His strength,Is now the http://www.fcllq.cn real No. 1 in the Three Realms。

Li Ming estimated,Even if this clone has a magic weapon,Cast spells http://www.wptact.cn alone,Can defeat the ancestor of the wind demon。
of course,There is no verification。
After all, it is impossible for him to take the initiative to deal with the Lord of Wind Demon,Master of Wind Demon is good at close combat,Escape is amazing。
He restrained each other,Either he uses a magic weapon to defeat the Lord of the Wind Demon,Either the Lord of the Wind Demon escapes by escape,Beat him to death。
“That little monk,And that little monkey came to visit me together。”
“Could something beg me?”
First30chapter Visits and requests
First30chapter Visits and requests
Li Ming,In the life of Zhulong,There is still some connection with Tang Sanzang and his party。
In the wild universe,The Five Westbound,All from an extraordinary background。
Tang Sanzang,Jin Chanzi reincarnated,Jin http://www.tjb-art.cn Chanzi?Tathagata second disciple,It’s even a congenital god。Once born, it is a return to the gods and demons,And become a god。
Reincarnated as Tang Sanzang,Go west under the guidance of Guanyin Bodhisattva,Li Ming is interesting,It also gave him a method that directly points to the complete destruction of heaven and merit,Not long after Tang Sanzang arrived at Lingshan,Step into the Buddha level。
Monkey King,It’s turned from a colorful stone after Nuwa Empress fills the sky。
Looks like a monkey,In fact, it can also be regarded as a god,Very noble from birth。
Nuwa Empress nurtured him,Bodhi Patriarch taught him,When the Heavenly Palace,Sanqing shot him down,But to help him practice《Nine Turns Xuan Gong》。

“Then go to bed early.。”Lin Feng looked at the beautiful shell,He suddenly got bigger,I went to gently hugged the barbarian waist.。

“roll!”Bei Xue Yin face,This kid is too big.。
Her high heels are embarrassed,Step on the feet of Lin Feng。
“what!”Lin Feng screamed,Escape is also like it.。
“Dare to bully Miss!”Bechang’s high heels,I am on the back of Lin Feng’s back.。
“so comfortable。”Lin Feng’s mouth revealed a bad laughter,He smiled and picked up the shoes of Bei Xue Yin on the sofa.。
“Lin Feng,Dare to do this next time,I haven’t played with you.。”Becai Xueyin White White Fingers, Lin Feng Road,Her face is blushing。
“Next time, I will definitely.。”Lin Feng smiled and lying on the sofa,A flower old man,Must learn to test the bottom line of women。
Lin Feng is in the bottom line of Test Bes。
“Help me buy double shoes tomorrow。”Bai Xueyin, Lin Feng,Directly close the door。
“Yes,Miss。”Lin Feng haha smiles,Pick up a pack of China,Then I took a smoke and walked out of the presidential suites.。
He came to two tigers,Three people waiting for Feng Kun waiting for the door,Press the top doorbell。
Suddenly the sound of the doorbell sounded。
“Who is?”The sound of two tigers came in the door.。
“Your maple brother。”Lin Feng took a word:“Your sister,Sleep so early?”
“Maple brother?You are already caught up.?”Two tigers open the door,I look at Lin Feng。
“I came out,Don’t sleep,http://www.yx-sc.cnGo out to take you in the evening.。”Lin Feng took a smoke.,Feng Kun and yellow wear people also wore a trousers.。
“Where to play?Maple brother,Amphibial。”Huang Mao opened his eyes。
“Dark City。”Lin Feng spit an eyeliner:“Our six security companies are now urgently needed,So I have to make money in black。”
Tell this,Two tigers,Huang Mao,Feng Kun three people look bright。
They naturally know what the meaning in Lin Feng said.,They personally experience Lin Feng’s cattle technology,Go to the dark city,I can really make a lot of money.。
“Maple brother,go,I wash my face。”Huang Mao wondered,Now turn around to leave,Feng Kun also followed。
“Maple brother,Ready。”Two tiger’s mouth with a slightly laughter,He knows how,Dark City tonight will have a blood。
“Have an enemy does not report non-gentleman,I don’t http://www.bjztba.cn move them.,Can they stop??”Lin Feng face is indifferent to the night void:“I have to smash tonight.。”
NS26chapter Dark City
“it is good,Maple brother,Powerful,I didn’t follow the wrong person.,I have mixed with you in this life.。”Two Tiger worsen:“Maple brother,Don’t let your disappointment,I have given you my body and mind.。”
“Be able to have a job.,Do not,I am not a glass。”Lin Feng smiled:“Change clothes,Tonight,砸 砸。”
“Hey-hey,Forced the Qin Wolf this。”Two tigers smile:“I will have my face.。”Two tigers turned around。
Lin Feng is on the sofa and swimming the clouds.。
After a few minutes,Two tigers,Feng Kun,Huang Mao three people came out。
“Set off!”Lin Feng looked at the three people.,Immediately decided to start。
“it is good!”Three people heard a little bit,I immediately went downstairs with Lin Feng.。

