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Don’t do hourly exercise if your child has a cold

Don’t do hourly exercise if your child has a cold

[Introduction]It is also a virus. In most people, it ‘s just a small cold. It ‘s fine for four to two weeks.

However, for someone, it has become a major event. The virus can invade the heart, cause myocardial necrosis, and even kill lives.

  Experts, children with cold must pay attention to rest, it is best not to insist on physical education, so as to avoid fatal exercise to aggravate the illness.

  The virus invaded the heart, and I was wary of chest tightness after a cold. Qin Lijun, deputy director of the Pediatric Cardiovascular Department of Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, introduced that when the virus invades the human body, in addition to a series of cold symptoms, it also invades the human blood.Called “viremia.”

Viruses in the invasive blood stimulate the human body, or directly damage the heart, or produce immune abnormalities to damage the heart, causing osmotic exudation and myocardial fibrosis, necrosis, and change, leading to different degrees of cardiac dysfunction.

  Therefore, a cold is likely to be a precursor to viral myocarditis. Viral myocarditis only showed general cold symptoms such as fever, headache, general soreness, sore throat, cough, etc. when chest onset, palpitations, chest pain and other discomforts appeared after 1-3 weeks.Later, if you go to the hospital for examination, you may find that the heart is enlarged, and the electrocardiogram may show arrhythmia, myocardial damage, increased blood sedimentation during blood tests, and increased aspartate aminotransferase activity.

  Qin Lijun suggested that anyone who has palpitations, chest pain, chest tightness, shortness of breath, tiredness, dizziness and other symptoms in the short term after a cold should be alert to the possibility of myocarditis, and should not be taken lightly, and should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

  Rest is the best treatment for viral myocarditis. How the virus invades the heart through blood or immune abnormalities is not well understood.

After infection with the virus, there are many causes of viral myocarditis, such as fever, strenuous exercise or overwork, insufficient sleep, and malnutrition.

Qin Lijun reminded parents that if the child has symptoms of cold or diarrhea, especially the spirit, bad complexion and fatigue, do not insist on letting the child go to school or kindergarten, especially not to physical education.

  In fact, the most important treatment for viral myocarditis is rest.

Animal experiments have shown that myocarditis is caused by virus infection in mice, and if it is driven to move non-stop, almost no one survives the death; and if given rest, most of them can continue to survive.

It can be seen that rest is important for the prognosis of viral myocarditis.

If there is not a good rest in the acute phase, some may be left with sequelae such as premature pulsation, and a few people may be prolonged to chronic cardiomyopathy.

  Of course, for children with myocarditis, once diagnosed and treated in time, most of them can be cured without affecting the health in front.

However, if the treatment is not timely or not completely treated, it will often recur and even develop into migrating myocarditis or cardiomyopathy. It will be very difficult to return to normal by then, which will affect the child’s growth and development.

I heard that games make your baby sharp

I heard that games make your baby sharp

If you think that your baby’s language learning starts from the moment he says “Mom”, then he is wrong!

In fact, the baby started the language development process from the first cry after birth.

  Most of the parents care about whether the baby “talks”, but ignore the communication skills that should be developed before the baby learns to speak.

When the baby is still in the mother’s belly, he can already hear some sounds, and his hearing develops well around 7 months after birth.

Therefore, after falling to the ground, the baby begins to learn the language by “obeying”.

  Judging from the language development process, the baby can understand and understand the vocabulary at least 3 more than the vocabulary he actually speaks?
5 times.

You can provide your baby with sufficient visual and auditory stimuli, such as continuously telling him what he sees and what he is doing, so that the baby can connect language with everyday things in his brain and reserve language.
  For 0?
A 3-year-old baby is more important than non-verbal communication skills such as crying, body movements, or eyes, gestures, etc. These are important indicators of language development ability.

  Therefore, you must first learn to observe your baby’s behavior and try to understand his facts, so as not to miss the opportunity to communicate with your baby, otherwise, your baby will become less and less expressive because you have not been inspired by you!

  The first level of mini-games to promote language development is good-in the development of auditory games, “listening” is an important foundation. Therefore, you can play a variety of auditory games to help your baby build auditory focus, find sound sources and understand lifeA variety of sounds, training the baby’s auditory ability for language development.


