don’t want to practice the way that Raushi escape?”Golden big puppet disdain:“Give me, don’t,All right,Xuanwu,Brother is not over with you.,Follow us,I have a set of thunder.,Can solve your speed problem,Teach your set of three clear!”
The golden big tack in the body rushed out of the two gold dragons.,Various power with terror。
“A gasification three clear,Big thunder?”The fascination of the scorpion scarlet scorpion:“Actually this two big gods!”
“good,Follow us,You can get these two sets of gods,Not ten times more evil power than your latches。”Tiger King spit a few words。
“it is good,However, you will first hand over these two sets of gods.!”Evil turtle suddenly:“Otherwise I believe you。”
The golden big python and the tiger king two guys are relatives.,Snake face and the tiger head reveals a swearing smile,The two big strong people stare at the evil turtle。
“Golden dragon,Let’s play football today.。”Tiger。
“Play,Today, play。”Golden big python spit out of the golden spear。
“Kidding。”The evil turtle looks at the golden big puppet and the tiger king two guys seem to have to worry.,Immediately extend your head,This turtle seems to show a rare laugh.。
“I have encountered an old slider!”
Big fly,Dongxing,Xu Wenqiang,Two tigers,Huang Mao, etc., this scene has been in his heart.,Looking at this evil turtle reaching out,They know this guy compromise,This year, the demon is humanized.。
“paralysis,Shout!”The evil turtle suddenly facing the big flight,Dongxing,Xu Wenqiang,Huang Mao and others spit out a few words,These fonts have a powerful power。
NS930chapter Evil turtle
“I rubbed!”
Big fly,Xu Wenqiang,Dongxing,Two tigers,Huang Mao and others heard a sentence.,Fortunately there is gold dragon and two tiger presents,They don’t dare to shout。
If it is shouting,Jinlong brother and Tiger king are not short two generations!
“Oh,Let my younger brother call your turtle?You are not small.?”Gold rush to spit a few golden big fields。
“Have not come in,I started to dominate us.?”Tiger Wang is not good at the evil talent:“Not small courage。”
“joke,Adjustment atmosphere。”The evil turtle smiled and spit out a few big words。
“Depend on,Adjustment atmosphere!”Everyone he wanted a speechless,Nima,This old turtle is afraid that it is really living in the world for a long time.,Containing people’s habits,And Golden Dragon,Tiger king is all the way。
“All listen clearly,Cream。”Gold rush to spit a few golden big fields。
Tell this,The evil turtle is with evil atmosphere,Stare at the big flight,Xu Wenqiang,Tiger king and others,Even white,Xu Fengli,Ye Tian Cang was stared at。
Suddenly loose,Xu Fengli,Ye Tiancang,Big fly,Two tigers,Xu Wenqiang,Huang Mao,Dongxing and others suffer。
This evil turtle is relying on this side.,In the future, the status of iron is not low.,Now calling it to Turtle,Isn’t it playing your face??
If you don’t shout,Just sin Jin Dragon and Tiger King Ge。
“Give me a shout!”Tiger King spit a few words:“Who doesn’t shout,I am disabled today.,Large not going back to injury,Shout,It dares to find things,I will give you。”
“good,Give me a shout!”Golden big python spit out a few words:“hurry up,My patience is very limited。”
The evil turtle is still murdered.。
Big fly,Xu Wenqiang,Dongxing,Two tigers,Huang Mao and others cry,Then they have looked at the golden big python and the Tiger king to show a smile.。
But the tiger king and the golden big python are not birds.,I have exposed a terrible breath.。
Big fly,Xu Wenqiang,Dongxing,Two tigers,Huang Mao and others are looking at each other,Then there have been a sound,Everyone shouts together,This evil torch always can’t make a group of people whole?

