I made a firefly

The night gave me black eyes, but I used it to look for light. My life gave me a pair of eyes that can sense day and night. I will use it to sense everything around me, the sound of everything and the sound of everything’s heart. In the radiance of all things, purify your heart and be a pure person. I know it’s hard. Under the pure blue, it is an endless plateau, a cold and lonely plateau; My heart will be safely stationed, in a moment of block, let imagination gallop without limit.     Because of love, we are tolerant; Because of tolerance, we love. This covers all love, flooding, sweeping me. Standing in the young mood, it has collapsed, but I still stubbornly guard this corner of the sky, looking for a world to go back to. Sometimes tears fall, it’s not fragile, it’s stubborn; Later, I shook my head and couldn’t define the plot of deja vu in the world, which was fortunate and unfortunate..     In this world, our wings are given to the wind. It was born by the wind. Our will continues to inject vitality into it. Our wings are heavy in setbacks and our eyes are gloomy. When spring comes, all things change their decadent faces, and we also rise up at the historic moment.. In fact, life is just like the four seasons. It is full of joys and sorrows, gains and losses in adversity. They consume our lives and make life go on to an old age..     In this world of mortals, all the love I have received from me is the sunshine of my life. Those warm voices and words. Of course, I also know that people can’t just want to harvest, but also to cultivate, irrigate and dedicate.. And my personal strength is so small. My face is somewhat humble and even obscene. I am not a singer, but I want to sing. I have the feelings of a singer and the unyielding soul of a singer. This true color shows its glimmer in the world like a firefly.. Fluorescent. It’s also light. Even though he was small, he also flew tirelessly in the world. He had a shining heart. There is no powerful and unconstrained style, no wind, no fire, no boom; There is no energy to illuminate all things.