Newborn babies already have the ability to “listen”. They can recognize familiar sounds, especially mothers’ sounds, and it is easier to be quiet or happy.

You can place some music bells in front of the crib or play some soft music.

When the baby’s grasping ability gradually develops, you can also give him some small toys that can make sounds, let him play, learn to understand the sound.


Looking for sound baby 3?
At 4 months old, he began to train his response to sound sources.

The mother can often talk on both sides of the baby, let him learn to turn to the sound source, or take some bells and sounding toys as an aid, let the baby try to identify where the sound comes from.

When the baby finds the correct sound source, he can give the sounding toy to him as a reward.

  In addition, you can cover the sound source (bell, sounding toy) with a piece of cloth or cardboard, and let your baby find the sound source.

This game can help your baby to establish the “permanent concept of physical hearing”.

  Advanced Little Mouth, Move Everywhere-The development of oral action game language is not just the development of “vocabulary”. The more coordinated the lips, tongue, cheeks, vocal cords, and throat muscles, the more babies can “clear the teeth” in the future.

Through some small games of oral movements, let the baby experience the fun of vocalization and promote the flexibility of oral movements.


Playing with the mouth When the baby can “slap” his lips, he can start playing the “kiss” game with the baby, which can not only promote the baby’s ability to close his lips, but also increase the baby’s intimacy with the mother.

After the baby is one year old and learns to wrap his lips around the edge of the cup to drink water, he must start to practice water absorption or drink with a straw. This “suck” action can promote the strength of the cheek muscles and the strength of the lips.

Use your tongue to apply some cream or sugar around your baby ‘s lips, and let your baby try to move the tongue out of the mouth and move up, down, left, and right; or make a sound of “啰, 啰, 啰 ……” for the baby to learn, which can promote tongue flexibility.

Blowing When the baby is young, you can blow more gently on his cheek, let him feel the airflow.

When your baby is older, ask him to imitate your mouth and try to blow. If he does n’t know how to blow, he can use some small props, such as small windmills, feathers, or small pieces of paper to inspire him.


Chew baby for about 4?
Starting to receive complementary foods around 6 months, many babies begin to grow teeth at the age of 6 months, so chewing function is very important.

At this time, you can train your baby to eat foods that are easy to chew, such as bruces, bread, or other semi-solid, solid foods.

After the baby is more than one year old, he can cut the food into smaller pieces, let him practice the “bite” action, and train his tongue, teeth and oral movements to coordinate.

Coup: Good Shiatsu for Sleep Promotes Beauty Feeling

Coup: Good Shiatsu for Sleep Promotes Beauty Feeling

The “beauty sleep” time is from 10 pm to 2 am the next day. This is the best time for self-adjustment inside the body. Therefore, sleeping well and having a good sleep can cause great fatigue on the skin.

However, staying up late, insomnia, and dreamy wounds make our beauty sleep all the time, and our skin and complexion become worse.

In fact, as long as you find a good way, you can sleep well and wake up a beautiful face.

  Haoweixue was busy all day, but was physically and mentally exhausted but suffered from insomnia.

And insomnia is often caused by too much nerve excitement.

  Location: The Dovetail Point is located directly below the heart socket of the human body, slightly below the bottom ribs.

  Efficacy: Inhibiting this point can eliminate fatigue and anxiety, and bring you a peaceful sleep.

  Massage method: Step down on this acupoint with two thumbs and make a circular massage, 60 times on each side.

  Qimen acupuncture staying up late is the enemy of beauty.

From 23 o’clock to 1 a.m. the next day is the time of detoxification of the liver. If you can’t fall asleep or the quality of sleep is not good during this time, it will affect the detoxification of the liver, lead to excess liver fire, make the face become waxy yellow, and even acne.

Therefore, conditioning the liver is the key to making cosmetic sense work.

  Location: Located on the right side, with the nipple straight down, 6th intercostal space, 4 inches beside the front midline.

  Efficacy: Shugan Yangxue, relieve the symptoms of chest tightness and shock, and promote sleep.

  Massage method: step on the acupuncture points at both ends with thumbs of both hands, and perform circular massage, 60 times each.

  Juying point is a golden time for detoxification of large intestine at night. If the detox is not good, it will cause constipation, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal problems, which directly affect our body health, and many skin problems may also occur.