NS989chapter Massive phoenix blood

“Since I believe me,Go now.?Do he need it together??”Lin Feng coldly looked at the sword thorn on the ground.。
“no need,We will do it.。”Jianzhu Long and Sword Water, the old couple is hurriedly。
“it is good!”
Lin Feng glanced on the sword thorn,Suddenly a black spear flying out,Directly piercing the sword thorn elderly。
Sword thorn is screaming,His ginsen is directly crashed,Then after dissipating in the void。
“Let it go。”Lin Feng looked at the sword, the old and the sword bamboo growers。
“Yes!”Jianzhu Long and Sword Water Embolog I hope the southern body。
“Sword is old,Sword bamboo old,Horses do things for me,I am not difficult for you.,I don’t want to interrupted your island country.,I only take away your president.,Also, you will get from midnight.。”Lin Feng looked at the two people:“As for what fate in the future midnight,I won’t matter。”
“Bowen President!”
The sword is long and the Sword bamboo growers have heard a respectful road.。
Lin Feng heard a little bit,Immediately with the Kawan Luo Sakuo walking into the small courtyard,The sword is old and the Jianzhu long old couple follows Lin Feng’s body.,Four people quickly went out。
Then, four people came to the Tama House near the Sword Temple.。
“it’s here?”Lin Feng doubts。
“good,Forest president,This tomb is the place where the Sword, the ancestors of the sword.。”Jianzhu elders respectfully:“It is the heavy place of Jianjo。”
“Forest president,Please come in。”Sword water, old, respectful。
Swords between Swords and Swords and Jianzhu are respectful in the hut.。
“it is good!”
Lin Feng and Sichuan Luo Yakan’s figure also came to enter,It is very simple in the That house,Ancient sword hanging,This sword is ancient swords and vicissitudes.,I have rustful,There is also a black fight in addition to this sword.。
In addition to these, there is a stone image。
This statue is standing in the living room。
Shi is like a knife,Clear texture,Lifelike,It is a buzz in the world.,Great man,Carrying hands,Looking forward to the void,He is carrying a stone sword on his back。
Lin Feng looked at this stone statue directly reached,Pushing Chuagao Luo Sakuo behind himself,Because he feels to a huge crisis when he is close to this stone statue.,Just like when the golden Buddha statue is in the big day ancient temple.。
very dangerous。
And the sword bamboo is old and the sword, the old old two people respectfully came to the stone statue.,Then afterwards,Gently drive stone statue,Sudden stone statue is wearing the sound of vibration。
Bang sound sound。
Shimono broke out,With the rumor of this,Ground split,A cave appeared in front of four people,Then, the old bamboo and the sword of the sword walked into the cave.。
Stone step extends to the ground。
Lin Feng and Sichuan Luo Sakuo have also taken to the ground.。
“Forest president,This channel is very long,We have to accelerate walking。”Swordsman is old and respectful。
“Can,You speed up.。”Lin Feng smiled and said。

I heard Li Hui Feng said this.,Qin Su Ya has some embarrassment:“That line,wait for me a while,I am going to change my clothes.,This is easy to give you face.。”

After that, Qin Su Ya put down the work in his hand directly into the house.。
Soon, I changed a simple and generous clothes.。
I hesitate to know that Li Hui is going to buy a lot of things.,Visiting the county city,Today, Qin Su Ya specially changed a pair of sports shoes.。
SnowyTShirt with simple slim jeans,A pair of sneakers,Another sports style feels in front of Li Hui。
Li Hui is also the heart that is dressed in Qin Su Ya, Peng Peng!。
Beautiful and quiet appearance with sports wind,That kind of girl feels good to explode。
This moment, Li Hui, even feeling that Qin Su Ya is better than him.。
Looking at the color of Li Hui’s eyes,Qin Su Ya is also a playful face again.。
“Let it go,stop looking,Every day,Didn’t look enough。”
“Hey-hey,how is this possible?
I won’t see enough to watch my life.。”
Be said by Li Hui,Qin Su Ya’s heart can’t help but tremble,At the same time, the words of Han Shanshan last night,It was also pressed by her.。
Li Hui riding a motorcycle with Qin Su Ya directly went to the town.,Then take the bus from the county town.。
In the bus, Li Hui, with Qin Yasu, is frequently focused by people on the bus.,The most important thing is that Qin Sui is so beautiful.,Too clean。
The cheeks that don’t apply the powder are as if the sun is illuminated.。
For these eyes, Li’s wind is not moving.,After all, he is also very realistic about Qin Su Ya’s value.,Especially after the apple transformation。
He even feels necessary to let Qin Suiya drink a little fairy spring.。
Will not be a real fairy?
Just when he wants to enter,Qin Su Ya is in touch with the slim jade hand.。
“breeze,Is my sister really so beautiful??”
Although it is not the first time you are watching,But seeing that many people look at her from time to time.,Qin Su Ya’s heart is still a bit nervous。
“Hey-hey,Definitely,More beautiful than Tianxian。”
Be said by Li Hui,Qin Su is not hurt, the head,She really didn’t expect that Li Hui is so prosperous with so many people.,Let her don’t know how to answer。
All the way,Under the guardian of Li Hui,There is no untrustworthy person to disturb the two people.。
In the county,Li Hui is directly with Qin Su Yayuen wants to sell air-conditioned stores.。
Entered the door,The clerk saw that Qin Su Ya is bright and the wind is bright.。
At this time, the customer who made her feel sick.,Because this customer is coming to buy air conditioning for several days.,But every time it is coming to her.,Or tell her some flower segments。
She is really disgusting for such a customer.,Especially the other party also said that its supermarket big boss,Once you have to order more than a dozen computers,Then there is interested in prompting her,Let her stay with drinking in the evening,This kind of thing is not a fool,Naturally, what is the idea?,Although she likes money,But it will not sell your own flesh to the money for the money.。
In the moment when I saw Li Huihe and Qin Ya,She feels that she is coming.。
Although this season sells air conditioners, it is peak season,But in this remote small county, there is really a few people to buy air conditioners.,Especially still a poor county,So a few waves can have a few waves to buy air conditioners, it is really rare.。
And like Li Huiyan Sui Yushu,Generally, it is purchased for marriage.。
“handsome guy,Beauty,Do you want to buy more powerful air conditioners??
We have a half,Have a hand,Are you in the wedding room??”
I have been asked by the other party.,Qin Su Ya’s pretty face is immediately red。
Seeing Qin Su Yaya’s beautiful face shy look,Even if it is the same as a woman, I can’t help but stand up.。

