Drinking with leaders

Drinking with leaders

Drinking with leaders

Tip 1 Although the wine table is “deep in emotion, suffocating; shallow, licking”, you must not hang this sentence on your mouth while drinking.

  Tip 2 Keep your eyes on your back, keep your hair down, and don’t make it big as soon as you get to the wine table.

  Tip 3 Leaders drink each other before it’s their respect.

  Tip 4 You can respect more than one person, and never respect more than one person, unless you are the leader.

  Tip 5: Respect others by yourself. If you do n’t touch the glass, how much you drink depends on the situation. Some of the other party’s alcohol consumption and attitude of the other party must not drink less than the other party. You must know that you are respectful.

  Tip 6: Respect others by yourself. If you clink a glass, I’ll finish it. You are free, Fang Xian generous.

Link: Burnout Elimination Mystery Career Planning Six-Step Tips 7 Your humble position, remember to add more wine to the leader, don’t blindly replace the wine for the leader, you have to replace it, and you must also find someone to lead,Pretend to be drinking because you want to drink, not to replace the leader.

A leader is overwhelming, and he can stop those who are ready to respect leader A by knocking sideways.

  Tip 8 Lift the glass (beer glass), the front glass with your right hand, and the bottom of your glass with your left hand. Remember that your glass is always lower than others.

If you are a leader and know something interesting, don’t put it too low, otherwise how do you call the person below?

  Tip 9 If there are no special characters present, it is best to touch the wine in a clockwise order, and not to be too thin.

  Tip 10: Toast, toast, talk.

  Tip 11 If you do n’t talk about business on the desktop, drink well, and the business is almost the same. Everyone knows in your heart, otherwise people will not open up to drink with you.

  Tip 12 Don’t pretend to be crooked, say the wrong thing, do the wrong thing, don’t argue, consciously punishing alcohol is the last word.

  Tip 13: If it ‘s pure, if you encounter insufficient wine, put the wine bottle in the middle of the table so that you can add it yourself. Do n’t be foolish and go to a pourer. What happens if the person next to you does not have wine?

  Tip 14 There must be a stuffy glass at the end, so don’t leave your glass empty.

Can’t run?
Tip 15 Don’t be guilty after drinking alcohol, don’t talk loudly, don’t get spit, don’t spit, fly chopsticks, don’t point fingers, drink soup snoring, don’t fart and burp, can’t hold the toilet, no one stops you.

  Tip 16 Don’t put “I can’t drink” on your mouth (if you drink), lest others call you hypocrisy, whether you believe it or not, people can really drink it.

Link: What can’t be said during the interview. Manager’s indispensable charm trick. 17 The leader drinks with you to give you a face, no matter how much the leader wants you to drink, do it yourself, remember, hands, cups should be low.

  Tip 18 Peanut Rice is a good thing for drinkers.

Keep a sober mind, and ask for warmth after drinking. A cup of yogurt, a cup of hot water, and a hot towel can easily cause you to care.