Make good use of the first-level “work habits”, while enjoying a wonderful sleep, to achieve a cosmetic effect.

  Location: Right in front of the body, six inches above the navel.

  Efficacy: Inhibit this point, relieve upset, promote gastrointestinal movement, be beneficial to detoxification of the large intestine, and solve various gastrointestinal problems.

  Massage method: Press this point with your thumb and make a circular massage 60 times.

  The dream of Guan Yuan acupoint seriously affects the quality of our sleep and prevents our bodies from getting enough rest. In the long run, it will lead to insufficient vitality, irregular organs, weak body, and poor color.

Only by sleeping peacefully and sweetly can qi and blood run smoothly and radiant.

  Location: Guanyuan acupoint at 3 fingers below the navel. Efficacy: Massage this acupoint can improve the symptoms of neurasthenia, insomnia, and deterioration caused by qi stagnation and blood stasis, nourish and repair various organs in the body, nourish blood and nourish qi, and benefit beauty.
  Massage method: Put your hands together into this acupoint, or you can do a circular massage around this acupoint for 60 consecutive times.

  In addition to massaging acupoints, the sleep-improving food supplement can improve sleep quality by developing good living habits and regular routines, and can also supplement some foods that help sleep.

  Banana: It is known as “sleeping fruit”.

In addition to smoothing serotonin and melatonin, it also contains magnesium that relaxes muscles.

  Chrysanthemum tea: The reason why it is classified as a suitable drink before bedtime is because it has a modest sedative effect and is a perfect natural placebo for nerves or the body that cannot relax.

  Warm milk: Milk contains some tryptophan (an amino acid that has a sedative effect) and calcium. Calcium helps the brain make full use of tryptophan.

And it brings the feeling of returning to childhood. For a baby, a warm bottle means “relax and everything is fine.”

How TCM Acupuncture Can Help You Condition

How TCM Acupuncture Can Help You Condition

Introduction: A function of conditioning complexion, rosy skin, and acupuncture beauty.

Acupuncture can remove wrinkles, lose weight, remove chloasma, remove acne, remove moles, and remove bags under the eyes. The effect is also very good.

See how TCM acupuncture helps you to tone up your complexion?

  There are many new methods of acupuncture and beauty, such as acupuncture, thread embedding, canning, and acupuncture points. These methods can be used for different purposes.

For example, when treating melasma, freckles, and pigmented nevus, it can be treated with acupuncture.

When wrinkles and thin faces are removed, the method of embedding and canning is used for transmission, and the method of canning can also be used for facial rejuvenation.

In the treatment of different expectations, the combined use of various methods will have better results.

  Different situations, different treatment methods Is it really that amazing?

How does it work?

In a nutshell, acupuncture and beauty is mainly to achieve the purpose of beauty by regulating the operation of qi and blood and regulating the functions of the internal organs.

Following the theory of Western medicine, it is to promote microcirculation, improve cell metabolism, promote the discharge of metabolic waste, and regulate endocrine.

  Acupuncture is currently used to treat chloasma and acne. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that acne is caused by heat in the lungs and stomach, and congestion in the liver meridians.The way.

Chloasma is due to stasis due to sensation, and Shuxue can not be formed. Therefore, the method of relieving liver and removing stasis should be taken during treatment.

Others, such as removing eye bags, freckle pigments, and wrinkles, must also adopt different acupuncture treatment methods according to different disease characteristics and individual differences of patients.

  Choosing acupuncture details is more important than choosing acupuncture beauty, some details should not be ignored.

First of all, the body position during acupuncture is very important for the effectiveness of the effect. If possible, patients should try to choose the lying position, because the lying position is more comfortable and durable, which can reduce the occurrence of acupuncture.

At the same time, patients should maintain a soothing attitude during acupuncture.

During acupuncture, also pay attention to whether the acupuncture equipment is strictly disinfected. If conditions permit, it is best to use disposable equipment.

  In addition, acupuncture is not suitable for everyone, and blindly performing acupuncture in patients with other diseases may affect their own health.

First of all, for people with allergies, some people who are overly sensitive after acupuncture or allergic to alcohol are generally not suitable for acupuncture.

As a result, patients with skin diseases or ulcers are also not suitable for acupuncture.

