Xiao Wu walked aside happily,Fiddle with the rose ring。
She should be in Xiao,The only person with two rings。
In these six years,Tang Chen discovered the new function of the rose ring。
Information can be transmitted between wearers,Somewhat similar to mobile phone text messaging。
Every ring is numbered,One-way contact can be made through this password。
Tang Yuehua is Xiao Wu’s etiquette teacher,And also wore this ring。
Of course Tang Chen doesn’t want German orthopedics,The function of the ring is to increase favorability。
A woman’s favor is not only love,Still have to look at their actual senses。
Like friends,maternal love,Feelings etc.,Are considered favorability。
Tang Yuehua is not young,But didn’t get married and had children,The goodwill for my nephew is naturally family affection。
The rose ring cannot control the heart,Just like Hu Liena。
Because of aesthetic issues,After finding out that I couldn’t hold the ring,It can be described as deeply disgusting to Tang Chen。
“boss,Open three rooms.”
“No no no,Two is enough.”
Tang San takes care of business first,The two flirted all day long,He doesn’t like dog food。
“Sorry,Only the last one left,Superior deluxe room,Red ocean!”
“Ten gold soul coins a day,Do you want!”
Waiter watching a group of beauties,There was envy in the eyes。

——Zhan Li did not leave,She is in the bathroom。

Chapter Three and Eight Accompany
Fang Hao heard those two screams from the bathroom,No drowsiness,I only have a headache。
——What is this called?
I feel my business is not good,As a flow,I didn’t manage my time well,I am ashamed of the predecessors。
And the realm of time management masters,There is still a big distance,I’m not convinced at all。
He dare not go to the scene,Instinctively want to escape。
But nothing happened there。
After two screams,Tong Keke’s cautious voice came over:“you……You are Zhan Li……Sister Li?”
Zhan Li’s dull voice came over:“Ok。”
Tong Keke:“Ha ha……Sister Li……I actually borrowed Mr. Yixia’s bathroom……”

“Captain Eguchi!”

The members of the Shenmu organization around saw their captain being treated like this**,Suddenly furious,Scream,Came up quickly。
“If you don’t want him to die,Just return it to me obediently!”
Mo Xiaosheng yelled at them,And grabbed the neck of Captain Eguchi.,The members of the sacred wood organization across the board smiled indifferently,Made a posture to crush their captain’s neck。
The faces of the people of a group of sacred trees changed instantly when they saw it,Abruptly stopped,Seems to care about the safety of their captain。
Mo Xiaosheng nodded in satisfaction when he saw this.,Wave his hand,Dispel the fading smoke in front of you,I feel so lucky,I really didn’t expect to catch the captain of this group in the chaos!
Prove that the so-called capture the thief first capture the king,This gives myself a great advantage,Don’t bother to deal with these people。
Because Baili didn’t let Mo Xiaosheng approach the villa,So Mo Xiaosheng is a little far away from the yard,I didn’t hear the movement inside the first time,After he found the abnormality rushed in,I just heard Rose’s cry,Although it’s late,But fortunately there is still time,At least Baili and Rose didn’t lose their lives。
“Kill them for me,Kill them!”
But the captain Eguchi who was captured by Mo Xiaosheng was very bloody.,Endure the sharp pain in the arm and shoulder,Yelled to all of his men:“Warriors of the Empire can be killed!But can’t be insulted!Kill them,Kill them for me!”
Rose looks cold,Pull out the knife again,Hit Eguchi’s shoulder fiercely。
Eguchi trembled,Let out a sad cry again,But he bit his teeth in time,In the end only a muffled hum。
The sacred wood organizations across the road couldn’t help feeling anxious.,Shook the steel rod in the handshake,Glanced at each other,Hesitating to come forward,Although their captain said so,But if their captain dies like this,They can’t explain to the senior management in the organization,It is even possible that they will be put to death in the organization,Burial for Captain Eguchi!
So this involves their lives in danger,No one dared to step forward for a time!
One of them glanced at Baili who was seriously injured and fell to the ground not far from Rose,Brighten up,Suddenly came up with an idea,Moved closer to Baili in small steps,When only three or four meters away from a hundred miles away,He dashed forward,Grabbed to Baili on the ground。


First314chapter Rock is back!(One more)
《Song god》Column from the beginning,Just bet that Mr. Lu Xiaofeng would write songs for the Returning Band,Then the band will be popular。
So every time they arrange the Returning Band at the finale。
I don’t know how many people scolded this decision,But what follows is the continuous increase in ratings。
16Advance8Strong game,The Returning Band also played like this。
The audience was a little impatient,But I saw the four of them,There was an unprecedented round of applause。
The Returning Band is the whole《Song god》In the column,The most mysterious player team。
They choose with all the accompaniment because of themselves,So when rehearsing the song,There is no need for any outsiders to participate。
This is different from Mr. Zhao Changshou’s,Back then, all kinds of gossip were spreading out from time to time,Obviously leaked by insiders。
How did the returning band rehearse,What song was rehearsing,No one knows in advance。
This adds a mysterious atmosphere。
The program director of Yuzhou Satellite TV also made a decision,Let’s get this kind of mystery,Make them more mysterious the better,This will increase the audience’s expectations。

Vigorous,This is the so-called vigor!General people、The strength of strength that bears the family and the world!