“Concrete,The old man is still thinking,Dado n’t in a hurry,The old man gives you a reply as soon as possible.?”

“Mr. Thani Lu。”
Gao Baoyi hands,I am deeply worshiping Lu Shuwu.。
some things,Gao Bo Yi did not think。But he needs one“Authoritative”Go to verify your own ideas。I listened to Lu Shuwu, I have said something today.“nonsense”,He understood how this is going to arrange it.。
NS1105chapter Bargain is really traded(superior)
Late at night,邺 南 城 不 不 不 不 不 不 不,The Shenmei army will lead the Law of the Law.,Today’s things are finally busy.,I also saw a book in the evening.,Wen, know new,Achieve a lot。
His family,Not in Yucheng,But in the city of Youzhou。Because he is not a fairman,So where is his family?,Gao Biyi is not very important。
Even his wife son is in the city,Dendrobline is a sentence, let him rebellion,He can’t resist,This is the strength of the family。
“Alang……Someone is looking for you,Want to come in??”
Lower servant asks outside the study door,That sound is slightly large,Aroun is unhappy。One person is outside Zhang Luo,It’s not easy.。I am afraid, please ask the servant.,Many rules don’t understand,It doesn’t have your heart。
And he really wants to get rid of the rest of the family.,Don’t want home to send people to serve。
“Who is,Have you asked??”
Aroun’s out of the fire,The tone is already quite bad。
“no,That person refused。It is the same as a bamboo pole.……”
The servant has not finished,Mroba will pushed the door,The wind is in the direction of the front hall,I am too lazy to see him again.。
When the Robdom came to the front hall,Just see the position of bamboo pole in the middle of the hall,Looking at him without expression。
“How do you do something?,People don’t know the tea?Do you want to die? I will be willing.?”
“Army,You are Welcome,Waiting for you to see the most, you can see you.,Tea does not have to drink。”
Bamboo pole said out,I can’t see my face on my face.。to be honest,This is very,Awards are with this person alone,There is still a bit。
“Something,That is going to change your clothes.?”
Awards are still wearing a home for home(pajamas),This dress is going to see Gao Baoyi,A bit unclear?
“The Dadohorse said that hundreds of thousands of things,The generals of the Robet don’t have to care about these details,Dado n’t blame。”
Bamboo is like facial paralysis,There is no change in the face of the face.。
Awards I think that Gao Bao is also very casual in the weekdays.,So Inta head:“Also,I will go with you.。”
The two people walked along the Chu Wangfu.,Arms is always felt,The heart is very uneasy。
His testive asked:“Uh,Didn’t say what is going on??”
Bamboo rose back two words,Directly block the dialogue。
The rhythm has never returned to God for a long time.,He really doesn’t understand,The other party like this low person,How is it in the shape of Gao Baoyi??This is a little suspected of the preference of the HKEM.,Is it very special?。
For example,I especially like someone with my own bar.?
Very uncomfortable, this way,We encounter the ban on the ban,These people see bamboo poles,It’s all right and far away.,Just like you can’t see them.。This lets the Robs to Gao Baoyi’s authority,Have a more deep understanding。
obviously,The leader of these people,Both know the bamboo pole,They don’t dare to come over and ask,It is the certificate of Gao Bo Yi has fully controlled the inspection system in the city.。
Both the four words in the Bentoba brain。
Many small actions made now,In fact, fleeing,Those routines can be said to be a ring set,A little bit of card。
Come to the Chu Wangfu,The rhyndroba found that there is actually light fire,Like a big thing!
He can’t help but think of Hongmen Banquet.,Speaking, Wu Wang, this kind of allusion,But refreshment,Gao Baoyi is to deal with yourself,It seems that you don’t need such a big fight.?