Thud!Silvester rushed to the ground,Look up,Girl,Die。

Summer,A few times,The corner of the mouth is also overflowing silk blood。
Subsequently,Slowly,Soon from the opponent’s face3DPrint mask。
The appearance after the mask,It is the true capacity of Silvester。
Summer didn’t think about the thousand days http://www.0755kobelco.cn from the beginning,Dark waiting for each other,Then I will deal with myself……That’s too dangerous。
This,He is also gambling。
Fortunately, he gambled.。
I actually killed a high-level master with a minimum price.。
But there is no excitement in the summer without winners。
He is considering the consequences that will cause this matter,And what is the purpose of mysterious phone owners?。
Thoughtful,After processing the body,Big step。
He made a decision,Did http://www.hhqor.cn nothing。
Haven’t seen Silvester,I didn’t kill him.。
Only like this,Will make people behind the scenes not dare to act rashly。
But he also knows,This is only the weight of the power,Time long,I will inevitably make people suspected。
……at the same time。
A certain court,Summer clouds and summer do not sit。
Tea on the table is cool,Atmosphere is somewhat subtle。
for a long time。
Summer cloud can’t help but ask,“Small aunt,What do you have?,See me so late.,Not to mention……”Narrate。
As if the summer is not in a certain memory,Fully return to God,Take the table with a herbal tea and drink a bite。
Put the tea cup down,She looks straight into the summer cloud,Ambient,“Xiajia’s business,You know。”
Xia Qianyun recognizes,Zhang Zhangzhu,Want to say。
Summer is not as if you have not seen,The voice sound is full of rich complexity,“Last time I imitated the handwriting of the people,Write the summer,Guide him to Xiajia‘Have a fair’”。
Toned,Also,“Xia family died, many people,But there is not enough,And the summer is ruthless and has been abused in Dantian Qihai,I thought,This is coming out in summer.,Since then,He is also two definitely with the summer.……My plan is very successful。”
Merely,She laughed,“After all, the summer is ruthless and summer invisible is my friends.,I am very selfish,I only hope that the summer is inherited.,But I didn’t expect it.,Zu Mountain,Summer is invisible and the uncle has appeared again.……At that time, I didn’t care about all stabbed.,Think about,No death in summer,I learned that after all,Will let the summer home……”Summer cloud is silent。
he knows,Summer is not so late to find yourself,Never for this matter。
After she is finished,Looked up,Directly see the summer cloud,“Summer this time to Xiajia,Not for the last thing to clear。”
“I have no idea。”
Summer cloud shakes his head,Also,“He went to Xia Jia before,I used to see me,Let me see a letter,The handwriting in the letter is a thousand words,The content in the letter did not say anything secret,Is a woman who is upcoming fate,Leave it to yourself not grow up,Take expectation to see the letter in the future。”
Summerless eyes slightly bright,“Can I specifically say the letter??”

