Change is eternal

I finally woke up. I shouldn’t believe that pure love is eternal, and change is eternal..   Once the pain, it is a kind of deep – rooted, tore heart crack lung-like pain, stirring and cutting my injured heart.   Once upon a time, I was troubled by the so-called eternal concept of good infatuation, and my infatuation can love a person I shouldn’t love without complaint or regret..   I should have woken up, but I have been immersed in smog, confusion, ignorance and emptiness, unable to extricate myself and deeply trapped.. I am like a wounded deer, I don’t know if I have lost my way. My love is pure and clear. This love is like clear spring and morning dew, like clear river water and mountain stream..   I missed the embrace of true love in my life. I was confused by the concept of true love. However, my heart is full of longing and dreams for love. I felt completely new about true love, and the incomparable creative feeling made me immersed in the drunkenness I brewed. The fake love existing under the system is not the true love of human life, it is a kind of distorted love, stupid love, even a kind of confused love of jungle law.. However, in real society, this kind of love is spread all over plains and hills, plateau valleys, urban villages, factories and mines, streets and alleys, unit organizations and other occasions.. The jungle law of status, money, rank, and interest is like a spider’s web in people’s cerebral cortex.. Their subjective consciousness and thinking are occupied, caught and restrained, and they do not have the slightest free world’s vivid thinking initiative.. They are besieged, troubled, coerced and henpecked by these fly-like autocratic views of love.. They have no freedom, no courage, no confidence or even no anger like a living dead man.   I sat on the clean and smooth subway seat and looked at the red men and green women who came and went in a hurry.. All of them are brought by youth, which seems to be featured as a beautiful scenery line in the carriage. Youth is capital, and people always have their youth. Young people living in this age are like wind, fog and rain.. Whether or not they can struggle out of this twisted vortex of love and get real happy love is hard to jump to conclusions..   People living in the world actually walk in constant vividness as long as they are not distorted. Even if the material life is not rich, it is also happy, as long as two people really love each other.   Yesterday evening, the sky was decorated with colorful sunset glow, and the western sky was radiant with a glow, which was the dedication of the natural universe.. All this shows that tomorrow will be another sunny day. I looked at the Western Heaven as if I had a fascination with nature. The charming splendor hanging on the awning is like a demonstration by a young girl in her spring, which makes her debut and blurs me for a while.. My thoughts rose to time tunnel with the unlimited extension of nature’s beauty.. In the twinkling of an eye, the moon flickered, half covered and half covered, covering shame and shame, and quietly climbed up the treetops. The moonlight, the fluorescence, like shy, like a mirror; Sometimes cloudy, sometimes full moon; Sometimes beautiful, sometimes beautiful; Sometimes tactfully, sometimes quiet; Sometimes like crying, sometimes like smiling; Sometimes it seems to be telling a story, sometimes it seems to be listening to a story. That is the changing moon, moonlight, change is eternal.   People who write like thinking about problems and touching with words, so they will be mistaken for mental illness or mental illness.. I was alone in the big bed of the room, staring at the ceiling with my eyes wide open.. I am still thinking about the vivid changes of eternal words. This sentence should be the true meaning of the world. All plants, animals and creatures in the world live forever, and the changes in life are eternal. It, she and they live from life to life, from life to death, and the changes are eternal. Industry is changing forever, and virtual is also changing forever. Friendship, affection and love are changing forever. The moon has a cloudy moon, stars have jinx falling into space, and the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Change is eternal. I am awake from the fog. I have a new understanding and understanding of the concept of eternity. I am no longer carried away by eternal feelings like vows of eternal love. My mind has self-control and quick changes..   I walked in the Yuan Ye with red flowers and green grass, white flowers and green leaves, pink flowers and red leaves. It was a world of flowers and a sea of colors. I was intoxicated with spring colors, immersed in ripples and obsessed with splendor..   The prairie is flat and broad, with Ma Benteng, majestic and capricious. Big snow mountain silver flashing, white and innocent, the four seasons change, the mountains become beautiful; The big forest is dark and silent, the sun penetrates, the rare animals spread their wings and leap. The ocean is deep, blue, boundless, broad – minded, and forever changing.   Once the love went away forever, I saw my own eternity, eternal upward, tireless upward from disappointment, that is the best eternity. I have self – esteem, self – love, self-reliance and self – improvement. I don’t rely on any man. I have an eternity of excellent changes. I am proud of it.. I hate women who are ignorant, chicken – bellied, selfish and narrow – minded. They will always suppress men’s wives.   I walked out of the void, I was freed from illusion, I stood up from absurdity, I woke up from change, I reflected from the boundless, I rose up from eternity. Before the eternal let me know again, change is eternal. The new understanding that this system has brought to me has made me more aware of the substantive things. There is no eternity in this society, and change is eternal, including all people and things.. But a kind person will not change a kind heart, even if the change is eternal. I still wish those who are far away a happy and happy life. That is the changing eternity. I am happy and happy in the changing eternity. This is the only thing I can do for the person I think about..   I also said: My love is always beautiful, and this beautiful change is eternal.