Again, pregnant women are injected with acupuncture.

Finally, patients with high blood pressure, hypertension, bleeding disorders (such as hemophilia, thrombocytopenia), and people with spontaneous bleeding are advised not to perform acupuncture and cosmetology to avoid danger to their lives.

Common misunderstandings of dragging behind the hammer neck

Common misunderstandings of dragging behind the hammer neck

The main exercises for the upper back muscle group, such as the lower trapezius muscle, the rhomboid muscle, the large and small round muscles and the erector spinae, are the best moves to separate the upper back muscle group, making the side more beautiful and stylish.

  Common mistakes: bow your head and bow back during exercise, exercise is not good, and it can cause cervical spine injury or strain.

The concept of movement is fuzzy or the weight is relatively light. When the force is applied, the crossbar will be lowered too low by inertia. The stressed part will be transferred to the arms and shoulders. The active muscles will be reduced in force.
This error is common among women.

  Correction: Sit upright, with your upper body straight, raise your head, and lean forward slightly.

It is not advisable to include thoracic arches and waists during the action.

If the concept of movement is vague, ask the instructor to correct it during practice; if the weight is light, increase the load appropriately.

  Action essentials: sit upright with both knees fixed, hold the horizontal bar with both hands, the grip distance is wider than the shoulder.

The upper back muscles forcefully contract. Drag the horizontal bar vertically to the 3rd and 4th cervical vertebrae, slightly higher than the shoulders.

Then use the gluteal muscle group to control the bar slowly and slowly.

  Action points: Use the resistance of the gluteal muscles to make the shoulders rise upwards, fully relax at the shoulder joints and scapula outreach to both sides.

When dragging, the horizontal bar should be pulled to the neck to slightly higher than the shoulders until the left and right shoulder blades move closer to the spine, so that the entire side is in the “peak contraction” position, stop a bit, and then restore.

Horizontal comparison of four baby soaps

Horizontal comparison of four baby soaps

First, foreword to the comments For the baby, because their skin is softer than adults, the cuticle is thinner, and the secretion of sebaceous glands is poor, so the ability of the skin to resist external invasions is naturally greatly reduced.

Coupled with the strong metabolism of little babies, the sweat-soaked skin can easily cause pore clogging and bacterial infection if the skin penetrated by sweat is not cleaned in time, and children in this cold and hot room are more likely to provoke coldSuffering from a cold.

You can see how important it is to keep your child’s skin clean.

  As one of the most common and widely used personal washing products, soap has its own advantages and disadvantages.

It is a product made from fatty acid sodium and other surfactants as the main raw materials, added with quality improvers and appearance improvers.

  The detergency of soap is determined by the fatty acids contained in the soap. A certain fatty acid makes the skin surface dirt into small particles and replaces water.

After the soap is dissolved, the sodium in the soap is alkaline. The alkaline soap aqueous solution is relatively dry on the skin surface. However, the alkaline alkalinity in the soap can soften the aged cuticle, so the alkalinity in the soap must be retained.However, when washing your face with soap, wash the soap on your skin thoroughly.

  However, we found that it is difficult to grind the good and bad quality of the soap from the appearance. When selecting, the price and actual experience are mainly used to distinguish the grades.

The flakes of high-grade soap are exquisite, tight, rich in foam, rich and pleasant, and make people feel refreshed after use.

Pay attention to the trademark on the package when purchasing, and the manufacturer and factory address marked in Chinese.

  Experts point out that there are many types of soap products on the market, but according to the composition of their raw materials, they can be divided into soap-based (type I), soap containing sodium fatty acid, additives and complex (type 0).

According to the use function of the product, it can be divided into baby-specific soap, emollient soap, medicinal soap, transparent soap and liquid soap.

  Today, our evaluation products are four baby soaps. They are: Baby Care Soft Soap, German NUK Baby Transparent Soap, Pigeon Baby Transparent Soap, Johnson & Johnson Baby Soap.

  Care for baby soft skin soap German parent-child baby transparent soap Johnson Johnson baby soap II. Appearance, smell and price In terms of the appearance of independent packaging, Pigeon and NUK are transparent pastes with unique shapes. Pigeons are round. NUK is especially humanThe shape of the cute little feet is especially in line with the shape of the human hand, suitable for pinch and not easy to slip off; the design of care and Johnson & Johnson is relatively ordinary.