Mo Xiaosheng looked at Jiao Yuan’s firm face,Involuntarily warm eyes,In awe。He never missed Jiao Yuan,there has never been!
“Xiaomo,Go,Don’t stress,I’ll block everything for you,Success or failure,I Jiao Yuan will always remember your kindness。”Jiao Yuan looked at Mo Xiaosheng,Not loud,But very calm。
Mo Xiaosheng nodded vigorously,Turn around and rush to the emergency room。
“I won’t let you in!”
Chen Yi is still blocking the door of the emergency room,Seeing Mo Xiaosheng is here,Immediately holding the door handle,To block it tightly。
“Snapped!”Mo Xiaosheng has no nonsense,Backhand is a slap,Chen Yi hasn’t reacted yet,The body has already flown out,Fell heavily to the ground,I almost broke my waist。
Pain flashes across her face,Immediately burst into tears,“Oh my god,Hit someone,Is there any king?!”
But everyone around just glanced at her lightly,No sympathy or pity,They are not fools,Also saw the clue,This woman is going to die and not let Mo Xiaosheng save her husband,Must be tricky。
After Mo Xiaosheng rushed into the emergency room,Hurriedly locked the door,Then walk quickly to Guo Yuansheng,Tried on his pulse,There is indeed no pulse。
He thought about it for a moment,Hands up,Sudden time is on the two palms on the left and right,Two circular forbidden arrays the size of a ruler emerged,Condensed from the breath of green wood。This formation is called Mu Yuan Sheng Breath Formation,There is tremendous vitality inside。As long as Guo Yuansheng is not dead,,With the help of these two wooden elements,Mo Xiaosheng is sure to save him。
Mu Yuan’s Breathing Array is a kind of magical therapy in the path of mysterious medicine,Not to mention the effect of reviving the dead,But it’s almost there。This battle is quite expensive,Rao is Mo Xiaosheng’s current cultivation base,It’s just barely displaying this Mu Yuan’s breath formation。
Wait for these two wooden elements to settle down,Emits a dazzling blue light,He slowly pressed it on Guo Yuansheng’s body。One on the wound of his neck,One place is in the heart。Its purpose is to help Guo Yuansheng repair his damaged body,At the same time help him recover his heartbeat。
After the two Mu Yuan’s breath formations fell into Guo Yuansheng’s body,Started treatment。Time passes by。Mo Xiaosheng stared closely at the changes in Guo Yuansheng’s body。
Five minutes have passed in an instant,suddenly,Bang,Guo Yuansheng’s heartbeat recovery,Although slow,But there is a heartbeat。
Mo Xiaosheng secretly breathed a sigh of relief,Finally saved。But for insurance,Mo Xiaosheng took the dragon and phoenix silver needle,The silver needles fall into Guo Yuansheng’s acupuncture points extremely accurately,There are already thirty-six in a flash。Mo Xiaosheng is not using any stitches,Just to assist that Mu Yuan’s breath formation,Quickly restore Guo Yuansheng’s major meridians。

What kind of trick Qin Liang is playing?!Zhuang Sheng smoking a cigar,Look at Qin Liang。

“what!Want to bluff me?It’s not that easy!Me and you!Licensing!”
The croupier starts to deal again!
This time Zhuang Sheng still got itA,CubeA!Which is the last oneA,Got it by him!But what Qin Liang got was a black pick3!
“Haha,I am sorry!ThreeAAll mine!300Ten thousand!”
Zhuang Sheng is holding a winning ticket,Left it300Ten thousand chips。
“Then i add300Ten thousand!”
Bet,Zhuang Sheng spit out his cigarette,Triumphantly holding a cigar,Looking at Qin Liang with a sneer!
“I have a hasty!ThreeAwhat!Your luck is so good!But i have spades nowA23!Still have a chance to get a straight flush!Still as big as you!Let’s continue!”
Qin Liang said with a faint smile。
“Qin Liang,Why are you still with him!He is threeAwhat!”
Shen Ruoxi sitting aside,A little worried!She whispered to Qin Liang。Straight flush is not so easy to take!
Shen Ruoxi never gambles,But when I watched those classic Hong Kong and Taiwan gamblers,She was curious,So I found some books on this subject on a whim,Read it carefully,So for these game rules in gambling,She still knows a lot。
Qin Liang was secretly surprised,Why Shen Ruoxi even understands this?But on this occasion,He naturally can’t discuss this issue with her。
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“Sister Chen,You are not old,You are still as young and beautiful as you are now at 80,Song Min sister is the same。”

