[Children drink milk powder until how old is good]_ 小儿 _How long

[Children drink milk powder until how old is good]_ 小儿 _How long

[Children drink milk powder until how old is good]_ 小儿 _How long

When the baby is small, parents must pay attention to the baby’s nutritional intake, because the baby is in a critical period of growth and development, if the nutritional absorption is not enough, it will have a great impact on the baby’s health.

And many parents will choose to use milk powder to supplement the nutrition in the baby’s body, because milk powder is a good dairy product, designed for babies.

So how old should normal children drink milk powder?

1. It is good for children to drink milk to drink. In fact, most of the baby drink milk to drink is not suitable for a hard standard.

If the family conditions allow, let your child drink 5 or 6 years old.

Most families will choose to let their baby drink milk until they are about 3 years old.

Because the baby after 3 years old can eat normally.

Of course, during this period, it is best not to let your baby drink milk powder. You can add some nutritious and easily absorbed foods such as vegetable juice, puree, porridge, and eggs.

In fact, after weaning, you can let your baby drink some formula milk, but you should gradually add complementary foods until you can replace the milk powder.

Under normal circumstances, the protein, trace amounts, calcium, phosphorus, phosphorus, impurities, etc. in milk powder are very important for your baby’s growth and development.

Therefore, many people in life, especially some old ideas, think that the baby only needs a normal diet after weaning, but this is not the case.

One is because the baby’s stomach and chewing function will develop completely. Secondly, the milk powder also contains some nutrients that are not contained in other foods. Therefore, it is recommended that the baby drink milk powder at least 3 years old after weaning.

Of course, if the family conditions are acceptable, you can drink longer according to your baby’s needs.

2. Can fresh milk be used instead of milk powder? In principle, fresh milk cannot be used instead of milk powder. In fact, experts believe that babies under 2 years old should not drink fresh milk.

Because the kidney system and gastrointestinal function of the child are not yet developed at this time, if you drink fresh milk directly, it will cause some serious damage to the baby’s body.

For example, some ingredients in fresh milk are not easily absorbed. Under normal circumstances, the amount of phosphorus in fresh milk is too high and the calcium content increases. However, infants and young children have a great demand for calcium, so they cannot meet the daily needs of babies.need.