  Below, let’s look at the specifications and prices of the four baby soaps together through the chart: In order to facilitate the comparison of netizens, we have specially produced a unit price analysis comparison chart shown below: From the figure, we can see that the most expensive unit is Pigeon,The cheaper is Johnson & Johnson.

Price, product and product effect are not necessarily related. Moms can choose according to their financial ability.

  The next thing to do is the odor comparison. We invited six enthusiastic volunteers. Their personal experience is as follows: very obvious, the scent is one of the highest pigeons, it has a light scent of candy, and the fragrance is fresh and pleasant.

  Third, easy solubility, foam fineness, cleansing ability comparison 1, easy to use soap, I believe everyone will experience the soap can not be dissolved, good quality soap, after contact with the skin dissolves and distributes on the skin surface, thus cleaning and protectingThe effect of the skin, if the soap is poorly soluble, multiple replacements will cause waste, and more serious is that there is no sufficient amount to clean and protect.

  Evaluation method: 1. Take 2 g of each paste; 2. Put it in a petri dish and add 20 ml of distilled water to completely soak the paste in distilled water.

  3. In an environment with a temperature of 24 degrees Celsius and a humidity of 40%, wait 30 minutes to observe the degree of dissolution of the soap.

  According to the picture above, and the volunteers ‘personal experience, in terms of solubility, once strong to weak it is Pigeon, NUK, Johnson & Johnson, and care.

  2. Fineness of foam Foam is an important medium to absorb metabolic waste, dust and other dirty things in the skin during the cleaning process.

  As the first step in skin care, people often mistakenly think that the more foam, the cleanliness of the skin will come. In fact, otherwise, what really cleanses the skin is the surfactant in the foam.

The foam of high-quality soap should be delicate, that is, the foam is small and dense, and it should be moisturized when applied on the face.

Although a lot of inferior soaps are rich in foam, they are mostly rough and easy to rupture. This shows that the soap-based ingredients in the product are used instead of high-quality surfactants. If the alkaline is too strong, the cleanliness and moisturizing effect will be greatly reduced.

  Below, let’s take a look at the foam amount and foam fineness of these four baby soaps, and perform a horizontal evaluation method: 1. Squeeze the same amount of soap on the moist cleansing cotton.

  2. Rub the cleansing cotton back and forth with medium intensity for 30 seconds.

  3. Observe whether the product is easy to dissolve in water, release the foam components and its fineness.

  We know that the regular use of soap will wash away the natural oils from the skin and make the skin dry.

Your baby’s skin is delicate, so you need to pay special attention to the choice of soap.

Keep both cleaning and moisturizing in mind.

  Cleaning ability evaluation method: Use a blue ballpoint pen to draw a straight line of about two centimeters in length on the skin of the back of the hand with a uniform strength to ensure that the results of 10 scratches are the same. Then use an equal amount of cleansing milk to clean the scratches separately.Knead for 20 seconds, the cleanest scratch is, the stronger the cleaning power is, the score is continuous, and vice versa.

  This round recruited 5 trials and experienced the clear effects of the four baby soaps in a serious and responsible manner. The scores are as follows (out of 10 points): 4. pH and moisturizing performance. Evaluation summary 1. The pH soap must be kept constant.Alkaline ability and the effect of hydrolyzing the skin oil, dirt; the skin itself has a neutralizing effect, the alkaline soap will not cause damage; think the quality of the soap mainly depends on the content of fatty acid sodium salt in the soap, which is effectiveThe content of ingredients.

  ”Statistics from China Laundry Industry Association show that domestic residents consume approximately 18 soaps every year.

It is undeniable that soap has played an important role in our cleansing of the skin, and the increasingly humanized design has also made the soap into more and more detailed functions, such as sterilization, skin care, etc.

Well, recently we also saw such a message in a TV commercial saying, “The pH value of good soap must be neutral to not irritate the skin.”

“But without careful observation of consumers, it will be found that the pH value is not found on the outer packaging of the soap, so why are there many publicity about the pH value of soap?

