What is Endometriosis?How to diagnose endometriosis?

What is Endometriosis Endometriosis it is one of the more common gynecological disease, and a higher prevalence in recent years。Endometriosis is due to the patient via tubal ectopic endometrial invasion into the pelvic cavity and ovary grows caused great harm to women's health, so if not promptly treated, can lead to many serious consequences。Together understanding the following detailed endometriosis。
What is arranged within endometriosis uterine tissue layer called the endometrium。Endometrial tissue is typically grown in the uterus, but sometimes grow outside the womb – usually in the reproductive organs (ovaries, fallopian tubes), or bowel, bladder or rectum, This is called endometriosis。
During menses, vaginal discharges through endometrial tissue, but the blood of the endometrial tissue outside the uterine generated nowhere to go, which eventually lead to tissue cysts, lesions, and scar tissue at monthly bleeding, so that the area around the user becomes thick。
Some women with endometriosis hardly any discomfort, but some women in the menstrual cycle before and / or menstrual cycles will experience a lot of pain。
Symptoms of endometriosis usually subside after menopause。How do doctors diagnose endometriosis and pelvic exam may be a history of symptoms determined, check the cyst through discussion, pelvic tenderness or abnormal thickening。
Pelvic ultrasound can also be used to assess。
But it requires a small orifice daytime operation, known as laparoscopic surgery, to diagnose endometriosis。Laparoscopic surgery can be performed at any time of the menstrual cycle。
Tubules (laparoscope) inserted near the navel incision under general anesthesia, the surgeon will with a light, then filled with carbon dioxide abdominal organs make it easier to see and check the size of the endometrial tissue, and the location quantity。Sometimes you need a piece of tissue (biopsy) to diagnose。
Doctors can usually be treated at the same time of diagnosis, unless found that moderate or severe disease。
Because endometrial relevance of infertility treatment in case of need to be confirmed, it is necessary to confirm the disease laparoscopy。Endometriosis can cause fertility problems it may cause endometriosis, tubal blockage, and may damage the ovaries。It is estimated that 3% of infertile couples the cause is because women suffering from endometriosis, tubal factor and is one of the problems about 17% of infertility。
However, there is evidence that even severe endometriosis, it is still possible to conceive naturally – depending on how the disease is affecting the reproductive organs。
If you know they are suffering from endometriosis, and the emergence of symptoms, they should seek help as soon as possible, do not wait more than six months。