“Yu Ze filming did not you see him in” Grand Theft Auto show “in the still get all the praise.”

  Bai Yalin silent.
  Zhao Jian said earnestly: “You think about it, I Shoudexia only you an artist, do you also do harm?Of course Hello, I can Well!I said is heart and soul, specializing in a particular industry is gone, now pay attention everywhere, which is not what artists now have a little dip?”
  See he did not speak, Zhao Jian said: “After years of big IP to open casting, if you want to clear just told me earlier, I find someone to give you a good look at the operation, do not wait, come and nothing to regret, that when too late.”
  Zhao Jian got up from the couch, picked up the bag and left the studio.
  After leaving Zhao Jian, the huge room became very quiet about, Bai Yalin got up and went tuning stage, silently looked at the stage of numerous buttons and switches.
  When we build the studio of his ambition to be here to write songs popular song after another, the reality is, this is more than two years, he had time to stay in the studio composer wrote the lyrics of the few opportunities.
  Popularity brought him wealth and fame not only, as well as spare any doubt, he would not understand, Yu Ze year is how to do all over