Is the pH value the criterion for good soap?   Experts from China Washing Products Industry Association pointed out that the pH value is actually used to replace the acidity or alkalinity of a substance. Generally speaking, a pH value less than 7 represents acidity; a pH value greater than 8 represents alkalinityInitially, between 7 and 8 is a kind of neutral.

Since soap is used to wash and clean acidic substances such as grease, dirt and so on the surface of the skin, in order to achieve this purpose, the soap must maintain a certain alkalinity during the production process.

However, the neutral pH value of soap in some advertisements is that good soap is not scientific enough. It is believed that the quality of soap mainly depends on the content of fatty acid sodium salt in the soap, that is, the content of active ingredients in the soap. Therefore, as long as it isQualified soaps sold in the market meet the requirements for safe use by the human body.

  So one side is alkaline soap, and the other side is alkaline and acidic skin. In order to defend the smooth skin, we reasonably hope that the cleaning products can cause the least damage to the skin.Is it worth it?

  Experts point out that human skin is acidic under normal conditions, but in different parts, different ages, and different seasons, different people have different PH values.

Therefore, when we choose soap, it is not necessary, and it is impossible to choose this soap that completely matches the skin pH value.

The soap itself is a detergent, which can be washed away soon after contacting the skin, and the skin itself has some ability to regulate acid and alkali, and it can also neutralize acid and alkali quickly.

The pH of human skin is 5.

5 to 7.

It ranges from 0. After using cleansing products, part of the oil on the skin surface is taken away, and a short-term discomfort will occur. This is a normal phenomenon, especially with people, hands, feet and joints, because the skin in these areas is obvious.The pH is slightly higher, but the skin pH of the head, chest, and back is slightly lower, so the discomfort will not be obvious.

Experts also tell us that whether it is moisturizing skin care or bactericidal and antibacterial, the newly developed function of soap just adds relevant scores to the product, and the PH value has not changed.

  Scoring method: 1) Take 2g of each paste, add distilled water 2) Stir the distilled water and toothpaste thoroughly to make a toothpaste solution.

  3) Use precision test paper (5.


0) Add it to the toothpaste solution and measure its pH.

  2. The soap with good moisturizing ability test is composed of vegetable oils and high moisturizing ingredients that are very similar to the skin composition; the balanced formula does not take away the sebum of infants and infants while cleaning the skin, and can keep the skin moisturized and effectively moisturize the babyYoung children’s delicate skin and maintain good health; has affinity with delicate skin.

  Evaluation method: 1) Measure the initial moisture data on the back of the hand; 2) Wash with baby soap separately; 3) After 10 minutes, measure again with a skin moisture meter, and judge its moisturizing ability by comparing the data.

  The above data is the second moisture data obtained after washing the skin with soap. The initial skin moisture test data is 29.


It can be seen that according to the strength of the moisturizing performance, the order is: Johnson & Johnson, nuk, pigeon, and care.

  4. Evaluation Summary Nowadays, most families have only one baby, which is extremely expensive. In terms of choosing baby supplies, parents are very careful and willing to take it, but in fact, the most important thing is not how much money is spent for the baby.Or even really choose a product that’s right for your baby.

  The horizontal comparison evaluation of the four baby soaps is over. Through comprehensive evaluation from appearance, odor, cost performance, solubility, foam condition, cleaning ability, moisturizing performance, pH value and other aspects, the star soap is finally: Pigeon BabiesTransparent soap.

  Reasons for the award: Among all products, Pigeon Baby Transparent Soap has a warm and cute heart design, and the transparent soap body is deeply loved by mothers. Moreover, this product has a number of tests such as foam, cleaning ability, ph test, moisturizing balance ability, etc.Zhongdu ranks high, is almost deeply cleansed, and maintains and moisturizes the skin, becoming the winner of a comprehensive paradigm.

Beware of washing face mistakes and make you lose face!

Beware of washing face mistakes and make you lose face!

Wash your face every day, but are you doing it right?

Do you also wash your face with a wet towel, hot towel, soap, or just use a face dish?

These are the most common myths about washing your face, it will make you more dirty and even lose face.

  1. Use soap-over-cleaning the skin is called life-saving. The facial skin has a large amount of sebaceous glands and sweat glands, and a natural “advanced cosmetic cream” is synthesized every moment, forming an invisible protective film on the skin.

It is slightly acidic and has powerful antiseptic skin care.