Water breathing has been completed,I will slowly practice it later.。

Sprite,Water treatment,Start the treatment of fine injuries on the body。
However, Quan Wei is also a little confused.,How to hurt so little,Is it that activation state has recovered a part of the injury?
Spring through inner view,I found that there is not much in the body’s injury.。
But he still mobilize the treatment of water therapy in Chakra started to treat these damage,This is also the benefit of inner view,Can let the spring directly view their http://www.sdcarcare.cn injuries。
Open the door sound,Spring doesn’t look back,Still treating your own injury。
“Uncle Mu Village,When will we go back?”Spring。
“Where do you want to go back?”
Quan Yu can’t treat your injury.,It is turned to see people entering the room.。
“why you,Uncle Mu Village?”
Spring is surprised to watch mute。
“gone back”Silently put the tea set on the table。
“Your performance yesterday is really wonderful.,I am scared me”Silently said with a smile。
Spring,He knows that his scene is definitely not good.。
Quan Yu has just wants to say something。
Suddenly said:“follow me,The master is waiting for you.”
Square is some hesitation,But I was mute and pulled away from the room.。
“Boy,Good health”The program was quietly drunk.。
Spring is a little died:“All right”。
“Give me straight,Where did the momentum yesterday?”The program suddenly angered。
Springs’ body is stiff,Rapida。
“very good”Nodded。
Mutely stealing sneak。
“Yesterday, the operation is your homemade.”The program is interested in saying。
“good,Bring Chakra stimulates the body by breathing,Great body activation,What surprised me is that you actually convert all Chakra to water properties.,Do you know the consequences?”
The apeer said faintly。
“knowledge,I wanted to use soil properties.,But failure,For a long time”Spring is honest。
“puff”A hot tea spit。
“Silent, I didn’t listen to it.,He just said that uses soil properties”The master will take a deep breath.。
“Yes,You have not heard the wrong”Mute is also surprised,Actually didn’t die,It’s really good luck.。
“The little ghost is actually so bold,Even Chakra’s http://www.maicaima.cn nature does not understand, actually dare to practice”The plan is shaken.。
“Not the bold,That is just an accident,Waiting for my body strength,Can you try it?”Spring is affirmed。
The program suddenly appeared behind the body,I took the back of the spring.。
Put the spring。

“Ok,Like you said,Why didn’t Liao Fan show up afterwards,As far as i know,When he and my mother meet again,When he received the assassination mission,Seven years passed between,What happened in it,I haven’t figured it out yet。”

Shi Mu Luo became more helpless,Although she doesn’t like to ask questions,But it doesn’t mean she has no curiosity,She is just more willing to investigate on her own,After all, such a possibility of getting the truth,Much bigger than asked。
“Since Shi Wei was already under the protection of Qi’s family that year,Maybe he is also hindered by the power of the Qi family,So I didn’t dare to make trouble?”Yu Zhe guessed,It http://www.nanyangroyalhotel-guangzhou.cn seems that only such a way can make sense。
“Unlikely。”Shi Mu Luo shook his head and retorted,“He is a crazy person many times,It is absolutely impossible to succumb to power which is worthless in his eyes,Besides, the Cheng family was more powerful at that time,If he is really afraid,Why did you defy the order to let me live?……”
“It’s hard to guess。”Yu Zhe shook his head like admitting defeat,That he can’t think of other possibilities。
“I have two guesses。”Shi Muluo took over and continued to explain,“Liao Fan should have met Maureen back then,Different from him now,Back then, he kept the rules silently,Knowing that Liao Fan’s plan will inevitably be discouraged,Maybe he stopped Liao Fan。”
“Maureen, can he really stop it?。”Yu Zhe smiled,Although I don’t know much,But in terms of strength,How could Maureen suck Liao Fan?。
“Yes,So I have another guess……”Shimu paused,This is the most probable,But the one possibility she least wants to admit。
“What is it?”
“Maybe it really is……Because of love。”Shi Mu Luo smiled bitterly,This word is said to describe Liao Fan is really a bit hot,“But after all, it’s a deformed love,No matter how deep and righteous he describes him in front of me,Can’t change my opinion of him,He is a complete bastard。”
Shi Muluo gritted his teeth,She can look at one thing from anyone’s perspective,But what she thinks is wrong,She would never forgive。
“that……Then?”That’s the end of Liao Fan’s topic,Yu Zhe doesn’t want to go on anymore,Anyway, it will inevitably make time uncomfortable。
“I was born after that,But what disappoints them is,They didn’t expect me to be a girl……”
“What’s so disappointing?!”Compared to the weird things Shi Muluo just said,Yu Zhe found this sentence the most difficult to understand。
“Cheng’s children are a boy and a girl,Everyone thinks that the boy Cheng Yunxiong inherits the family business is a certainty,If Qi’s family and my mother want to use me,I must be a boy too,Only then will there be capital for competition in the future”
“Unreasonable。”Yu Zhe is a bit angry with this theory,“What age is this?Why do these people still think so!”
“I am also disgusted……But no way,Prejudice is always difficult to eliminate。”
Words of Yu Zhe,Let Shi Muluo feel relieved,But she also has a deep sense of powerlessness,After all there are many things,Not that she can change if she wants to change,
“Prejudice,In the past,Now so,So in the future,Some people even talk about equality between men and women,But when it really hits his own interests,It’s not such a rhetoric at all,I believe this situation will change in the future,But really wipe it out……I think it’s easier to destroy the earth。”
“If http://www.nanninglianlv.cn it’s not the fate,You will probably fight for feminism too。”Yu Zhe smiled and said something,In his eyes, women struggle to break the inherent prejudice,Is also something worth admiring。