Ban Lu wanted to throw away the phone。

What kind of treasure girls are these?,I even refused to refuse so simply。
If it’s not for the face of a gold mine opposite,Lu Ban didn’t want to continue to be a licking dog——
He sent another request to add a friend。
After sending,Ban Lu went directly to the bath,After all, you will be very heartbroken when you receive a message that refuses to add.。
Actually these two days,The system also rewarded thousands of dollars。
At least don’t worry about food and clothing,Gu Qiao’s mine only needs to be developed slowly in the future,Can always dig out scraps。
But Lu Ban always feels that the rewards of the system will not be as simple as money。
for him,Although it is not as fast as rebirth to make money,But it’s not difficult,Copy songs,Copy movies,Or relying on your acting skills to stand in the entertainment industry is within the scope of operability。
He just wants to try,Are there any other rewards in the mine。
at this time,Gu Qiaojia。
Gu Qiao is wearing pinkHelloKittyPajamas lean against the head of the bed,Poor Kong Xi sitting on the bed。
Gu Qiao glared at Kong Xi。
There was a burst of grievance in Kong Xi’s eyes。
“Don’t give me this set,I will not eat。”
“sister,I’m wrong,I didn’t expect my mother to think you are in love with Lu Ban!”
Kong Xi crawled over,Tired and crooked on Gu Qiao’s fat-like arm,The sound can pinch water out。
“She just wanted to。”Gu Qiao gave her a white look。
“I will help you prove。”

Nangong Xilian and Nangong Yunxi beside him are also very excited,I can’t wait to rush up and hug this tripod back。

Mo Xiaosheng couldn’t help but smiled and shook his head,In his opinion,This tripod is ordinary,Nothing special at all。
And the so-called God King Ding is just a legend,Does it really exist?。
Say again,There is no green light all over this god Wangding,Mostly fake。
“Everyone be quiet,Actually, the legend about this god king ding,No one knows whether it is true or not,But this god king ding does have its extraordinary,Even the magic!”
The fat butler said with a smile,“Next,I will show you!”
First0473Zhang deliberately taunted
The voice fell off,He beckoned to a man in black,The man in black is ready,Walking up with a new golden compass in his hand,Handed it to the fat steward。
“Next,Please take a look!”
The fat housekeeper smiled,Then immediately put the compass in his hand in front of the god Wangding,I saw that the pointer in the compass seemed to sense some external force,Suddenly spins quickly。
There was an uproar under the table,Everyone can’t help but be shocked,Talking again。
Fat butler with a smile,Seems very satisfied with everyone’s reaction。
Mo Xiaosheng also glanced at the god King Ding curiously,Then he couldn’t help but startled,I saw in his eyes,The whole body of the god Wangding, which originally seemed nothing strange, exudes a golden light.!
“It seems that this god king cauldron is really no better than ordinary things!”
Mo Ziqin on the side was very excited to see this scene,Judging from the fact that it can activate the compass with a strange force,This god king ding is definitely a god!
Mr. Mo is also full of energy,Looking at the god Wangding with burning eyes。
And the old man from Nangong’s family and his descendants,Seems more urgent,I even can’t wait to start bidding。
Yan Binghe, who sits next to Mr. Nangong, is even more excited,The fat body stood up,Arched his body and straightened his neck, looking at the god Wangding on the table,His eyes are shining like a hungry wolf that has seen meat,At the same time murmured:“It turns out that this is the God King Ding,Shino Artifact,It’s really an artifact!”

“‘70Win league’Is chasing the Lakers legend70Win?I seem to see them!”