The alkaline soap not only destroys its protective effect, but also stimulates the sebaceous glands to “produce oil”.

  Therefore, the more you “degrease” with soap, the more oil your sebaceous glands produce, and eventually it will be difficult to clean up.

It can be seen that if the skin is not too dirty, it should not be washed with soap.

  Tip: Be sure to avoid using inferior cleansing products, especially avoid cleansing products with high alkali content.

Although these cleansing products have strong detergency, they will feel refreshed and clean when used, but long-term use will cause damage to the skin and even cause skin diseases.

Deep cleansing, smooth and fresh skin, but also most likely to cause damage to skin tissue.

Therefore, be very careful with deep cleaning.

  2. Use a wet towel-a towel that contaminates clean skin and is not wet for a long time is conducive to the growth of various microorganisms. Washing your face with a wet towel is like absorbing various bacteria to the jacket.

Towels should always be kept clean and dry. After washing your face with hands, dry with a dry towel. It is fast and hygienic.

  Tip: If you wash your face with a hard towel, you can actually rub the skin with a kitchen cloth, leaving small scratches that are invisible to the naked eye, making the skin rough, accumulating bacteria, and even causing inflammation.

Therefore, choose a very soft face towel, and gently wipe the skin like a touch without having to wipe it too dry, leaving the skin with a layer of wet water.

  Pay attention to the development of scientific and good face washing habits for a long time, often keep the skin’s deep pores clean, eliminate urban dust pollution, remove oily excreta on the skin and peeled off leather from the skin, eliminate the “foreign body sensation” of the pores, and help skin care products double absorption.Reduces skin problems such as acne and acne.

It can effectively improve the vitality of facial skin cells, gradually help to condense large pores, make the skin more delicate and shiny, delicate and charming!

  3. Use hot water-the skin is too dry and the heat can completely remove the skin’s protective film, so after washing your face with hot water and soap, human skin will feel very tight and uncomfortable.

  TIPS: warm water is the most suitable cleansing water. Hot water or cold water should not be used during cleansing. After cleaning, cold water can be used to relax and stimulate the skin and promote blood circulation.

Some books mention that cold water has the effect of shrinking pores, which is unscientific. Experts from Lena, director of Leila Skin Care Center, Missouri, believe that pores are not as easy to open and close as you think.

  4, use the washbasin-dirty water to wash the face the more and more dirty and not to mention whether the washbasin is clean, just to say that the face wash water, after the hand-face interaction, getting more and more muddy, and finally ended with uncleanness.

  Much worse than manually washing your face with running water.

  Tip: Wash your face = 2 times to pollute your face.

Repeated use of the non-flowing water in the washbasin may cause the dirt that has just been washed away to return to the wooden board again, so use flowing water.

Food first aid in the kitchen

Food “first aid” in the kitchen

In case of accidental injury or discomfort, it is very important to deal with it in time.
According to the United States “Fox News Network” reported that the kitchen is a first aid kit, which has the first aid kit at hand.
  Onion: for local burns.
  Immediately after a burn, rinse the wound under cold water for about 10 minutes, then take an onion, cut it and apply it to the affected area to help reduce pain.
In addition, onions can deal with bee stings.
  Green tea: Eliminate puffiness of the eyes.
  From prolonging life to protecting the heart, the health benefits of green tea are huge.
But little is known that green tea has the effect of reducing swelling and constricting blood vessels, and can relieve eye puffiness.
Green tea can be soaked with boiled water, and the tea can be wrapped with gauze and applied to the eyes after cooling, or a cotton pad can be dipped in tea and applied to the eyes.
If you put the tea in the refrigerator for 15 minutes, the effect will be better.
  Honey: Relieves hangover symptoms.
  Honey can help the body metabolize alcohol faster.
After drinking alcohol, the body is prone to potassium deficiency. Drinking honey water properly can supplement potassium, which can relieve symptoms of hangover such as fatigue, headache, thirst and stomach upset.
  Common salt: for sore throat.
  Sore throat is prone to fall or cold.
Rinse mouth with light saline can relieve sore throat.
If you add pepper, the effect is better.
The reason is that both pepper and table salt can be sterilized and disinfected, and pepper also has a certain anesthetic effect, which has a good relief effect on sore throat caused by colds.