Xiao Wu walked aside happily,Fiddle with the rose ring。
She should be in Xiao,The only person with two rings。
In these six years,Tang Chen discovered the new function of the rose ring。
Information can be transmitted between wearers,Somewhat similar to mobile phone text messaging。
Every ring is numbered,One-way contact can be made through this password。
Tang Yuehua is Xiao Wu’s etiquette teacher,And also wore this ring。
Of course Tang Chen doesn’t want German orthopedics,The function of the ring is to increase favorability。
A woman’s favor is not only love,Still have to look at their actual senses。
Like friends,maternal love,Feelings etc.,Are considered favorability。
Tang Yuehua is not young,But didn’t get married and had children,The goodwill for my nephew is naturally family affection。
The rose ring cannot control the heart,Just like Hu Liena。
Because of aesthetic issues,After finding out that I couldn’t hold the ring,It can be described as deeply disgusting to Tang Chen。
“boss,Open three rooms.”
“No no no,Two is enough.”
Tang San takes care of business first,The two flirted all day long,He doesn’t like dog food。
“Sorry,Only the last one left,Superior deluxe room,Red ocean!”
“Ten gold soul coins a day,Do you want!”
Waiter watching a group of beauties,There was envy in the eyes。

——Zhan Li did not leave,She is in the bathroom。

Chapter Three and Eight Accompany
Fang Hao heard those two screams from the bathroom,No drowsiness,I only have a headache。
——What is this called?
I feel my business is not good,As a flow,I didn’t manage my time well,I am ashamed of the predecessors。
And the realm of time management masters,There is still a big distance,I’m not convinced at all。
He dare not go to the scene,Instinctively want to escape。
But nothing happened there。
After two screams,Tong Keke’s cautious voice came over:“you……You are Zhan Li……Sister Li?”
Zhan Li’s dull voice came over:“Ok。”
Tong Keke:“Ha ha……Sister Li……I actually borrowed Mr. Yixia’s bathroom……”

“Captain Eguchi!”

The members of the Shenmu organization around saw their captain being treated like this**,Suddenly furious,Scream,Came up quickly。
“If you don’t want him to die,Just return it to me obediently!”
Mo Xiaosheng yelled at them,And grabbed the neck of Captain Eguchi.,The members of the sacred wood organization across the board smiled indifferently,Made a posture to crush their captain’s neck。
The faces of the people of a group of sacred trees changed instantly when they saw it,Abruptly stopped,Seems to care about the safety of their captain。
Mo Xiaosheng nodded in satisfaction when he saw this.,Wave his hand,Dispel the fading smoke in front of you,I feel so lucky,I really didn’t expect to catch the captain of this group in the chaos!
Prove that the so-called capture the thief first capture the king,This gives myself a great advantage,Don’t bother to deal with these people。
Because Baili didn’t let Mo Xiaosheng approach the villa,So Mo Xiaosheng is a little far away from the yard,I didn’t hear the movement inside the first time,After he found the abnormality rushed in,I just heard Rose’s cry,Although it’s late,But fortunately there is still time,At least Baili and Rose didn’t lose their lives。
“Kill them for me,Kill them!”
But the captain Eguchi who was captured by Mo Xiaosheng was very bloody.,Endure the sharp pain in the arm and shoulder,Yelled to all of his men:“Warriors of the Empire can be killed!But can’t be insulted!Kill them,Kill them for me!”
Rose looks cold,Pull out the knife again,Hit Eguchi’s shoulder fiercely。
Eguchi trembled,Let out a sad cry again,But he bit his teeth in time,In the end only a muffled hum。
The sacred wood organizations across the road couldn’t help feeling anxious.,Shook the steel rod in the handshake,Glanced at each other,Hesitating to come forward,Although their captain said so,But if their captain dies like this,They can’t explain to the senior management in the organization,It is even possible that they will be put to death in the organization,Burial for Captain Eguchi!
So this involves their lives in danger,No one dared to step forward for a time!
One of them glanced at Baili who was seriously injured and fell to the ground not far from Rose,Brighten up,Suddenly came up with an idea,Moved closer to Baili in small steps,When only three or four meters away from a hundred miles away,He dashed forward,Grabbed to Baili on the ground。