Li Qiao’er immediately pleased and said。
“Qiaoer,You have learned all Xiaoxue’s skills now,And you can already use it skillfully, right??”
Chen Hao asked tangledly……
“No no,Compared with Xiaoxue,I’m still far behind,It’s more than a thousand miles away。”
Li Qiaoer“modest”Replied。
“Oh,is it?But how do I feel that the thickness of your skin is no longer under Xiaoxue??”
Chen Hao rolled his eyes and teased Li Qiaoer。
“Nowhere!Nothing,Sister Chen, you look at me too high,I am not as exaggerated as you said。”
Li Qiaoer’s hippie smiley answer,Among the five princesses of the Shen family,She would dare to be so unscrupulous and mischievous with Chen Hao,And the other four older sisters,She really dare not,Because of Chen Hao’s good temper and great tolerance,All the Shen sisters know about it,I’m joking with her even if I say something wrong,There will never be any danger,At least the person who accidentally provokes her small ass is safe……
“You are poor, you,You and your sister Ruoxi,To be so silly with your sister Shiyun,It’s strange to see them not clean up。”
Chen Hao said with a helpless smile,She forgot about Song Min next to her,Li Qiao’er dare to be so naughty with her,But it’s the same as Song Min。
The five princesses of the Shen family are on par in beauty and figure,But there is a big difference in temperament,In general,Chen Hao has the best temper,Followed by Murong Shan and Shen Ruoxi,And Yang Shiyun is a kind of majestic and inviolable,As for Song Min,She is a typical ice beauty!

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Say something else
Liu Xiaoyun said nonchalantly。
“OK then……”
Shen Ruoxue thought for a while,Reluctantly agreed,So both of them immediately changed their pajamas,Then I took a few beautiful pajamas photos of each other with my mobile phone,After careful inspection confirmed that there is no springtime leak,Sent these photos toQQGroup in……
Just like Liu Xiaoyun thought of the result beforehand,QQThe group was fried immediately!The news scrolled quickly。
After almost all people have expressed various compliments,Are all asking the same question:Who are you two?How can I get such a private photo?
The two began to evasive,All kinds of silly stuff……Anyway, all kinds of nonsense,I just don’t say who I am……
On the balcony on the second floor,Shen Ruoxi and Qin Liang are also chatting。
On the way home,Murong Kaukey was already crying sleepy,So once I get home,Murong Shan took her to bed,Du Shanshan with a baby in her belly,Went to bed naturally,After Yanzi and the others wash,Also went to the bedroom,So Qin Liang and his young couple had the opportunity to stay alone for a while。
“I’m thinking……Shouldn’t i learn kungfu too。”
Shen Ruoxi pretended to say。
“you?Why do you suddenly want to learn kung fu?”
Qin Liang asked in surprise。
“Because I found that my defensive head has been snatched by my two sisters now!”
Shen Ruoxi exaggerated,In fact, she never thought about it that way。

She squeezed a smile at dad:“it is good,I’ll listen to you,dad。”

She really couldn’t find any reason to reject her father。
Li Ziqiang nodded when his daughter agreed,Only then smiled:“You have great talent,Qingqing,I just don’t want this talent to be wasted。”
“Ok,I know,dad。Then i’m going up。”
Li Ziqiang nodded,Then watched my daughter step up the stairs,Step by step to the second floor。
“Good night dad。”She turned around and waved to Li Ziqiang。
“good night。”
Until I heard the sound of my daughter’s bedroom door closing,Li Ziqiang got up from the sofa in the living room,After turning off the light, I walked to my room。
As he closes the door,The light in the bedroom shrinks a little,Finally disappeared completely in the living room。
Li Ziqiang who returned to his room sat down at the desk,Let out a sigh。
Hu Lai’s performance in training,Make him realize,The way I want to make this kid get out of trouble doesn’t work。Now he not only gets the chance to play,There was even a wrong goal,Then he is even less likely to quit the team。
While at the same time,Hu Lai’s performance,It also made it impossible for Li Ziqiang to come up with any excuses to fire him。
Otherwise a forward who just scored in the qualifiers,But was fired by the head coach……How does he face the doubts of other players?When the time comes,How can this team bring?Is he looking for another job again??
Of course not。
Since I can’t move Hu Lai,Then he can only find a breakthrough from his daughter。
right now,He finally managed to get his daughter away from Hu Lai,At least when I go home and have dinner,He doesn’t have to think about how to face the question about Hu Lai raised by his daughter euphemistically……