Banlangen should not be taken by patients with cold and cold

Banlangen should not be taken by patients with cold and cold

As a commonly used heat-clearing and detoxifying agent, Banlangen is not the only panacea for colds. It is only suitable for the treatment of heat-related diseases such as wind-heat cold and influenza, while wind-cold cold and physically weak cold should not be used.

  The hospital’s traditional Chinese medicine pharmacy Xu Baohai reminded that Banlangen is not effective for upper respiratory tract infections caused by Mycoplasma, Chlamydia pneumoniae and Legionella.

Even the same wind-heat cold, different patients also have individual differences such as dampness, internal heat, etc. Banlangen is more suitable for patients with wind-heat colds than the wind-heat cold that is embedded in the body.

  For the rheumatic cold that it is suitable for, patients should also pay attention to the identification: the symptoms of rheumatic cold are severe fever, fear of coldness, mild sweating, not much sweating, sore head, limb pain, sore throat, and dry mouth, Red tongue, yellow tongue coating.

Symptoms of influenza are similar, but the onset is rapid, the condition is severe, the fever is high, the chills, and the limbs are tired and tired.

As a preventive medication, you should also pay attention to the dosage and time. Do not take it in large quantities and for a long time. It is advisable to take it for 3 days.

Patients with allergies and spleen and stomach deficiency should be used with caution.

Dietary recipes for both constipation and weight loss


Dietary recipes for both constipation and weight loss

Constipation is now common, especially among Japanese women.

Although there are drug advertisements for women with constipation posted everywhere outside pharmacies or restaurants.

But everyone knows that “it’s a three-drug poison,” which will inevitably make people doubtful.

The following is a set of recipes for constipation for women dedicated to this phenomenon, which is said to be summarized based on personal experience, so it has been welcomed by many people.

At the same time, it can cure constipation, and it is said that it has wonderful effects on weight loss.

  This set of recipes mainly includes the following foods: 1. Laver sesame rice, cut 100 grams of roasted laver into filaments, and then roll 120 grams of black sesame and 120 grams of white sesame with a rolling pin.

Stir these 3 ingredients together and store in a bottle. Stir one or two scoops with rice for each meal.

Mr. Fukuzawa explained that seaweed is rich in carotene, calcium, potassium, iron and other nutrients, which can promote gastrointestinal movement; sesame is rich in amino acids, dietary fiber and minerals, which can promote bowel movements.

  Tips: 460 mg of magnesium per 100 grams of laver can be said to be “a treasure house of magnesium”.

Studies show that eating laver every day prevents cardiovascular disease.

  2. The method of mixing vinegar with cabbage is to add 500 grams of cabbage to some salt and simmer it in boiling water.

Let the cooked vegetables cool, squeeze out the water, cut into pieces, and mix a cup of vinegar, 1/2 cup of broth, two spoons of wine, 1/2 spoon of salt, and boil to make a soup.

After the soup becomes cold, pour it into a sealed bottle with cabbage and store it for one day.

Cabbage is rich in multi-vitamins and fiber supplements to enhance gastrointestinal motility.

  3. Pickle lotus root with vinegar, add lotus root, add appropriate amount of sugar, salt, vinegar and sesame oil according to personal taste and mix well.

Store the mixed lotus root in a sealed bottle, and take out some side dishes every day.

Mr. Fukuzawa said that lotus root can clear off the internal organs, prevent the stool from compacting, stimulate the intestinal wall, and prevent constipation.

  4. Cut the 300g kelp into shredded oil, and cook it with boiling water. After 100g of soy beans are cooked with water, let the kelp and soy beans cool, control the moisture, and then add salt, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, and shallots.Just fine.

Kelp is rich in dietary fiber, which can promote resonance peristalsis and increase defecation. Unsaturated fatty acids in soybeans can promote defecation, while rich dietary fiber can absorb intestinal moisture and increase defecation.

  Japanese women are prone to constipation: 1. Patience means that Japanese women pay too much attention to their elegance and have high requirements for hygiene. Few people urinate in toilets outside the home, which leads to constipation.

  2. Partial eclipse Japanese women lose weight and absorb less food, so that there are too few food residues in the body, which makes it difficult to have a will.

  3, female hormone female hormone progesterone inhibits large bowel activity caused by constipation.