Development of new energy future, fierce competition Timeshare Rentals!

Compared to traditional long car mode, where the biggest advantage Timeshare Rentals Timeshare Rentals on the platform?The biggest difference between them lies in the utilization efficiency of assets。 Short-rent the unit price is definitely higher than the long-term lease, but it's life cycle, high frequency。
With such a high frequency, low-consumption and low-single, higher consumption compared to a single, high frequency service that is user stickiness Timeshare Rentals platform to better。
For long-term lease of such low frequency business, the market for a long time down its costs, brand awareness is weak, and it would take a great effort to maintain customer。 In the rental market, Timeshare Rentals is not the first innovative model, there have already been over P2P mode, P2P Why did not the field of giant ran out?P2P car rental transaction is the lowest cost model, macroscopic view it would be a long-term direction。 But at this stage of China's car rental market is not mature conditions for the short term, P2P car rental usher in the outbreak still have some difficulty。
First, the user habits do not develop。 P2P and B2C different, it does not have a standardized criteria, a lot of problems arising in the course of the transaction still requires an intermediary to resolve, including the recognition of the condition, the problem of the dangerous condition of the car, travel tickets, etc. generated in the process。
Compared with the traditional car industry, it's not enough standardization process。
Lead to user acceptance is not high, most people are not familiar with this concept。
Second, P2P car rental vehicle can not be unified management。
Although it has some convenience, but because just a job matching car ownership or user, the platform can only do do things in the management of small cars。 In contrast, the more advantages timeshare rental model?Why can harvest a large number of users in a short time?For the Chinese market, Short Term more fit the needs of Chinese market。
China and the US, the US market is the road, the car is traveling necessities。
But China is more of a big city, around the ring shape distribution。
The car will not take very long, mostly short trips。 Second, users share the economic model for higher Timeshare Rentals of acceptance, but is a long-term lease of the market we are not too high level of education。 Because users are not familiar with the car, but most of them used this economic model Uber share drops。 Whether traditional car rental, P2P car rental, timeshare rental, car rental models for these three markets overlap?These three markets still somewhat different。
Traditional daily rental car basically, for people mostly business users, business people-oriented, have a relatively long car needs; and P2P car rental platform in fact, plays a role in the configuration of a resource, this market is fuzzy, no clear user portrait。 Timeshare Rentals multi mainly young people, are relatively likes to try new things, and now for another wave can not afford to buy a car but you want to have a car when people travel。
In fact young users on the net about car usage is also high, Timeshare Rentals Timeshare Rentals on the concept of economic platform is actually a kind of sharing, and more likely compared to net about cars, which model the future?Timeshare Rentals sharing similar economic concepts and Uber and other networks about the car, but the Timeshare Rentals platform user initiative will be stronger, driver turnover problem does not exist, there was no issue price not raising their prices, you see it drove off the handlebars on the line。
In addition Timeshare Rentals For users, higher travel convenience, can be more autonomous planning travel routes and times。
For example say you go to three different places, do not call three cars that he drove a car just fine。
This model attuned to the moment a lot of young people do not want to buy a car, but there are car needs, it has a relatively stable customer base。 Then we use new energy What's it?: 4G Car Customization (PCBA) 4G + WIFI + GPS + collection Compass vehicle information (listening): 1 battery (BMS) acquisition (listening) (1) real-time monitoring status BMS determines BMS system is failed (2) real-time monitoring of the battery voltage / current / insulation resistance / temperature / the SOC of the battery pack and other parameters (3) real-time monitoring of the charging post, flow state of charge car, and a position parameter (4) real-time monitoring the state of battery charge and discharge state of the vehicle 2, information acquisition (monitor) (1) real-time acquisition of vehicle information, running state (vehicle location, driving directions, speed, etc.) (2) automatically read the new remaining amount of energy of the vehicle, mileage and vehicle cruising information dashboard (3) information parameters abnormal alarm processing, can effectively prevent the occurrence of accidents and other new energy vehicles on fire (4) vehicle failure, battery failure to report (5) ignition, flame and other key event message notification report。 Remote control of the vehicle: 1 to 2 Remote control circuit according to the door switch, whistle, flashing lights, to facilitate finding the car (the GPRS, Bluetooth) 3 windows, trunk, lamp control key gear 4, driving gear, in gear brake control apparatus additional functions: 1, multiple serial output 2,4G network transmission, WiFi-enabled hardware profile comes interfaces: (1): indicator (divided into several indicator) (2): SIM card (3): cAN bus (4): OBD interface (5): extended wire interface (6): an antenna (ANT) (7): debugging interface supports multi-channel serial input and output, the multiplexer can be data input The output custom support agreement (Ministry of Industry and new energy standards, the Ministry of Communications 808 standard, Lyra, sago, proprietary protocols, etc.) customized support platform。