2017 Snooker World Championship Ding Junhui VS Selby game full video recording playback


2017 Snooker World Championship Ding Junhui VS Selby game full video recording playback
2017斯诺克世界锦标赛半决赛——丁俊晖暂12-12塞尔比  北京时间4月29日早上,2017斯诺克世界锦标赛半决赛赛程过半,丁俊晖在与马克-塞尔比的比赛第三阶段He played well in the last two games, breaking through 100 in the last two innings, hitting his opponent a 5-3 in a single stage to tie the total score to 12-12.The final stage of the two sides will be held at 9:30 on the evening of the 29th.  The match between Ding Junhui and defending champion Selby entered the third stage in the evening of local time. The first two stages of the battle between the two sides reached 9-7, and Selby led the next two games in the second stage.The third stage started at two o’clock in the morning of Beijing time. In the opening stage of the seventeenth inning, Ding Junhui hid the cue ball over the yellow ball twice to form a snooker. Both were successfully resolved by Selby. The snooker Junhui made by SelbyThe red ball was also solved safely. After nearly 20 minutes of stalemate, Selby made a mistake first. The cue ball ran back to the top of the library and hit the red ball and stopped at the middle stage. Ding Junhui scored the middle bag and the red ball started but quicklyAn offensive error occurred, and later Selby started with a single shot to clear the table with 128 points, and the score expanded to 10-7.  In the eighteenth inning, Ding Junhui attempted a far-off attack and missed the goal. The ball hit the bag. Selby first got 6 points and then moved into the defense. After a long stalemate, Ding Junhui started a single shot and scored 95 points., The score came to 8-10.In the nineteenth innings, both sides made more mistakes. Ding Junhui played several times in the tug of war with 80-6 after the start, and the score was brought close to 9-10.After the kick-off in the 20th inning, Ding Junhui directly attacked and defended thinly into the red ball bottom bag, but after getting 4 points, he lost the difficult black ball and handed the open situation to his opponent. After Selby took overDing Junhui didn’t give up after scoring a single shot with 64 points. Ding Junhui didn’t give up and took two reds and two blacks to defend with the final red ball. However, after entanglement, Ding Junhui conceded his own mistakes and scored 11-9.  After the break between the two in the 21st inning, the two fell into a tug of war. Ding Junhui successfully avoided a long entanglement several times after getting started with 86-14 to close the score to 10-11.In the first half of the 22nd inning, both of them had started but failed to win. They tried to snooker many times but were successfully resolved by each other. Selby tried to attack the bottom of the side bank when 11-54.The red ball near the bag mouth missed and left the opportunity. Ding Junhui then scored the red ball and the pink ball, but then the red ball that lost the overpoint was given to the opponent on the mobile phone meeting. Selby got out of 10 points and was out of luck.Jia turned to the defense. After a few rounds, Selby scored a red ball near the bottom bank. He once again played a single shot 45 points to clear the table to achieve a single game reversal. The score was 12-10. Selby continued to maintain a two-game lead. Ding Junhui missed the equalizer.Great opportunity.  In the 23rd inning, Ding Junhui scored a red ball after the kick, and then put the cue ball to the coffee ball to make a snooker. Ding Junhui successfully solved the red ball safely. Selby pushed the cue ball back to the top library.But the position is not the best, you can directly hit a single red ball in the middle stage, Ding Junhui then decisively chose a long platform attack and scored the red ball bottom bag to get started, a 117-point break to win a hundred wins again approached the score,11-12 is only one game behind.  After the kick-off in the 24th inning, Ding Junhui’s far-off attacking red ball bottom bag slightly missed, Selby lost the red ball in the middle of the platform in a more comfortable hand position, and then the two missed a mid-range attack.Opportunity, after falling into the defensive war, Selby thin red ball accidentally hit the black ball into the bottom bag. Fortunately, there was no attacking opportunity. Ding Junhui then returned the ball with an offensive shot to break up the red ball pile and paste the cue ball.At the same time, there was a red ball at the bottom of the bottom pocket. Unexpectedly, Selby found a combination ball attacking opportunity under a very passive situation and succeeded in a long bench attack, but then lost the green ball and handed the good situation to the opponent.On the top, Ding Junhui scored a lipstick shot and scored a single shot with 128 points. The score was tied 12-12, and the third stage ended.  After the end of the third stage, the technical data statistics of the two sides, the total score Ding Junhui 1512-Selby 1129, the total number of goals Ding Junhui 412-Selby 333, the goal success rate Ding Junhui 90%-Selby 89%, long platformDing Junhui scored 54%-Selby 58%, Ding Junhui scored 88%-Selby 82%, and Ding Junhui scored 139-Selby 128.  The latest live broadcast of the game: 2017 Snooker World Championship Ding Junhui VS Selby video live broadcast address (stage 4) 2017 Snooker World Championship Ding Junhui scored 100 times to tie Selby 12-12 into the winning stage