First314chapter Rock is back!(One more)
《Song god》Column from the beginning,Just bet that Mr. Lu Xiaofeng would write songs for the Returning Band,Then the band will be popular。
So every time they arrange the Returning Band at the finale。
I don’t know how many people scolded this decision,But what follows is the continuous increase in ratings。
16Advance8Strong game,The Returning Band also played like this。
The audience was a little impatient,But I saw the four of them,There was an unprecedented round of applause。
The Returning Band is the whole《Song god》In the column,The most mysterious player team。
They choose with all the accompaniment because of themselves,So when rehearsing the song,There is no need for any outsiders to participate。
This is different from Mr. Zhao Changshou’s,Back then, all kinds of gossip were spreading out from time to time,Obviously leaked by insiders。
How did the returning band rehearse,What song was rehearsing,No one knows in advance。
This adds a mysterious atmosphere。
The program director of Yuzhou Satellite TV also made a decision,Let’s get this kind of mystery,Make them more mysterious the better,This will increase the audience’s expectations。

Vigorous,This is the so-called vigor!General people、The strength of strength that bears the family and the world!

Mo Xiaosheng looked at Jiao Yuan’s firm face,Involuntarily warm eyes,In awe。He never missed Jiao Yuan,there has never been!
“Xiaomo,Go,Don’t stress,I’ll block everything for you,Success or failure,I Jiao Yuan will always remember your kindness。”Jiao Yuan looked at Mo Xiaosheng,Not loud,But very calm。
Mo Xiaosheng nodded vigorously,Turn around and rush to the emergency room。
“I won’t let you in!”
Chen Yi is still blocking the door of the emergency room,Seeing Mo Xiaosheng is here,Immediately holding the door handle,To block it tightly。
“Snapped!”Mo Xiaosheng has no nonsense,Backhand is a slap,Chen Yi hasn’t reacted yet,The body has already flown out,Fell heavily to the ground,I almost broke my waist。
Pain flashes across her face,Immediately burst into tears,“Oh my god,Hit someone,Is there any king?!”
But everyone around just glanced at her lightly,No sympathy or pity,They are not fools,Also saw the clue,This woman is going to die and not let Mo Xiaosheng save her husband,Must be tricky。
After Mo Xiaosheng rushed into the emergency room,Hurriedly locked the door,Then walk quickly to Guo Yuansheng,Tried on his pulse,There is indeed no pulse。
He thought about it for a moment,Hands up,Sudden time is on the two palms on the left and right,Two circular forbidden arrays the size of a ruler emerged,Condensed from the breath of green wood。This formation is called Mu Yuan Sheng Breath Formation,There is tremendous vitality inside。As long as Guo Yuansheng is not dead,,With the help of these two wooden elements,Mo Xiaosheng is sure to save him。
Mu Yuan’s Breathing Array is a kind of magical therapy in the path of mysterious medicine,Not to mention the effect of reviving the dead,But it’s almost there。This battle is quite expensive,Rao is Mo Xiaosheng’s current cultivation base,It’s just barely displaying this Mu Yuan’s breath formation。
Wait for these two wooden elements to settle down,Emits a dazzling blue light,He slowly pressed it on Guo Yuansheng’s body。One on the wound of his neck,One place is in the heart。Its purpose is to help Guo Yuansheng repair his damaged body,At the same time help him recover his heartbeat。
After the two Mu Yuan’s breath formations fell into Guo Yuansheng’s body,Started treatment。Time passes by。Mo Xiaosheng stared closely at the changes in Guo Yuansheng’s body。
Five minutes have passed in an instant,suddenly,Bang,Guo Yuansheng’s heartbeat recovery,Although slow,But there is a heartbeat。
Mo Xiaosheng secretly breathed a sigh of relief,Finally saved。But for insurance,Mo Xiaosheng took the dragon and phoenix silver needle,The silver needles fall into Guo Yuansheng’s acupuncture points extremely accurately,There are already thirty-six in a flash。Mo Xiaosheng is not using any stitches,Just to assist that Mu Yuan’s breath formation,Quickly restore Guo Yuansheng’s major meridians。