The camera was switched to a corner of the Oakland Arena by the director,The fans here are not wearing the Warriors orange jersey,Still in purple and gold8Jersey!They are holding a sign,It says《70Victory tour!》
All Kobe Jerseys!
‘70Win league’The Lakers are chasing70Win,And for the Lakers70The player with the greatest win is?
Won’t be absent2Months,near30Shaq O’Neal。
Then only Kobe Bryant!
70The biggest hero of victory is undoubtedly Kobe,Kobe completed incredible performances time and time again,Take the victory from the great rivals。
and‘70Win league’It is a small group of fans made up of Kobe fans!They support Kobe!
‘70Win league’The program is to support the Lakers to win70Win,For this reason they don’t care,They will all chase the Lakers’ pace in the regular season!
Rich come in to watch!Those who have no money go to the square outside the local arena to watch the game!
Chasing the Lakers70Winning the sport has kicked off,And more fans will join in。After all, this is a legend!Missed last year’s bull72Win,It would be a shame to miss this year’s Lakers legendary regular season。Especially for Californians who have money and leisure,Chasing the legend is their passion!
“Aha!I’m still good,The scalper outside the arena forced a ticket,That old fellow Smith is not as lucky as me!”‘70Win league’In the camp,An old man with a thick beard in a cowboy hat smiles openly。
“Sam!Your luck is so good!I don’t know if there is a way to get tickets for Utah?”
“Haha,Tickets for those two games are too difficult to get,I try my best,I will tell you if I get it。”
“If you can witness the Lakers win70Victory is really not prosperous. I am a Lakers fan.!”
“I really want to tell my grandson,You know the lakers70Win?!That is the youth of the Lord!”
“I told the stinky kid in the pub it must feel great too!”
“Yes!For the Lakers70Win cheers!”

Wang Yufei who shut himself in the room put all his energy on the materials given by Professor Gao。

In the middle is to go out for dinner,Then he sent Lu Yuxin home。
Busy until two o’clock in the morning,Finally absorbed all the first batch of materials given by Professor Gao。
But there are still some questions,Wang Yufei didn’t rush to start giving the report。Instead, look for more public papers and materials that can support ideas on the Internet。
Deeply inspired。
In order to make a good impression on Professor Gao,And can continue to get the laboratory data he needs most from Professor Gao,Wang Yufei spent four days carefully,The first report was completed the day before the new year,Sent to Gao Deyuan via email。
But Wang Yufei didn’t disturb Professor Gao immediately,Ask for more information。
After all, the Chinese New Year will be the next day。
I think the lab is on holiday too。
It’s not always good for the Chinese New Year to have to trouble other professors to pack and transmit these things。
Besides,This is not only his first New Year in the provincial capital,It’s the first new year with Lu Yuxin。Have been busy studying brain control technology,It’s not a problem either!
Gotta relax,Have a good year!
It’s been a good year for He Duo in Beijing。
After a cycle of promotion and brewing,Super fast virtual machine achieved extremely gratifying results。

I can’t stand it halfway,I went out and went to the bathroom for ventilation,Maybe I haven’t touched this before,And no one took me these two days,I only touched the most basic,We talked a lot at the meeting today,I feel I only remember a little。

Most of the others are given back to the teacher。Commute back and forth for two or three hours every day,I can’t figure out what I’m doing,Very confused,I didn’t get a clue。
At night, the subway will come back to send another thing,Because the place is not familiar,I’ve been looking for a way for a long time。After I came out, my mother showed me a video,Mother asked me where?
I said it was outside。Mother said you came back by subway long ago?It’s too noisy on the subway so I sent a message back to her on the subway。
Mother thought I was home early,Actually I just came out at that moment and didn’t know how to go home。Finally the navigation is back,I have received information here to write a summary report,Mother asked me if I had dinner,Come back nearly eight o’clock,Hang up and write the summary report after chatting with my mother。
Send it over and let me draw another mind map,Drew a mind map for a long time,After it’s finished, send it and let it be changed,I really want to say I haven’t had time to eat yet。
I am afraid that I am in a hurry,Just gnawed a pear,Nibble。It’s almost done after gnawing。After sending it over, I went to wash and prepare for bed。
When I was soaking my feet, I suddenly remembered what my father said before。Father wants me to be a teacher,Because that way you won’t be so tired。
Actually my father didn’t know,Being a teacher is not easy。Now the children are so spoiled,A baby who accidentally offended somewhere,Don’t suffer。
Actually, I know what my father thinks,But I am not here,Although I have been a teacher since graduation,But now I changed career,I don’t know if this decision is good or bad。
Is it because I was confused when I was my age,I don’t know what I am doing?Or take it as your own business?
I am also at a loss。Sometimes I doubt myself,Sometimes I deny myself,Time again,I want to persevere inexplicably,Because I don’t know if it’s right to keep going,Very hesitant。
My indecision,Seemingly inherited。I set myself to turn off my phone at 11 o’clock in the evening,It’s almost time,I want to go to bed earlier,Not too small after all,It’s time to protect my skin。