Do you have to go to bed to love someone? Zodiac Man Tells You the Truth

Have you ever met a boyfriend who asked to have sex with you before long? If you refuse, you will worry about the boyfriend’s unhappiness. Why do boys always want to go to bed?? Do you have to go to bed to love someone? Then let Zodiac Man tell you the truth!   Point of view 1: to! This is proof and sublimation of feelings.!   Sex enables lovers to find The Cormorant TV. This is why they must go to bed. It is inevitable that when love is strong, they will like someone and want to have her. Why do they want to suppress their own impulses? Since they are lovers, why can’t they do something shameful together?? Once in love, every physical contact is beautiful. How can these acquisitiveness and sexual desire’s strong constellation men suppress themselves??   Support the following contents of the constellation: Scorpio, Aries, Sagittarius Point of View II: No, you can express your love in other ways, why do you want to go to bed.   These constellation men can’t say that they don’t have sexual desire, but they know better how to control their Desire and respect the woman’s concerns. Moreover, the more traditional constellation men will support the statement that there is no relationship before marriage. After all, it seems irresponsible for them to enjoy the treatment after marriage before marriage. Besides, love can be expressed by taking their sister to play and buying her sister buy buy. Why must they go to bed so early??   Support the following contents of constellation: Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo Point of View III: Marriage With A Liar, More Insurance.   Since these constellation men have fallen in love with each other, they will definitely consider living together in the future. The relationship is stable. However, they do not know whether the degree of mutual agreement is high or not in the aspect of sex. In case of incompatibility in that aspect, which will affect the future sexual life, it is better to try to be safer first. These constellation men believe that on the basis of stable feelings, premarital sex is not impossible..   Support the following elements of the constellation: Leo, Cancer, Libra Point of View IV The following elements: Let nature take its course and follow its course.   These constellation men’s views are more neutral, and they are not sure to have relationships or refuse to have relationships.. Everything is left to each other’s feelings, let nature take its course, and when the time is ripe, we will do some things. if the woman refuses, it doesn’t matter, it won’t affect her love, because compared with the physical pleasure, these attach more importance to the spiritual fit, of course, there are needs in this area will not refuse..   Support the following contents of the constellation: Pisces, Aquarius, Gemini original music articles, reprint must indicate the source